The Nightmare Before Christmas (FamilyProtection Series -- Anna's Family Story Part I)

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Christmas is only a few days away ...

... and while other families across the continent prepare for celebration, OUR family also begins preparing for our time of year.


-- { My Friend Anna's Family Story Part I } --


We look furtively for somewhere to gather so government agents don't know where to find us.

We gather, and cling fiercely to one another,
grieving every absent member
those stolen from us
or driven from among us.
... Exchanging gifts through tears of gratitude for those present ...

Our family tradition is one of fear and uncertainty; of faith mangled and maligned.

It's a tradition forced upon us by the agency tasked with Children and Family Development.


Twelve years ago, just before Christmas, our family was thrust into a nightmare from which we've never really recovered.

Each time we thought that we might be able to breathe,
sit down together to Chrismas dinner
to celebrate the birth of our Saviour,
the TERRORISTS come again to remind us!
They are all-powerful and can take our children away any time.


I think they choose Christmas because it hurts more that way and has the added demoralization factor that says,

"Others Can Celebrate But Not You."

Also, if they snatch your child just before the holidays, they know all government offices are closed, so all your frantic phone calls only reach recorded messages, wishing you "HAPPY HOLIDAYS," leaving you helplessly grieving with no recourse or remedy. Later on you learn it doesn't really matter anyways. Even if your child dies in the care of the kidnappers, no one is ever held accountable.

My children didn't die, but three of them were so deeply traumatized, that if any other service, agency or individual had caused it, they could surely be sued and jailed.

But the perpetrators of this travesty continue to walk proudly in the community, and continue to earn their tax-funded paycheques as they dismantle and terrorize the most vulnerable segment of society.

My hope is that in telling my family's story, people might begin to realize that Child Protection is a gross misnomer -- and that in fact the very organizations charged with the task of Family Development actually do the exact opposite.

Writing this down is difficult. As I pull up nightmarish scenarios we lived through, I feel it like it was yesterday.

Sometimes I have to stop, and go sob in privacy for a while.

Then I emerge again, wanting just to hug my youngest daughter --

--- the only one still unsullied by these lying, cheating destroyers!

Oh, and this Christmas 2017

... the Social Workers want to talk to her too!

... to be continued


If the courts protect the criminals, how can we protect our children from human traffickers?

"Write it down! Don't let your story fade away unheard, unknown!"
(Anna's close friend, Hazel)



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Governments around the world,

are using "Child Protection Agencies"

to take children away from loving families

and place them in foster care or group homes

or place them for adoption.


Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection




This account of TRUE events that took place 11 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna. It is the second in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @canadian-coconut for supporting @familyprotection

Why will they being doing that...i don't understand take children from a family and put out for an adoption again?

I agree with you completely I agree with you

You are doing a great job. Your blessings will be many.

They do it for the money and for child trafficking. Many of them practice Satanic ritual abuse. They are rotten to the core. There's a special place in Hell waiting for them.

Wowwwwwww great and amazing

It is so important that these stories get heard, only then will people see in front of their eyes what CPS are really doing to families all over the western world.

Thank you Anna for being brave and reliving this horrible event that took place, yet again at the hands of the so called 'child protectors'

And thank you Linda for continuing to do all you can to help families stay together, you have a heart of gold.

We are @familyprotection

Hi Linda, my s,chat is down, I sent you an email @familyprotection related.

Anna no matter what others around you might think, I know you are a very brave woman, a woman of inner strength who has been able to rise above her demons and to warn others of these wicked people.
Christmas are usually their most workable times, the time they send the hardest blows to parents wishing they fall into a high trauma and a condition of sadness to make them weak and unable to fight.
But you are rising above these people!!!!. Every good-hearted parent out there thank you for this warnings. I can't begin to imagine the pain and sadness I would feel if my little siblings whom I love so much were taken from me. God bless you and make you triumph over these pain-mongerers

I thank you Anna for your bravery and willingness to relive the nightmares your family has faced in order to warn others. I know it is not an easy task. I look forward to following your story and learning more hard and horrifying truths that these agencies are putting families through. I’m so sorry that you cannot relax and enjoy Christmas every year but instead you have to celebrate in fear and horrific memories. Thank you Linda for writing up her story and sharing it with us. God Bless you both~ Upped and Steemed!

I'm sure there are many people here who find these stories difficult to believe such is the pathetic nature of the MSM to report on the atrocities.
I say atrocities without hyperbole because they are destroying families and the lives of the children. If we are to call ourselves a civilised society people must stand up to this state sponsored fascistic child kidnapping service.
If this was a third world country this was happening in I'd expect the crowds and pitchforks to be prevalent forthwith. Why are the masses so silent on this subject, it beggars belief!
You guys are doing a fantastic job of highlighting these state sponsored crimes, kudos to you all.
My prayers go out to Anna and every family affected.
Everybody should resteem this post.

Thank-you so much.
Yes, Anna is hesitant to continue telling her story.

When all these things were happening to her, the community turned against her and believe the fables that Social Workers devised. Part of the coming discussion will be how they manipulate the emotions of all your old friends and neighbours to turn against you -- and actually turn them all into spies. Everyone watches your every move and most things that they report are taken completely out of context and and embellished upon.

And if any friends and supporters still remain after all of that, and are wiling to testify in court as to your positive attributes, they will threaten to remove those peoples children. One friend had to withdraw in desparate tears, begging Anna's forgiveness, saying that she can't lose her own children too and could no longer support her.

I hope that she continues with her story, because her fear is that people here on Steemit will astrocize her as well and that she may somehow make things worse for their family.
But I think that she feels it in her spirit that this needs to be done and has already probably helped families, just with the information given so far.

I hope she finds that Steemit isn't like the outside world and she will find the support she so desperately needs. It is a very sad state of affairs when a government agency can turn people especially freinds and families against each other. It's reminiscent of the totalitatarian regimes of the last century.
Very sad indeed.

I've seen the same problem as in this case:

The pressure from the govtards is unbelievable and they will threaten the mothers and fathers with their lives. The problem here is that most people give in and let the CPS have their own way. FBI was contacted in the Holm case and the agent agreed it was a kidnap and they did nothing. The Feds fund the child stealing. This is a big mess that has to be cleaned up. In a case like you're describing, the parents must hold fast or they will never see their children again.

I will pray that she receives courage, comfort, and justice from her SAVIOR

I made the mistake several years ago of letting DCF (our CPS) in. My exhusband had left our children at a public boat ramp and went kayaking for several hours. The girls were 12, 9 and 4. The deputies retrieved them and gave them back to me and the exhusband was allowed to go home! I thought DCF was visiting me to get a first-hand account of what happened. They were not. They looked in my refridgerator, freezer, pantry, and asked the girls if i abused them. They then submitted me to a drug test while my baby cried in his crib (a pee test). I was treated as a criminal. The girls were crying thinking I would be arrested and they would be taken away. My husband was a deputy then and came screaming home in his county vehicle. Right away, the two DCF "counselors" began to realize THEY WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE. The order to investigate had my address under my exhusbands, but they decided to go forward anyway with me! When they finally got to ex's house almost a month later, he had gotten a family member to take out all the beer and trash and buy groceries and stuff. Moral of the story, DONT LET THEM IN!
PS- If they have a warrant, then ya, theyre coming in with law enforcement too. God this just breaks my heart!

Thank you for this canadian-coconut and Anna! Some people arent aware that this even happens! Resteemed!

This is truly heart breaking to read. I can't even begin imagining me being a kid and have that threat of getting taken away by people i do not know. Much more for a mother who worries for her children, thank you for sharing and hopefully they never come knocking on your door or any other good people's door ever. Happy Holidays!

The people who share their stories should be commended for being SO brave in taking on their oppressors. The fear of being further squashed by the system is very understandable and real, and holds back most people from even trying to share their story. i cant even begin to imagine what they have been through.

Sending love and my Very best wishes for this initiative. May it spread far and wide.. Its amazing work you are doing @canadian-coconut.. Although i don't know you, your dedication, drive and committment to taking on the Hardest of challenges is incredible.

thank-you so much!
Yes, Anna is being very brave in speaking out.
As her series continues you will see how difficult it is for her to even voice the horrific false accusations that were made against the family. They want her family to feel shame and stay silent. I am very proud of her.

I totally understand this feeling of extreme vulnerability, isolation and powerlessness .. When taking on the great giants we need divine Grace to work its magic.. and I can feel that you have it! The timing is right now with so much of the shadow world coming up and out and being rebalanced.

Ill be watching and supporting you and Anna on this journey. It's only when we put our foot down and Do something that things can change. We DO have the power when we Take it!

love and light

It shocks me to my core how they are allowed to get away with these abuses. For a parent there can be nothing worse in this world than having their children so cruelly ripped away. The world has been flipped on it's head and this is a perfect example! Where is the care in the care system, who are they protecting? themselves? their profits?

Thank you for loading this onto the blockchain, where people can see it, where they can understand the full scale of what is happening. One day things will change and they will change through the words and experiences of people like yourself. Mostly I want to say thank you for speaking out and for every word and every emotion that you so eloquently express. Words with such raw emotion that they will touch even the coldest of hearts. Never think your words are in vain or that they won't make a difference, they do and they will continue to do so more than you may imagine at this moment in time. Much love.

Thanks for sharing with us this post. For me i think is coming at the right time, the world at large needs to know and individually sensitizing one another on a daily basis. I think this is a break chain freedom for a family out there. Thank you.

I dearly hope she has learned the power in the word no. People tend to be so afraid of the consequences of refusal that they don't realize that the consequences for consenting are so much worse. But I imagine if she's already been through it, then she knows this.

They need our consent, by law nothing can be done without it. My husband has proven this time and again for a variety of situations.

My heart always hurts for those who have been terrorized by these people. And those who have felt forced to acquiesce by the nature of their ominous threats should we choose not to. But they are empty threats. That is unless you invite these wolves into your house.

If she is staying with you, it's very important that you stand firm on your resolve my friend. They come to steal, kill,and destroy and they will target you as well if you let them. Should they show up at your door you tell them it is private property and they are not welcome.

Yes, she knows.
This winter when the Social Workers showed up, her husband was at home and told them "NOT WITHOUT A COURT ORDER!"
We are still not sure what the outcome of this inquiry will be -- they stood their ground -- but Social Services is very, very tricky and may have another plan up their sleeves.

CPS - Domestic Terrorists!


CPS – The Domestic Terrorist at your front door

If you are ever approached by anyone from social services, keep in mind that regardless of what they say, most of them are certainly not there to “help” you.

You might want to end this quickly by letting them in, to show them you have nothing to hide as you are a good parent. DON’T. They are only there to gather evidence against you.

Even if they seem nice and harmless, remember, this is how child protective services makes money. To keep their jobs, they must take away children from their families.They come to your door saying, “I’m just here to help.” The next thing you know, your children are in state custody and you are in court trying to prove your innocence.

This kind of story must be heard and known by everyone. It's so important to be aware of child trafficking,

It is really heartbreaking and I admit to say that Anna is really brave woman. While we celebrating Christmas, it brings painful memories for her. I wish her peaceful and happy life.

OMG! What the hell are going on there my friends.If I would be their I would be the front against the terrorist attacks, very disgusting and uncivilized behavior of system of your countries.We Indians always think, western countries are so powerful and beautiful to live, but in reality, you people are mostly victimized by your so called government system. Very heart touching story, I feel very sorry for the familee like my friend @markwhittam any many more who are suffering and fighting bravely against the system .Please friend unite together to make a strong community, to fight and support. My heartful wishes always remains with you friends.

I cannot imagine going through such an ordeal and I find it unbelievable that these things happen in 'so-called civilized societies' - especially as I live in a small former communist country. When I was younger I used to believe the Western world was heaven on earth, which makes it even harder to understand how government agencies can rip families apart and even be praised for their good work.
Sharing such painful stories is essential to raise awarness for everyone -first of all to those living in North America, but for the rest of us as well. Bad things, bad practices tend to spread everywhere and you never know when you could find yourself in a nightmarish scenario. Here where I live I've already heard opinions, even from people in power, that parents who refuse to vaccinate or refuse certain treatments be stripped of their parental rights. It's only a matter of time, I'm afraid.

A Poem
-by globocop-

GRAVEL moving unannounced
Up my driveway - tall and proud
The sun is hiding - suddenly...
And light grows dim - authority

His heavy footsteps, razor sharp,
His knock is brutal - demanding hard
His name is Kevil - a name for all
A CPS man
Who made that call?

Another knock - no answer yet
Agents of evil - power check
The door knob turns, it is unlocked
The sheriff's gun - still fully cocked

God's grace and mercy - We have been warned
My Children: Safe - from UN law
Their laughters reverb: tingly air
Beauty and hope - my children's heir.

Thank you for sharing the story, there is always another side to the story, I am happy that we can use the Steem blockchain to help tell that story and at the same time help those family that needs us the most....

Thank you Anna for your bravery in opening up about this hugely dramatic time in you and your families life, but know that in doing so you are helping to educate others and shine the light of truth on the CPS. However we celebrate this time of year it is all about family and the CPS use that almost as a weapon against families, we are a global community and now is the time to talk out and stand together. Thank you @canadian-coconut for helping this happen.'s so horrible to think that these thing happen - I felt that as I read this . ugh I don't want to be reading about this...But we all need to read these stories and be informed about this unspeakable events. We need to know that these things happen too. It's the only way we stand a chance.

A big thank you for sharing this with the world.

The wilds look good in the forest and children on their mothers' lap

It is horrible to imagine that govt helps systematically to kidnap babies from their mother's lap. I was searching on youtube while you and @markwhittam were presenting the project in mumble hangouts. Youtube suggestions when I wrote "CPS" come with "CPS Corruption" "CPS Harassment" and so on.

When I tell my western friends about street children, They get shocked because it is rare case in most developed countries. Same, I was shocked when I heard kids systematically get kidnapped there. They are doing evil things when parents still exist in the world and want their kids with them. My opinion is to find some other cases too so the agency morally become weak. Their functions should be limited with documents and other legal work for children rights.

May be we can introduce "Family Protection Services" (FPS ) which will have similar strengths as the CPS with resource people and help families to get back their kids.

We can also focus on other causes "Why we are against CPS" .So they can't say we are just a emotional group of people but with evidence and proof that they are illegal. And country law should be changed which facilitate the CPS. I will keep my 100 % support with @familyprotection also will share the cause with my youth networks I am involved in.

It is sad to think that such true stories exist. I cannot imagine how CPS justify their actions. Are they not parents and grandparents too? Are they so naive as to believe that the tables cannot turn against them as well? The truth is they are not any more safe and secure as anyone else. They are merely puppets of a corrupt system.

Thank you for drawing attention to this really important issue @canadian-coconut! Your efforts and those of @familyprotection are vital... the more people know; the more light is shed, the closer (I pray) we get to a compassionate resolution. And I say that as someone who suffered untold horrors with fosters, many decades ago.

Bright Blessings!

Christmas and Birthdays are the 2 things kids in Foster Care are robbed of every year. My last Christmas with my family and Birthday was when I was 12. As an adult now it is still very hard and I still do not like either. But hey at least I do not spend a fortune on either. But now my children have a value for these special days as I am sure to make sure they have fun. They do not get a ton of gifts. I give each one money so they can buy what they want and allow them to exchange gifts with each other. But we do not break the bank for it. It is more about spending time with each other than anything else. As that is the one thing that I always wished for more than any gift. I am working on telling you my story and I should have it done this weekend. It is currently only half done.

It breaks my heart to say that I have seen this same sort of evil in southern California. I don't recall how I learned of it--probably via a family at church--but when I did, I went to visit the family involved.

What I saw at their home was nothing but a large, loving, very normal Christian family doing their best to survive in this world. And yet, agents of the state of California had stolen some of their children for spurious reasons, forcing them to go to extreme legal measures in an effort to bring the children home. I attended one court session with the family in the hope of at least being present for some moral support.

The bottom line is this: I believe that human government is in all truth the satanic beast described in the book of Revelation. There are utterly evil spiritual powers at work behind the scenes. As parents and grandparents, we must exercise every caution and employ every possible method of resistance to protect our offspring.

Thanks, @canadian-coconut, for shining the light on this evil.



I am very grateful for Ana being so brave and sharing her horrific story with all of us which I know must of been very hard for her.
I can't imagine what she's gone through and still is going through but I admire her for standing strong and fighting for the truth and other people.
@canadian-coconut , @familyprotection and @markwhittam are doing amazing job bringing this awareness and fighting for the truth which are helping so many families out there.
Thank you guys for all your hard work.

Thank you for sharing your story. This is truly heart breaking to read, but these stories need to be shared. To serve as both an enlightenment and as an inspiration so movements like @familyprotection can be more well known.

I dont have the right words, but I feel you.


Looking forward to read the other parts.

It is important that these stories be heard, and then people see before their eyes what the CPS actually does to families around the western world.
Thank you Anna for braving and reviving this earthquake event, again in the hands of the so-called 'child protector'
And thanks Linda for continuing to do everything you can to help the family stay together, you have a golden heart.

You're a very courageous woman who's speaking in one voice to caution other people from cruel people in human skin..continue with your mission of keeping families together because you're going to reap the rewards of being a good woman.. I wish you merry Xmas in advance and every other women who are working hard to making this campaign a successful one

At first i was shock to read as i had no ideas what's happened dear @canadian-coconut  

 ... Exchanging gifts through tears of gratitude for those present  

But this stuck me and as i read i understand the deep pain behind the words 

 Twelve years ago, just before Christmas, our family was thrust into a nightmare from which we've never really recovered.

Certainly a event in life which as an individual who has suffered from it can't come out as it leave a deep impact in lifes and leaving a loved one forever is a pain i know for really is the most unforgettable pain in the world which lies beneath us.

I might not be able to do justice with my comment but this post was really an eye opener for me as an individual don't know about others but certainly for me  

three of them were so deeply traumatized

Pain is a pain no matter who has it or not we all as a human share the values and relations and that is not justified at all.

Just want to say that you did a really nice work by putting all the feeling you had buried deep inside you as a post here and have decided to share it with us i appreciate your post and understand its value !!

With all that being said i hope you have all the happiness around you once again :)

This is so saddenning. :( never knew anything like this before about legal kidnapping.. It will be so hard to be in that situation. But being able to post and share this story of yours only shows that you are a brave human. Show those wicked people that you are not weak and by this post of yours you are warning other families of their existence. They should stop this kind of unnecessary thing in this world. Sending hugs towards you. God bless you and your family!

All my best wishes and prayers are with Anna. The past cannot be changed but we can surely make the best of our attempts to ensure a bright future for all our dear children. I commend thw initiative being taken by u Linda and i am very proud to have you as a good friend. Keep up this excellent initiative. We are all there with you in support. The coward people need to be brought to justice and we should do all we can to spread these sorrowful stories across all at steemit and beyond. Resteeming this post to spread awareness. Let me know if i can be of any assistance. Would sure love to.
Regards Nainaz

This is a very heartbreaking story, I salute with you commitment Linda, hopefully with your courage, it inspires many steemians who have the same problem to express their opinions or criticisms to the government and the world as you do, my Respect for you Linda.

That is terrible, your kids being taken away from you... oh Anna, i just cant't find the words to say..

Thanks @canadian-coconut for sharing their story and raising awareness to such government cruelty. Such cases rarely happen in PH though, hence reading these kinds of stories are actually shocking and I cant find sense on these govt policies.

No one can take care of a child more than the child's own parents. So snatching children away from their parents is a kind of child abuse.

My heart goes out to every family terrorized by government systems. I’m a child of foster care and I stand with you!

Oh that is so sad to have her children taken right before Christmas. And it keeps happening. I cannot imagine. No way would they be talking to my daughter this Christmas. Thanks for sharing. So scary what they are capable of.

social workers are considered to be the most cruel among many professions. They have no feelings just duties, no humanity just prescribtions and no stops until they reach the goal..
There\re some professions in the world and this one is among them

I cant imagine what those children had to feel, and how their mom found strength to tell about it. It's great risk and great danger for her again, but it's the only way to make society wake up and protect their rights. If she is the only one, she will be lost, but when this story will sound loudly, she will get the best protection I hope.

We are fighting with many enemies, protecting our territory, but we often dont notice enemies who are much closer...

I promised you yesterday that I would do this today. Here is my story, thank you for doing all you can to keep families informed.

yes! thanks so much.

I resteemed. Horrible story, it steem if gains some steem haha, maybe enough people will wake up and this evil will finally be confronted by people with principle who will take action. (there are many who have already and are in jail, the real bravehearts). Earth is Flat. Space is Fake. NASA Lies They sold our birth certificates, the U.S. is a corporation. Las vegas shooting is a hoax, boston bombing a HOAX as in no one died, no one died no one hurt, MSM is CIA, Jesuits run it all (i think at the moment) gas chambers are an embarrassing failure to basic math and logic.
I recently after learning so much about hoax production in these "terrorist" attaacks that I went back and looked at 9/11 since i never really "figured" that out , watched simon shack september clues, aaron dovers hollow towers, saw AMPLE evidence of crisas actors and staged areas and photos by media and saw right away 9/11 is a SHAM as in no one died, and I had two people I KNEW friend of dad, and friend of business partner and I was across from wtc in jersey city nj. STILL, I think both are alive or that one did not ever exist, that person has fed ties.
So much lies and deception.I only just woke up 10 months ago, scary I was one of them, they have no idea this stuff is real.
GOOD LUCK! upvoted too

Fell a little numb after reading that. It's one thing reading it in the paper but hearing from you is somehow different. I have only spoken to you a few times but this article has saddened me. Unfortunately the truth must be told no matter how brutal. You will be in my thoughts over Christmas. Bless you all

I just added a line near the top of the post to clarify that this story is written about and by my friend Anna. She is staying with me right now -- away from her home -- until after Christmas.

Pass on my regards. What a good friend you are. Thank you for sharing her story.

People like Anna deserve to have a voice. It is vital that we hear these things, we can't forget about them, we can't sweep them under the rug.

It's bollocks that this still happens.
Thanks for sharing her voice.
Cheers! Upvoted!

On a side note as an adult my husband and I were foster parents as well. this is a whole different story that I will also tell you guys about. Just later on as I want to finish one story first.

I look forward to reading that story!

People need to wake up about the reality of legalized kidnapping sponsored by a powerful, quasi-unaccountable bureaucracy. Sadly, this is only a symptom of the breakdown of western society detached from its ethical mooring. I live far away on the other side of the globe in an Asian society where such stories are unheard of. Although there are occasional cases of child abuse, neighbors, friends and family help prevent the self-righteous CPS culture from taking hold.

I will resteem this article to make the facts more widely known, and try to discuss it with my students. I will also pray for Anna's family and her children.

Merry Christmas!

I am off with Danny from DASH and friends today to the orphanage( Hogar Infantil Marsh in Acapulco) 70 kids to feed, bring a new tv, fix a couple of computers and the trampoline.

steemit-have a good day-kitten.gif

Hello Linda

being new hear and since I have become Disabled your reads have given me some strength to maybe help more families. I thank you and will follow you and hopefully learn more from your posts. Thank you very much, great topic

Upvoted and Followed...

Such a LARGE subject...

With so many tendrils that lead into so many areas... Financial and political...

Thank you for your post and good luck to us all to be living under the fist of such perverted corruption of better ideals. There are many money trails to follow here, as well as the ultimate destruction of the family unit.

When these thugs knock on the door, don't speak with them and just shut up. If you feel you have to say anything, say ths: "I don't have enough legal information to give you a responsive answer." Answer each and every question the same way. When you answer any questions, they will use it for their own purposes to take your child away. The one asking the questions is the aggressor and they are going to use everything you say against you. Don't let them destroy your family by running your mouth. Stay calm and repeat your answer. You can always tell them that you don't wish to talk to demons. These people are demons in the flesh and you don't have to engage them.

OH waw You finally started blogging ! I saw your amazing curation support all around the platform but never had the chance to read any of your articles :( But I'm happy to have noticed you picked up on posting ^^

Happy holidays and and I wish you a beautiful Christmas ! And New Year Of course !

Much Love <3 Goldie

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Thanks @ canadian-coconut For telling us this story and @canadiense-coconut for continuing to support @familyprotection we must continue taking care of our children, it is the first time I visit your profile, but I hope to help and contribute to this work. And these people who cause so much pain someday will come their punishment. I take this message to call on all humanity of the importance of children, we are tired of so many acts of pain, please take care of your children. A very special greeting from @juandaloko .

All families in the world have problems Problems are the most difficult children have many families who do not give tax to children. They always torture children; children never get their basic needs properly; Children are really helpless, after all families in those families, there are many problems with parents They become the children alone, they become sons, they must be one of them They do not speak loudly, for them, no advantage is the worst comparison of the world. They and parents have taken care of them so much that the world does not care for them. Parents do not care for them, nobody will care for them. All of us should stand beside them. Stand beside children

Children are suffering in my country. Children are even abused any how by there own parents, i pray God help this world we are in. Please u can follow and upvote my

Thanks for sharing this. Children are suffering in my country. Children are even abused any how by there own parents, i pray God help this world we are in. Please u can follow and upvote my post @iloegbunamagnes

A good story my friend. I thing your family is an happy family.thanks for [email protected]

This reminds me of what happened to my neighbour's in the states before we moved back to Nigeria although they were having family issues then but they stood together. they had only one child,one day they were having an argument and were on top of their voices we overheard them it was about which school to send their child to but we couldnt intervene because it a family matter as we african do respect family related issues but however a concerned neigbour tiped ths CPS they came to their house few weeks later we got to know that they have already taken the only child this parents had.a family that had been together because of parental love for their child,a family which is at the blink of extinction,all that was left for them is blaming themselves of who caused what befall them few months later the man committed suicide as a result of what had happened ealier but nobody seems to have cared to know what pushed him to commit suicide.this is how a growing family was tarminated till we moved no body knew the where about of the child.CPS have done more harm than good to the glad that this platform will help sensitize people on what and which way the Govt used in child stealing

Which time you upload next post because i read your post first

I can only pray that the preparation of your event can run smoothly @canadian.coconut.
I feel sad to read your post, because I have not seen anyone who has the heart to separate the child from his mother. I pray that you and your son will be guarded by a god, and blessed age, this prayer is as a respect worthy of being praised as a good person like you.

Hey, @canadian-coconut,
This is an amazing story. I really liked it.
You are a nice writer.
Thanks for sharing.

For my point of view I must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.I like your protesting .Thank you very must because you open my eyes to help the people @canadian-coconut

this is good
First Happy Birthday
The family is the basis of life Maricki in this speech ??
Just drew attention
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I really enjoyed your post. According to this, You are doing a difficult and meaningful job, I hope God grants you with blessings and success.

Sangat penting agar cerita-cerita ini didengar, baru kemudian orang melihat di depan mata mereka apa yang sebenarnya dilakukan CPS kepada keluarga di seluruh dunia barat.

Terima kasih Anna karena telah berani dan menghidupkan kembali peristiwa mengerikan yang terjadi ini, sekali lagi di tangan yang disebut 'pelindung anak'

Dan terima kasih Linda karena terus melakukan semua yang Anda bisa untuk membantu keluarga tetap bersama, Anda memiliki hati emas.

Kami adalah @familyprotection...

hi this is @tejjesh
i have never seen such bravery post
good job keep continuing
and iam look for such posts further

Really bad act of them :( Yeah we need to raise our voice this hurt to much :(

How awful! It is kidnapping! Terrorism!

Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

This is really great you are working hard for the happiness of others,may God reward you bountifully.Good work.

Thank you @canadian-coconut, I'd love some tutoring from you, I'm new to steemit

what? real or fake ?

Nice work..i agree with u..keep up the good work

A great post post is very good

Oh yes, it's very sad that it happened in your history and I hope everything became good! Thanks Linda and a happy Christmas!

I'd like to support this extremely important topic and tell some facts about Russian situation

thanks @canadian-coconut for raising this theme! the parents will be more ready for possible problems, if you are aware, you've some important weapons already, as our people say.

In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality.

I feel sorry for your friend Anna and her children, but when it comes to calling goverment agencies to help you.. from my experience and hearing other people stories they most definitely will just pull your nose and not help at all, I just wish someone took the manner into their own hands and tried to help the children... Atleast the positive thing is they didn't die..

Every organization needs scrutiny and transparency and if such things are indeed the case they should be investigated. Its hard for me to believe that they would come after children unless they are truly in danger.

Great content. Thank you for sharing. Please keep it up. I already upvote.

Our children are so important. Keep up the great work.

i totally agree with all your words especially these lines
Also, if they snatch your child just before the holidays, they know all government offices are closed, so all your frantic phone calls only reach recorded messages, wishing you "HAPPY HOLIDAYS," leaving you helplessly grieving with no recourse or remedy. Later on you learn it doesn't really matter anyways. Even if your child dies in the care of the kidnappers, no one is ever held accountable.

have a great day !
May God bless you and your family !

lots of love yours @hassanabid

Wow this is so beautiful!!

very good post

Hopefully next year Linda is always a beautiful dream and forget all the nightmares, let's dream beautiful with beloved family all and together familyprotection for the future of life for beautiful

Dear steemians .... please do everything ... to get rid of this evil agency’ that exists in many countries ... please spread the word .... there are many excellent bloggers , and influential people here ... kids must ... they must be protected ..... it’s never negotiable ...never

Oh sad story but in the same time promising and hope for '' recover '', do not forget you always have us the Steemit Comunity.

"The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children " so important for we my friends !

I hope your having an amazing Christmas Linda :) must be cold in Canada but I’m sure your having a beautiful time ! I’m steven it’s nice to meet you :) I look forward to the rest of your posts!

Marry christmas....


I really hope it will help somebody!
we must be aware and must be ready...but it's better it would remain only theoretical knowledge, without practice(
we must know our rights anyways!

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Thanks for drawing attention on this important topic. I resteemed your great post :)

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you

This is good work @canadian-coconut, many will find succor because of this. Christmas is also a good time to point out the case for @familyprotection

you are right dear