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It was an OK start for the first post. The post value reached $4.24 with 197 votes. As a thank you to the voters, I added $10 SBD to the pool and divided to pay out roughly $.05 in SBD value or 0.126 Steem Power to each voting supporter for this project.

The VIP Feature post author received roughly $1.13 in SBD or 2.7 Steem Power

Today's VIP Feature is a post from @contentjunkie.
Please check his blog and show some support. You might be able to catch him on Steemspeak radio!

What is Vote Interest Pool(VIP)?

VIP in a new project and an initiative to reward voters for... well... voting. You are already given this from the 25% deducted from post rewards and given to the curators as part of the Steemit platform standard. With VIP, you will be rewarded on top of this.

Similar to @steemsports, but the main goal of VIP is to progress the Steemit platform and have more steem/sbd/steempower distributed to everyone. The more everyone one can get, the better.

In order for VIP to be successful, it will need the community's help. As far as I seen here on Steemit, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Almost every user is rethinking how they use a social platform and trying to help Steemit grow. I am confident we can accomplish this and everyone can feel the VIP treatment.

VIP Feature

Every new post will feature a "VIP Feature" post created by fellow Steemians. To better the Steemit community in quality, this feature was created to support verified users on Steemit and get the community interacting more together.

In order to be featured on a VIP Feature, jump on Steemspeak radio and say hello and meet others in the Steemit community. Who know's, you may run into @charlieshrem or @ned in there :)

Once verified and we know you have a voice and are not a robot, You will be randomly queued to have your most recent post for the day to be featured for the VIP Feature. once you made it on the random queue list, one of your most recent posts will be featured once every 3 months to allow others to be featured.

The @voteinterestpool account will automatically vote the post featured for VIP Feature on the authors account.

How It Works:

  • vote on the post.
  • After 24hrs the post and comments will be entered into the vote interest pool.
  • 25% is deducted from the voting reward as standard by Steemit curation rewards payout to curators.
  • Checkout the "VIP Feature" post from a verified quality Steemit member of the community.

Vote interest Pool:

  • From the 24hr payout period, the remaining 75% will be 50% Steempower for authored post, 50% STEEM and Steem Backed Dollars(SBD). Similar to @steemsports, we will convert the SBD amount to STEEM on the internal market to achieve the total Vote Interest Pool.
  • 10% will go to the VIP Featured post author. The benefits of "VIP Feature"
  • From here ALL of the 40% will be distributed to EVERYONE that voted using the power up method to have everyone receive payment in SteemPower.
  • Posts will be made almost everyday as I have other projects I am working on and need some days off :P
  • @voteinterestpool will be excluded from the VIP pool reward but still vote since the account will receive 25% in SteemPower for authored post curation reward :)


If the VIP post hits a reward value of $500 after 24 hrs, automatically roughly $125 will be deducted for the 25% curation voting rewards.

The 75% remainder:

50% in SteemPower value of $187.5 will go to the @voteinterestpool account for the author post curation reward.

10% goes to the author on "VIP Feature" at roughly $18.75 value in Steempower

The remaining 40% rewards will be roughly $168.75 and distributed to 300 voters if the post reached $500 by 300 votes.

Everyone will receive roughly $0.5625 value in SteemPower.

So let's shoot for $1000+ so everyone who votes will get over $1 worth of SteemPower!

@voteinterestpool account voting:

Other than "VIP Feature" author's post @voteinterestpool account will follow voting trail of @instructor2121 and @fyrstikken because they are reputable members that are doing contributions to the Steemit platforms and are good judgement on quality posts and users on Steemit, if the event the @voteinterestpool account becomes large enough to have large voting power. This will ensure voting will be distributed outside of just VIP.


  • @voteinterestpool may be subject to changes in the future to maintain operation
  • If the VIP dividends are are less than 0.0001, it will carry over to the next VIP payout.

Special thanks

@instructor2121 for contributing to this project

Can't forget the Steemspeak crew. Their support motivated me to keep going so I wouldn't have made it this far without them. @fyrstikken, @proctologic, @contentjunkie, @inertia, @krnel, @sykochica, @patelincho, @tee-em, @noganoo, @pharesim, @mughat, @applecrisp, @raymonjohnstone @creationlayer, @shneakysquirrel, @pickokernel, @ausbitbank, @poeticsnake, @kiddarko, @bitcoinparadise and anyone else I forgot to mention.

"Everyone deserves the VIP treatment"

Donations are entered into VIP

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi! I am a content-detection robot. This post is to help manual curators; I have NOT flagged you.
Here is similar content:

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@anyx Do you think there could be a badge or something users can display in their post prompting cheetah to look at the post as following a determined theme? More than once I've seen the automatic content-detection on users who have an ongoing project which means they have multiple posts with different content but the same style and repeated sections to explain the rules.

Would it be possible to register a template with @cheetah which would add it to a whitelist?

Would it be best practice for authors to link to another post describing the rules rather than repeating it in every post on the topic?

Or maybe filter against self-plagiarism since that wouldn't be taking credit for another's work?

Thanks for bringing this up. Still working out the kinks to how the setup will be. I plan to make more changes on every post. I appreciate you taking the time to give some feedback.

I got some vest from @voteinterestpool
Wow and Many Thanks.
Didn't even have to do much and get some payout.
I rather works with the Interpol.
Be a Secret Agent , someone like Mr Bond 007

Thank you for the support. That's the point. If the community votes, especially whales, the more everyone will get :)

Good stuff, resteemed..

Thank for the support @majes!

Thanks for the props, brotha! Upvoted and resteemed!

Thanks for the support @tee-em, one of your recent posts for the day will be selected and will be shown in the VIP Feature later on in the future since you are a verified VIP member :)

Thanks, buddy. Almost passed that 2000 steem power mark :)

Hi @voteinterestpool, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Yes I seen it! I'm glad some people are rambling anything about it at all. Thanks for showing support!

I was wondering why @voteinterestpool sent me 0.126 SBD! Glad to see this initiative taking off, even if it's starting out small. I'll continue to support your efforts!

Yes! haha thank you. It's actually Steem Power but I appreciate it. Don't forget to resteem!

Thanks - always good to see new idea here!

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