The System is Stacked Against Parents (FamilyProtection Series -- Anna's Family Story Part VI)

Instead of protecting children, government "Child Protection" agencies are often the ones harming these children and destroying loving families.
This is the seventh episode of TRUE EVENTS that my dear friend, Anna, is sharing in our Steemit #FamilyProtection Series.


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** Anna's story continues below.
** Names have been changed to protect both of our families from the very real risk of vindictive retaliation that faces anybody who reveals the dastardly deeds of these government-funded monster agents.

Anna's Family Story Part VI ...

( ... in her own words ... )

Save Our Children. Save Our Families.

Dredging up these memories is hard. What's really hard though, is knowing that the same people and the same broken system are STILL DOING WHAT THEY DO!
Countless families demoralized
permanently scarred
with no recourse
no remedy.

The system is stacked against the parents.

Regular people have no idea how the system works, but Social Workers have professional lawyers backing them. They know how to stack the odds in their own favor.
If they know they're going to be heard by a fair Judge, they send in a different lawyer to say they are unprepared and ask for an adjournment.
Twice they played that trick on me, before one Judge finally seized our case and insisted he be the ONLY one to hear it. After this, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) lawyer played it so that the court date was delayed for several more months!
They do not give you court documents (containing their case against you) until you are entering the courtroom hearing. How can you and your lawyer possibly prepare your defense? Yes, you can ask for an adjournment to prepare -- but this means 3 more months wait -- and you know that your children need to come home ... NOW!!!

Oh, and if you do come prepared enough to demolish their accusations, they will simply withdraw their Application so that the Judge never hears your evidence against them and never knows how badly they behaved trying to set you up! Remember, your own lawyer will act in good faith and share the evidence you have gathered with them BEFORE the court hearing ... but your lawyer will not receive disclosure of their evidence until the same day as court.
Our MCFD battle went on for 3 years.
My husband was charged with sexual assault of a minor
who was protesting having her hair washed.
(The incident that Chuck's son, Benjamin witnessed.)

He was tried and acquitted.

The Supreme Court Justice, who heard the case, gave a SCATHING report.

In the "Reasons For Judgement," the Judge clearly stated that MCFD had led my daughter's testimony, but had NO actual evidence of sexual assault.

I gave the "Reasons for Judgement" report to the MCFD Team Leader,
who refused to read it.
He said that the Judge's report DID NOT MATTER!

During my husband's criminal trial -- before the prosecution made her final submission, the Judge said:
"Please clarify your basis for this charge -- and I DON'T want to hear about the bathtub incident anymore. If that were my child, I would've lathered my hands and washed her whole body! If this man were her natural father, we wouldn't be here today, would we?"
Nevertheless, the rumors and allegations had grown to the point where my small community had turned away from us, and believed that my husband was guilty and that I had protected him. One Social Worker spread gossip that my husband had "confessed" to her. Someone posted on Social Media that my husband was a predator and my older son was luring young girls into his truck for him.
By the time Liam was in Kindergarten, other children were asking him if his Dad had molested him too! There were little kids, for crying out loud!

When they finally started the process of re-integration with our family, it was only because my daughter was cutting herself and had a plan to hang herself.
The counsellor assigned to the task of re-integrating our family, could only sit there, horrified, as we all clung to each other and wept.
My daughter had been told that I abandoned her.
I had made a list, in my diary of all the rumours and allegations -- trying to make sense of it all, trying to understand what was true and what wasn't. -- My 9-yr-old daughter's counsellor read my diary entries to her over and over again and told my daughter that it was was all true -- that I had known, was in on it, that her own mother had knowingly let all these things happen to her ... that she needed to "remember" it all ..... until finally my daughter started to believe that she must have blacked it all out.

After my daughter became suicidal they sent her home to me.

... and closed the file as a "SUCCESSFUL RE-INTEGRATION."



This account of TRUE events that took place 11 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna.
It is the seventh in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.


Follow @familyprotection on Steemit.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection



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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @canadian-coconut for supporting @familyprotection

These children also have a right upon love and care :)


The deeper this story goes the more sickened I become by the actions of this 'agency'. The way that they ostracise families from their support network is particularly insipid.
But what disgusts me the most is that they are losing the trust of people who could help when there are genuine case that need to be dealt with.
How many children are suffering genuine hardship and abuse while these idiots are going after families such as Anna's?
As ever I'm seething at the injustice and sociapathic actions of these people who's job is to protect not destroy.
Thank you Linda for being the conduit for this information on Steemit.
Resteemed as always, this info needs the biggest audience possible. I urge everyone reading this to resteem it so the word gets out.

Hear, hear @tremendospercy!! I have nothing but tears for Anna... :'( This is so terrifying!!! Thank you @canadian-coconut for continuing to share these truths so we can all learn from this, so there can be no more Annas one day!

Really? They call this a “Successful Re-Integration? How about a “Successful Seperation” or a “Successful Mind Control”. These people are so whacked if they think anything has been successful about their plans. Then again their intentions are to separate families so I guess they would call this a success.

Anna’s family may be slowly getting back together but they will NEVER be the same again. These people have stripped so much away from them. A beautiful little innocent girl has grown up to think suicidal thoughts because of what these monsters put her through. How dare they put into her head that her own mother doesn’t care about her and wanted these things to happen to her. The memories of those 3 years will never leave this family. It sickens me knowing they “succeed” with damaging families over and over again and they live with themselves knowing they just tore a family apart.

It’s time for them to answer to this madness, it’s time for them to answer to these crimes they commit. The secret is out and will continue to get out...these services do harm and more and more people are learning not to trust them. Thank you Anna and Linda for continuing with this tear jerking heartbreaking series.

Amazing series @canadian-coconut! I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to supporting this horrible issue. My fiance @entrepreneur916 has been so inspired by your drive and dedication to fighting this horrible governmental disease. You've inspired him to also speak out and take action and bring awareness to the entire situation. You're an amazing influence and I know at times it can be extremely difficult to keep going, especially when those you love the most are at risk. But know that you bring awareness and inspiration to all you encounter. So Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

Wow, this story gets more tragic the more that's revealed. I am baffled as to how CPS could determine that a judges ruling "didn't matter" and continued to keep Anna's daughter from her. As for the community causing more harm, shame on them for not helping their neighbour. Too many people are caught up in the drama of television and social media to be able to decipher truth from fiction. The masses are shallow and unable to ask the hard questions to get to the truth a) because it makes them uncomfortable and b) because then they have to admit that the government is not righteous, nor do they exist to actually serve the people. I sure hope no one else in that community needs help because God forbit they learn what it feels likento be abanndoned. -Aimee

So true! Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

@canadian-coconut hello my friend I posted some good info today I been working on for some time you might be interested :)
Virus or Poison ;)
Thank you for all you do
Much appreciated !!

Can I report someone ?
Tired of their insults .
Saying things irrelevant to my post.
My post was questions and they are not providing Answers.

Either ignore him -- or tell the guy that if he makes any more comments you will begin to flag him. You've got way more steem power than he does anyways.
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I flagged his last 3 comments because he still wouldn't respond to the original post .

One of the biggest problems is that we were not taught to speak 'legalese'. This is why lawyers spend years getting their degree, because it literally is an entirely different language-or I should say the definitions are entirely different then what we've been taught. A small example of this comes from the famous Clinton trial- when Bill was asked a question and he came back with "That depends on what the definition of IS is." The reason he said that, is in law there are nine different definitions for that word. It was this that prompted my husband to start studying law where he learned that about the only word you could safely use in court when you don't know the language is No.
And while I'm sure there are lawyers who do try and serve the people, I have difficulty trusting them since they know this and do not disclose it. Of course they have taken an oath that prevents them from telling 'lay' people or 'civilians' certain information, but the way I see it, the courts and all of the officials are not there to serve the people, but legislators and their legislation.
I wouldn't discourage people from obtaining lawyers simply because they are the only real bridge in the gap, but what i would do is encourage people to do their own studying, so they have some idea of what to ask their lawyers and some comprehension of what's happening. (understand in law means to stand under. So when they say 'do you understand these charges' they are not asking you if you comprehend them, they are asking if you stand under them...which the obvious answer always would be no)

As always, I am grateful for the courage it is taking to tell this tale. Thank you Anna and Linda.

Thank-you! You have made many good points here.
It is sad thought that a mother who simply wants to be with and raise her own dearly loved child, should need to understand legalese and all myriad of other complicated social structures,
just to be allowed to stay with her own child.

And I've found, in my dealings with my own local authority, they are acting unlawfully much of the time because the law has become a mythical mishmash to them. Someone at some point misinterpreted it and then passed on the misinterpretation. This happened multiple times until the whole scene was strewn with people who are convinced they are acting lawfully. So, even the officers that could be well-meaning are blinkered and operating in ignorance of the law. This in itself can create a massive problem, even if you don't then factor in deliberacy like the sort you are reporting here.
I think a massive problem exists wherever there is a disconnect between the 'customer' and the 'service provider'. Hell! These people are supposed to be service providers. They 'work for us', I was told by a county councillor during our work with Staffordshire County Council [who were issuing school orders to home schooled kids who happened to be on holiday when they made their unlawful house visits]. We were also told we can't just sit back and rely on them to do their job lawfully; we had to be engaged!
I think the disconnect brought about by these people & departments being paid via taxes enables these people and departments to arrogantly act upon people rather than offer a service to them. Tax paid services are often very poor and often corrupted, as you are reporting.

Oh, I agree, it is beyond sad, just another way the system fails to care for the people.

Lawyers are actually officers of the court by extension. Part of the oath that they take is to uphold the court interests BEFORE the interests of the client when the two conflict. After I learned that, I saw it all for what it really was:

A pyramid, "legal" powered corporation funneling money from false accusations, slow and manipulative processes -- all while causing harm to families in the mean time. The system IS stacked against the parents.

It's stacked against the truth for the sake of almighty $$$.

I can't read Anna's story and that of her family without emotions. What an incredible injustice has been done to them and is being done to others every day. To think that these same people handle other people's cases as well and that there are probably many more stories like this one is just horrible. Brainwashing a little girl into believing that these things actually happened to her and on top of that make her believe that her own mother was aware of it all and was in on it, is a crime on its own. How can you ever bounce back from that? I wish for Anna and her family that they can. That they will have a happy life after all the horror they were put through. I wish them much love and happiness in their lives and truly hope they can step out of the shadows of this horrible injustice. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

This same king of torture is going on in the UK to with tens of thousand of parents suffering under a twisted judicial system.

50 years of cultural marxsm and the attempt to break down the family and it's values, in all its sick glory.

When governments becomes involved- so does corruption. Always.

The government is not our friend, nor ever has been. Short term social 'benefits' for long term authoritarianism and evil.

Wow. It sounds like the courts and the judges have been bought off in addition to the social workers. The cards are stacked against families and children. I would like to think there was a time we had good judges and good courts. We didn't get this way over night. I know here in the United States we have the Supreme Court that is a check and balance. I wonder if they have ever heard any CPS cases. I also wonder if we have anything like the United States Supreme Court in other countries as a check and balance for this crap. That is why we must make sure to vote for good judges. It is my opinion that people do not check the background so judges when voting for them. And also sounds like the system needs a complete overhaul. Anna's story brings tears to my eyes I so fear that this tyranny and terrorism will spread to other populations the senior citizens and the middle aged. It's interesting they chose to first pick on children. Children are helpless and it seems like only a coward would choose to attack and destroy a child. Thanks for sharing

At least in my state, Therapists, social workers, caseworkers, GAL's, and most public defenders work for non-profit organizations. This means they will get paid the same amount no matter how large their caseload and no matter which way the case goes. This gives them absolute freedom to do what is best for the client and the child, not what is best for their own wallets. I have seen, however, lawyers and at least one therapist for-hire who have dragged out the case - likely for their own benefit. There are some things that simply should be non-profit (like health care).

The truth must be told. Many do not believe that our government is capable of doing these things. The thing is DCF or whatever name it goes by in your area, is not really a branch of our government. It is a private corporation. Given power by our government and told that they need to report to them yearly on their results. And just like any other business it needs to be profitable. But at the cost of our children and families. And this will continue until people wake up and see the truth.

Oh Anna to have your family tore apart and damaged and then your community turn away from you. Part of me would like to believe that this is just a story, it really is so hard to read. But you and your family must have so many scars. Much love and light to your family. Thank you once again @canadian-coconut for providing Anna with the chance to share her and her families horrific experience.

Thank-you and you are welcome.
I know that it seems unbelievable how utterly corrupt the system is and how they can turn almost everybody against an innocent person/family.
I am thankful that you read each part of the story. She will share more insights in the future, but may take a break from it for a little bit.

I can image that it must be bringing up alot of emotions and painful memories for her.

The lawyers and CPS workers are all lying SOB's!
Time to hold the accusers accountable?

I'm working very hard with some very bright people on solutions to doing just that.

Thanks for your diligence in finding a solution to holding lawyers and CPS accusers accountable for their lies.

It's no different in the UK. We as a family have suffered these injustices first hand. My sister has Aspergers Syndrome, Social Services decided she needed to move back home with our mum in order to give her the best chance of coping with a baby. People with Aspergers don't cope with pressure too well and Social Services kept turning the screw until she snapped. She didn't hurt her son but said she had online which was stupid. They swooped, it was proven the baby was fine but she didn't stand a chance of getting him back after that. My mum went back and forth to the secret courts (closed courts) to try and get custody of him, paid thousands of pounds out to no avail, no real reasons given only that my mum would probably give my sister access to the child. My mum lives in a nice home, in a nice area, close to good schools. She doesn't have a criminal record or any drug or alcohol issues, she even worked for Social Services for 12 years in charge of vulnerable people and still couldn't get custody of her grandson. I think my mum even put in an appeal to the High Court and went to the European Court of Human Rights. The child was eventually adopted out. My mum tells everyone she can that her grandson was stolen, I don't think she will ever get over it. Families are being destroyed for no reason, Social Services were originally put in place to help keep families together, not now, they just rip them apart, things have got to change!!

What misjustice! Thank-you for sharing this story. If you decide to write a post about it on Steemit, please tag it as #familyprotection so that we will be sure to find it.

I might just do that @canadian-coconut and thanks for your reply :)

Although these events happened to this young women and her family 11 years ago, there is still justice for her. First of all, when you become a social worker, you are bound by your licence, to confidentiality, therefore any conversation regarding any clients outside of the infrastructure of the agency, are against the law. Therefore a class action against these social workers dating back in time is absolutely valid and can be heard outside of the jurisdiction of her community, who has judged her. This can be fought and won hands down, and she should be rewarded handsomely for the trauma, and hardship that this family has had to endure at the hands of the very entity that is in place to protect. If celebrities and Priests can be tried for sexual harassement years and sometimes decades later, then why can;t this example of injustice also be tried years later. Just thinking out loud. Think about it. Khadar got 10 million or something like that from the Government because he was a Canadian in a jail outside of Canada for his actions, why can't a story such as this receive the same amount of attention and reward. It is more of an injustice than Khadars situation. Bringing this story to lite will certainly ensure a path to a correct system of protection for all families. Scrutiny to the policy and procedure followed can be step in the right direction. Thanks again @canadian-coconut for your continued advocacy. Praying for all families that currently fall into these hands of evil.

Oh wow. That is such an amazing story, almost hard to believe and yet, I can see CPS being totally capable of it. Sad. It is true that they will try to help a child "remember" things that have happened to them, even with NO physical evidence. I am saddened that people like this exist in the world and believe it is their "job" to get these children to "safety" or whatever it is they think they're doing. Getting more money for the state? I'm not sure I even know... :(

This story both sickens me and shakes me to my core! I really don't know what to say or indeed how to say it, for I don't possess the words to capture the gravity of this situation! Equally this is not an isolated case, it's happening all over the world and it must be stopped!! My only hope is that when these children grow old enough the world will start to hear their voices. Then again so many are brainwashed and lied to that they may not even understand the basis of their story or how they came to be in this situation. It's absolutely heartbreaking!!

How can this ever be considered a "successful re-introduction"!!?? successful destruction would appear to be more appropriate. The destruction of a loving family and the destruction of innocence. Thank you so much for sharing Anna's story and thank you so much for being the change you want to happen in this world @canadian-coconut

oh God... it seems to me there is no end to these Linda and so many Steemians write more and more stories, REAL ones, and more details and facts..

sexual assault for bathing a child?? !! I just can't put it into my head!!

their tricks with documents are also out of normal understanding, but unfortunately we all have such mess in our countries..

in Russia government supports the law to create a basis of data for ALL children of the country, everything they can know about them - health, appearance, weight, height, all analysis and investigations and so on, and it will be in common access in the web...what is it?? for what and why??
many parents are just scared... now I try to collect info about it and maybe I will share it soon here, maybe other countries have such experience too?

@canadian-coconut, thank you for being so brave and standing up for this issue. I don't think I would be able to write about it - reading this is breaking my heart. I also have 3 kids, and stories that I sometimes hear about so-called "family protection" makes my hair stand on end. :((. Thank you.

Everyone needs to read this post on steemit. I have been hearing of CPS and its good deeds ans i castigate parents for been cruel on their own very children not knowing in every great deed a hidden secret is there. CPS needs a change up because they dont know how hard it is to build a home not to say a family. But messing around with false allegations is the height of inhuman .and if not she had a diary that paved a way for her she would have lost her child and its much of a pItty how her husband got humiliated for trying to be a father. I guess deep research has to be done before making a charge on family issues..thanks alot for this great post

OMG, what a painful reality of the parents in western world. How could they think that a father do such an activities by bathing his girl child. So disgusting and uncivilized behavior of the system ,it makes a very bad impression in the heart of the small kids too, even they don't understand about the physical activities of two adults, so very pathetic situations your friend had fached in her life. The cps is a great curse for for the family of your country fried. You are doing great job by exposing their character and behavior before world. Before steemit I had no idea about it, but you people are great, I have already come through your great efforts in this field with one of my [email protected] markwhittam .Proud of your great steps, may god give you that power to fight against the unhealthy system. Thanks for sharing.

I love #familyprotection it's just gotten to the point I cannot read these stories any longer. My frustration at the system just goes higher and thinking about it raises my anxiety levels. Upvoted and will keep upvoting.

Just yesterday, at the start of the school term, a combination of factors resulted in a teacher feeding my child as she thought I couldn't afford to. Heresay, gossip, jumping to conclusions...thank goodness I live in SA.

My point is I can see how easy it is for things to spiral out of control, and the abuse of the system is horrific, and thank you for airing this subject, although it is so very painful.

I still wonder why they do this? Is it because they are simply sadists that enjoy destroying families? Are they aware of the damage that is being made? Are they deliberately trying to substitute family with government in order to gain more influence in younger generations?

What do you think?

I think it is for the money & that they are against families.
It's hard to say exactly the reasons ... but I know what I have witnessed DID happen.
Some people try to say it isn't true because it makes no sense why they would do it -- but not understanding the 'why' doesn't mean it isn't true.

I think the graphic she shared explains why - these kids provide gov't agencies job security and ongoing funding.

Hi there. I been following you for some time now but have been somewhat out of the loop lately so forgive me if you have covered this already... I was wondering if you have any information on child protective agency when it comes to homeschooling in Canada. I am just beginning to research homeschooling laws and saw something that stated that every parent that registers their child as homeschooled gets CPA called on them to monitor the situation. Sounds pretty damn crazy to me. Any truth in that and do you have any wisdom to share?

It will be different in each different province, as each province has it's own homeschooling laws.
The Province of BC has VERY good homeschooling laws though -- so the Social Services / MCFD can not easily use homeschooling as a reason to take your child. Of course, you must also know your rights if they do come around trying to dig up dirt -- but the law is on the parent's side in the case of homeschooling.
Actually, I feel MUCH safer by homeschooling -- because I know parents who have had children at school taken out of class by Social Workers and interrogated without parents even knowing that this was going to happen. Also, teachers will sometimes file complaints based on misunderstandings or stupid things. So if a child goes to school, I feel that they are at much greater risk of having Social Services involved in their child's life.

oh I hadn't even thought of that. thank you for your input! i am considering moving to quebec since all of my family is there, but when i read what i did, i began to question my choices. doesn't seem like much of a free country, and perhaps much worse than the United States on that front. for now. i will continue to research Quebec laws and reach out to homeschooling families. thanks again.

its sad how we treat our children as if they are an experiment and the failures makes it hard to bear, am saddened by the fact that they lied to her that her parents had abandoned her to a point that she became suicidal, the work that it would take to rehabilitate this child and the memories missed is just painful. we need to stand up againest a bad system to save our children

Jane and I will continue to feature this series on Jane's CHAOS Show on MSP-Waves.

God have mercy on the people involved and those who allow it to happen by failing to informing themselves and others.

The system is run by criminals!

Hi! have been following this tag and I really appreciate the effort of the members of this community. I believe that one of the reasons for this lacking in coherency is due to the government’s failure by allowing privatization to manipulate and dictate policies. This has weakened the mechanism put in place for reactionary measures while escalating the secrete attacks pronounced upon our children on a daily basis.”
And this will continue to burn bridges and drill holes in our pockets because in truth, the authorities will do very little to clamp down on activities when these institutions flushes out millions to help sustain national revenue.
While some of us will hope eternally for good to emerge alone, evil will always mask itself with good-evil; an approach to accept and afterwards discovered.

A story that is both sad and madenning. What I have seen and heard about CPS in the USA is that where there is actual abuse CPS doesn't seem to be that zealous but if they are dealing with home schoolers then they pull out the stops.
Because of stories like this one I believe that it is important to know your rights before the first conversation with CPS workers. Rights like you do not have to talk with or give them any information without a warrant based probable cause or sworn testimony. And never let them conduct an interview with your child especially without your presence. There are groups like that be tremendous help with dealing with false cps allegations and it is a good ideal to learn some of this before there is a problem.

These guys are deadly and mess families up. What in heavens name has made things this bad. We should speakup and speak out. There are people who are still yet to get a voice or ear to listen to them. We will give more support and if not completely but to an extent.

The photograph of CPS is no longer a blurry black and white, but now a colored crystal one. The system's stacking makes it very easy for them to commit heinous deeds and get away with it. Your story is making this transition from ignorance to "knowing" the forces playing around us for multitude of individuals out there to see what is lurking in the dark of day., for this I say "Thank you Anna"!

I apologize for the long post...

I have missed your other posts because I am rather new to Steemit, but I am truly sorry for the pain your friend (and so many others) have experienced because of this broken system. I myself am VERY familiar with the DCFS system (Department of Child and Family Services as it is called in my state in the US) however my knowledge is not because I was a victim of the system, but because I am a clinical therapist who specifically works for the system. It is my job to help parents get their children home (so please consider me one of the good guys), but I also do individual work with children and help the foster parents become more trauma informed so that they can better understand and manage what can sometimes be difficult behaviors related to trauma and separation from family. Under NO circumstances should ANYONE tell a child that their parents abandoned them, and if the child feels she was abandoned (which is a natural feeling and should be monitored), it is the therapist’s and caseworker’s responsibly to educate the client, in an age appropriate manner, the truth of their family involvement.

I have so much to say on this topic which would likely become an entire book, so I will only make two points:

  1. I can validate that the system is broken, but there are politicians out there who do not value child-welfare workers and have made drastic cuts. Especially in my state, we have a Republican governor who refused to sign a state budget for two years. There is a high level of burnout in workers who are overworked and underpaid, which further slows down an already slow system.
  1. At least in my state, therapists and caseworkers work for non-profit organizations that contract with the state. What this means is that we will get paid no matter what the outcome, and we do not get bonuses if the case goes one way or the other. We could have a decrease in our caseloads because of successful closures, but we will still get paid our set salary. This gives us the freedom to do what is best for our clients. Judges, GAL’s and most (not all) Public Defenders also work under the non-profit umbrella. To validate what your friend has experienced, however, I have seen for-profit lawyers (and on one occasion a for-profit therapist) do what is best for their own wallet and not what is best for the parents and children. My advice – always take a public defender paid by the state over a lawyer for hire: Some things simply have no business being for profit (like health care).

In my experience, there are three things that will make it difficult for parents: 1. There has been a death of a child (It unfortunately has become more common) 2. Unexplained injuries. 3. Sexual abuse accusations (the accused are considered guilty until proven innocent – which is nearly impossible to prove or disprove). Anyway, my thoughts go out to your friend whose family clearly has been traumatized by the system and I am open to anyone who could use free advise on how to navigate the system (at least in the US)

If you're one of the good guys, you're going on my list! Following you.

They do not give you court documents (containing their case against you) until you are entering the courtroom hearing. How can you and your lawyer possibly prepare your defense? Yes, you can ask for an adjournment to prepare -- but this means 3 more months wait -- and you know that your children need to come home ... NOW!!!

Nasty nasty people, I'm against violence but would somebody do this to my family it's game over for them.

I didn't even get the response from the opposing counsel until 10 minutes AFTER mediation started AND then MY lawyer expected me to breeze through 30 PDF pages of legalese in 10 minutes to "respond." I put them both in their tracks. Makes me sooooooo mad that this behavior continues in the systems. It needs to stop.

Thanks for sharing with us this post. I've read only last post fof you and this #familyprotection. Nice to read and but may be painful story. It is really heartbreaking and I admit to say that Anna is really brave woman.As me i think is coming at the right time, the world at large needs to know and individually sensitizing one another on a daily basis. I think this is a break chain freedom for a family out there. Thanks again to inspire me @canadian-coconut. I've made correct decision to follow you mam.

We should never be so quick to put children in the CPS system Many children get victimized by the people who are supposed to be fostering them...
Children are very vulnerable the rights and protections of them should be taken seriously . sometimes it’s scary to think how helpless I was myself as a child . My childhood life Was one filled with poverty and pain coming from south-central Los Angeles . My father was a abusive drug dealer and my mother was too young to take care of me on her own I should’ve been taken to CPS ,If it wasn’t for my grandparents help I would have had a terrible life . My grandmother was a foster parent , so I grew up living in playing with many different children from many different races and cultures . My grandmother even adopted a young man named Timmy and took care of him until her dying days , My uncles connected him with his family again and help them get custody of him ... throughout the years my family has helped many children through the foster care system . Although I’ve seen A lot of the positive side of foster care .There has been times when my grandmother had to rescue some children from bad foster care situation also i’ve heard many tales of abuse from children that confided in about their previous Group homes and foster parents . I feel personally that the foster care system is needed but shouldn’t be so heavily dependent upon . A competent relative is always the best option for the child , for children that have no families we have to make sure that they’re taken care of properly and not just dropped off at a strangers doorstep .

...... as a former abuse Child I really appreciate the person Who worked hard on this article please up vote and thank you for keeping The well-being of children in mind

Why on Earth will a father be charged for assault for bathing his daughter? The law system these days is unbelievable, people are hardly taken into coignisance because the law doesn't care what they feel, adjourning cases when clearly people need to be with their family.

How about the trauma of having to face the blabbing mouth of people?
Or is it the shame of having to carry criminality as a tag?

We really need to purge our law system, the rule of law and fundamental humsn right of persons hardly exists these days.
Shooking experiences though but I'm glad she still least got to be with her daughter

It is so sad that a father's love is given a complete different meaning and the family is so much put through mental trauma. Family has gone through a very tough time, dealing with authorities is the most stressful thing.
The Social workers are the major culprits, they impose on you their artificial goodness and show they are working in your favor. So much of damage to the family, these traumas go all along their life. I wish peace and love for Anna's family :-(

I do agree that the "system" does need a lot of work done, and needs to use a lot more common sense. My family was placed in group homes and foster care by CPS for all the right reasons. But once placed, they kinda forget all about you until check ups are due or the family complains about you. My little sister was touched by a few of the homes that we got placed with and we were told that they couldnt do anything about it because she was probably acting out or making it all up.It Took almost a year before they had enough evidence to relocate us. 6 years in the system before we finally got adopted. But the system failed for a long time

Thanks for your story. Yes, even when they have removed children that are truly being abused or badly neglected, they often end up in less than suitable or even worse situations than they were in the first place.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences in the foster care system.

It is so sad what happens to our children. Unfortunetely people still rather turn a blind eye, if only more stories like this can reach the public, but then, the midea don't like to broadcast this kind of reality. I hope more people will be made aware through steemit.

I sure do appreciate what you are doing. I became aware of the travesties of child services on The School Sucks Podcast. The host, Brett Veinotte and Carlos Morales talk about CPS. If you haven't heard of them, you might want to check it out to see if there is anything useful in there or maybe connect with them.

Specifically, this podcast

There is a series of podcasts they did pertaining to this subject:

Thank you for posting this! I have been through similar situations myself with my children in the past! The United States government definitely breaks up families every day, and most of the time they dont go after the right people that are actually hurting and abusing children! It really disgust me how parents are afraid to discipline their kids in fear of someone calling CPS on them! And we wonder what's wrong with recent Generations!

Wow wow wow!!

This is scary stuff...

I am a step father and love my son to death. I could never imagine getting charged for bathing him!! It’s amazing how screwed up the systems that are supposed to protect us can be...

This is just so sickening that I am numb to my core. I just don't get why these people are so insensitive and how they can even think of separating kids from people and fabricate stories that only sabotage the well-being of those families. This definitely needs to be shared as much as possible and I'll do whatever I can to spread it.

I hate CPS. They kidnap more kids than they help. I can see using government to look out for kids who are seriously being abused, but CPS is nothing but overreach and targeting people who dont conform to their agendas.

heartbreaking really, good work putting this out there...

I know this first hand and don't want to say alot aobut it, but it is for the best that childeren stay with their parents! Even if it aren't the best partens. Foster homes and all that are never postive for childeren! I know it is an old post but i liked this post and your page alot and wanted to comment.

Thank-you for your comment.
If you ever do want to tell your personal experiences, please use the tag #familyprotection so that we can find and vote for your story. There is a growing community of people here on Steemit sharing their own stories about what they have been through in this horrendous "Child Protection" system.

Yea i saw it and will probably not share this. Just a bit to personal for me but really like this and i will follow all the other stories for some support.

it is so hard to believe this is a real story and not a SF one.
" If that were my child, I would've lathered my hands and washed her whole body! If this man were her natural father, we wouldn't be here today, would we?"
... reading all this @familyprotection stories is like reading a horror short novels book! only that they happened in real life! I had no idea of many of the histories from here and i had no idea of the way this government can be!

oh great. now you are suicidal. so we don't need you anymore. go back home to your parents. if all the kids that are kidnapped like this would know that threatening to kill themselves, would bring them back home, maybe they will do the same...

you are doing a great job with mark in this world by opening some eyes! there are many ears to hear this stories here and lots of minds to be changed.

Wow! That system is so unfair. There should be reconsideration as no same parent will want to harm their kids

I am definitely reposting this...............I am a grandmother of 22 months old twins and this makes my skin crawl. I can't believe this is possible in our country!!!

567 $ woahhh 😎😎

These stories are so sad and it shows how far government agencies will go to turn a blind eye where money is concerned. God bless all who have had to deal with this sort of treatment.

Mmmm, a real problem...

what a story about child rights

I agree under the guise of helping people these agencies are actually destroying the family unit completely

o my God

It's really made me upset and ... sad ... I can't say anything !!!
upped and resteem to share and aware the world
thanks for steemit and you!

You are very good leader continues. vote for me, I am new. follow me @saizor

Very piercing story and in it I once again realized for myself how incomplete our world is! All the bias of social workers is based on some kind of general norms of morality invented by the system and it seems that the whole system is built on money that contains all the social workers themselves, lawyers, etc. Until the family itself and how it really happens, the relationships in it do not interest them! Thank you @canadian-coconut and keep us informed!

Sad to hear that for sure.

a very interesting and very touching story when I read it,
my suggestion this story is good for in made a film, surely many likes it.
and if I may know, is this story real or not?

the story that I am waiting for the rest

its really sad done by the official
well wrote by you
God bless you dear friend

yeah you are right they have rite to cate and love. your post is amazing

I am very concerned about the incident, but what do you think about the events in the story?

This is sad.
Even home schooling is now a target by some governments. Many parents aren't aware about the dangers in private/public schools. Lets spread awareness!

Children's future is the future, it is our duty to protect our children so that we can make all efforts.The government should take better steps to protect the children.You talked about a lot of important things, thanks.

It is such a sad history that when water comes to our eyes, there are some people in our society who are going to judge them by Allah, and they will be punished for one day 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Awesome post and very sensitive issue have been raised in the community. I love you post and true event faced by kids all over the world.Parents should take of this matter closely and give time and listen what they are saying or asking or why they avoiding some one.

Awesome story upvote and resteemit done

The special education system is stacked against parents. It’s not your imagination. It is not an even playing field.
Is it Collusion? Or is it actually "Bad Parenting" ? I don’t know. I wish I had answers.If parents had an issue, there was no system in place to take care of it. Great Post @canadian-coconut I hope this will help a lot of people who are seeking to know the truth.. !

Very good article and the current issues families are facing, public ans governments have to rethink and research about tge matter.

Good post friends.

I feel like you've never stopped to consider that these children were abused. Not believing the government is convenient and comforting, and it absolves you of any guilt. But it's not always the case.

Believing that the government is right is convenient and comforting, absolves YOU of any guilt. Understanding and believing that an entire system is corrupt takes a lot more brain power than believing some step dad somewhere molested his step daughter. When did it become comforting to not believe your government? Thank you public education for teaching our children not to think for themselves......

I believe the Supreme Court justice who said that the daughter was not abused. Plus I believe the Family Court Judge who in my previous article to this one, declared that the toddler should NEVER have been taken in the first place as there was zero cause. (The toddler was in care for 3 months before she could get that court date.)

I don't think that you even read this article.

Also, Anna is a very good friend of mine, and I know the type of person that she is.
I also have helped 2 other families deal with these same TERRIBLE Social Workers that Anna dealt with, and I saw the way that they behave with my own eyes.

Your comment is not appreciated. If you think that I am a liar, then just stop reading.

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Thanks for sharing

supper post.

I like it.

Hallo @canadian-coconut your post is excellent.
👬👬Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

This is so deep an sad wow :(

The psyche of children are often battered by the very people who claim to be their protectors. Sometimes this includes even parents. Enough is not being done by Government to ensure this is prevented.

Deeply saddening....keep up the great work @canadian-coconut ! Much love sister

I think that the system always looks at children as a very fragile element in the family. And even if they are, they forget that the most important thing for them is to feel safe and in family. That gives them enough emotional stability to grow up in a healthy environment.

Again, I believe that the system always crucifies the family figure, according to what it thinks is right. But many times it is wrong.

Always support you for this case Linda, hope this problem passes, and happy to resteem your post, hope it helps.

This is very painful... this is pure injustice with anna. This shows that how corrupt our system is. Thanks for raising your voice against the corrupt practices of CPS. we should never be afraid to raise your voice for truth and compassion against injustice. God bless you for your good work.

Still Reading Anna's story and feeling so sad:( How they are using tricks to abusing family relation even do not listening court hearings :( Are they superior than court?? They spoiled all family with this ... :(

This is an excelent article @canadian-coconut.. interesting story concerning about the incident these social workers are not doing good in the community.

here in Africa, Uganda most children are suffering with not even any basics deep in the villages but the government is quiet, they seem not to care and the best the government can do is to give members of parliament over 20 million Uganda shillings in order to pass the bill to remove the age limit yet people are suffering terribly. its so painful here in Uganda.

its a painful story.............i just want to say,,,every parents should think about their child,children's mind,children's say,children's think ...............because children's are future of the world.........we have to secure @ save their life.........

We really need to get lawyers involved in this and start filing lawsuits to set things right.

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With this post I can learn

I totally agree with your perspectives @canadian-coconut.
Governments are using "Child Protection Agencies" to take children away from loving families and place them in foster care or group homesor place them for adoption.

So recently in Hong Kong, there is a 9 month old baby was adopted by foster family. This family has nice records in ten years and so far the reports from government said that the couple always gave enough attention and caring to the kids who was taken away from the natural parents. They are around like 60 years old and they start taking care kids for more than 10 years, so maybe they are claimed 'experienced foster'. Anyway, two months ago, the baby they are taking care of was having high fever non stop for two weeks which is unreasonable. So they sent the baby girl to hospital after 2 weeks and the doctor found out the baby's head had been shaking always and she got brain damage. also the spine hurt. They were arrested after that. But I think you will know what the judge said to the public. 'This couple has good record in ten years and they always takes good care of kids before the kids back to the charity house. According to the records, they don't have the intension to kill a baby. So they can release and they still can have chance to adopt other kids in the future.' The baby's natural mum wanna get the baby back even now she has a nice job and has a stable relationship with the kid's dad, but sorry that the kid never comes back to her. I am so sad to see that how government screws up a kid's future and they thought that they are doing right things. Everything is related to 'records' which is something can be fake. This is the story which makes me so mad recently. :(

I cannot accept Government lawyer's behavior under Anna's situation. Lot of country's has very poor law system. Can't imagine I not told all states. Only few countries indeed. Anna got great experience from there. But it was really painful and hilarious. For me, I think must increase human right rules against worst persons. If have powerful law can provided great society indeed better attitudes.

A valid point raised here by you and much needed in many countries. In India because of strong family values and strong society framework, a lot of these NGOs and people have failed in doing so. The social capital is huge here, thanks to culture and social capital.

I heard once that because an Indian mother fed her child with hand, the government took custody of child deeming such an act as unhygienic. And this is something so unreasonable and ignorant act. All these things need to be stopped or at least dealt with much counter-force and rigour.

Here is something which might help you. It is lecture series from one of India's most respected and learned Thought leader. I have watched it twice and keep referring to it whenever I need it.

S Gurumurthy Lectures IIT Bombay

He discusses economics, society, culture, civilization, history, comparative studies of society, religion, economics, etc. I am sure you will like it and it will help you in your mission and vision.

Lot of blessings, power and GodSpeed to you!

Agreed with you ! We have to speak up !! Government and Non-government Agencies are just for organizing expensive workshops, publishing reports and wasting fund. You have been doing great @canadian-coconut !

As all kids need special attention and this is the duty of every parents to take care of their kids and their need thanks

i have like this post and the series you have published is very informative love it

saving children need parents attentions and once mom dad love there kids they get well always

this series and protection of children and your care about them is really appreciated this is nice work

this is the first time i came across with this story and very touching story indeed..
And I read previous parts too. No one can do this to a child...