This is the "heart of the bull"

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The world's #1 energy drink Red Bull is known by nearly every person on this planet, I think...

bull drawing

Not so many of us know that it's an Austrian brand, with the company's headquater loacted in Salzburg / Austria. Well, I'm from Vienna and that means, it's only 300 kilometers for me to drive for visiting the heart of the bull.

A few weeks ago in mid summer, I was there!

Can you guess what I mean by the heart of the bull? I mean a place called Hangar-7, a collection / museum of historical airplanes and helicopters as well as Formula One racing cars and racing motorbikes.

This is the look of the glass, steel building:
red bull hangar 7

In the ceiling of the construction there is the "360 Bar" located, a lounge totaly transparent in all directions, including the floor.
The staff and the guests enter the high cocktail bar through a bended skywalk, high above the exhibition.
red bull hangar 7

red bull hangar 7

Inside the hangar 7 there are some extraordinary helicopters
red bull hangar 7

You may inspect a few formular one cars; Red Bull cars of course
red bull hangar 7

red bull hangar 7

A selection of unique airplanes
red bull hangar 7

My favorite is the silver one
red bull hangar 7

All the shown objects are ready for operation and they are used some times for shows or demonstrations. The hangar 7 is a real hangar located at the public Salzburg airport.

The hangar 7 is the heart of this fascinating company owned by Dieter Mateschitz. All the spirit of this brand comes out of his dreams, I'm sure.

red bull hangar 7

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Yes, it was definitely impressive being there at Red Bulls heart. thx @pfunk

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