🎶 The Best Of Open Mic Songwriters Challenge - Volume 1 🎶

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So here we are at the end of eight long weeks of a creative firestorm, we set out with the hopes of inspiring the creation of new music - and well I think it's safe to say we have well and truly accomplished this amazing feat.

Yes the Songwriters Challenge only started eight weeks ago, but given the journey we have just shared together - I thought I would share some of the behind the scenes story, of how the Songwriters Challenge came into being.

Whilst for our entrants the Challenge started towards the end of November, my first ever Songwriters Challenge top 5 post was written on the first of December - so we were only just at the beginning, of what would become a truly magical event.

So for our entrants this Challenge did only start eight weeks ago, but you may be interested to know how long it took to organise and launch this new wing of Open Mic - Well the first public rumblings were made around four months ago now!

Yep that is when @meno first approached @luzcypher with the idea and when the first post's went up to gauge the communities feelings on the idea, as you all may well know @meno jumped right into action when the idea came to him - @luzcypher was quick to join the fray with his own post to test the waters as it were.

We weren't sure if our little community had enough enthusiastic songwriters to take on the Challenge, well I can now safely say any doubts we had were met with the resounding cry of brilliant musicians - beating down the weekly themes as if there were no Challenge to our requests, the quantity and quality of music being submitted was simply insane.

It was around this time I received my first message from a fairly new entrant in Open Mic, but one that had stolen our hearts with his beautiful music and soothing vocals - I never expected in that moment to be asked to come on board as an Open Mic Songwriters Challenge judge, I was pumped and keen as ever to jump into this new adventure.

Within a day or so we had a judges group chat set up and we all met together to discuss what the plan was going to be, we knew @meno was being a legend and we had the prize sorted - but how would it work each week, how would we structure the Challenge?

Well that's where our discussions and planning really began, we needed to hash out all of the nitty gritty choices and ensure it would be structured in a way that will ensure - high quality, original content, whilst maintaining a fun and welcoming environment to encourage people to share.

For those of you who don't know this is my little boy Kai, he is non verbal autistic and loves his music with a passion - but he is fickle in what he deems to be good music, I wanted to share this moment we had last week when I was listening to all our entrants. He just loved this entry from @onetruebrother, it sucked him right in.

That's when we decided to come up with weekly themes, to ensure all entries were brand new - I mean this is a songwriting challenge, we didn't want people just reaching into their existing bag of tricks.

The Challenge was to write 8 new songs in 8 weeks, I can safely say that I think this was our shinning moment - the idea that encouraged participation, but also ensured that those entering had to create a new songs each and every week.

We than had @passion-ground suggest a point system to help rank entrants, the last thing we wanted was someone winning out of nowhere - we wanted you all to know leading up to the end, who would be considered a front runner in the Challenge and I think we managed to do that rather well all things considered.

Well all these plans took us around two months of work to nail out all of the details, come up with branding and try to raise some attention so people would know it was coming - I can say I think we were all pretty excited to get things underway and surly enough once we started there was no looking back.

Kai joins me for regular short visits to listen in to our entrants, but this entry of @onetruebrother he was hooked - that was until I disturbed him by taking this picture, I was just so amazed by his attention this was an amazing moment my friend and in my mind the highest of compliments. Plus I just love his suspect reaction, to seeing mummy with a camera - he honestly looks a little annoyed with me that I distracted him.

As I'm sure a few of you may have noticed the way things were done, morphed over time and we were given a better understanding of how best to make things "work" - at times we had to re clarify rules, change our perception of how things should be and accept how they are.

But once we all got into the swing of things, we settled in to enjoy the journey you were all taking us on - despite an occasional panic that we hadn't chosen the next weeks theme yet, we somehow managed to find a rhythm that worked and suddenly the Challenge was transformed from and idea into a reality.

I never thought I would manage to be a part of something like this, I mean Open Mic itself is an insane opportunity and experience - but the Songwriters Challenge became an elite creative and supportive machine, almost exclusive little sub community that just thrived.

I mean the support I witnessed was truly mind blowing, this has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever had the honour of being involved with - all the entrants should be so proud of themselves and it's not just because of the brilliant music they shared and created, but the environment they created and shared with each other.

But there was no distraction that could hold him back, from settling in to watch @onetruebrother's stellar performance - I think you may have found yourself a new fan and one with a hell of an ear too boot!

The comments I saw from entrants on other participants posts was beyond heartwarming, the camaraderie and support was unlike anything I have ever heard or seen of in a contest - you guys were hear to create and share first and foremost, the guitar was like gravy an added bonus you all appeared to bestow upon one another.

I am so proud to be included in this amazing little family we have here, because what I saw and heard was so far beyond just simple polite comments - it was actual tangible support in the most profound way, you shared your own journeys with one another and it really was phenomenal to witness.

There have since been a few more discussions with the judges and I am very happy to announce there is more to come, I don't only mean with future editions of this Challenge - but things we are yet to announce to all of you about this very first and precious Challenge, the wait is almost over people but it's not time to loose your excitement just yet!

In the coming days you will hear another announcement or two, that will make this even more epic than it already is - just know there is more to come, this is only just beginning.

The Best Of Open Mic Songwriters Volume 1:

So besides my personal reflection as a judge on what this Challenge has meant to me, I also wanted to share with you my personal highlights of the first Songwriters Challenge - the entries I love the most, the ones that shinned above all others one week or another and the ones that physically moved me.

There have been so many amazing entries from so many of you, that just choosing one was as always a massive challenge for me - but I will do my best here to share the best of Open Mic Songwriters Challenge has to offer.

But because I can't list all of you, I want you all to know again just how much you all mean to not only this Challenge - but to us as judges, you guys have just blown us away at every single turn and should be so proud of your amazing contributions.

Quick note I am trying to go week by week, but sometimes I will feature extra songs cause it was too damn hard to choose! - also check out the extra links to my reviews of the different entries for a more detailed view.

@onetruebrother - Broken Mirror

Well what can I say to our first ever winner of the Songwriters Challenge, he is a phenomenal talent, gracious and humble - and his ability to create original music is of a standard I didn't know existed.

I wouldn't believe too many people would be surprised to learn, that @onetruebrother was our winner this round of the Challenge - his music was everything we wanted and more, each week he just smashed out another hit and it's hard to comprehend the feat he just accomplished.

For the entry I featured above I placed it 3rd in my first Songwriters top 5 post (click the link to see what I had to say about it), I was amazed and truly loved the song - I had no idea at this stage, that this would be the start of an epic moment in time for us all.

Mate you just kept it up week after week, you were always at the top of my lists - I think there was only one week where I slipped you into the honourable mentions, it was with a heavy heart too because this song is just as brilliant as the rest (but we can only pick 5 :( ).

I chose to feature your first entry into the challenge, not only because it was a stand out brilliant entry - but also because it was the first hint of awesome that was yet to come and you did not fail us in any way during the following weeks.

As this is a reflection I felt it was only fair, as your essentially now in a contest with yourself and your own material - to share a couple other favourites from the entrants, that just killed it week after week.

My week 8 review - Till We Meet Again

The last song I listed is the shinning example of the support our entrants show one another, the love and compassion being shared is just remarkable - I love to be a part of this type of community, it really was a highlight of the Challenge for me to witness.

I can't say how happy I am that @onetruebrother won the first round, he set a high standard example for all those entering the Challenge - he did it with humble grace and it was an absolute honour, to be amongst the first to hear this amazing treasure trove of music he created for us.

You made me feel hope, despair, heartache, love, compassion, empathy, well the true depth of emotion is hard to narrow down to a few words but you nailed it each week - the skill you displayed was beyond expectation and your efforts demanded to be recognised.

It really was an amazing experience and your a big part of why it was such a resounding success, your humble nature was a breath of fresh air - and the music you created will remain some of the best songs I have ever heard, seriously I need to create myself a playlist.

It's an absolute privilege to be able to congratulate you, as our first and ever so deserving winner of the Songwriters Challenge - you killed it man and have made me an even bigger fan of your music in the process!

@joseacabrerav -Espejos rotos

Whilst you may not have made my top 5's, you were never far from it almost always appearing in my honourable mentions - I had to do a special shout out to you as you are an extremely gifted musician and songwriter, you were a valuable addition to the Challenge.

You have impressed me in both Open Mic and now the Songwriters Challenge too, it wouldn't feel right to not have included you in this post - as I loved so many of your entries into this challenge.

Thank you for sharing your amazing music with us, it was an absolute pleasure to hear and see - I can't wait to hear what you have for us in the next round!

@fitzgibbon - Lost and Found

As I was reviewing all the entries again, I re-stumbled upon this little nugget of gold from week two - I just remember sitting there jaw agape in shock at the brilliance of this song!

I am so damn happy this song exists now, you have no idea how much I love this song - I listen to it all the time and of course that means I'm singing along with it.

It's just one of those entries that came outta no where and left us all stunned, with this level of entry in week two alone - we started to grasp the magnitude of what we had embarked on.

You guys stepped up the already high competition and I can't begin to thank you enough for this phenomenal entry - you really stole my heart with it, it will remain a strong lifelong favourite of mine I am sure.

This was my 1st place pick for week 2 and I think and all around outstanding entry from the Challenge as a whole, you guys need to make me more of this :D lol.

I also really hope you guys can join us again with the next Challenge, even if you just drop us a couple of gems like this again - your music is amazing and truly appreciated.

@lucybanks - Lost and Found

Another amazing entry from week 2, was from the extremely gifted @lucybanks - from the get go this girl had me hooked in Open Mic and then she just smashed it when she joined in the Songwriters Challenge.

With her unique and creative music always takes you on a journey, with her phenomenal haunting vocals and sublime playing - she really is the complete package, with her own existing catalogue of original music.

I loved this song and many more she has written and strongly suggest people head on over and check her out, I placed this entry 2nd and even re-listening to all the songs - I still get chills when I hear her singing this.

She has been an amazing addition to Open Mic and now Songwriters and I sincerely hope to hear more from her in the future, I am especially keen to hear her more in the next round of the Songwriters Challenge.

@chrisroberts - Stolen Soul

This is a shinning example of a brilliant entry, that gave us some absolute gold with their interpretation of that weeks theme - the energy and passion, the lyrics really the whole damn thing were just perfect.

I love this song it captures the story it is portraying, I also love that the chic in the story is the hardcore element - grabbing her shotgun to come to the rescue of her love, just absolutely brilliant entry!

This was a favourite of mine and I placed it 1st in week 3 and I stick by that assessment, it was just perfect and so unique and creative - all I want from a song and more.

@melavie - Because We Can

Well what can I say about the song that melted me the instant I heard it, just a sublime and unbelievable entry - I really couldn't and still really can't believe the level of entries, we have received over the eight weeks.

She has masterfully crafted the lyrics with delicate care and precision, the melody is on a whole different plain of existence and the way she combined it with the slow at times barely existent piano - was just absolute perfection in every sense of the word.

I love this song and I feel this song, the emotions she conveys are so profound and deep it's hard to find the appropriate words to describe - but I placed this entry 2nd in week 4, so you can go check out my thoughts on it in more depth if you like.

You gave us so many brilliant entries during this Challenge, I truly cannot wait to begin the next round and see what you amaze us with next time.

@luisferchav - The Wait

This is what I mean when I say phenomenal, what other words can describe an entry like this?

I mean really people he made this masterpiece in under a week, cause lets get real here the way this works is you usually get around four days to write and compose the song - then there's that pesky detail of having to record your performance and writing your post, how the hell do they do all of this and have a song like this as the result?

Like I really end up asking a lot of questions, but the sheer skill in this talent pool is epic and beyond compare - I have never found myself so stunned and drawn in to music as I have been with the entries in this Challenge.

I mean we all find a song here and there that we enjoy, how many people get to collect this many favourite songs in just eight weeks - I'll tell you, fuck all or those who are taken in by any old song.

The skill displayed by @luisferchav has been something I've been watching on in awe of, he has just simply smashed it out week after week - always making the top of my lists, this entry placed 1st in week 5 understandably.

I have listed another two entries of yours that just made me love them completely, you really never fail to impress and this is a perfect example of how you just kept stepping things up each week.

My week 8 review - Make believe

You have been a wonderful addition to our family and I hope to see you with us again during the next round of the Songwriters Challenge!

@jaybird - Meet Me On The Shore

Well mate your a brilliant musician and you killed it every single week of this Challenge, I love your music both that you create with @steembirds and your own independent music.

Your entries are always so polished and finished it shows your clear skill as a songwriter, I love your melodies - your songs are always such a sheer pleasure to hear and I can't help but get into them.

I placed this entry at 4th place in week 5 of the Challenge, let me assure you this is no easy feat at this stage of the Challenge - people were stepping it up at every turn and you didn't fail to impress me even further!

I really hope to hear more from you in the next round of the Songwriters Challenge, your performances always draw me in then your music smashes it out - keep it up :D

@tarotbyfergus - When Animals Attack

Well there just isn't a single thing I would change with this entry, what a bloody brilliant song man seriously you kicked some arse with this baby - even now re-listening I can't help but bop along with the tune, I try to sing but I just end up cackling at different moments and can't keep it going.

With this song you managed to accomplish several major feats in my eyes, you wrote a killer song in under a week, you captured a unique take on the weeks theme, you composed an elegant piece of music that feels compelling, you wrote lyrics that not only tell a story but convey a deeper issue and turmoil within our world.

Basically the long and short of it is, I love this song so much that in week 6 when he submitted it - I not only placed him in 1st position for week 6, I selected him to receive the one and only Golden Mic award that I handed out!

So really what I'm saying here people is listen to the damn song, it's fricken awesome and you won't be disappointed!

@anniemacleod - Special Delivery

Then we had moments of pure elegance, just a poetic and perfect entry that almost takes my breath away - I can just relate to this song on so many levels it amazes me.

This was a real highlight from the fist Challenge for me, a shinning little gem that steals your heart - I was so torn as to which entry of @anniemacleod's to use, as I also love her entry from week 4 where I placed her in 1st.

But I settled for this one which I placed 2nd in week 6, they are both amazing entries and show an amazing source of talent.

Well it's safe to say another one I just loved and can't get enough of, I really hope to see and hear more from you in the future @anniemacleod - and I hope you will join us in the next round of the Songwriters Challenge.

@basilmarples - Right Place and / or Right time

Well if you guys have been watching, it will come of absolutely no surprise that Basil made my list here - what an ever so deserving entrant, such an extraordinary talent and I am 100% a fan!

I just can't get over the range and scope of your ability mate, you blow me away week after week - you have made me laugh and cry on more than one occasion, you have made me feel a connection to music I feared I may had lost.

You have so many amazing songs to just pick one felt like sacrilege, but which one should I highlight above all others - well I figured the one that shows your amazing depth and ability with songwriting, for this entry I placed him 1st for week 7 for obvious reasons.

My week 3 review -You Dirty Soul Sucking Theives

I mean man common your just brilliant!

My week 5 review - Windswept Shore

Well with this one you broke me into about a thousand pieces man, you left me a shattered shell of the person I once was - and I feel like I got to know you on a whole different level, I hope you don't mind me sharing it today.

My week 8 review - Until We Meet Again

Another glimpse into the complex being that we know as Basil, man you have made me love every single damn entry you submit - the wide variety and styles of music you bring to the table.

The way you allow the song to be performed the way it is required, shows a commitment most musicians fall short of - you captured my heart and my soul over the past eight weeks and I am ever so grateful you did!

I can't wait to hear more from you over the coming weeks and months, whilst I know you "claim" this was a Challenge, I sincerely hope you will summon your supper natural forces and join us in the next round of the Songwriters Challenge - don't stress were taking a break, but when we come back I may just have to hassle you to enter :D

@kayclarity -January

Now for anyone who hasn't already do yourself a favour and check out the sublimely talented @kayclarity, with her soulful and soothing voice she can render even the coldest heart back to life - this song was simply put a profound tribute to her lost sister.

She left me in tears with this heart wrenching and melodic song, what a stunningly tragically beautifully composed and structured song - it just had to make my list, you have captured every emotion possible and broke my heart in the process.

I went through several thousand tissues when writing my initial review, where this entry placed 3rd in week 8 of the Challenge, you are completely right you are a poet - your talents may never cease to amaze us, but I look forward to all you have to offer us in the next round of the Songwriters Challenge!

@vera.carla -Till we meet again

Well again this song just moved me so completely I couldn't bare to leave it out, the emotion is unparalleled you have captured this story to complete and utter perfection.

The performance was brilliant, I just adore your voice it is like liquid gold - the passion and emotions you convey are perfect and I just love every single second of it.

You haven't been on steemit too long, but so far you have wowed us both in Open Mic and now also in the Songwriters Challenge - with what I have seen from you so far, I cannot wait to hear what else you have hidden up your sleves.

For this phenomenal entry I placed it in 5th position on week 8 of the Challenge, which lets face it was an insane week where everyone bought their A game.

You haven't faulted in a single entry I have seen, your a brilliant addition to our little family and I so hope you come join us for the next round of the Songwriters Challenge!

Now I should probably stop, but I had to just chuck in a couple of other must have mentions - there really were so many of you that deserved more attention, but this competition is fierce with the quality of submissions.

I know if we could place more of you we would, it is the hardest part of the job - so I just wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some very deserving and talented artists, that also made significant contributions to the Songwriters Challenge .

You guys all shone bright and stood out, I wouldn't feel right with out including some extra tid bits from the Challenge - these entries also stood out to me as all round brilliant songs and entries, from truly talented artists.

@kendramoriah - Till We Meet Again

Well it appears I you have all inspired me to create another massive post in your honour and I really have to stress that is how it feels to be a part of this, an absolute honour and a privilege to be a part of this community - you have all had the most profound impact on my time as an Open Mic judge, it really has been something else.

I have found a plethora of new artists whose music I truly enjoy, I have watched artists grow and evolve past what they thought they could achieve - I've felt things I didn't know music could make me feel, I've grown to appreciate new forms and styles of music that never caused a draw for me before.

This has been a profound experience and one I will always treasure, I have never found so many songs I just couldn't live without in such a short time before - I don't know what the next round will bring, it has a pretty tough score to beat if it want's to surpass the first edition of the Songwriters Challenge!

You guys could and should all be rich and famous by now, I have no idea what is wrong in the world where such talent goes by unappreciated - you have all won my utmost respect and not just for the amazing skills you all shared, but for the way in which you all interacted with one another.

I have never seen such amazing sense of support and love for music being willing shared between opponents in a competition - I guess our efforts in wording this event as a Challenge served it's main focus, to ensure people knew whilst there is a winner it's not about the prize but the journey.

You guys got it and embraced the atmosphere we were trying to create, your love, respect and generosity over the past 8 weeks, has truly been amazing to watch and behold - you are all amazing people as well as amazingly talented musicians.

You should know just how proud we are of each and every one of you, you made this Challenge into something we never knew it could be - Congratulations to all of you and much love my musical friends, Till we meet again!

Which was your favourite entry from this season?

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A lifechanging, heart expanding, beautiful event.
the Songwriters Challenge became an elite creative and supportive machine, almost exclusive little sub community that just thrived.
This just sums it up for me. It THRIVED. It was so alive. I miss it now that its gone, it was such a special group and such a rich supply of exquisite creative output and equally exquisite love and support. Krystle, you added the deepest heart to this event with your immense write-ups which showed so much love and care for the music. Having a write up from you honestly surpassed all that riches or fame would ever be able to offer.....SUCH WAS THE UNIQUE POWER of the openmic songwriters challenge x x


hey, you came 1st for week seven! that's amazing!
you might miss it, but here's a weird cat video that might cheer you up :)

It could have been made by you :)


wow. that was special! I suddenly feel extra hopeful about the future of humanity. thanks McFelineCake


Oh wow man, you made me all emo again lol - thanks so much for being a part of this, you really made this a special event for me.

You should be so proud of yourself for so many reasons, a really big thing for me is just that I loved everything you wrote - you just essentially wrote an album where I liked every song, it has happened before but never with such variety and scope.

Your a super talented artist and a really genuine person, you gave it your all and you wound up with gold - I really have never had this instant connection with a musician, you have all the gifts lol.

I see you say your miss it now it's gone, well it will be back at some point and so you should expect to see me pestering you in the foreseeable future to come join us again - you were just such an amazing and creative energy and I know you have more in you, I will come take it by force if necessary :P

All jokes aside it would be amazing to get you all back next round, it was such an amazing ride - I do so look forward in returning to it with now old friends.

Love ya man and all you do! <3


YAY, I can't wait! Ive HAD my rest now ;P

Estoy muy emocionado con tu publicación @krystle Me encanta que me consideres. La sola mención es un gran honor para mí. Considerando todo el talento que hay acá. Los felicito muchísimo a todos y debo decir que me alegra muchísimo que se celebre la música y que tengamos una comunidad con oído atento a las nuevas voces. Les abrazo a todos y les envío todo mi cariño.

I am very excited about your post @krystle I love that you consider me. The mere mention is a great honor for me. Considering all the talent that is here. I congratulate you all very much and I must say that I am very happy that the music is celebrated and that we have a community with an attentive ear to the new voices. I embrace you all and send you all my love.


I will always consider you a valuable artist in our community, you have a real talent for writing and performing emotionally hard hitting songs - full of passion, I love what you bring (this is why I wish I had more places to offer, your one that also deserved some serious attention).

I so hope to hear more from you in both Open Mic and in the Songwriters Challenge in the future, before Open Mic I didn't have too many opportunities to come across music from other cultures and languages - it has been one of the real highlights for me, to expand my musical influences and I really am so thankful for the chance.

It has been inspiring to hear the stories from talented entrants from Venezuela, it has been so heartwarming and rewarding to have been able to make some real world changes with the power of music.

I love what you do and hope to hear more soon <3

Thank you very much for your kind words! :)

This is a truly great post! I loved going through all of your picks, especially some entries that I missed :)

This challenge was such an incredible journey! I've grown so much in so many ways thanks to it, it really baffles me :)


Lol I know what you mean, it is funny how this little thing we all share a passion for (music) can be used to create such an amazing environment - I really hoped for things to go as they did, but I really didn't expect to see all the support you guys shared with each other.

It was and will remain a big highlight for me in my life, the people, the music, the influence really all of it combined together made it something truly magical and it seems it was felt that way by so many of you.

I am such a lover of your music and without Open Mic and the Songwriters Challenge I may have never found it - for me the music will always be the best gift, that and the entrants of course you guys never cease to amaze! Much love <3


I feel exactly the same! This has been a highlight indeed!
I can't wait for the next one! plus I'm really intrigued about the announcements you spoke about :O

Much love to you as well! :)


Tehehe just between us, I might just be working on that right now ;)


Haha nice! I'll check it out when you post it ! :)

I'm a little speechless... I want this post to trend so bad... I hope a whale gets a glimpse of this and gives it some major love... this embodies what the contest was all about so amazingly...


Oh thanks so much man, you really helped this become what it is today - without you this wouldn't be happening, I'm just talking about it :D

I have to admit it took several days to complete it, just the re-listening to the entries again - I found so many I wanted to listen to and got sucked right in again, it was an awesome visit on what all our entrants have accomplished here.

You're a legend man, a true one of a kind - thank you so much for asking me join, I am ever so grateful and it's meant the world to me <3

Wow. I would like you to know that you just blew me away with all the love for the music and the musicians you show!
Your words touch me so deeply because you truly listen with your heart.
I loved this challenge and all the beautiful music that came out of it! It's like an emotional journey into different worlds when you click through the videos. And I think you're also doing something good by brighten up so many peoples lifes at once with your passion for music. You lift us up and connect us. Thank you so much!


Oh wow lovely your gonna make me all emo lol, I appreciate you for saying such kind things - but please know this is honestly the best experience for me, I love being a judge and getting to hear this music first makes me feel so amazingly privileged and honoured.

It means a lot to hear this from all the entrants lately, I have been putting in some crazy hours to write up these posts - but the thing is I just love getting to hear the music and having a purpose and reason to share it with all that I can.

Your a truly sensational musician and I feel a sense of an absolute gratitude and respect to you and all the other entrants of this Challenge, you made this into something truly incredible and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Cheers <3

That was interesting..to get a glimpse into your point of view from this experience. It's pretty clear that although some of us songwriters had similar experiences, in some ways, the judges seemed to have had a completely different one altogether lol.

Great to see some of my favourites on this list (as expected). You really go into depth in your reviews and I'm sure many of the participants really appreciate that. For me that has always been an aspect of Steemit that has been somewhat essential for the music community. That is to say: getting real feedback from real people.


That's it man, were all about the music and then talking bout the music lol - I was very tried when i wrote this so I hope it all makes sense, but this Challenge started about 4-5 months ago now it's been amazing to watch it evolve.

I honestly can't get enough of the songs I shared (your's included), it just shows the skill you guys all bought to the table - I just enjoyed the feast :D

Wow, still I am totally overwhelmed by the feedback from that great contest, and all the impact it had on several levels.
I had so much fun doing it, struggling, having that flow of emotion when doing something creative and, of course, connecting with so many wonderful people around here. That is special. I normally would not appreciate to work on a PC for such long time, steemit still is a time-eater, too. But in combination to music and creative things (and of course the monetary aspect) it is absolutely awsome to be here and get the support from people like you @krystle. Thank you a lot for your work, effort and the time you put into this! I hope it pays out for you in a reasonable way too! Yours, @senzenfrenz geschickt2.jpg


Mate your a briliant musician and I feel I owe your work more attention, but please understand it is just so overwhelming as a judge to show all the entrants you would love to every week - well I'd still be here writing the post lol.

You were a brilliant addition to the Challenge and we all loved hearing your music, I love that this was a an effort for our entrants - because they all stuck with it so beautifully and accomplished such amazing feats yourself included! - Cheers :D

What a brilliant recap of the Season, what it meant, all that it encompassed, and all the hope that it brought for the future! Bravo, @krystle!


Thanks for your support as always man, this was just such an amazing experience :D

This was an incredible idea. Congratulations and I'm looking forward to more. When my colleague first introduced me to this site what attracted me to join was this competition. I was never able to submit anything however I enjoyed the process, and it re-ignited my musical life. Taking the challenge of the week and trying to come up with something was a brilliant remedy for writers block. Hearing all the talent out there was both inspirational and daunting. Thank you! And I wait in anticipation for more..

Wow such talent. Realy enjoyed @joseacabrerav!

Wow that's my little sister over there that sang till we meet again lol I love this most

Isn't amazing

Oh! This interesting.. I'm always happy when I see people promoting talents.. I wish I could be an artist, you are doing a great work and you are moving higher.. Keep it up, we love you

It's amazing

Bonjour! C'est exellent et superbe!!

I seriously wanna be part of the steemit original song writers challenge.. look what i got..