One photo every day: Final day! My trip to Pernaja, the birthplace of Agricola, the father of the written Finnish language (365/365)

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Celebration time!

I finally edited the photos I took today, and I'm going to post them all.

My hunt for the perfect photo took longer than I anticipated, and in the end I didn't get one photo, but a steemboatload of excellent photos!

It all started when I departed from the gym today morning, at 10:45. I was hungry as @omsoc had pushed me to all my limits, and I was so exhausted I almost dropped dead twice or three times at the gym. (Well I can exaggerate a bit can't I, for the story's sake? No?)

After having a quick snack I drove to Orimattila, and started pondering what I should photograph. I had no idea.

So I took a free coffee from a nearby R-kioski as I had a 5th coffee for free card filled with stamps. Then I hopped into the car and started driving aimlessly around the countryside still wondering what to shoot.

Driving the gravel road.

I drove all the time more narrow gravel roads, until I stopped. I found some flowers.

Lupinus polyphyllus

another one

I bet Vera knows what flower this is. She's sleeping, can't ask.

lupines are really pretty

Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium)

Then I drove on until I got to a place called Terriniemi.

Shot from a bridge.

Nice framing!

The above photo demonstrates reverse bokeh. I'll leave it for the class to figure it out.


When I left after taking the photo of the ponies, my car started rattling and I thought my backpipe had fallen. After a quick inspection I found it wasn't, there was just a pebble in the break shield.

...the road goes on...

...but there is still time to smell the flowers...

...while smelling the flowers I also shot a panorama.

Then I took a detour...

...I noticed these birds, and took a photo...

...but a huge truck pushed me to continue... Straight into a dead-end. I had driven into someone's home yard. I had to wait for the truck to enter the yard before I could leave. :D

The bird photo is excellent though.

Then I drove on, and found myself in Pernaja, some 80 kilometers away from home.

Pernaja's Church

The Pernaja Church is a medieval church built somewhere around 1410 and 1440.



more nature

The man himself. The statue is a copy of the original that was lost in the end of the Winter War.

Mikael Agricola was a Lutheran clergyman, the de-facto founder of literary Finnish and a prominent proponent of the Protestant Reformation in Sweden, including Finland, which was a Swedish territory at the time. He is often called the "father of literary Finnish".

I decided to paraphrase Wikipedia for expediency, as the time is already 1:36am and I'm still writing the post.

Ok, guys, I'm exhausted. I came home 7 hours later, and I brought you a whole photo-story instead of one photo. That's why it took so long to edit and write. Sorry about that! But I hope you liked it!

Senare killar o' tjejer! I'll be back!

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I am not going to say anything rather than this: I saw professional photography which can make millions of USD or EUR in a single night! This is pretty amazing and I think STEEMIT needs shutterstock type project to protect these photography!


So what is your next challenge now? How about one song every day?


So what is your next
Challenge now? How about one
Song every day?

                 - bankthecrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I wonder... maybe not songs, while I do like singing, I can't compose music and most music is copyrighted so I try to avoid that can of worms. ;)


If you want to go down the challenge path, I suggest you try something shorter than a threesixtyfive. If I were you, I'd rest.

These photos are very, very nice! I like each of them!
They are a summation of various ways of taking photos!! Those purple flowers are beautiful, the roads with green pines and the peaceful stream are very welcoming!
Good shot with those birds! You are very quick to capture those birdies!

The old church was just strong and powerful!!
The man did a lot of good for the Finnish people!!

Hope you catch up with your sleep!

Blow the trumpets. Gamer has completed his challenge. Nice story and photo's. You know you only had to take one and didn't need all of them. Glad you did though. Thanks for doing the challenge and well done.

In case you're wondering the medieval church Jaro photographed, Pyhän Mikaelin kirkko (Holy Michael's Church) is here.


80 km from home. Talk about hunting for the photo to finish off the challenge. Most people would have found something closer to home or taken a photo at the gym. Not Gamer he has to go hunting for that special shot.

You made it! Congratulations! I know a lot of people have done 30 day challenges, but you've done it for three hundred sixty five days. That's an accomplishment. What are you going to do now? :D


Wow, maybe a short break. :D


Can't blame you there. It takes effort to remember to post every day and if you're getting out there to take pictures and then edit them, it's a lot of work. You made it though and you deserve a rest... Although you've been so good about getting the posts out, you've got the habit down, so maybe it will be easy to just continue one. It's a great time to be posting with the prices down. :)

you captured awesome photos .these phots tell us I.e this world is so beautiful & photos represent the natural beauty of the world

A big applause from behind this desk! You have finished your threesixtyfive and in what way! I'm going to have to do something similar and shoot (not shoot up) some churches this summer!




The Porvoo Cathedral a few dozen kilometers west of Pernaja was destroyed in an arson attack in 2006. It was rebuilt because it is considered a national treasure on par with the Cathedral of Turku.


Terrible when idiots destroy the history like that. Glad they rebuilt it but it is not the same though.

At first congregations for your challenge ! You took all the photographs that really, really awesome and bright and so clear especially pink,purple and the flower that know Vera that's amazing. How could you take those photographs in a short time that I'm strange, so you are the most talented photographer in my eyes. Thanks to share and best wishes for you.

First very congrats for your successful project .
This is your final day on one photo everyday project . You sharing beautiful pics . It was such a awesome project .

we don't just like it we loved it an amazing day with amazing photographs
today is a final day feeling emotional :( we are used to seeing such beautiful everyday photographs ... best wishes for next project and anxiously waiting for <3

Such a wonderful story sharing your final day for finishing process. Exactly most interesting and priceless effort. So coolish photos uploaded. I prefer village's environment. Ponies were best coolish location. Great job @gamer00

These photos are so beautiful. I love the gravel road shot and all the flower shots. Looks like your day is filled around beautiful and peaceful nature which I love.

Words are less for this photography , just awesome place and pics at the end of your tag project .

Cant forget this day sir as you have reached the magical number so proud of your work @gamer00

Ya it's really celebration time for you, you complete your one photo everyday project .
On final day you sharing awesome pics .

You have done it sir love the number 365 especially from you,its a great work from you and yes this is celebration time.

I did not expect this, I was very short, but you surpassed my expectations are very good all the photos. even with a sense of hope you start good so I see it. the first photo a road that gives a lot to talk about. I quote a frace that maybe you read it

"Caminante, no hay camino, se hace el camino, al andar."
"Walker, there is no road, the road is made, when walking."

the second photo purple color meaning, Combining wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility, is specifically associated with royalty and nobility.

Then in that order you only describe how beautiful the nature of your country is, birds flowers and I dare to solve the class, LOL and it is a sediment since the leaves that are seen in the background are of a plant that grows in the water, I think the photo was taken through branches or it could be a very thick type of fiber cloth.

The photos of the road even longer is what remains to be covered.

Then the churches or mausoleums of the cemetery show the end of the project 365 of a daily photo,

Not without mentioning a bit of history, very important in our lives.

Friend thank you I have traveled with you more or less 185 days of the 365, I have spent very well enjoying your photos.
I will follow you on the path of your adventures that are about to begin.
Greetings my dear friend.

Gamer! what a beautiful field
Do you live in those areas?


We live in the suburbs of Lahti, in a 5-storey apartment builting on the top floor. From our windows and balcony we can only see trees and forest. Kind of nice if you think about it.


Brother! that sounds very well,
And is it far from the city?
I imagine it must be a very quiet place to live

Congrats sir,and i really hope you will come with much more amazing ideas love your photography a lot,thank you so much for sharing.

Finally the day has arrived sir i am so happy for you.

Congratulations on the completion of this challenge. You surely made it to the final. You accomplished a feat here. You are amongst the few that could keep up daily for a whole year. I am happy I was part of the journey and I knew how much I learned. You deserve some accolades. Great photostory. But you really went far from home. 80 km!!

congratulations @gamer00 excellent day of 365 days a record of perseverance, I'm just starting but I'm encouraged by your perseverance in finishing a good job, I love and I congratulate you example to follow. This old lady learns every day


@gamer00 thanks you are very kind, you always publish very nice pictures and interesting topics, I do not read English very well so I use the translator but that is not limiting, always giving you a read to your readings. Thanks also my little dog thanks you


[fuente]Tomada con el celular Motorola g4

more faithful than Rin tin tin

The day finally arrived this is where it all began from so happy for you what a year this has been consistency at its best :)

365/365 yes finally we have reached our goal sir,whats your next plan from here.


No idea, really. I'll still have to think about it I guess. :)

Oh wow, a whole year! The most interesting part is to see what you'll do next :) Okay you'll probably continue posting pictures somewhat daily but not under the 365 project

My favorite picture was the one with the tower in it btw

Incredible photos Jaro that so specific way to finish the project, congratulations and what an inspiring way of discipline and performance, as you said ...the road goes on... let see what will come later.

Well you got them buddy ;)

While never imagined some roads could be so beautiful to look at :)

Among the images it sure is very hard to decide which is the best and each and everyone of them are indeed very great

The sky images are indeed stunning as well ;)

man every one of them are great ;)

Congratulations for the achievement! You have made this happen finally. The pictures are great! The flowers and the a crowd of birds look amazing.

@gamer00 - Sir honestly this is the most beautiful road I have ever seen... It's wonderful Sir... I feel like you went to a mythical world... So beautiful there are... <3


This is called dedication. You have done it man.All the pictures are superb.It looks like you are telling a story through the photos.Beautiful photography,very rhythmic.

Congratulations on making it a full year!

Enjoyed your photography once again except the reverse bokkeh. I looked at it too long and got a head ache trying to figure out whats in the foreground. Nice lily pads though.

Very nice post mate. I love little scenic tours and the countryside is brought to life beautifully along with all its wonders and creatures and the historic churches are amazing.

Training is going well then if you feel like dying a few times over. hahahahaha

@gamer00, Yep...It's totally celebration time to every steemians. You know what I mean. Where's your celebration party with beer and BBQ?
You caught tremendous clicks still journey with driven. Fully drive the gravel road.
Took flowers never before; I guess it's native Finnish flowers. Much adorable and giving cool feelings to me. Those village so far distance from town. It remind my childhood. I spend my childhood used like these environment. Of course, thanks for giving me inspiration lot from your final project creativity.

I had a few weeks without going through your profile because I'm full with the world cup (By the way I invite you to participate in my blog), then I'm realizing that you have improved your photo shots incredibly, are amazing, congratulations!

Congratulations @gamer00 . That was such a long journey. Complete a 365 days range is really tough one. You made it and you succeed. Photos are really taken nicely .

very beautiful photo
Really good publishing, my friend
I wish you all the best

Gratulation! To implement a routine for 365 days is something really great.