CPS and Foster Care Abuses: -- INDEX of PUBLISHED STORIES now on the Steemit Blockchain --

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@familyprotection started 6 months ago, for the purpose of sharing stories of CPS and Foster Care abuse, being a support system and educating the public.

We hope that getting these stories seen and heard may help protect families and children from ever being torn apart in the first place.

Also, with the funds that we are beginning to collect, invest, and grow from the Steem Dollar donations of those who have written with our tag #familyprotection, we hope to help families in crisis and further spread the word of these atrocities against families and children.

We have had SO MANY people on Steemit share their own personal accounts of trauma and tragedy at the hands of CPS agencies.

This is a list of people who have shared their own personal experiences here on Steemit in the last 6 months.


anouk.nox had her oldest children removed by CPS in Holland and given to their abusive father. She had to flee the country to keep herself and her new baby born in a healthy relationship safe.

Below are some of her posts.

How my kids and I fled to a women's shelter for their violent dad
How the police let me down from the first time I called them for help
The first days in a women's shelter with my 2 oldest kids, fled for their violent dad
An introduction of Anouk Nox, I will not be silenced anymore! This year I will make a difference...
My ex made me believe that his stepfather was sexually abusing my 2 oldest children
How I learned to speak up, when disagreeing with social workers / CPS workers
My mind is filled with thoughts about planning procedures and my beloved children


bettyboob shares how in the past CPS forced her and the children to have contact with her abusive, stalker ex-husband, after she asked them to help her and the children. Then she shares how CPS wreaked havoc for her new husband's children.

Below are some of her posts.

How a careless teenager turned into a step-mom - Part Nine - STALKING
How a careless teenager turned into a step-mom - Part ten - CPS
How a careless teenager turned into a step-mom - Part 19 - Threatened by CPS
How a careless teenager turned into a step-mom - Part 20 - Fighting CPS


I have posted true events that happened to my good friend Anna, in the same town where I live in Canada. I have also helped a couple of other families with their battles against CPS/MCFD but have not yet written about those.

When Kidnapped Children Get Adopted -- Tammy's Story
The Nightmare Before Christmas -- Anna's Story Part I
Healing Families Destroyed by CPS -- Anna's Story Part II
The Ministry of Children & Family DESTRUCTION -- Anna's Story Part III
Police Brutality Breaks a Mother's Body & Shatters her Trust -- Anna's Story Part IV
Fighting Government Child Kidnappers in Court -- Anna's Story Part V
The System is Stacked Against Parents -- Anna's Story Part VI


cfs.leaks is a single father in Winnipeg, Manitoba who grew up in foster care himself. He interviews former foster children who are now living on the streets and/or prostituting themselves, and cfs.leaks spreads the word about the abuse of children that happens in the system.

Very recently his own son was taken by CFS (Children & Families Services).

WHAT THE FUCK... CFS pulled my son from school
My current situation...
Update on my situation
Article about parents dying younger after having their kids taken from them


chatterboxchick grew up as a Foster Child in the UK. She is now wondering if what she has been told about her background is true or not. She is on a search to find her birth mother and get to the bottom of it.



charisma777 is an American mother whose son has just been taken away by CPS after she went to them looking for help.

My son was Taken away by CPS!


curlfamilyvlog has been both a Foster Child, and a Foster Parent. She has documented the trauma and injustice that she experienced as a child, and the corruption that she witnessed as a Foster Parent.

My Experience Being A Foster Parent
Who I Am And Why I Am Here
How I Became A Foster Child
How CPS steal the childhood from the children they are claiming to protect
The Three Foster Homes That I Spent Time In.- Growing Up In Foster Care


dottydoris is a Foster Parent who found the treatment of Foster Children by the system to be unacceptable.

The System Can Be Fixed With Some Common Sense In My Opinion


earthmother is a single mother in Ontario who was recently terrorized by visits from CPS. She talks about how traumatized her daughter is from it too. Fortunately she got helpful advice from her friend @wwf which she followed and stopped them in their tracks.

Standing for Peace against CPS. PART 1
Standing for Peace Against CPS part 2
Standing for peace Against CPS part 3
Dear Avia:
98 days since the first CPS visit- Our Emotional Roller Coaster


fishyculture shares how her grandson was almost removed by CPS as a newborn because his mother did not want to take anti-depressants for post-partum depression while breastfeeding.

Protecting Children Requires Knowledge


gardenbsquared has done a 3-part interview with parents 'Jill' and 'Harold', who wish to stay anonymous, about how their children were taken from them and adopted out against their wishes.

Loving Parents Despair - Video interview with Jill and Harold who had their two children stolen by the state
Loving Parents Despair - Video interview with Jill and Harold ... Part 2
Loving Parents Despair - Video interview with Jill and Harold ... Part 3


havok777 shares how his siblings and him were taken from their schizophrenic mother as children, BUT their experiences in Foster Care were much, much worse than they were with his 'crazy' mom.

I Have A Story About Being Raised By The Ignoramus!


An American single mother who was just recently forced out of her RV and into a Homeless Shelter by CPS under the threat of having her children removed. The Steemit community rallied around her call for help, and through donations and upvotes, brought her the funds that she needed to rent her own place so that CPS would get off her back.

The fall into Homelessness
Our Homeless Experience Part 6: The Shelter, Part 1
Our Homeless Experience 7: The Homeless Shelter, Part 2


kryptocoin has been involved in helping families and friends with CPS for quite a while. Below are a couple of accounts that he has shared with us.

Martha's Case: Beware Of Court Appointed Attorneys And Weigh Your Options When Using Them!
Broken Adults: The Deeper Waters --Alice's Experience After Aging Out - Kidnapped And Trafficked Immediately

kryptocoin also shares an AMAZING story of a Foster Mother who helped her children secretly have contact with their parents, and sometimes helped them to be reunited.

I Have Met And Known A True Angel


lostinthewoods is a father in BC, Canada who spent time in foster care as a child, and had his own children removed from him as a single father. Fortunately he strategically fought the system and had his children returned home.

Just In Time For Christmas: CPS/MCFD Hits Where It Hurts
Seen And Not Heard: Family Protection Series #2


lturner shares a story how as a child she was almost taken by CPS for being considered 'truant' because she was homeschooled.

The Day The Truant Officer Knocked


Mark Whittam is the founder of @familyprotection. Those of us who were following him on Steemit saw how he was suddenly faced with CPS in Sweden threatening to snatch his child away for simply choosing to homeschool. His family fled the country before they could take her. Mark grew up in Foster Care himself and knows that there is no care in foster 'care.'

The Government Want's our Child, Which is Why We Are Going On The Run
Our Child Is Being Put On The Child Protection Services List Because We Refuse To Send Her To School....What is Freedom...Are We Free?
Keeping My Child out of Foster Care, Because I Grew up in This System That Really Doesn't Care!!
Surviving Foster Care
Growing Up in Foster Care.......... And How it Effects Your Relationships


misslasvegas is a single mother in Ireland who is documenting her ongoing harassment by CPS. Below are some of her accounts.

The dreaded day has come: Social Services are after my kids - I'm making an exit plan
Update: Standing my ground against Child Protective Services - They're showing their true colours
The child protection workers now overstep their boundaries - Again
The report for the assessment they did for my kids home education - I'm telling you: these people are nuts!
The never ending story: Merry Christmas the CPS way!
Why it has been quiet from my end. It's changed some things...

misslasvegas has siblings who were abused by the CPS system as children. Those accounts are recorded here:

The care system broke my siblings - here's their story. Part One: My father's children
The care system broke my siblings - here's their story. Part Two: my mother's child/my sister


nobutsd is an American father whose mother made false allegations against them to CPS and got custody of his children as a Foster Parent for the money. Although he admits that he did have addiction issues, he documents lies and trickery used unjustly against him and his wife.

My Children Get Taken By CPS - Volume 1
My Children Get Taken By CPS - Volume 2
My Children Get Taken By CPS - Volume 3
My Children Get Taken By CPS - Volume 4
My Children Get Taken By CPS - Volume 5


richq11 is an American grandfather who just recently fought to keep his granddaughter out of the clutches of CPS.

CPS & Me: The Crusade Hits Home
CPS & Me: The Hearing
CPS & Me: Fear
CPS & Me- Update: An Offer You Can't Refuse
CPS & Me: The End (I Hope)!!!
CPS & Me: It's Over- It's Over- It's Over... A Message Of Hope


snowpea shares how she almost lost her children when she contacted CPS and police asking for help with her ex who she feared could be putting her children in danger. Instead of helping, they turned the tables and investigated her instead.

How I Could've Lost My Kids For No Good Reason


tecnosgirl was a Foster Child who experienced a lot of difficulties and injustices while in 'care.'

Below are some of her posts.

Child in crisis CPS ~~ The good and the Bad
Why and how I ended up in State Custody
Going back into State custody for the second time
Runaway, Throw Away, Trying to protect myself when the system failed


thethreehugs documents some of her experiences as a Juvenile Detention Officer with the foster children that she encountered in her job.

Some of her posts are below:

My life as a Juvenile Detention Officer...A series of True Stories of Abuse of Children -Introduction
My life as a Juvenile Detention Officer...A series of True Stories of Abuse of Children - Maria
My life as a Juvenile Detention Officer...A series of True Stories of Abuse of Children - Tanisha - From The Cradle to The Grave
My life as a Juvenile Detention Officer...A series of True Stories of Abuse of Children..Rachelle's Story
My life as a Juvenile Detention Officer.."Keep em Calm - Keep em Drugged!" .. Rebecca's Story..


wwf is the natural child of Foster Parents. He describes how difficult and traumatic it is to become emotionally attached to so many new 'brothers' and 'sisters' only to see them taken away over and over. He has also counselled friends on how to deal with CPS investigations.

The Children of Foster Parents - an untold story
A letter to hold Child Protective Services accountable


I have probably missed some stories. It was a lot of work to go back and find all of these. BUT I think that it was worth it to have this quick and easy resource of true accounts which are original to Steemit, and to show just how many such sad cases there are out there. In a fairly small segment of people here on Steemit who have even heard of @familyprotection -- we have so many people who have been traumatized by so-called "Child Protective Agencies" world-wide!! The problem is a LOT bigger than people realize. I think that most of us are only starting to realize just how huge of a problem that it is.

We need to continue gathering these true experiences with CPS and Foster Care on the Steemit BLOCKCHAIN. If you have a story of your own that you haven't shared yet, please do so and tag it #familyprotection.



Follow @familyprotection on Steemit.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection


Thank-you @canadian-coconut for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

(If you feel that our community has brought more rewards and attention to this post, please consider contributing a portion of those rewards back to our cause.)

Till the time people wont unite and make the Governments Fall, you cannot and will not be able to do anything to these "Government agencies" even for the next 100 years. we across the world lac UNITY, and thats what they have taken advantage of, Divide & Rule policy.. Divided we fall, and thats what the governments have done, divided us by religion, caste, colour, countries, false hate, etc. So that we never unite and be their puppet/slaves.


As for this child protecting agencies, we dont have this in or so called "3rd world countries" if someone ever did that, that thing will get shut within no time" No government authority has the right to kidnap kids from their parents here. No wonder many are leaving the west and getting settled in third world countries, for taxation issues and more freedom.

If you want to know the real enemy, it is the secret organizations that have hijacked the CPS and use it for abuse. It is not really the government. The government is just a hollow shell agency that is controlled by power hungry people.

Oh my gods, so many. Thank you for bringing attention to our horrible experiences. 💜

yes! And I don't think that you had any idea that @familyprotection and these stories were on Steemit at all, when somebody brought your own plight to our attention here on Steemit.
I am so glad that you got everything straightened out and managed to get CPS off you back!

Me too. And no, I had no idea your group existed, I was just looking to tell our story and get it all off my chest.

@luanne was our connecting angel, I believe.

People stepped up in sucha huge way. Thanks to Steemit I was able to pay 2 months of rent, 2 months of the electricity bill and the $400 pet deposit to bring Hiro and Ella home with us.

I couldn't have done it without this community.


What an awesome report!

Great work @canadian-coconut!

Getting all these people and their stories in one place is a real eye-opener for everyone, and to think this is just people on steemit. I can't imagine how many people in the world that have been effected by cps.

These stories are getting heard because of you, @familyprotection is succeeding in shining a light on this epidemic of abuse at the hands of government "protection" agencies.

Thank you for caring!

I agree. Amazing job @canadian-coconut.

You are so right @markwhittam, all these stories from all these people are really a huge eye-opening since I really had no idea of how terrible CPS was and what their motives were and to see so many people speak out is just heart breaking, but so glad for all these people to have the courage to speak out.

And like you said, the sad thing is that these are the people on steemit, but how many more are affected by this terrible trauma, stories that are not heard, it really, really makes me sad and mad how people can do this.

@familyprotection is changing the world, it is becoming so powerful. Without @familyprotection these families would have nowhere to turn, nowhere to go and share their stories and look for help and most of us would not know the truth about the horrific CPS. And this is just the beginning.
Thank you, thank you and thank you for your courage to create this absolutely amazing project.

Thanks for making this post @canadian-coconut that must have been lots of work going through all these posts! Thank you for mentioning me and I see that several posts of others I didnt read yet, so this post makes it easy to find them. Thank you and @markwhittam & the whole community for the support .. It feels like a warm family and everybody is so helpfull and kind. Thanks to all of you!!! <3 Lets try to make the world a better place for all the families around the world!

This is awesome, I was thinking that it would be really great if someone made a resource post with links to all of the incredible, heartbreaking, beautiful, traumatic stories that have been shared on steemit.

I'm definitely resteeming and bookmarking this for ease of access, thank you @canadian-coconut, for everything!

way to go @canadian-coconut! this is a lot of work and must have taken some time to get together. thank you! many incredible injustices and stories that need to be seen.

This warms my heart that a database library is completed. This will be a wonderful resource for folks who are going through the CPS hoops. I can see this helping families as a legal reference as well. I would encourage any cross-referencing through indexing or color coding as that will allow for this resource to be user-friendly. I would also encourage a master database of all blogs and stories submitted to @familyprotection. I recall writing a Blog on this in the Scott Campbell series about a digital library and the benefits of this a couple of months ago. Again this is exciting and thank you @canadian-coconut

I suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse in the care system in the South west. I was moved from home to home in ever increasingly violent, cut off, abusive environments. i have lived with PTSD and drug and alcohol problems as a consequence of my abuse for 40 years. I am just recovering and have only recently learned to think about those experiences due to counselling.. 40 years lost in the wilderness, scared and violent until i went to CBT therapy and giving up sunstances.
I am getting stronger everyday. Soon i will be strong enough to confront my abusers and the care system that gave me to them. Thank you for reading...

Thank-you for sharing about the abuse that you went through as a Foster Child.
If you would like to write out more detail, you could make a post and tag it #familyprotection to make sure that we see it.

Thank you. I think i will...It's a great idea and service you offer. You should be proud of yourselves.

Kudos to @theaverageman for speaking up. Boys & men are oft overlooked in the realm of trauma recovery/healing. Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much. I realize that there are many more like me, some still suffering in silence..
I am posting about my experience in @familyprotection, a great initiative on steemit..

Thank you EVERYONE for sharing your stories, and Linda for compiling them all together like this. You will never be silenced again!!

Great job on doing the work of getting all of these personal stories together in one post @canadian-coconut! This will really help get the point across that there IS a problem and it DOES need to be addressed. Wow there is just so many who have been affected by lies and abuse of the CPS. I’ll have to go through and read a few of these that I have missed.

Exceptional work on assembling this list. We now have documentation & stories. Gov't child services should be abolished, yes indeed. Knowing the system won't be abolished anytime soon, how would one resolve situations of true child abuse? I'm trying to envision voluntary intervention of an abusive parent who doesn't want to be intervened. I'm guessing one solution is to create private agencies for addressing child abuse? It's such a complex problem. I know there are voluntaryist solitions. I just don't know what that would look like. Anyway, thanks for your magnificent work, compiling this list.

In addition to the many, many horror stories of the victims of Child Protection Services as you've thankfully provided above, the sick and corrupt pricks driving these government "services" are after more and more control in every country on the planet.

Here's another ridiculous Child Protection Services mandate coming - this time from Germany. The German Police Union is now calling for children to be taken away from parents that express "anti-semitic" views. Here's the link:

Translation: If you are a parent and say anything about Israel and what they are doing in Palestine, we'll take your children away.

As a reminder, here's also the the last ridiculous Child Protection Services example I gave that's already in effect in the US:

Mom Trey Hoyumpa shared a letter last week on Facebook from a dental office called Smiles 4 Keeps in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania. It informed her that if she did not make a dental appointment for “regular professional cleanings” for her child, she could be charged with “dental neglect.” Citing a law called Pennsylvania Act 31 on child abuse recognition and reporting, the dental office threatened to report the mom to state authorities if she did not schedule an appointment.

As I keep saying, the governments have weaponized Child Protection Services to hold parents hostage with the fear that if they ever step out of line with either the thought police or the medical police, or just about any government mandate, they are coming for your kids first.

In other words, if slaps on the wrist, standard fines, and/or prison sentences don't scare you enough, taking your children is now being added as a bonus to every "offense", regardless what it is.

Beautiful .. Wonderful work, well done
Great information from you
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for compiling the list @canadian-coconut. I can read some of these stories that I have missed, although it makes me so sad. Blessings!

Excellent! This post is a directory for the past six months of stories. Seeing them all listed here really shows what familyprotection has inspired over the last few months. It's important to get these stories published online, on the blockchain, where they can stand as a permanent witness for these stories. @ironshield

Wow. Thank you so much! Most people who are "woke" to some extent - be it through politics, finances or psychology - still have no idea how bad the situation is globally. It's not just abuse in third world countries, but legalized abuse and manipulations. I have a friend in Ontario who specializes in supporting victims of Children's Aid. Bureaucratic pettyness turned into kidnapping and torture.
Thank you for your work.

Thanks for sharing this...foster care abuse just really makes me incredibly angry and I don't understand it. Usually, I can understand other people's viewpoints. But someone who would take advantage of a child's bad situation for their own financial gain is just beyond the scope of my imagination.

So many people, so many sad stories. Good idea of putting them together - I, for instance, had only a vague idea about @cfs.leaks's situation. I went through his blog and I'm horrified.

Thanks for your relentless exposure of this horror.

It is so sad to read all the horrible experience that people pass through with the CPS. When I read the story of @markwhittam and his experience in Sweden, I knew there's no place that is safe. They say evil flourish when good men do nothing about it. Am glad for the effort of @familyprotection in giving a voice to this people to air out their stories. It shall get better.

Thank you #familyprotetion for all the amazing work you do, you guys have earned your place in heaven. In the darkest of days #familyprotection represents a shining beacon of hope and equally an invaluable resource of procedure and information. Keep up the great work!!

I am honored to be apart of familyprotection You guys have helped me heal and speak out. There are no real words I can use to express how I feel.

Thank you so much for gathering all this information. Will be reading it all. I am so glad that people are gathering. Sharing their stories.

Having a voice. Having people listen.I truly believe that this is the way to shut these systems down.

thank you @veerall very powerful image.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.
#familyprotection, @canadian-coconut @markwittam

People like you dear @canadian-coconut are the backbone of families who lost they loves ones. Resteem

I accept that there are stories that followed him more closely than others, that likewise I shared my experiences with the CPS, omitting many since there are still some that are not easy for me, as some of you know the rewards I get from publications I use to take with me the children who live in the street in my country in conjunction with @psicmarynes, we are both clinical psychologists and in many opportunities we have offered our services to those who need it for free. Thank you for helping us to help

It is chilling to see how many there are - how many lives are affected by lawless state power.

It is the tip of the iceberg. How many stories are untold, how many lives ruined, how many children damaged and abused?

This is why we need tirelessly continue to shine light into the darkness that is the CPS and their cohorts the world over.

I am so impressed with this project and amazed at your dedication! We are currently in the process our second child and while it is a lengthy and intricate process, I appreciate that the process is done thoroughly, fairly and to the minutest detail. Our social worker is amazing in that each action she takes is in the best interest if the child - if there were only more like her in the world!

@canadian-coconut your time, energy and concern for families who need protecting really shines, it sounds like you are a natural advocate 😊 thankfully your friend Anna has a voice like yours on her side

Linda, I can imagine how much time you spent to collect all these stories together and make a summary for all of them!
You've so big heart that burns for other people's pain!
You're really an Angel of Familyproctection, as Mark has once called you!

It's great people share their experience with us, and we can see that all these stories aren't just stories from the Internet, it's real life, real people, real tragedies.

When something horrible is far from us, when it happens to other people, it seems to us we're in safety, and it will never comes to our door. But we all live in one world, where CPS exist, and noone is fully protected from this evil.
Here in Familyprotection we can feel support and help, we can discover new facts and share experiences, and we can give help to all who need it.

You're doing a great mission! Thank you!!

So I was going through the comment @familyprotection has made for the past few days, I stumbled on the one @familyprotection made on a post recently that was almost 25 days old. It was a post by @chatterboxchick.

So within me, I was thinking, who could have travelled far far back in time to read that post again and leave such a comment. After seeing this post by @canadian-coconut, I think I know who now!. You an angel in disguise, such deep commitment. God Bless you.

caught me! yes. I realized that we hadn't had an update on her search for a while.
Thanks @kryptocoin

Thank you to everyone on here for bringing much needed awareness to the reality of CPS and for being a voice for so many that do not get heard. Thank you @canadian-coconut for taking the time to put this all together.

The news post is slightly outdated: 2015 one can only question has it morphed into something else... I was listening to the local Taxpayer Hotline and a caller complained that this just happened to a family that he knows.

Being a Sociologist, I do believe that Family is the most fundamental institution of the society and it is the most integral part to run any society in a more effective way. Due to the unrest and lack of awareness this pious institution is becoming weak with every passing moment. The way these authors describe their personal stories to highlight the issue on an international level is really really appreciable. Salute to all these wonderful souls <3

@anouk.nox @bettyboob @canadian-coconut @cfs.leaks @chatterboxchick @charisma777 @curlfamilyvlog @dottydoris @earthmother @fishyculture @gardenbsquared @havok777 @hickorymack @kryptocoin @lostinthewoods @lturner @markwhittam @misslasvegas @nobutsd @richq11 @snowpea @tecnosgirl
@thethreehugs and @wwf :)

Thank you so much #familyprotection community for confronting the evils of the society to educate the masses.

Stay Blessed all :) :)

I see so much truth here, and so much compassion - I also see self deception and submission.

I saw in my village just last week, how the whole village gathered around some neighbours of mine to protect then from an illegal land grab by local government. Everyone got involved, everyone had a say, and the weight of opinion drove away those authorities, and the police who were paid to attend and bully, all backed away in the face of opinion only. So those of you who feel powerless, those who feel there is no 'winning' out against authority, are defeatists. I mean that in the nicest possible way - but those, that find it so easy to throw up their hands and say "we can't do anything about it until ...." are defeated only by their own weakness. Stand up for what is right, the power of opinion, writing and dissemination of information is all the power that is required. Everything is transient, authority is truly transient, it has no basis in reality, and exists only as long as people regard it as a reality.

No one has authority over our most precious resource, our future, our children. They are powerless and completely dependant upon us for their welfare and safety, so ask yourself why we have allowed this to happen, and ask yourself, are you not responsible also. Take that responsibility seriously, and don't pass the buck.

The financial incentive must be removed from this system, this is imperative and fundamental to the solution.

@canadian-coconut said in closing ... "TOGETHER LET'S STOP LEGAL KIDNAPPING"

It is their modus operandi, to work without legal authority, there is nothing legal about it, it's colour of law which is not law, and kidnapping which is illegal.

Thanks for the article @canadian-coconut, every little thing, every minutia of effort makes the biggest difference.

This post has been revived by steem-forever!

Your work done is priceless, my friend, because in fact very few people are involved in these problems and helps people talk about their bitter experiences, share their problems and together withstand all unprecedented instances of violations by the "Child Protective Agencies". Thanks for your work @canadian-coconut

When will all these emotional trauma given to mothers come to an end?
It's sad and painful but will stop this issues permanently?
I enjoyed the care of my parents but when hear of these sad stories. I just wonder what will become of these children when they grow up.

Protection must be created from within ourselves, our family, and our environment. Let's take care of each other for the sustainability and survival of mankind

Thank you for your post. Very useful information. I did not know a lot and now I'm starting to think about it. Another time, thank you.

@canadian-coconut I'm all for ending government protected kidnapping and trafficking. You ever need any help or resources feel free to reach out!

I think you're doing a great job bringing awareness to such an important issue that many people have faced or are facing. This support group is getting stronger by the day and through continued effort I think everyone can feel a little safer in their own home

This is awesome, getting all these stories together in one place is very resourceful and its going to go a long way to help those facing one challenge or the other in the hands these CPS people.

Let's continue exposing them for the real family destroyers that they are. Great job you are doing @canadian- coconut keep it up.

Still your boy @royaltiesboss-eu

This is happening everywhere and not just in Canada. This is the same problem we have in the USA.


I also have mine but under control

God help us

Focus on other people needs and desires, you may never be short of what you need or desire.

This is such a wonderful project. It's crucial to bring this to light. If anyone's interested I just wrote an article exploring the topic and my experience as a foster care case manager. Blessed be. Happy to be following~~~ https://steemit.com/children/@alexstacy/your-children-are-not-your-children-plus-an-introduction-to-rainbow-lightning-and-unitive-justice

Amazing blog, following.

Wow, you are incredibly kind for this. God bless you!

This is a great post, Deserve to be in the top page. Thank you for sharing

I think the support given to these people is very good and to increase the number of participants in this community, so get more donations and reach more people, another thing that I think is that they should also verify some votes that are being made, because can see publications that do not have the content of the label and are voted and others that if they present the content of the label are not voted, you have to be a little more quotient and follow the criteria of this label, this is because I have seen and I have Curious about why this situation. Regards

Kisah-kisah ini semakin didengar karena Anda, @familyprotection berhasil menyinari epidemi pelecehan di tangan lembaga "perlindungan" pemerintah.
Terima kasih atas eksposur yang tak henti-hentinya ini.

i was amazed by your post and it was very helpful,,thanks to you,i was looking forward for us of now all your post,,

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Many things that cause domestic violence rather than home can not be a tranquilizer and a sigh of heart. Homes that bring peace to members will make a peaceful heart in the house. Family characteristics harmonious family members comfort each other.

  1. The Compulsory Family Practice the True Religion of Christ The problem in the household is to provide the right religious education facilities. True religion will make children and poor families in trouble. Many families are volatile when not peaceful, not calm, not close to God. Families should counsel each other to advise and please in goodness. This will create a harmonious family. When difficult or happy to do together is a happy family tips.

  2. Parents Educate Not to Say Crude or Violent How to solve the problem of domestic violence is the education of children. Wise parents will not violate children. Children need parental affection not actions that can damage the mental and physical. Children with rough education tend to be hard, rough, and rebellious. So planting seeds - a tremendous set of numbers starting from the family. Violence is not a way of building a sakinah family.

  3. Communication Well The way to deal with domestic violence is by way of effective communication.Every family must know how to convey properly and well. Parents should be smart in communicating well and best. When the husband is tired to work out. Exit will make the husband easy for parents. Parents should know what to say. This will make the bonds between fellow parents to be smooth. The old man who will become a compact family.

  4. Mediation and Lowering Selfishness Together Parents. This will involve a report or an argument. Parents should be careful when fighting. Parents do not mean children when there is an argument. This will disturb the child's mental and mind. Parents also engage in mutual self-introspection and lower their egos after each quarrel.

@familyprotection I really appreciate your project. I think your are doing a wonderful job. There is nothing wrong with earning money on steemit but your are using it well. Helping the needy families, spreading the news and much more. I just want to tell you that your efforts are appreciated. Love your work @canadian-coconut

previously thanks to @familyprotection who became a support system and educate the public.I really appreciate the effort and support

a list of people who have shared their own personal experiences here on Steemit in the last 6 months.
I am deeply touched by the shared story @chatterboxchick #searchingformum because it is almost the same as my life experience.

Apparently mum hadn't lived in the area for over 2 years, she had been sent to prison for 12 months for shoplifting and assault, she wasn't allowed to come back to Nottingham after she was released from prison, which was a condition of her release, she was now living at a bail hostel in Derby. Gordon was still in contact with her but wouldn't be in again until tomorrow. Gemma asked him if he knew where Gordon lived, he said he didn't know, then another man said he lived in a homeless hostel locally, the same hostel as him. Gemma asked if he could show us where it was, he agreed.

I had the same story. At that time my country was living in a rivalry between a ruler and a rebel who wanted to free himself. One day a battle took place in a settlement, my mother was captured by the rebels and brought by the rebels, four years I searched for a mother and my sister found my mother's location from a gardener who once saw an elderly woman living in the forest (It was my mother who was not know the direction of the house in the middle of the forest) because the rebel dusergap makes my mother a cook. I'm very disappointed about this incident, but I'm grateful I can come back to hug my mother even though it's four years apart and we have to pick her up in the woods.
Thanks for this @canadian-coconut
may mothers all over the world be blessed.

Very educating and entertaining.

Great initiative, thanks to you and your support we can help the children, in my case taking food to the children of the street. This is really wonderful, once again thanks for the support and the motivation to keep growing every day!

Thank you @familyprotection for being a brave voice. Not many people realize that this is happening or that it can happen to anyone, so I don’t think the world is quite aware of how freakin’ awesome your cause is but soon it probably will. I think with any kind of advocacy the biggest hurdle is getting people to realize that these things do happen in our own countries everyday! I’m so touched by all these stories of the families helped by #familyprotection and their advocacy towards helping put a stop to legal kidnapping 💜

this is a very good activity.
I support you @cannadian-coconut.

hopefully you will always do good things like this.

Thanks for this @canadian-coconut
a very touching post Each post tells an invaluable story to read for us to learn and we reflect together.
many injustices are happening around us and extraordinary stories that need to be seen and shared with others in helping
thanks to @familyprotection for voting to these people and have broadcast it, I deeply appreciate

Such a fantastic thing you are doing within the community @canadian-coconut. I am glad that I have stumbled across it. It is very heartening to see such efforts being undertaken for those that need the help and protection of others.

I remember you 6mouth ago ! :) You've made a great work on Steemit ! @canadian-coconut

Thanks for this @famliyprotection who constantly helps people and for this noble support
Thank you so much @canadian-coconut

Excelent, @canadian-coconut, mis saludos!

Thanks @canadian-coconut for bringing all these really interesting and in many cases quite disturbing stories together in this post.

People need to know about the harm Government intervention in family life is causing. Breaking up families is something that has been on the agenda for a while. Government feels it is important to make sure our kids are nice and brainwashed.

Thank you so much for this post
I learn something new from your post.
I hope i will also try this in near future
Its great and again thanks for your great and useful post

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Wow!!! Great, great work. Clearly a ton of effort went into this, and for a very good cause. Wonderful contribution for the network, we all thank you :)

This is really a great work you have done here putting this wonderful stories together.

Am delighted to read them

Am learning gradually and beginning to enjoy this platform.

Thank you!

Every time we publish something good to nourish myself, to know, and for that I thank you, thank you for leaving us a good contribution to grow in this ... friend of I hope you follow the successes and triumphs in your life. .. I wish you the best, from Colombia I follow you fully ...

I hope this story can make more information to us

This is amazing @Canadian-coconut, family protection has seen differenct experiences, different stories so touching and really painful as well, as a result of #familyprotection I have heard and seen the most traumatic things that people go through, you've given publicity for people to share their stories to the world and steemit.
@Markwhittan and you have been amazing, I laud you

i think its a grate post

It's horrible what is going on in this country.
I hold my breath because my youngest still has 4 more years of school until adulthood. I don't vaccinate, I have an older, vaccine injured child and feel like I have to walk on egg shells to raise my kids my way. It's starting to feel like these child "protection" agencies do more harm than good.

Nice post about abusive list about child protection nice post for understanding.

the family should be for union and help, that sad to read those stories :(

I appreciate your post, pls help my career

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