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Happy Steeming

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wow !

ha ha first meme is awesome :)

I love that Wizard of Oz scarecrow one! Excellent meme-age!

Great meme. Thanks

Very creative, and clever ta boot! Thanks for sharing :)

They are very funny memes. Great work

Up-voted and re-steemed.

This stuff is gold!

I like the last one most of all :)

The King Memes is back for more
Sweet ❤️

Lol thank you ;))


Motherboards pretty looks like mine...

@benjojo, where do you go for days at a time? I will say the cat meme is my favorite here. Second is the beautiful gorillas meme. Awesome memes once again.

I'm never far...but work's gone crazy, man flu has struck and just generally been busy as a bee ;))

@benjojo, busy is good. I feel like I know you outside of steemit. You have one of the coolest user names on steemit. The coolest thing about steemit for me, is the fact that I dont know one user personally. On facebook, I knew almost everyone from childhood, high school or work. On steemit, I have friends from the four corners of earth. Have an awesome week.

This is the one

Agreed. That one is hilarious!

very good sense of congratulations mood

Wow this is a lot of work and so funny. this is an up-vote and share for sure!

This is some of the funniest stuff that I've seen on Steemit, yet! Followed and up-voted. I'd re-steem if I had any followers :)

Thank you so much ;))

Yeah, at first I thought, "This is it, the perfect Steememeit" (yes, I just invented that word and it is recorded on the blockchain, so don't even try to copyright it) when I saw the Dachshund chasing the rhino. But they are all so great, I'm not so sure which is the best Steememeit (once again, word invented by me, recorded on the blockchain. No stealy.)

Thank you. Great word! It's all yours bud ;))

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Meme with animals!!! awesome :D