The price of STEEM is not making sense right now..

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Price of STEEM

So the price of STEEM is currently 36 cents!

This is obviously very unusual due to the fact that a few months ago the price was at $4.00 according to

So what happened?

Steemit was offically released (with real payouts) around July 4th, and as you can see the price jumped up very quickly to $4 around July 11th.

Now you might ask what happened, and if you weren't around in the beginning of Steemit you may not know there was a hack which basically made it to where everyones passwords were hacked unless you changed it.

Now thanks to a great job by the Steemit team they fixed the issue quickly (like the same day) and everyones STEEM was returned.

But around that time there were also some other hacks like the Bitfinex hack, and the Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic battle was going on, and I think all of that caused a "lack of faith" around the crypto community.

So besides the hacks..

Since the popularity of Steemit, there has been some new sites surface with the promise of great projects that will be coming soon.. But wait a second?

Why would anyone sit around waiting when they could be active in a social network that allows them to earn cryptocurrency just by posting NOW?

That's a great question.. They WOULDN'T or at least they shouldn't!

I don't care what anyone says, because with the ability to be able to be active on a "social network" that allows you to earn cryptocurrency at such an early stage of cryptocurrency is literally GAME CHANGING.. and before Steemit I was doing surveys to earn bitcoin so this is a huge step up from that!

What is a good price for STEEM?

This is a great question, but one thing I think we should all take into consideration is that, when the price of STEEM was humming through $2 and $3 then hit $4.. I was ready to pay $10 for STEEM Power and not to mention the fact that Steemit is a site that allows users to literally have full control over not just what is trending on the site, but also where the profits of the site go to!

So to conclude, Steemit is a huge opportunity right now, and it's not going anywhere.. and now with over 100,000 accounts (some obviously inactive) we really do have a community here, and it REALLY is paying people JUST FOR POSTING!

Now I don't see ANY other "crypto-coin" doing anything bigger than that right now so please get excited, because all of us really are laying the foundation of the NEXT BIG SOCIAL NETWORK.

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The price of Steem Dollars makes perfect sense currently (and historically, and in the future too). Thank god for price stable cryptocurrencies like Steem Dollars.

Could have to do with the fact that the community runs off new members faster then they join. I have gotten over 30 people to join and only one has stayed and he isn't even active really anymore. people show up and get flagged to shit out of opinion and they leave. I doubt there is even 5k active users, most are people with multi accounts or bots. idk, comes off to me as a bunch of people pissing on everyone back and saying its raining. and if you say no your pissing on me you get flagged and censored. lol
I hope steem value goes back up. watching my sbd, steem and steem power go up and watch my account value drop on the daily is kind of off putting.
Also out of my 140 followers I think only 30+ haven't quit. people are leaving fast s fuck recently IMO

exactly. And there are no gamification elements that make newbies feel welcome. Most get turned off by the whales who flag people like me who provide information and suggestions to make Steemit better. Once it becomes apparent what the ones in power want to hear, then you get a bunch of sheep, who won't be telling the truth of what's happening. A giant circle jerk ensues. The whales need to back off and let people freely discuss whatever the fuck they want. Until then, I'll not be speaking the truth, as I am not a person who thrives on getting flagged to death. It's funny that the same things are happening within steemit that causes people to create whistleblower accounts. Once people don't feel safe in speaking about things that truly concern them, they go underground or leave altogether. People have enough troubles in their lives, they don't want a social media site full of being flagged, censored and annoyed. It's just not that fun.
I think that there needs to be a serious look at why people leave. If this cannot be solved pretty quickly, this experiment will fail. I don't want that. I have invested a huge part of my life in this thing. But I don't see anyone really looking at the reasons people leave. Emotions are what mostly drive all of us. We need to figure out what would make newbies FEEL GOOD. There's the answer right there.

Wish I could give this reply 2 thumbs up.

ha ha! There must be a solution, what is it???????

The solution is simple in my eyes, stop rigging the system and pushing people away by trying to enforce crap that is all based in opinion. If people just looked back at what is happening to twitter, facebook and youtube and why they are dying it would be simple to realize the same things are killing steemit.
I feel as though ned and dan are just tryihng to milk this as long as they can then cash out and run off laughing about how they ripped everyone off. I seriously don't see them as wanting this thing to last like they claim. actions speak louder then words.
Ned has been flagging people when they don't break rules. you have people like smooth flaggoing people that point out when whales copy pasta stuff.
The people in power only want to
keep their power and don't care if they destroy the whole system in doing so.

I'm actually thinking of trying to cash out now before the value of steem drops to nothing. but I still don't know how. I don't got much to lose anyways so not really a big deal if steem crashes to shit and I never get my money out. :/

I personally met Ned and Dan and I feel they are trustworthy. Dan is super intelligent and straightforward. I believe Dan is definitely in it for the long term. Ned, however, is a different beast. I cannot say I know exactly who he is or what makes him tick. He's from the private equity sector, so he wants Steemit to succeed. Now, the way and his methods he's using may not be the best as far as human nature goes. The masteryoda thing is an example of how flagging content is a bad idea. The fallout is worse than the actual goal. Also, not respecting people's gifts is something I see as a huge problem. Humans are still driven by emotions and this seems to be overlooked continually. I've backed off recently because I simply stopped feeling that good about being on here. I feel kind of empty actually. Can't tell if it's me or Steemit though.....hard call.

I have slowed down on use of steemit too.
I personally think dan is an idiot, not intelligent. when I first started steemit he made a post about how we all need to bully people into doing what we want and how he wants everyone to have the same opinion as him. after I made response post to him he wet quiet for a week but never replied.
If his mindset is "bully people I disagree with till they submit" then he is a lost cause imo.
ned I don't know much about and haven't seen his posts. only thing I really know is he is flagging people out of opinion and killing peoples income.
Im guessin he is also in support of dans idea of if they don't do what we say we bully them till they leave or submit.
I feel bad for the people I got to join that left days later because of the bullshit, I also feel bad for people that have invested into this joke of a social media. Poor
I am still hoping for the best though. Steemit could be great and gowing like crazy even if the "rulers" are complete morons. but most of steemit is to busy dick riding to actually look at what they are saying without rose colored glasses.
Ill still be here shit posting till the en because actually spending time on a post is pointless imo. now if I had some tits to show off in picts, lol I would be rich!
The bias on the pay out is so obvious it sickens me. don't post what the whales want to push as a narrative no pay out and you are lucky if you don't get flagged. post bullshit lies they want to push, fat pay out for lack of effort and quality and mass lies.
and they wonder why people are leaving faster then they join. :/
Im actually supprised we aren't getting flagged for talking about this. lolotter showed up and posted a couple southpark videos of the japs killing whales and dolphins and she was flagged to shit less then 2 hours of making her account.
Its fucked imo
here is my reply to dan and his post that he never answered on.

here, I'll vote for my own answer, something I haven't done in a while...

Nice! I wish you could give it 2 upvotes too.
I upvote anything I post. is that any different then having a bot that upvotes everything? lol

this is how it looks to me, also. and @masteryoda is still under attack. not sure the force is with us.

what is @masteryoda getting hit for?
Wasent he the top pay out post person?

ned has been after him for a while. yoda has had his payouts crushed for the last two weeks. looks like prince nedric every time. yoda gets hundreds of votes almost every day and makes most days less than 20 bucks. so i guess the community doesn't matter as much as ned. yoda's data is awesome. i wouldn't miss ned if he fell off the earth.

That's fucked up.
Has anyone made a post about ned acting like a flaggot?
I still have to make one about smooth but ned sounds like more fun to call out tbh.

here's at least one from the first round. it has been two weeks and not gotten better. this one is kind of fun.

checking the post out now.

I was here in late June. At that time Steem was trading at 20-25 cents. At current prices that means Steem has gone up about 80-90% in less than 4 months. So there's that perspective.

Once major advertisers buy up steem to make articles and upvote themselves in the promoted area, this whole platform will change in a single day.

STEEM is 36 cents? You may see 16 cents too. You will never see 0 though

The $4 that steem originally was, at a high? Those days are going to return. Not next week, but it will. At that point, every single person that sold steem under $4 for bitcoin or USD is going to feel really aweful.

I would guess folks in the pay of other social networks are in here causing all sorts of nonsense to put people of. If i could change one thing, it would be you could only upvote, remove the downvoting on the fact it can be weaponized.

We will see. I am continuously buying Steem because the price will go up again. The engagement on the platform is increasing and eventually this will attract more investors/ Steem buyers.

Exactly.. It's not like were going to LOSE people!
You can't delete your account if you want to lol ;D

The price prediction was taken extrapolating my current SAR dots on my monthly charts ;)

Going beyond past and present occupancies, Steemit is basically fun, entertaining, informative, challenging and let's even say lucrative. And there is no competition so far. So in my opinion the trend will continue up.

addictive and entertaining. a lot of people just dont know it yet so the number will increase once they see its potential and what it can offer.Steem on!

Yup..Facebook has nothing on it.

Very informative post are being very optimistic as usual. The fact that a platform can decline this extremely when once was at a decent price means only one thing.... Not much longer life, all these new apps people creating are worthless all we need is Power and Greed will destroy any good project let alone a great project like steemit, the concept great the elitists behind this project..hmmm no comment I still wanna earn pennies so fingers done typing!

Thanks @arcaneinfo and I agree the one thing we have over Facebook is the lack of continuous negative posts..

Does anyone know if the hacker was ever found?

There was never any announcement to that effect.

Great info. I'm just starting to get this. Very interesting community I think I'll stick around.

was it really at 4.00!?? wow

Oh yeah back in the day of the $40k payouts ;D

I enjoy the interaction of Steemit and the opportunities that it promotes. When we were only several months old just consider what we were doing. Success is an ongoing building process and Steemit seems to be headed in that direction.

I'll be happy if the price stable at $1

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