ONCE UPON A TIME (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  3 years ago 


Where should I start describing
the amphetamine I feel,
when I imagine your sweet lips moving.

Though I don't need emotions;
I am sorry princess but I am doing well,
I was fine until I found my golden trap.

Now, when I go to sleep - I toss in bed;
when I wake up, I think:
"I wonder what it is she's doing"

how ridiculous this is:
my intuition let me down.

I feel a knife inside - carving your name;
at spur of moment, I feel
that hurricane again.

I am just fine, enjoying life;
but maybe I did sin,
and Venus said, "it's time for love".

So give me inspiration,
to step inside
the battle ring again.

Then I will show you life;
the lazy Sunday mornings;
Sweet fairy tales that I can offer you anew.

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beautiful, evocative.

Thanks for the kind words!

ooo very nice!thank!

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Very beautiful!

Thank you!

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