A Call for Leadership - In Response to Inteliguy

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Rather than add a lengthy comment to his article on greed, which BTW I upvoted since I agree with it, I thought I might as well post my thoughts separately, in part not to hijack his post and also as an experiment in learning how to maximize my returns.

Intelliguy's end goal is admirable, and his observations indeed have merit; most here want to see the blockchain gain mainstream adoption. However, I agree with several of the commentators on his article who say this beehive of individual activities (the plethora of projects, speculation, etc) is only natural and an expression of freedom. While I agree with his assessment that new users' perspectives find all this activity confusing and a hindrance to adoption, I would not want to restrict it. It would be a restriction of freedom. How would you do so that doesn't require heavy handed (i.e. coercive) rules that limit individual freedom? No, the best approach without sacrificing freedom is education, and that takes time, time which we may not have.

Many fail to see the urgency of the situation, they don't believe the money masters are the manipulative, greedy, sociopathic monsters they are, and are concerned only for their own selfish, power hungry desires. Even many well informed icons (i.e. Stefan Molyneux for example) refuse to discuss the deeper roots of the control structure, and instead contribute to prolonging the struggle by chopping at the branches of the evil trees rather than the roots. They have (apparently) bought into the fear of being labeled "conspiracy theorists" or are too busy chasing after mainstream audiences. They play into the conspirators' game by providing them cover, so they remain hidden in the forest to inflict murder and mayhem on the uninformed who attempt to navigate a political or financial path through the treacherous, dark forest inhabited with hidden dangers.

Lest you think I'm singling out Molyneux as one who totally refuses to dig into root causes, think again. He does gloss over and fail to recognize many conspiratorial efforts, but he has nailed the most fundamental root cause and that is the cultural indoctrination and acceptance of violence in our formative years as children. Molyneux also recognizes the value and power of the blockchain as a tool which can reshape our world. He is definitely a good guy in many ways, tho his ego refuses to acknowledge his own faults. He's certainly not alone in that regard.

Another point made is that there is a great deal of learning through experimentation going on in the blockchain space. That is a very important point. We are all babes learning to walk, but all we have ever seen to show us how are the lame and crippled walking with crutches or using their arms to get around in wheelchairs. Take pride in your recognition of what a truly free market is, and your willingness to contribute to it's improvement and growth, and for being brave enough to withstand societal pressure to conform to the corrupt and broken institutions of the mainstream.

Learning how to create a peer to peer economy and demonstrate it's value as a tool to extend freedom is a daunting challenge that takes time, time to perfect the technology and time to explain how to use it.

I see the similarity of the efforts made by Larken Rose to educate people about the evils of authority as I do educating people about the perils of relying on (i.e. continuing to believe in and thus support) mainstream institutions and those who control them. Add to that the need to perfect and explain a complicated technology and motivate people how important it is to learn to use it as a way to remove support from corruption and begin helping alternatives to prosper.

I'm glad you're aware of the urgency of the situation and are working to wake others up to it as well. Most are not gifted as leaders and geniuses, capable of organizing crowds into a focused force to achieve a goal like a well oiled machine. For any who may be, we need you! Step up and help us congeal into unified energy to perfect our tools and show the world the benefits they offer. We need charismatic sales and marketing types to inspire us by engaging our minds and our hearts (emotions). Let our minds be like water and our emotions the pressure that pushes the paddle wheel, and let good leadership be the sluice that can direct the water to achieve the most power from the wheel.

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Good stuff. I think all we really need is better organization on the website. Rather than everything all being in the same blue and white drawer, we ought to have a wide array of different drawers, like subreddits, each with their own unique personalities. The activity is good but it shouldn't all be on display for newcomers to have to make sense of. When people join, they should easily be able to find their tribes and not have to bother with a bunch of other stuff that they don't care about.

That's a good point, thanks for commenting. I don't think it's all that difficult to find content of interest, and that of course leads to who created it. Is that what you mean be "tribe"?

Have a look at Reddit to see what I mean. People join subreddits that interest them and just visit those particular areas of the website instead of being subjected to other topics that don't interest them. For example, you'll notice a lot of anarchist writers on steemit these days - imagine if those posts were all swept into one convenient little echo chamber so that newcomers don't see it all and mistakenly think that steemit is some kind of anarchist website. Those who want that sort of content would join the steemit/anarchy page and go there while people that just want to read stories about cats could go to the cat-themed page and the two tribes wouldn't have to cross paths.

Yes, but to grow adoption we need more than an "echo chamber". If people are offended so easily that looking at other perspectives riles their emotions then let them either learn how to avoid the places they dislike or go elsewhere. It's only when we encounter different views from our own that we're given opportunities to grow beyond what we are now. I don't think Steemit should cater to the close-minded, it's a poor way to grow adoption and maintain quality content.

I'm not convinced. If people want to see other perspectives, it'll be easy for them to find them. Otherwise, let them shut themselves away and marinade in their own juices. To grow adoption, you give people what they want, not what you think they should want.

I agree with your last sentence, but how you achieve that is subjective. I don't believe isolation is the answer. I feel like the categories or tags, the search bar and a person's feed are good tools to filter content to specific interests and provide sufficient isolation of interests. The feed page alone limits content seen to those who the user chose to follow. IMO one improvement would be to better organize the tags in some determined way, even a basic alpha order is better than the random ordering in place now.

I LOVE your last quote, it really underlines the philosophy of our platform, environmentally speaking, and a vision that has for basis a long term vision first and of that nature, shall can't do but good for us all. All for one and one for all! Thank you for your article, thoughts and dedication. Namaste :)

Awesome read, I really enjoyed this

Learning how to create a peer to peer economy and demonstrate it's value as a tool to extend freedom is a daunting challenge that takes time, time to perfect the technology and time to explain how to use it.

I enjoy posts that I can use to post on Facebook to advertise for here and that line and this post was an excellent one.

Why thank you @will-zewe, that is most kind of you. Namasté

Anytime :-)

Great post. Both @intelliguy's article and yours are very interesting ones and complementary. Upvoted.

Very nice and inspiring!

Thank you! Being around great people like you & Eric, even if only virtually, makes a big difference in one's outlook. I must also tell you how gorgeous you were in that beautiful dress in this post.


Woops! My apologies for my erroneous assumptions. I can't see enough of @mariandavp to complement her dress, but I sure like the pics, and I'm sure must be beautiful in her own right!