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The ink on our blog pages didn’t dry since the question “Does anybody of you see any outcome that can be favorable for Dems?” was written in it, and we already have the first sparks of blowback…

A short intro: As you may already have heard, Dems have launched an impeachment inquiry against Trump over claims he offered Ukraine military aid if it investigated Biden for corruption. The problem? He is corrupt. He said it himself. And now, Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is gathering documents for the Court. That pushed Dems into full panic mode. Believe it or not, Biden's campaign have sent a request to the media outlets not to allow Rudy Giuliani “spreading damaging falsehoods about Biden — on behalf of the US president”.


The whole RT media house is a witness to this:

Duration: 3:40

Then, House Democrats have subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani for documents related to his interactions with Ukrainian officials. Speaking for FOX, Giuliani said that Viktor Shokin, former Prosecutor general who initiated investigation against Bidens, was willing to testify before Court, bring up the documents and call other witnesess. But it would be better let Rudy Giuliani, in accordance with the freedom of speech — and in spite of (un)Democratic request — to tell you the story himself:

Duration: 11:20

Guess who else found herself endangered: HRC (Yes, the one that 99% renamed to ‘Hitlary Rodent Clinton’) She concluded that Donald trump is a “clear and present danger to our future. To our democracy.” Well, to Clintons’ future and Clintons’ democracy he certainly is:

Duration: 7:07

When this scandal explode, it will undoubtedly change political landscape in Washington. But it won’t change a sad fact that reins of U.S. policy will stay firmly in hands of corporate plutocracy. Trump is a Swamp creature too…

* * *

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I walked out of that theatre - it's all a play to keep Us enthralled, thinking We have any say in what goes on there on the literal world stage. All the governments are corporations owned by the same psychopaths, and They choose Their officers - including the CEO (president). Voting is to create the illusion that the corporations are Ours.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” -- Mark Twain

When You register anything, You are giving it to the state/king/ruler in exchange for a privilege. When You register to vote, You are giving the state Your sovereignty, Your Self, to do with and to whatever the state chooses, in exchange for the privilege of wasting time in a booth. What corporation would let Jo(e) Public choose its CEO?

EDIT to add: Oh, and about UBI...

Quite right, @amaterasusolar. Centralized political hierarchical matrix must be broken. Thank you for your support.

Than is what I work avidly towards. [smile] Check out the work I offer either here, on YouTube, or on BitChute. I am "Amaterasu Solar" on other platforms.

If Jeffrey Epstein is dead, then globalists probably killed him in order to stop the patriots from attempting to lock them up. So, I would encourage people to remind Trump that the globalists will continue to try their best to limit the draining of the swamp. It's a complex issue.

Interactive Future

Regardless of how much Americans may hate or love Trump, Americans should always try to tell Trump what they really want Trump to do. In other words, Americans should not just say that Trump has it all under control. Some people are way too lazy. That's too bad. If you want a better future, you got to fight for it. And as they continue to arrest and imprison bad people, they got to up their game as globalists will always try to assassinate the potential leakers, whistle blowers, in jail. I don't know if Trump gets that or not. I will assume he doesn't until he says otherwise. How do we get Trump to stop geoengineering, Big Pharma, Rothschild, China buying up America, CPS, 5G which gives people cancer, Bill Gates' Vaccines which kill people, Agenda 2030, tech cartels, Jihadism in America, etc? This week was good. It is another step in the right direction. But we gotta all up our games each day and keep fighting for our children's future no matter what.

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