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Another cool Tool what I use from time to time is Steemviz. It allows you to see new posts, comments, votes, new accounts, etc. all on one Screen. Like this I have been detected stuff, what you normally wouldnt see :)

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steemviz ist zwar interessant, aber die Infos sind auch mit 24h/Tag kaum noch zu verarbeiten.

Ist richtig, aber das einzige Tool, bei dem du siehst wer ein neues Konto aufmacht...
Ich nehme es auch einfach mal so zwischendurch um mal neue Inhalte zu sehen die
ich sonst nicht sehen wuerde....

steemviz is cool

ja geiles tool

Thank you again for these reports ! ! !

Any1 no where http://steemanalytics.it/ & http://steemle.com/charts.php

How or where are they running ?

yeah they dont exists anymore....

oh geez are they gone ? could I ask why ?

i wrote here
about it. I send them a massage, but they never answered...

Ah well thank you for the update on the status, hugz ; )

Very interesting mentioning the tool steemviz :-) Thank you.

Glad you like it

interesting tool thanks upvoted.

I love it!

We are flirting with the upper trend line.

Thx for the chart

really cool tool steemviz
thank you

you are welcome

Excellent, will take a look!

Thanks for sharing. Great set of stats as always. Happy to upvote and share on Twitter✔ for my followers to see. Cheers. Stephen

Thank you for proposing other Steem data to explore

Thanks for voting.

Thanks for the steemviz plug mate :)

Thank you for the tool :)

Great! Thanks for this new tool! I keep following you! 😉 😃

Thanks for the follow :)

Great reports and so visually friendly, thank you, resteemed.

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