SteemSports: Cubs @ Giants - Win or Go Home Situation For the San Francisco Giants! (NL Division Series) - Mass SP Distrubiton Game!

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The San Francisco Giants, the 8-Time World Series Champions, are on the verge of being eliminated by the Cubs who have not won a World Series in over 108 years! With the Giants down 0-2 in the series, they have some serious work to put in considering they need to win 3 games in a row to advance to the next round!

Note: This game will be played Monday evening on TBS at:

6:30 PST (Pacific Time Zone)
8:30 CT (Central Time Zone)
9:30 EST (Eastern Time Zone)

Pitching Matchup

Perhaps the two best pitchers in the MLB, Jake Arrieta and Madison Bumgarner, will be taking the mound on Monday.

Cubs: - Last year’s CY Young Award winner, Jake Arrieta, finished the regular season with a record of 18-8, an ERA of 3.10, and sealed the deal with 190 strikeouts. Although his last few starts were a bit rough (4.60 ERA in his last five starts); Arrieta is looking to bounce back in this game versus the Giants.

Giants: - The 3-Time World Series Champion, Madison Bumgarner, finished the regular season with a record of 15-9, an ERA of 2.74, and finished the season with 251 strikeouts! “Mad-Bum” will be put in a tough situation on Monday taking on the best team in baseball; Bumgarner must get the win to stay alive. Keep in mind, Madison Bumgarner is absolutely CLUTCH!

Chicago Cubs

Talk about having a spectacular year, the Cubs had one of the franchise's best season in THE Chicago Cubs HISTORY! A team filled with studs including Kris Bryant the runner for NL MVP, the former CY Young Award Winner, Jake Arrieta, another NL MVP runner, Anthony Rizzo, the NL ERA Leader, Kyle Hendricks, among many others!

Being that they have such a talented team, they have the opportunity to sweep the Giants on Monday!

Cubs Box Score - Game 1

As you can see above, Jon Lester had a fantastic and scoreless outing, while Javier Baez provided the solo run by way of a home run, and Aroldis Chapman finished the job with a save!

While this might have been one of Lester’s best performances of the year, give credits to the Giants pitcher, Johnny Cueto, as he pitched a great game until Javier cracked a homerun off of him.

Cubs Box Score - Game 2

Shown above, Travis Wood, the relief pitcher who got the “W” also hit a home run! Wood is the second relief pitcher in MLB history and first since 1924 to hit a home run in the postseason! Other than Wood hitting the jaw-dropping home run, Fowler and Heyward, the Chicago Cubs outfielders, each player hit a double and each player scored a run to add on to the “Cubbies” 5-2 victory over the Giants.

San Francisco Giants

With Conor Gillespie hitting the 3 run blast against the Mets in the NL Wildcard Game on Wednesday; there’s been no more excitement for the Giants after that. As I mentioned before, the Giants have won the playoffs the last 3 even years (2010, 2012, and 2014) but that streak is in jeopardy this year. As they are on the verge of getting sweeped, they must win their next 3 games in a row against the Cubs.

The real question is: Will they be able to win their next 3 games against the best team in the MLB?

Giants Box Score - Game 1

The Giants were shutout against the Cubs in Game 1 of the series. Although Johnny Cueto had a great game, the 1 run home run Cueto gave up was the difference between a win and a loss. The batters weren’t on their “A” game either.

Giants Box Score - Game 2

In Game 2 of the NL DS played on Saturday night, the Giants lost once again as I mentioned before. Panik and Blanco were the only people on the team to get an extra base hit, and the Giants tallied up 6 strikeouts throughout their batting order.

Betting Odds

Chicago Cubs+114
San Francisco Giants-124

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The Stake Pool:

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All in for the Cubs baby, w000T

  ·  3 years ago (edited)


The Cubs to sweep the series

cubs win!

Go cubbies

Cubs all the way!!

Go Cubbies !!




I'm not drinking the Cubs Kool aid yet, go Giants!

Haha, With that upvote I just gave you... I boosted your reputation by 1! I feel special! ;)

Thanks for the help and also for the all the steem I've gotten from your posts, keep more bets coming!

Go Giants!

Yeah, Go Giants! Keep the series alive.

Giants of San Francisco!

I have to go with MAD BUM

Giants will win this one.

I lived in Chicago a long time ago and the Cubs s**ked but we loved them anyway...and we cheered them anyway. sang take me out to the ball game with a legend, and went to day games (no lights then) that they are actually good...I vote Cubbies! Cubs!

Chicago Cubs

Love the Cubs!



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