Jacob Rothschild is dead!

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Jacob Rothschild the penultimate shadow master was on his way to meeting in neutral Rothschild Territory at their Château de la Muette in Paris France, now the Headquarters of the OECD, when a kamikaze attack on his helo by White Dragon Ninjas took him and his Mossad agent chauffeur pilot out.

The event was hidden in the fake news story of a collision of a single engine Cessna 152 airplane and a two man helicopter the Cabri-G2 on Friday 17 November 2017. The helo has a range of 380 nm and is used for emergency channel dash meetings by JR. The crash occurred over the Rothschild Buckingham shire estate in England surrounding Waddesdon Manor that resulted in the deaths of four people, two in each aircraft.

The victims were finally named after an unusually long news embargo on the release of the names of the deceased, ostensibly to facilitate the contacting of the relatives before publicly naming them.

He had been summoned by the Pindar or secret King of the World head of one of the Goldsmith ancient families that maintain the Royal Jewish Davidic bloodline.

The Back Story:

This is NOT to be interpreted as an anti-Semitic piece, the World would be a lesser beautiful place without the contributions of the genius of the Jews to every field of human arts and sciences. The Jews we are describing below are the Khazarian/Ashkenazi crime families.

The Pindars maternal relative Prince George of Cambridge is destined to be publicly enthroned as King of the World. He will be 70 years old at this time when the third Jewish Temple the dream of the Zionist's Elders agents the High Masons finally facilitate its construction.

The Pindars (Satanic Illuminati) wealth was accumulated from thousands of years silk road commission's. The historical western end of the silk road terminated in what is present day Israel. The Khazarian Bankster wealth is hidden behind the House of Saud (crypto Jews). You can't accumulate 4 trillion USD in wealth flogging net price oil for just 100 years.

Like the times of Roman Emperors, and all crime families when it comes time for a change in leader ship it is violent in the extreme.

Jacob Rothschild was head of the British branch of the Rothschild family the European Banking Cartel franchise of the Pindar.

The British branch was the most successful of the original five brothers send forth into the world to set up the Pentagram of World Banking in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples in the 1760's by the Austrian Bauer family the actual ancestral bloodline of the Rothschild's. the name Rothschild was taken by Mayer Amschel Bauer from the Jewish symbol of the Passover Lamb blood sprinkled on the front door as shield from the Angel of Death, the Red Shield German (Rot Schilde). The boarding house he started his coin business in had a Red Shield hanging in the street as a sign to other Jewish merchants.

On the 18 June 1815 Nathan Mayer Rothschild managed to pull off the greatest insider trading scam to simultaneously take control of the London Stock Exchange and Bank of England in a single stroke of criminal genius. He had inside knowledge of their Agent Napoleon's loss of the Battle of Waterloo byway of their exclusive and fastest pony express news and document transmission service in Europe that linked the Rothschild Banking Cabal.

Knowing that Napoleon had lost he purposely started his very visible Jewish hand ringing act of the sell of stocks and bonds by his well known London commercial banking merchants that created a mass panic of selling by other traders, timing the buy back to perfection he bought it all back plus more for shillings in the pound with the same merchants to dominate the world banking industry for the next three hundred years.

His later family members got control again of the USA though the its Federal Reserve bank that idiot King George of England had let slip via the American revolution. This was finally accomplished after their agent President Lincoln had led America into a disasterous civil war that tied the fledgeling nation once again to the cabal through war loans.

Fast forward to present times WW1 started to create the state of Israel this "War to End All Wars as it was sold to the public" ended on 11th day of November at 11 am (11:11) in 1918.

The peace didn't last long when the European Jews failed to sacrifice their comfortable bourgeoisie lifestyle and leave Europe en masse and live in the Zionist Elders wet dream of the spartan Kibbutz (Communist) vision that was the State of Israel at the time. The Rothschilds with the blessing of the Pindar started WW2 to drive the Jews out of Europe and into Israel as Jewish birth rates were failing to out breed the local Arabs.

The same mechanism was used in WW2 as WW1, fund both sides, allow them to fight one another to bankruptcy stalemate, then pull in the good old USA to charge in and decide the outcome for their prepared design setting up their Satanic Corporation of the United Sates of America headquartered in the Banking district of Washington DC the only world Nuclear super power as a controller of the citizens of the United States of America protected by their unique constitution, but detested by the Zionist Elders.

When a families power is at it's Zenith there is only one way it can go. Despite the massive mind control, vaccination and depopulation via never ending wars the remarkably resilient human spirit failed to be cowered by fear and began to see the Wizard of Oz pulling the levers behind the scene.

The internet is being touted as the mechanism by which the globalist stranglehold on human consciousness was finally broken but it is only the outer mechanism of a telepathic consciousness, the Noosphere of the 100th monkey, the golden energy of the Bodhisattva human mind that is dawning like a morning Sun.

The Kamikaze Hit:

Apart from Captain Mike Green all other bodies reported and named were supplied by Mossad Rent-A-Corpse, with the JR stand in body conveniently named as a Vietnam National military officer with no local relatives.

Poor old Jacob Rothschild, now starting to shit blue lights as he realized he would get the blame for the loss of control, no matter the fact that he had personally engineered the financial collapse of the soviet union but it would not matter what financial Genius was in control of this World Banking Cabal, he was the proverbial Dutch boy at the leaking dyke as the man made dyke failed to hold back the tide of human consciousness.

Called in on a compromised comms channel known to the Pindar purportedly to chair an emergency strategy meeting in the Château de la Muette the neutral Paris Rothschild estate to combat the rise in alternate world trade currencies exploding across the financial landscape. The new proposed secret gold backed International Dollar rapidly nearing finalization by Trumps handlers, China's Gold Backed Yuan and cryptocurrency being the main holes in the dyke.

Jacob Rothschild had failed to accept surrender terms by the White Dragon Society in which he was offered a peaceful retirement but his attempt at numerous double crosses which resulted in loss of life to WD agents who approached him in good faith resulted in the calling of JR's name followed by a downward swoop of the ornate bamboo hand fan when the White Dragon Ninja Chohan pronounces a death sentence to his assembled Ninja Masters.

The passing of the death sentence of someone at this level in the dark hierarchy is not something taken lightly for by cosmic law this allows the other party to carry out a similar rank assassination but if the assassination is carried out Kamikaze style the scale is balanced. Two volunteers requested the honor of carrying out the mission on behalf of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the dishonorable double cross attack on two civilian targets of a dying Japanese Samurai nation, after a surrender had been secretly negotiated between Japanese and British Royal families via the Rothschilds.

The Cessna had been shadowing the Helicopter that was piloted by Mossad agent Captain Mike Green as JR's personal helicopter chauffeur. Every time it took off from Wycombe Air Park it was shadowed by the Cessna on that fateful day. They did not know the exact time of the pickup but knew only Captain Green would be trusted as the pilot.

JR had his wife Lady Serena Dunn Rothschild drop him off at the pickup point in a securely fenced paddock close to the Southern edge of his Waddesdon Manor estate on her way to taking her dog to the grooming parlor. The secure paddock is close to the Eastern Gate to the estate where the police cars are shown with the area cordoned off, in the news articles.

An early newspaper report had a female member of the Rothschild family state, clearly in shock words to the effect. "I was just in the woods on the way to the dog groomer picking some flowers only minutes before the crash of the wreckage that would have possibly killed me!" Even the loss of a husband still did not prevent her from still making it all about her!

Waddesdon Manor has some of the best flower gardens in England so what weeds would a pompous Rothschild matriarch be picking so far away from the magnificent gardens. That early report has disappeared from the internet.

The WD agents in the Cessna had seen the helicopter descend below radar as was reported in the media they turned back around as they had practiced so often, placed their kamikaze head banners on and in act of serene concentration throttling back, cruising along ready to cut engines and dive for the helo rotor as it lifted above the tree line. The destruction of a helicopter's rotor renders a Helicopter uncontrollable no matter what the skill level of the pilot and at that height so close to trees only a miracle would save the pilot and crew.

The meeting in Paris continued as planned with its real agenda to secure JR's banking deadman cryptographic keys when he failed to renew them at the daily time and confirm JR's son Nathaniel Philip Rothschild his successor, a warm Red Bordeaux with a drop of mono-atomic gold infused human blood together with cigars was enjoyed in the art room after.

JR was not killed outright but succumbed to his injuries as the paramedics arrived. He lay dying, back broken in the tradition of a Mongol prince and suffering massive internal bleeding, gazing up at the tree tops swaying silently in a gentle breeze reviewing the tragedies and triumphs of his life that flashed before him as it happens to all men when the angel of death brushes aside the red shield at the door and enters our lives unexpectedly.

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Upvoted and followed. I was thinking the same thing but can't find any credible proof. Thanks for this post.

that's fantastic! although surely the demon will slither into his successor

Of course they never surrender and would rather blow up the Planet they stand on then serve the Light, Love and Power of the Living God within all of us.

Well written

Very well written. I appreciate the distinction between the false Jews and the real Jews. These people hide behind every religion and race.

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Great news here! This sure looks like the calm before the storm. Better have a couple weeks worth of water and food on hand, just in case.

I'm linking your article to my post. Thanks.

Enlightening read, enjoyed this & there's food for thought here.

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