Is This How World War III Begins, In Almost Complete Silence?

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I used to wonder how these massive World Wars happened.

World War I, for instance. The “official” story for why it happened makes absolutely no sense. The mainstream reason for the war was because some Archduke from Austria got killed.

Then, like some bizarre drunken bar fight, tens of millions of people from dozens of different countries all were wounded or injured in the ensuing four years.

Did ANY of these tens of millions of people really care if some rich guy got killed? Probably not.

So, what happened? Well, like most wars backed by the financial elites, it appears they just wanted a big war. And through the use of propaganda, fear and coercion, they somehow got tens of millions of people to butcher each other.

World War II wasn’t much different. Germany, financed by the Bush crime family and the central banksters got into a bit of a dust-up over borders… then the US cut off oil supplies to Japan as a planned provocation to induce Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt not only knew about Pearl Harbor in advance, he was determined to allow it in order to create a much larger war.

And, four years later, over 60 million people, mostly civilians, were dead.

It all seems crazy. Like it must have happened on a different planet. How and why did so many people die for, what in retrospect, was nothing?

Well, unbeknownst to most, we now sit on the verge of World War III.

And, again, it’s mostly all over nothing. Your average Russian has no desire to kill a bunch of Americans. And your average American has no desire to kill a bunch of Russians.

But, thanks to the elites, again, we sit on the cusp of a war that has the potential to end nearly all life on Earth.

The Russian Defence Ministry has deployed anti-aircraft S-300 and S-400 air missile systems in Syria to help protect Syrian military positions from US-coalition led airstrikes.

This means Russia has taken direct aim at US aircraft. One missile goes up and brings down an American plane and the two most heavily armed countries are at war.

That’s “war” as in World War III.

This is just the latest escalation. And Russia, especially, is on high alert. Air-raid sirens rudely jolt Russians into wakefulness on a regular basis. And Russians are continuing to build subterranean bunkers to protect themselves in the event of nuclear fall-out.

Which means Putin expects nuclear bombs to drop.

But it doesn’t have to be nuclear bombs. Any missile or air strikes in Russia or elsewhere - and especially Syria - will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen. Meanwhile, Putin has planned an absolutely bizarre and terrifying military drill that will supposedly include 40 million people.

China has already warned the US over a potential World War 3. If things continue in this hostile fashion or go the way, say, Killary Clinton wants them to, World War III will shortly turn into a reality.

The US is the aggressor here, but Putin is certainly making it clear he doesn’t intend to get left behind.

Maybe the US declares a no-fly zone over Syria. This has been seriously discussed by the Pentagon and Killary. On Tuesday, US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, warned America’s “enemies” in front of an audience at the Association of the United States Army's annual meeting in Washington, D.C.:

“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm … [the United States military] -- despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing -- we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that."

This is extremely belligerent rhetoric. It’s as if the Pentagram (or, as they call it, the Pentagon) wants a war. Of course, they do. It’s a trend - a Shemitah Trend. In fact, it’s just recently come out that the Pentagon paid a British PR firm $500M for top secret Iraq propaganda. No doubt, the Pentagon has a PR team working on Syrian propaganda as well.

In reference to Russia, China and others, the General pressed on: “Make no mistake about it, we can now and we will … retain the capability to rapidly deploy," he said, "and we will destroy any enemy anywhere, any time.

So there you have yet another trigger happy slave willing to serve his puppet masters for the sake of his countrymen’s perceived “freedom”. Yet Americans will praise warlords like him for his valiance until the the cows come home even despite the fact that by most metrics, Russia is far more free than the US.

Most Americans unfortunately share this mentality, which makes it infinitely easier for globalist elites to start as many wars as they want, small or big - or worldwide.

Americans are easily worked up. They don’t bother to check anything and they believe most anything the Pentagon tells them, even though that same Pentagon just mislaid - maybe embezzled - some $8 trillion.

And it’s not just the Pentagon. Uber billionaires like George Soros continue to whip up war without pause while simultaneously lying about their actions. Soros just published an article here accusing Russia and Syria of perpetrating a “humanitarian catastrophe” by bombing Aleppo:

The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions. It is happening in Syria. It is being perpetrated by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in support of his protégé, Bashar al-Assad. Russian planes are bombing the civilian population of Aleppo, the country’s second-largest city, to assist Syrian government forces that are attempting to take control of rebel-held areas of the city.

Soros is after the big profits he’ll get by positioning his financial interests on both sides of the coming war. He’s already painting Putin and Assad as the aggressors in Syria when even a little reading on the ‘Net will make it clear that Syrian hostilities, as with those around Ukraine, were initially ignited by the US and NATO.

Unfortunately, Americans believe their own government’s endless propaganda. Threaten America's ability to buy cheap goods, watch football, or guzzle cold beer - and too many will be willing to confront whatever “enemy” Washington wishes to accuse.

Of course, there is a kind of “bright” side, currently (pre-world war). All this warmongering combined with the recent correction in the precious metals markets, makes it the perfect time to add to your physical metals positions or to start accumulating some if you haven’t already.

With gold well below $1300 again and silver down around $17, this may be one of the few opportunities we get to purchase these metals at such a discount for the foreseeable future.

If you want to gain access to more specific mining, cryptocurrency and stock picks chosen by our Senior Analyst Ed Bugos, please subscribe to the Dollar Vigilante. By joining you also get access to TDV’s worldwide network of vigilantes which may come in handy should you feel the need to get out of Europe or the US and head somewhere that may not immediately experience a nuke launch code.

We provide the latest geopolitical news and financial advice to keep you and your family both out of harm’s way and prospering at the same time. War may be imminent or even inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit by helplessly and lose your money or your life.

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Stop reading Putinist propaganda for a while and you see that it's very much Russia who has been the aggressor. Thanks to internet, we have more and more direct evidence from the areas that are being attacked and we can see who is doing what.

I recommend following Bellingcat's investigations. They have done some great reports from Ukraine and Syria.

There should be no question about massmurders executed by Russia in Ukraine and Syria.

I'm not a fan of USA, either. I just judge politicians and countries by their actions. Currently Russia is the one who is acting very aggressively against the neighbors and other countries. Putin's actions should be judged like Obama's actions are judged.

Libertarians should be the ones who are against all warmongering politicians. Condemning all kind of aggressive behavior is the only way to prevent the war.

Russia is pretty much a failed state by now. Putin has destroyed the economy even more than Obama has done in the USA. To keep his power, what Putin can do? Of course he could stop spending so much money to military and start freeing the economy, but that seems to be highly unlikely. More likely is that he will start or join to bigger conflicts or even a war. That's what despots have always done when they need a tighter control over their country.

The USA is $20 Trillion in debt and Russia is $500 Billion in debt yet you claim Russia has a worse economy that the USA? In the last quarter of 2016 alone the US debt will increase by almost $400 Billion which is almost Russia's entire national debt, in just one quarter.

I would encourage you to please stop consuming propaganda and take a good look at what is really going on.

This may help:

It is going to the MOON

You are right. We have do you all our democratic power to avoid the "silence".

Could you please watch this UN peace delegation and tell me what you think?

The lies of 9/11, the lies of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, al, are all what a Clinton regime would represent, wishes to protect, promote, and invigorate. The State ALWAYS evolves into an evil entity, if it did not originally begin on that basis to begin with.........EVERYWHERE!

That's quite funny, if not seriously tragic, that such a neo-con perspective is actually believed. I would wager that the bigger head-count of 'murder' of civilians, men, women, and children has been committed by the USA in the Middle East (covering several decades) rather than by Russia in its much more legitimate domestic sphere of influence. Let alone the complete lack of hegemony they display with but a handful of bases versus over 900 throughout the world by a completely imperialist US foreign policy. Russia's GDP is approximately the size of Italy and have more likely learned the economic lesson of their excessive military expenditures; something the good 'ol USSofA has yet to experience and is egging on Russia to revive.

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We are going to need industrial quantities of tinfoil for this one

Every Day is Economic-Collapse Day

Definitely need tin-foil hats for believers of this.

@dollarvigilante, your perceptions of history are thin and very misleading, but always seem to support your end-game. Your conclusions of warfare are not supported by the wealth of documentation and insights from WWI and WWII. You also omit the Cold War details which are more likely a better descriptor of potential US/Russian political maneuvering, posturing, and outcomes. But see history and fabricate conspiracy theories without the benefit of comprehensive analysis all you want. Free speech. More power to you.

I just hope those who you sway will take the time to not follow blindly (like those in the conspiracy yarns you weave) but actually do the research for themselves. Politics of mankind, nations, and warfare are complex and have been around since the dawn of mankind. There are actually entire academic domains and degrees on the subject.

I get you are trying to inflate gold/silver prices with these pieces. Perhaps you want to tell your audience your current position and holdings? Full disclosure and all. Do you financially benefit when you incite people to purchase precious metals? I for one would be interested to know.

ofcourse he does. He owns part of a stock-exchange company. Everything he writes is to inflate that price and then probably short it.

The sheeple make him richer and he loves it. They love it too. Most people following him are dimwitted tinfoiled betas

Ha ya Jeff Berwick is manipulating Gold and silver with Steemit articles. Your tin foil hat is ready sir.

The @dollarvigilante is trying to "inflate gold/silver prices with these pieces"? LOL

Do you have any idea how the gold and silver markets actually work? Do you know that paper gold and silver are used in price suppression schemes by the central banks and their ilk? Just a couple of weeks ago someone dumped $1.5 billion dollars worth of "notional" gold in a single minute onto the market monkey hammering the price; but yeah this article and ones like it are designed to inflate the price. I think I found who should be wearing the tinfoil hat my friend.

Then you go on to seek to disprove the article with nothing more than ad hominem attacks and allusions to other information of which you do not specify nor share.

Makes me wonder if you are trying to disprove something or perhaps trying to inflate your own steemit value by commenting on this article.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Do you have any idea how one can create havoc in the market just by perpetuating lies? It is not just him. check his website and you will se who else is shilling.

i can't believe you people are so naive. Also, no need to "disprove" anything. Everything he sais is sensationalist bullshit.

Based on you sitting here typing what amounts to nothing into the keyboard?

I'm not saying that he is spot on or even partially right but if you want to convince people of anything you are going to have to do better than that.

The Fed knows that game all too well, it created it. And the fragility of the markets hanging on their every word certainly is not a signal of its strength and stability but to the bubble that it is. Goldman Sachs and a small group of bankers have much more sway over the metal commodity markets than the likes of Berwick, Schiff, et al who are eternal bulls because the monetary system is bankrupt and a fraud in its conception. But the gaming of the game can go on for a very long time.

Even if every one of Berwicks "followers" bought gold tonight, the market is not going to have the penny stock "pop" you clearly suspect is behind his criticism of US policy. If you read/ watch more content Im sure you will see hes critical of all states to the extent they limit freedoms. On those grounds, with"Putinist Propaganda" otherwise known as painful truth aside, the USA has become one of the most unfree nations on earth. Watching Statists pick fights with and accuse those who despise all states is ironically funny. The angry, chest puffed out leader worshippers pointing to history taught in indoctrination camps as though it were somehow true are hilarious in their self righteous albeit misguided indignation. Hint . Were no longer the good guys and there are no good guys when it comes to state

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Haha!!! Upvote! I would pay for this comment to stay at the top if that would be possible. Any whale please?

Probably you would be glad if this iniciative were implemented?

He's right about Russia in this case, the recent aggressions are very legitimate concerns

#mrosenquist He is a little doomster sometimes but you don't sound like you read his article or the issues that were brought up

Altеrnative shоck jоck Alex Jоnеs is оne оf the few dеsperately trying tо wakе up Amеrica tо what is gоing оn. In this clip he dеscribes a very rеalistic scеnariо fоr hоw Washingtоn's recklеss bеllicоsity cоuld еasily spiral оut оf cоntrоl - sоmеthing US lеaders calling fоr grеater intervеntiоn оn bеhalf оf their pet mеdieval cutthrоats gеtting pоundеd intо оbliviоn by Putin and Assad seеm tоtally оbliviоus tо.

Can it rеally have cоmе tо this? Dо thоsе in chargе оf the Unitеd States, wicked as they are, nоt reеalize they are flirting dangеrоusly with thеir оwn dеstructiоn, оr are these drоnes sо incоmpetent they cannоt, as Jоnes said, еven think past the lеvel оf chеckers?

I didn't watch all of the video so I am not disagreeing with what Alex Jones may have said in this video - but I do want to add that he is controlled opposition. He does share a lot of truth, and he has helped to wake a lot of people up, but he also spreads a lot of lies and disinformation. Just be careful is all that I'm saying.

I have a feeling that we stand on the threshold of very bad events. The US administration the neocons deliberately brings the situation into a dead end of the armed conflict between the United States and Russia, the consequences are easy to guess.

You are 100% correct - things are going to get a lot worse unfortunately.

Do Not trust Alex Jones.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
Albert Einstein

lol amazing quote

The anti human Einstein knew full well what weapons will be used. ...And made them despite this small drawback. Statist slave and destroyer of humanity

Any way you slice it, there's going to be a massive mess. The oligarchs and the plutocrats are going to be the only winners, just as they always are and always have been throughout history. As a species we're just all too willing to fall in line to do some killing -especially Americans. I don't know why my countrymen all have their heads up their asses,but they do. Too busy being distracted by 11 year old sound bites to see what's really going on right under their noses.

A shocking outcome that led to WW1 and 2, yes. But all it takes is just a spark to jolt the system.

Take for example the Tunisian man who selfimmolated himself that then sparked the Arab Springs.,9171,2044723,00.html

This is why I advocate more of a reddit-like system of organizing content. The doom-porn infomercials should all be tucked away in one corner of the site, where the tinfoil brigade can easily find them but where newcomers don't see them right away and get the wrong idea about the rest of us.

It is like a sad joke. As long as the TV doesn't say everyone is positioning for war, it means it is not happening. The TV is our mainstream source of news.

Meanwhile (behind the scenes), major countries are spending millions and billions in ship building, getting ready for the next war, which will happen in our lifetime.

The last generation never believed they'd ever see a WWII and they did.

None of us today believe we'd ever see a WWIII and we will.

Even after war, or even after a new USA president, the state of the economy still won't be realized until 2022, and I talk about why that is in my latest blog post

What I am mostly happy about is that DollarVigilante isn't afraid to mention war, eventhough the mainstream media is too careful not to..

I would comment with valuable perspective but every time I have commented here as with most who do, there is no response or Upvote, what whats the point?
Congrats on making lots of money for your posts though!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Ww1 was started a very short time after the federal reserve gained control of the money supply to use the us population as collaterak to control the world through fiat. The old empires in europe were all getting spooked at the german colonial expansions and the oil train routes etc. They wanted a total war to decide who was going to be the colonial master. Europe was too stupid to figure out that in reality it was directed from the deep state of the us. US have entered both world wars via false flags, Lucitania and Pearl Harbor. Socialism has been planned in Russia to infect the world with a master and slave mentality, governed by a large state, that easily could be controlled from the deep state. That is why they planned the division of europe before ww2 ended, so that they made sure something like the cold war could feed the MIC. When the cold war ended PNAC was invented and a global WOT through 9/11 false flag runs to this day. In truth a century of warfare and enslavement.

I did not ever think about that 🤔

So you're blaming WWII on "bankers" as part of your unapologetically revisionist view of history... i know its a trifle cliche to compare someone to hitler on the internet, but this seems like one of those shoe fits things.

Indeed there are some strange military movement and provocations on both sides. Let's cross our fingers and hope there is logical people on power. If Hillary is the nexxt President, we are in troubles. She is pushing war and talking about America nuclear capacity. Not a good signal.

war is an invention of our leaders, when the world is about to collapse, there I have the right for a war time, we must not forget that the cost of maintaining a country the most expensive are the people, and in a world war few bajs there, cost benefits, sorry for my humble opinion is excellent the work you do'm a fan of his and every time has better post congratulations

Wow, eye opening as usual, your contents.
Up voted. Your up voting my latest will be appreciated.
Be Free Always, All Ways!

Very sad to hear. Hopefully Americans wake up soon and realise that it's probably just best to get the fuck out and leave the middle east to someone else. All people in the world should be able to admit that they can't be a hero for everything. America thought they could be heroes and actually lit the middle east on fire after september 11. This has gone on for too long really, and I think if we had a world vote as a democracy, majority of people in the east & west would both be saying that America should get out and possibly pay compensation. I'm an Australian. We're isolated over the other side of the world from America. Nuclear bombs from 'axis countries' can already reach our land and wipe us all out, and you don't see us rushing into a damn war over it. Yea, we're worried but we know not to try anything stupid.

I wish I was on a island, and not in America.

I'm looking at monthly charts of gold and silver right now and they look surprisingly similar to charts I've seen in cryptospace, just on way longer timescales. First accumulation happened at late 90's just under 300 dollars/ounce, then huge rise of 627% to 1920 dollars/ounce and now it's slowly but surely coming back down as those who bought early have unloaded and are shorting.

@dollarvigilante The bottom line answer to how it is that humans can be so inhumane is the Spirit of Abstraction. Let me know what you think.
full $teem ahead!

It's unknown as to whether war is the result of human's violent nature, or is human violence the result of war threats? But what's known is that the innate need for survival is at the expense of taking away the others'.


World War is and has been the instrument the global elite have used to redefine borders and society. Did you watch Downton Abby? That was the true story of that show. WW1 and WW2 moved us far into the Fabian Socialist realm and now it is time for the final push. The World is being "heated" to bring about their "heart's desire."

Always informative, thanks for all your work!

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How did you benefit by posting this today on Twitter ? Eight months after you had written the article ? If things have changed please provide an update, with facts.

I really dont want another bloody war but excellent article Jeff and thanks for the upvote, it means alot, I of course I done the same back.

Dear Jeff, I share your thoughts and fights from Strasbourg, FRANCE.
I'm just coming in Steemit!
Continue the fight.
Long live Freedom.

Putin is clearly the peace maker, check out that bridge in New York!

WW111 began back in 2008 - its a global financial war
Duke Ferdinand was the' Austrian Duke' - but it was a little more than asassinating him that started WW1 .