Your Government Legally Owns You, So What Can You Do About It?

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A growing number of people are starting to unveil the plethora of hidden truths that are right there for us to see if we simply dig past the surface and think logically. It started with simpler truths like our media being controlled, the banking system being a Ponzi scheme, and GMO’s being destructive for our health, but over time the uncomfortable revelations have started to progress into much deeper and uncomfortable truths about 9/11, or the counter-culture being manufactured by intelligence agencies, and many elites being tied to Satanism and/or child pedophilia.

I know this may be extremely difficult for many people to hear, let alone fathom, but there seems to be a lot of truth being hidden in these fields of research. I’m not asking you to take my word for it, because everyone should research this information for themselves, but the reality appears to be a lot more evil and complex than most people want to believe. The rabbit hole goes very deep and has spanned many generations, making it all the more difficult to come to terms with. However, we can’t hide from these truths; and instead must learn to accept them and move forward.

One of the deeper and more profound truths coming to light revolves around the legal system, and is largely rooted in the unknown concept of what’s know as a “legal strawman.” To briefly summarize this idea, the major premise is that each citizen is by legal definition a corporation, which is then owned by a larger corporation, the government, which seems to be owned by a larger corporation, the Crown of England and/or the Vatican. So in essence, people are legally considered the stock of their government, which is a corporation in and of itself. This means that everything you think you own, is in fact owned by the government since they own you.

This didn’t happen by accident either, as it has been the product of a long and complex deception by the very same people responsible for almost all the other problems being uncovered by variousindependent researchers. In fact, the faulty legal system that people have been swindled into believing is real, which cons them into voluntarily giving up their sovereign rights as natural human beings, is at the core of the entire conspiracy to enslave humanity. Without this structure in place, many of the other games being played would be in jeopardy of collapse.

The goal of the following podcast is to introduce what exactly the legal strawman is and how it came about in the hopes that awareness on the subject can spark the winds of change and further the restoration of personal sovereignty. I hope people will strengthen their knowledge on this subject because uprooting the core of our issues is the only way true change will manifest. Please keep an open mind and do go explore this subject on your own, so we can take this knowledge to new heights. Better knowledge breeds enhanced actions in the physical world.

Plenty of sources will be provided for people to explore further.

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Paperwork means nothing, laws mean nothing. What people believe means everything. You can get hung for being right if no one else believes it.

I agree. The biggest problem with conspiracy theories is that they tend to ignore the fundamental darwinian laws of human weakness. The best conspiracy that the "elite" can really pull off is to profit successfully from the predictable ways the uneducated masses spend their time and energy. This has less to do with secrecy than just thinking ahead a few years at a time, and always placing bets on human stupidity. Contracts are socially constructed bullshit which have little to do with actual power.


Every single anarchist I met in Steemit, every single an-cap and/or libertarian believes that morality is objective, that you can justify what is wrong and right. You are probably the only one in here that understands this basic premise about how the world works.

It is extremely hard to pass a message to anyone when they are so stuck up in some things. Ideologies do that to people. Any ideology needs moral absolutism in order to justify its existence

Disbelief in objective realities and focus in subjective reality is the only truth, is how the elite trap our minds. They have created an infinite number of ideological boxes to trap us within


You need to shed the "elite control the world" mantra. People rule the world. Millions of people vote and maintain the elite. The masses dictate reality.

Reality is subjective. Morality is subjective. What you perceive as "real" or as "moral" is limited by your own senses and environment. You can't possibly have all the information available to you. You can't possibly see, hear, feel and undestand the entire history of the world in order to have an objective understanding of its current outcomes. It is physically impossible even by your own standards since "the elite control even the history books". If you do believe in their absolute power then the bitcoin, anarchy and all these fringe happenings are also part of their plan. You can even justify that since the blockchain is being adopted by the goverments. Remember. A server can be erased. The blockchain, is forever. That's like the goverment on steroids. So decide my friend. You can't be intellectually inconsistent with your theories.

What you have come to know as moral or legal is nothing more than the sum of people's decisions accumulated through millenia of interactions and events. Nobody set this plan up. The world is random. Chaotic. Nobody is after you. USA is not North Korea. You can can leave. You have a choice. You can even live in the States and still dodge the system. The internet allows you to do this if you play it smart enough.

"They" have not created anything. "They" is your imagination. Those people merely represent the average Joe's perception. This is why they are still there. Tinfoil theories trap you more in your own ignorance.

Read this at least to understand your physical limitations and how your reality, Every single human's reality is subjective. It is a biological reality. No need to invoke sophisms. Morality is a social construct, not something absolute. Moral absolutism belongs to theology.

I believe the masses dictate reality, but the masses are not even in control of themselves, and therefore are being steered against their interests. And I believe in objective reality, although I experience it through a subjective lens, which is limited, but still doesn't mean that an objective reality doesn't exist.

This subjective only reality belief system is nothing more than another form of solipsism, which i don't subscribe to. This is how people get trapped. The dark doesn't go away because you stop looking at it. You have to illuminate it with light through action.

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say; " I create reality." ?

Every morning "you wake up" it would be more accurate to say: "The waking state presents itself" (cause you have nothing to do with waking up) you create you, the others, the world, your god, your philosophy, and what not.

One foot stuck in the rabbit hole, the other in a pile of dung...

You should check out @marcstevens, that strawman stuff has a poor track record.

I know who Marc Stevens is, and your right it doesn't work when the other side has a gun. We talk about this in the video. Might makes right at the moment, so using the argument isn't too effective in todays system. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be aware of it, because the more people that are aware, the more it might actually change. Strength in numbers.

I agree, rule by force is the problem.

I believe we are being very controlled by many forms and if you notice it I call this coming out of the matrix. upvoted

Great article, even before going down this rabbit hole and accepting any conclusions about it. One only need to be familiar with English grammar to know that -- your name (or any name) in all capital letters is neither a proper noun, nor is it a proper name. So if someone reads your article and watches the video, and isn't convinced, they'd still need to get over the hurdle of why it's being done improperly.

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Good article you covered the basics pretty well, "I am not a person I have a person" is probably the biggest hurdle in the beginning to overcome. Next is figuring out how to stop using that person and operate through different entities, both in the public and in the private. Crypto's have made that insanely easy.

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I knew vaguely about this and good to see you are explaining more clearly. Up voted and your up voting my contents will be appreciated. Following you.


In America you can declare a private land as mining land and they will leave you alone. Ofcourse you won't have any access to anything, you will need to a passport to enter and any commercial or other dealings need to have permission.

Goverment sucks big time, i am with you, but before you start whining search first what you can do. You can also opt out. You can leave. Nobody is holding you down. You can "brake" the contract and move to the hundreds of places on this earth that many goverments don't even care if you are there. Even in the U.S there are plenty of communes that the goverment doesn't even care to step because they are so remote.

All in all, you can do it.

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