Requited love…

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Requited love… 

Alone in this world, 

he looked to the stars.

And wondered how life,

had gotten so low, 

the love he had lost,

was so long ago.

He remembered the good

and could still feel the bad.

All these years later,

she was still in his head.

When he thought of the past,

he could still see her face,

the touch of her skin.

To think it had been so long ago, 

the hours they've lost,

the times never spent.       

Although he had tried, 

given his all…

There's some things in life,

you just can't control.

So dance in the rain,

sing in the dark.

Cause love is all around you,

all it needs is a spark.

You've done your due..,

You remembered her well.

All the love and the joy,

she supplied everyday --

the pain and the depth,

when you looked in her eyes.

Your memories still live, 

she's alive in your heart.

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Very nice poem!

Thank you @lakshmi!

beautiful poem congratulations

You're very kind... Thanks @jlufer