✈ Im collecting SBD and donations for visiting the SteemFest, maybe with friends too! 💲 Part 2

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The second part of my charity-article for supporting my visit at the SteemFest.
Thank you for the support of the first article too, I was really happy about it!

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At the 11/12/13 november the SteemFest takes place in Amsterdam. Two years ago I visited Amsterdam with some friends for one week and It´s an amazing city. I really want to visit the Steem-Fest too, because I want to meet the Steemit-Owner @ned, the whales and many of the bloggers here in real life.

Confirmed speakers/performers at SteemFest so far: @ned, @dollarvigilante, @heiditravels, @infovore, @ericvancewalton, @tatianamoroz, @fairytalelife, @xeroc, @kevinwong, @anwenbaumeister, @pharesim, @riverhead, @svk, @firepower, @anyx, @allasyummyfood, @timsaid and @mauricemikkers. (Information from the 05.10.2016)

Here is the latest update by @roelandp: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@roelandp/steemfest-weekly-update-5-more-weeks-to-go-last-week-to-exclusively-book-your-hotel

At the @steemfest account you can always get the latest updates too: https://steemit.com/steemfest/@steemfest/announcing-fourth-batch-of-names-for-steemfest-final-reminder-book-volkshotel-package-before-coming-wednesday

Here you can book your ticket for the SteemFest and get more information about the event: 👉 http://steemfest.com

I know this will be a great event, with many interesting information, nice people, fun and party. Amsterdam is a great city too. Let´s see if I will be there too and if yes, Im happy to see you everyone! 😁✌

Best regards, have a nice day and hear you in my next article!
[German] Beste Grüße, einen schönen Tag und wir hören uns in meinem nächsten Artikel!

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Jonas Ahrens

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I am still waiting for an answer to my question on your GiraCoin promo article. Are you still a "Bonofa AG VIP Partner since 2012" and "Bronze Manager" and "Co-Entrepreneur" as you state on your Facebook page?
How about you write an article about those experiences and tell us how the people feel you lured into those projects?




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lol... Why are you always get on my nerves? ^^
Stay away from me and write your own articles! :D I will not answer you any of your stupid questions anymore, you just want to make beef all the time. #ignorefabio

Feel free to report me, if you think I'm harassing you. I am more than willing to discuss the topic in the open.

But why? That's got nothing to do with you! ^^

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Because I don't like fraudsters.
Edit: ...and you went too far. We both know our common history here and we both know we have witnesses. Keep insulting and flagging me. You messed with the wrong person, I'm not going to back down.

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Is your OneCoin promotion not paying enough?

"In this video you will get more information about the unique and transparent Blockchain of OneCoin. Learn more and become member: http://bit.ly/1sJiXK3 Did you missed out Bitcoin? Now you have the same opportunity like 2009... Don't be left behind and position yourself! OneCoin is the first transparent, global cryptocurrency for everyone! It provides borderless, accessible and affordable financial services. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. Click here, sign-up and get more information, how you can participate in OneCoin too: http://bit.ly/1sJiXK3"

The Blockchain of OneCoin by Jonas Ahrens (future 24),

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^^ Fabio Bossi, financial adviser for fonds and shares....: http://www.dbfp.de/FabioBossi ;)

So? Maybe I know a thing or two? Unlike you, I don't promote OneCoin.

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Yes, thank you cheetah (mr. content-detection robot ^^) , it´s the same template, but I added some new text too. :) And great that you posted the link to my first article here, you are the best! :D

My first article is already live for 2 hours too.

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Good luck my friend @future24

Thank you @jsantana!

Yeah, Im buying my ticket for the SteemFest in the moment, see you there!