Calling all artists! Your Art on SteemFest?

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Yesterday @skapaneas proposed the idea to shine a light on SteemFest on the many creative works being posted here on Steemit. Ofcourse we have creatives and artists of all sorts such such as @fairytalelife @mauricemikkers, @allasyummyfood, @tatianamorioz, but why not some more... So the idea was born to showcase a selection of works from fellow Steem users!

What will happen?

Supply your work of art (drawing / painting) which you want to have at display on SteemFest.

We will make sure there will be some place to show them, whether on the SteemFest saturday in the main conference venue in rotation on a beamer(s) on the wall or screens, and/or a selection even printed in one of the venues during SteemFest sunday (1 of the locations on sunday is actually an art gallery).

How can you apply?

Please follow these guidelines precisely if you want to join and have your artwork at display on SteemFest.

  1. Post a preview of your work as a comment under this post, by means of sharing an image.
  2. Send '[email protected]' a high resolution version (min 75 DPI, higher = better) (jpg,png,gif) with the subject '#ARTatSTEEMFEST' and in body your SteemFest username, the title of your work, year of creation, and country of residence.

How can you vote?

  • Upvote the work(s) you like most in the comments below.


  • Submitting won't guarantee your work will be displayed at SteemFest
  • By submitting your work you give us, organisation of SteemFest the right to reproduce your work whether digitally or in print for the purpose of displaying it at SteemFest 2016. You retain all rights ofcourse.
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My Writer, created and published for the first time here on Steemit

This is a recent one I did for steemit I am entering with this one.

lost in blue
40*60 cm
created 2016 for steemit
(inspred by samantha evans work,)

Please everyone with a lot of followers resteem this post make sure every artist sees it.

give some color to the fest guys share your best work here as a preview and follow the guidelines to send the files needed.

I am hyped.

Resteemed, another fantastic idea by @skapaneas

Hello! Great idea! I'm posting one of my images here!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hi! this is my artwork: "Jess". Thanks for contacting me.

Wow! She speaks!

@Kimal73 why not one of your fantastic portrait works?



Hi everyone!

This is my entry for the steemfest... it s an oldy painting I did (like a year and a half ago) And it was made for a personal video-game I was making. Of course the project was never finished nor published.

Thanks a lot for this space!

I have made the Steemit name from paper. It's on 24 x 34 cm piece of cardboard. I can bring it to SteemFest personally if that will be the case.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It certainly deserves a place on the Steem Festival!
If not in a room I could easily imagine it in front of the podium!

Wow, great mock-up! Thank you for the example!

Don't miss the original post that presented this masterpiece....

'Dream' from my post Dream

my entry to this fest is an oil painting 'Peonies on lapiz lazuli'
32cm x 25.5cm

Vote up on this comment

The Steemit thanks you.

Posted and can be viewed in larger size here

for a litle bit Light on the Steemfest :)

Allright, going with this one. Dragon Force :D, oil on canvas, 2016

Great opportunity, thanks for your consideration.

I nominate this masterpiece ;)

Nice art by @sompitonov. Looks like his rings is famous.

Yep they are..


Feathered Headdress
acrylic on canvas
42 x 42 inches


which is better

Great work man!

This is really amaizing artwork! Up!

This digital art, completely drawn on the computer. I drew this using Wacom tablet in Adobe Illustrator. Such an image can be set?


Hello everyone! It is a very good idea to present the art at SteemFest. This is my entry :

Color in Motion
Acrylic on canvas
18"x 24"

I would like to enter with this drawing I made a weeks back.

The email I can send hopefully tomorrow because I need the work place to be able to scan it it.

ok - not sure how to post an image here in this reply though

My works are mainly digital can they still be shown?

we initially aimed this at drawing / painting etc. but we will reconsider. thx!


If you can make it photography included then I have some ideas.

Nice idea . I will be in Amsterdam 18th onwards. Hope to see you.

By popular demand...and by that I mean it got 5 votes to submit to you guys - I present Lady in the Red Dress - art noir. I'll send a cleaned up version to email shortly.
Lady in the Red Dress  by Meredith Loughran, art noir

Good luck artists!

Great Idea.. Maybe I will share my "Dirty D" videos

cannot be printed. sorry!

Art by Tammy Tinch "Dear John"

Can you edit post to include deadline information? Or maybe I missed it. Thinking of something to submit.

I want too. This is my picture. Acrylic in canvas. Friendship sheep

I just will get my arts and take it to people which drawed on it

why can't we put texts?

Wonderful idea! Resteemed.

Nice to see this actually going forward. Is there a deadline for submissions, if i wanted to create something new for this event?

the same question

there is a month till the steemfest. I think we can create new lets wait for an official answer though.

Upvoted and resteemed...with one suggestion: Maybe you should limit the number of entries per artist? I've personally got a few favorites so boundaries are GOOD.

thx yes. 1 WORK PER ARTIST. updated. thx.

Migraine Madness: Oil Painting 10"x20"

Great Idea I think my friend will love this @dumbordebeeh one he's work

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