Real-Time Update of RobinHood Whale Project 罗宾鲸火贴实时更新 09-10

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What Is The RobinHood Whale?

The @robinhoodwhale (RHW) is the community's solution to an essential problem that plagues Steemit: how to get noticed and upvoted before you have a big enough following. Right now, if you are not upvoted by a "whale" account, it is very difficult to get exposure and any substantial rewards, which leads to many great authors leaving Steemit. Robin Hood wants to be the "whale" that finds and helps a diverse set of talented, yet unrecognized authors.
More Info Here -> The RobinHood Whale InitiaveAnnouncing RobinHoodWhale

Voting History (Real-Time Update)

  • 09-10 Magic of small-town Italy by @lmar in travel
  • 07-10 Dear Micro-Planktons like me with 8 cent articles : The Money is coming, and Here's Why you should KEEP ON STEEMING by @ibringawareness in writing
  • 07-10 How to Improve Your Conversational Storytelling Skills by @decimus in story
  • 07-10 Cameroon Photo Blog #34 - Moto: Traveling by Local Motorbikes in Ngaoundéré by @holgermarkgraf in photography
  • 07-10 Photos I made in Iraqs abandoned embassy in Berlin by @sature in photography
  • 07-10 My new job as a Steemit writer and blogger - An ongoing journey by @cloh76 in steemit
  • 07-10 There's Always A Reason To Smile by @juvyjabian in life
  • 07-10 ghost writer by @johnjgeddes in story
  • 07-10 This Is Japan by @boxcarblue in japan
  • 06-10 Know your Heart and find the Universal voice of Creation. by @gomeravibz in religion
  • 06-10 Steemfest Bringing On Amsterdam Memories by @skypilot in steemfest
  • 05-10 Retro-portrait by @voronenka in drawing
  • 05-10 A NEW SKATE SPOT by @mindfield in skateboarding
  • 05-10 Food for Thought: The World's Best Chefs' Advice Goes Beyond the Kitchen by @carolinemarie in psychology
  • 04-10 They Say Marriage Is Not Arranged In The USA - Is It True? by @missk in story
  • 04-10 Small and big. Shaggy and fluffy. Doggies ART ( Ridiculous doggies ) by @gdsprgdd in art
  • 04-10 Myth or Fact? #2- The world's most famous equation: E=mc² by @timsaid in science
  • 04-10 Intro: Jessamyn Orchard - songwriter, thinker, creator by @jessamynorchard in introduceyourself
  • 04-10 Hello Steemit users! I'm droidsid, I'm from India and this is my story! by @droidsid in introduceyourself
  • 04-10 Outside Earth: Unexpected Impacts of Space Colonization by @engineercampus in mars
  • 04-10 The captives of coffee Part #1 Original story & recipes / Плененные кофе Часть #1 by @asdes in coffee
  • 08-10 girl from afar by @johnjgeddes in story
  • 03-10 Developing a Creative and Adventurous Social Circle by @decimus in life
  • 03-10 If you don`t have a Time for what you need, you must READ THIS. (My time management experience) by @acreol in life
  • 03-10 The importance of being yourself by @dmitriybtc in story
  • 03-10 Silvanus and Empire, an Original Novel (Chapter 29) by @beowulfoflegend in fiction
  • 03-10 VUCA: the world where we live today! by @qagiri in life
  • 03-10 Amazing Transformations Around the world by @worldtraveler in life
  • 03-10 Photography #18 - Tilleoru Nature Trail by @sulev in photography
  • 03-10 Practicing Daily by @vermillionfox in art
  • 02-10 The city that makes me smile by @webdeals in life
  • 02-10 Unusual Spain: Museum of a Mad Genius Salvador Dali by @aksinya in art
  • 01-10 Higher Education: is it relevant? by @natord in education
  • 01-10 What is your bridge of awareness thought of the / your (so called) game of life? by @virtualgrowth in life
  • 01-10 Photogenic Adventures - Episode 3 (Shots from my Home) by @giftedgaia in photography
  • 01-10 Yo, stop being a fucking cliche and stop living your stereotype by @aldentan in life
  • 01-10 My verification by @scarlet-rain in art
  • 01-10 We Could See the Big Bang! The Scientists Only Proved That It Happened. by @senseye in science
  • 01-10 Hey @robinhoodwhale why are you so lazy? Get to Work! by @fyrstikken in robinhoodwhale
  • 30-09 Measles Outbreak Kills Kids - symptoms, treatment, complications by @nelu.ceban in science
  • 30-09 NYC Pinup Girl takes world by storm, one outfit at a time. by @vintagevandalizm in fashion
  • 30-09 The Lady of Snow and Sorrow - 6. His family by @olivera-despina in fiction
  • 30-09 Getting Started With Aurelia by @red-shift in aurelia
  • 30-09 Enceladus: The Best Chance For Extraterrestrial Life in Our Solar System by @getonthetrain in space
  • 30-09 How to Get the Girl (For Men Only) by @supergoodliving in humor
  • 30-09 Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 29th September 2016 by @ontofractal in stats
  • 30-09 Heaven in Low Season: Relax and Enjoy as Much as Possible. by @blinova in travel
  • 30-09 Keltorins Flora and Fauna of Note 🌿 Belim Root/Bulb 🌿 Valcannes Guide to Keltorin by @krystle in fiction
  • 30-09 Tips and advices for Macro photography, that will make you a professional. by @avtzis.petros in photography
  • 30-09 DIY Wall Mount Guitar Holders by @rgeddes in howto
  • 30-09 WE ARE INTERCONNECTED ( ANIMALS ) by @uziriel in life
  • 29-09 🍇 Gorgeous Georgia – Stories From Hitchhiking Diary. Part 2 (Original Photos) Eng/Ru by @uuuhha in travel
  • 29-09 STAGE 2 by @ives in travel
  • 28-09 Daily-Sketch: "" by @villainblack in art
  • 28-09 Bobby Prime - Introducing myself by @primetime in introducemyself
  • 28-09 World's laziness is controlled by technologies by @dmitriybtc in technologies
  • 28-09 The Day The Village Comes To Life by @thegoldencookie in travel
  • 28-09 Weird Science! : Here There Be Dragons! by @williambanks in science
  • 27-09 My Letter Of Assurance To You (Read this if you think life is unfair to you) by @aldentan in life
  • 27-09 On the Moral Supremacy of Autonomy by @rubellitefae in debate
  • 07-10 A Visit To A Brazilian Brothel with Nina & Hans! [Part 1] by @albertogm in writing
  • 27-09 Poetry Slam Challenge 4: (Dependency) - Original Poem by @freeinthought in poetryslamchallenge
  • 27-09 A Queen of the Third Universe by @tanyabtc in art
  • 27-09 Pain - a friend in disguise by @fred703 in pain
  • 27-09 Romeo and Juliet were living in caves by @keuudeip in photography
  • 26-09 6 Steps to Conquer Fear by @jg02 in life
  • 26-09 How to overcome a midlife crisis. by @htyfn in psychology
  • 26-09 The Passenger (1975) by Michelangelo Antonioni by @steemswede in movies
  • 26-09 My old-slavic based calligraphy. ("Vyaz'") Моя каллиграфия основанная на древнеславянских шрифтах. ("Вязь") by @mrsgreen in art
  • 26-09 Current Accomodations of a Modern Nomad. Let Me Show You Where I Live Now by @xanoxt in life
  • 26-09 Original White Charcoal Lion Drawing+Progress Photos by @edgarsart in art
  • 25-09 Imperfectu Film Festival: How Had I NOT Found This Before! by @sykochica in lgbt
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