ICO Alert: hack.ether.camp and Wings

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For the purpose of keeping Steemit Users up to date on upcoming ICO's, here is information on 2 project I will personally be looking to back over the coming weeks.

Wings: 30th October

The vision of WINGS as the world’s first decentralized, multi-blockchain platform to enable mainstream entrepreneurs and companies to easily launch new DAOs is finally coming to reality.

For your consideration, you can subscribe for the White Paper here
Preliminary information on the Crowdsale terms can be found here

hack.ether.camp: 20th October

In the words of hack.ether.camp, this is an opportunity to back a Virtual Accelerator

The Virtual Accelerator democratises opportunity for everyone, from entrepreneurs gaining access to early funding through to anyone in the community gaining access to investment opportunities. The platform combines blockchain technology and crowd diligence to remove the barriers that prevent opportunity and investment being realised.

The Virtual Accelerator opens with the 2016 hack.ether.camp competition and will reopen to new entries in subsequent hackathons.

For your consideration, the White Paper can be found here
Information on the Crowdsale terms can be found here

I will endeavour to answer an question you might have, however all the information on these projects is out there, and easily accessible.


I think to take part in wings ICO. I've been watching the project for a long time.

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I just want to share the coin information and share it.
In addition to the NeverDai ICO information posted today, I would like to ask you for ICO information frequently.

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