When Kidnapped Children Get Adopted (FamilyProtection Series -- Tammy's Story)

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This heart-wrenching phone call sent me flying out of my door! ... running ...

"Oh, Anna Anna! They took my baby!"

"They took my Twyla! Ohhh! Anna! Ohhh!"


... running -- not far -- just down the hill across the road ... to the house where Twyla was born, the BEAUTIFUL newborn girl that I had caught just months ago, midwifing for my friend, Tammy.

Tammy had been doing so well ... she'd beat her addictions, was in a committed relationship with Wade, a sweet man who loved her deeply -- so beautiful, my Tammy! So brave and dedicated ...

I got to her house; I could hear her WAILING before I even got to the door ... I burst in, not knowing what I would see. There was evidence of a struggle, things knocked over and strewn about in her normally tidy, clean home. Her husband, a small blonde man with glasses and delicate features, was sobbing and shaking ...

"I couldn't stop them! I couldn't stop them!"

The sight of my friend broke my heart. Her eyes were swelled shut. She was on her couch, howling. She couldn't see me.

"Anna! Oh Anna!"

I held her tightly as she shook and wailed. "What happened," I asked?

"They tasered her, and pepper-sprayed her because she wouldn't let go of Twyla,"

his voice cracked over his precious daughter's name and he broke down in tears.


Another family ruined in the name of "Child Protection." Why? Why did they have to take her? What kind of abuse warrants tasers and pepper-spray?

Just a few weeks earlier, Tammy had brought her baby up to my house, worried that she wasn't getting enough milk, begging me to feed her because she knew I had lots. My own baby boy was just a few months older and my milk was abundant -- I put Twyla to my breast and she latched on -- not like starving, but sucking so gently I understood right away why my friend was worried. This baby would have had to work a lot harder to pull milk from her own mother's tiny, perky breasts, compared to me. I leaked freely at the slightest touch.

"Squeeze her cheeks," I said, "Like this!" I showed her a little trick to increase baby's suction power.

"So she's not starving?"

"No! She's just delicate and gentle, naturally slender and small like both her parents."


So why did the "authorities" rip her so violently from her mother?

"It was the housekeeper, Krystal! Remember that day? You were there ..."

Yes, I was. I remember.

I had come down to visit as I often did, with my own baby boy, to make sure the cheek-squeeze was working (it was) and to offer my help cleaning up if needed (it wasn't).

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) found out that Tammy had a homebirth, and offered to pay for a housekeeper, telling her it was mandatory or else they would apprehend her baby. Ridiculous, because her house was clean! We helped each other; whenever either of us got overwhelmed the other would come and pitch in for a while; and Tammy was just loving being a mother.


The housekeeper that the Ministry of Children and Family Development sent was a woman named Krystal who lived in a neighbouring town. We both had friends who knew her and knew that her boyfriend had a meth lab and that she sold meth for him in that town. She would bad-mouth everyone to everyone else, like a malicious gossip-monger.

Tammy had confided to me that she thought Krystal might be flirting with Wade, but she wasn't sure. "Maybe I'm just paranoid. I can't stand the thought of losing him," she said.

So that day when I stopped in, the housekeeper was enjoying a cup of tea that Tammy had served her, while Tammy kept checking on her baby girl, who was asleep in the other room.

"I never have to do anything here really, because it's always clean! But I still get paid as long as I don't tell my boss," the housekeeper quipped.

Then Wade walked into the room and Krystal immediately sat up straighter, fluffed her hair and crossed her legs in a gesture meant to be coyly provocative.

"Hi Wade," she batted her lashes at him. He greeted her with something that sounded like "ugh," turned around and went back outside. Krystal got up immediately to follow him, commenting to me in a conspiratorial whisper -- "Isn't he handsome? Tammy's so lucky," and went outside. I got up and went to the bedroom where Tammy was now feeding Twyla. Baby was fussing, teething and Tammy went and got a freezie to try to cool her gums.

Her place was a basement suite, and the bedroom window opened at ground level into a walkway along the side of the house. As we stood there together, we could see Wade and Krystal on the pavement just outside the bedroom window.

"Don't!" he said firmly and loudly enough for us both to hear. The Ministry-approved housekeeper had her hands on Wade's chest, and we saw him push her hands away. I watched Tammy's face cloud over. "Oooh!" she said, "That's it! No more!*"

Why didn't she hand Twyla to me? I'll never know. She flung open the window. "Wade! Take Twyla!" she handed the baby to him and then hurried outside.

"I saw that you dirty skank! Keep your stinking meth-dealing paws off my man!"

"What? I never!" Krystal sputtered.

"And get off my property. There's nothing here for you anyway!" said Tammy almost shrieking.

"You're going to regret that bitch," said Krystal as she stormed off.

The official reason for removal of baby Twyla was the report that mom threw the baby out the window, after feeding her a choking hazard.

My friend Tammy never recovered. The sobbing mess she was that day when they ripped her precious daughter from her arms became her normal waking state.

She could not make herself presentable for court.

She couldn't eat.

She would wake up screaming.

Her hair started falling out.

"My baby is in town here somewhere," she would whisper weakly and wander the streets gazing into strollers and car seats like a stalker.

Almost 3 years later, I was at a Family Place Drop-In Center. A little girl, almost 3-years-old, came up to me, with a strange hollow expression and put her hand on my knee. Silently, the child stared at me, and I noticed a distinctive birthmark on her hand -- this is Twyla!!

"Twyla? You remember me?" I exclaimed in astonishment.

A woman sitting just a few feet from me turned around and glared.

"How do you know her?" she asked.

"I'm the midwife who delivered her," I answered.

"Oh well, we are in the process of adopting her. We changed her name to Hannah so that in case we ran into her mother around town, the mother wouldn't know who she is."

Fury rose up in me. "Have you ever met her mother?"

"Well, no. But she doesn't care. Never did."

I almost choked. "*You have no idea!"

I turned to the little girl and said ....







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Governments around the world,

are using "Child Protection Agencies"

to take children away from loving families

and place them in foster care or group homes

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This account of TRUE events that took place 13 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna. It is the first in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes,
or adopt them out.

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BiG Kudos to the @FamilyProtection Team... @MarkWhittam, Linda aka @Canadian-Coconut, Anna and many others that I may not be aware of...

Looking forward Linda, to this ongoing series with Your friend Anna and her real-life explanation of what has been going on for many years now... both in her country and GLOBALLY.

This account of TRUE events was written by my friend, Anna. It is the first in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag.

Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.

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I grew up watching a friend of mine being constantly removed from her home with her mother, only to run away from the foster home, as she knew she was the only one that could care for her mother. It was heartbreaking.

The story of Anna, was there nothing she could do to legally get her daughter back? It breaks my heart to think it is hopeless. I cannot imagine her pain. I send peace and love to her heart.

This is an amazing cause!

Just had a visit from neofacs today.....i feel violated, abused, angry.... they come out of nowhere.

This is horrible ..
Such stories must really be spread to increase community awareness.
The community, in turn, is responsible for demanding justice in preserving the parentage of families.

I grew up in a foster home. However, I was not a foster child, but rather the child of foster parents. My parents were loving and caring, wanting to help those in need. However, after 10 years and over 300 kids going through the home, my siblings and I went to our parents and begged them to stop. I am grateful that they listened. Just a few years ago, we had a run in with Social Services again, which I shared here a few months ago.


As a result of my work to unwind myself from the system, I learned a lot about what the government can and cannot do. Learning about who we are and putting them inside the box to control their actions and behaviours is everyone's responsibility. By me confronting CPS I shook up that department in St. Albert which resulted in changes and set one social worker back on the proper path. Having her cry in front of us for an hour and thanking us for reminding her why she entered social work is humbling and rewarding.

If people want to stand up to these pirates, you need to know your stuff. But it can be done and it must be done in order to protect our off spring. I don't use the word child because they define that word. My two boys were protected and so to was the indigenous boy that we were stewarding when he stayed with us.

Violence and coercion is their mode of operation. From my research a few years ago, there was nothing that stipulated that there was a mandatory requirement for a house maid after a home birth. I have many friends who do home births and no house maid was ever sent.

I also have friends who don't sign the paperwork for registering the birth too. Please know that if that paperwork is signed, the parents are turning over legal title of their baby over to the state. That is why the state can take them. If parents would stop giving legal title over to the state, then the state cannot keep taking them.

I have a student of mine who did not register the birth and was camping on a public park. He and his wife was in one tent, the baby was right beside them in another tent. They got raided by police through the night and they took their baby and charged him with child endangerment, assaulting a police officer and 4 other serious charges. He went off to jail and got out in 5 days because he knew who he was. Most people are shocked how he did it. But what is most surprising to me is that they checked over the health of the baby and RETURNED THE BABY TO THE MOTHER WITHIN 30 MINUTES! Why? Because the baby was not theirs. They did not have grounds to take the baby.

I agree that this issue is about their violence and blindness, but it is also about ours! If you are a citizen, then you need to know your rights. What I teach is how to stand as spiritual beings so that they have zero jurisdiction over us. That requires that we learn how to govern ourselves, declare peace and be peaceful. But all of these steps will help end the destruction of the family that I've witnessed for over 45 years when my parents started foster parenting when I was 5.

My whole blog here on steem it is about these core issues. My heart weeps when I hear stories like this and there are things we can do to stop them. This is not about changing legislation, but rather recognizing who we are and putting them back into the box where they belong. If they want out of the box, then they must surrender their ways and learn how to live spiritual, peaceful lives.

Thank you @canadian-coconut for sharing this story. It tears at my heart and is why I do what I do. My views and solutions may seem extreme or scary even, but I know deep in my heart that we must explore these issues and I've tested the path and I am still here. So I share what I did.

Well said WWF
"Please know that if that paperwork is signed, the parents are turning over legal title of their baby over to the state. That is why the state can take them. If parents would stop giving legal title over to the state, then the state cannot keep taking them."

Sadly no one cares about learning their rights, they would rather disbelieve and just bitch?
Contact me and I can help.

God bless you all!

I am also able to help as well. I've been walking this path for nearly 15 years! Lots of stories to tell. I just wrote a post this morning about this topic. Visit my blog if you are interested in my take on it all. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

I just read it and your new post has very valuable information contained in it.
Thank-you so much for what you are doing to prepare and help out families and children!

If people are really interested in digging deeper, my whole blog is setup to step people through this whole process. It is like a heavy duty course on freedom free for those with the will to do the work. Thank you for all the work you are doing as well. It is wonderful to have like minded people pooling together to make a difference in how we govern ourselves and treat one another. May Creator bless you my friend.

Anna (who told the story in this post) is EXHILARATED to hear your thought processes on how to withdraw from the system. She has heard bits and pieces before, but never pulled together the way that you have done, and it resonates very deeply with her.

I must say that it really resonates with me too. I have heard some of those things before, but never really considered taking the plunge away from the system as it seemed too extreme and I didn't want to be a rebel just for the sake of being a rebel.

Somehow reading your thought processes on the few posts of yours that I have now reviewed, makes it seem doable and with purpose.

Anna would probably love to talk to you on the phone one of these days too, but I'll give her a chance to review some of your writing here first and watch that Youtube video about you.

We can always chat privately on Discord or Steemit.chat

I am honoured. Yes, I would recommend that she review my blog before making any decisions. I have two individuals who are studying my work right now and working their way to freedom. I've had a hand full of serious students in the past as well. The story I told being one of them. It is a huge commitment and some would view it as extreme. I do feel that we need some extreme measure in order to confront what is unfolding before our eyes. I am open to a phone call as well and would be honoured to speak with her. I am not on discord or steemit.chat yet. So if she is interested let me know and I'll endeavor to get connected through one of those two channels or she can call me directly. But I'll need to find a private way to share contact info as I don't want that to be public. <3

I recommend that people start at the beginning of my blog and work their way up! I've set it up like a course so that people are eased into the ideas that I am sharing. A lot of the content I share now are details from my workshops.

Is your course for Canadians only?

I will definitely dig into your blog, because I am very interested in what you have to say. With my youngest son I contemplated about not registering him. With the other three, I had just never heard of it. However, there are a few problems with this that the system created to make it so much harder for people to do so. One being child benefit. I am not 100% sure how this works in countries like the US or in Canada, but these payments are often essential for a lot of families. When my son was born 3 years ago, I had just left my then partner the month before and on my own again with now four instead of three mouths to feed would have been impossible at the time. In Ireland the child benefit payments are quite high and in our case, I just wouldn't have been able to pay the bills without it. BUT: no registration, no child benefit. And then, there is of course the issue of passports. While there are some people who are quite content to never leave where they live, a lot are not. Just looking at myself: I live in Ireland but I am from Holland. Not being able to travel would mean never to see family and some friends again. Of course, for my children I would make the sacrifice, but that would then mean to be 'stuck' in a country and not being able to leave in the case of any issues (in our case, a move in the near future is becoming reality, for reasons concerning my experiences with CPS here...). But I think this has all been done on purpose. In Ireland alone, unemployment rates are very high. So people either have to rely on their social welfare payments and the child benefit each month, or move to another country for jobs. They KNOW that this is the case for a lot of families, and therefore they have them where they want them. Also, I have a friend in California who's sister decided to not register her child. When the child was 8 months old, CPS came and the child was removed from their home with force. There were no problems, but they made everything into a problem. Eventually, the reasons they gave were as follows: child was removed to give it a better chance to a normal life, as enrolling in school, hospital visits etc. would not be possible or harder in the case of non registration. This is 1 year ago, and she is only allowed supervised visits once every two weeks....Anyway, I enjoyed reading your comment and am looking forward to read more.

You are right, there are costs associated with this path. However, once the fraud of the state is exposed, we will be able to move or travel across the face of this planet without restriction from a feudal overlord. Walking this path also requires a lot of work to provide for oneself without receiving any benefits or privileges from the state. It takes time to get established so that one does not need the state to provide the basic necessities of life.

Please go through my blog as it will outline what it takes to stand up to the state and make sure you are willing to pay that price for freedom.

I definitely will read everything there. Already started. Fortunately for us, we are no longer in need of any assistance from the state. And I have been in the process of waking people up to what is really going on in the world (instead of what the media is telling us) for a long time. For years, people (even some friends and family) would declare me crazy, but now there are more and more who tell me that I was right. Borders is something invented by people in power to make it easier to contain us, literally. This power play has been going on for such a long time but if you tell people that they look at you as if you have two heads. Too many people still believe the history books...

Thank you so much @wwf for your detailed comment. I have always heard about the "No birth registration advice" which I personally believe is a great route!. But in your post/comment I see a a very wise and deep strategy to unfolding ourselves from the system here and from your other posts I just latched on. Thanks!!!!

thank you. Yes, there is a strategy behind my work, so doing just one thing is not wise. It is a whole life style and really knowing who and what you are. It takes a lot of work to do what I've done, so I would suggest that people not take it lightly as it is complicated. Not due to the life style, beliefs and work, but because the system is so complex. I work to make it simple though. I'm glad you found value in my explanation. <3

Absolutely!, I found a ton of value in them.

Geez Linda, I don't know if this is a true story or a fiction based on true events but I'm literally gripping my office chair with anger!
I'm sure it's based on truth as the creeping fascism in these agencies is off the charts.
As far as they are concerned your children belong to them and you only get to keep them as long as they say so.
Holy shit! How did it get to this?
This would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago, this is big government showing its most deplorable face. Resteemed.
This needs to stop.

Sorry to say that everything is true.
My friend, Anna, wrote if out today.
Her own ordeal with her own children being torn away is next.

I'm appalled.
I've heard a few stories in recent years that have saddened me greatly but this is a disgrace especially when you consider the implications for other parents having to deal with the same government agent stealing children from their loving home based on lies!
I find them hard to read but it's our duty to read them and disseminate the information to as many people as possible to ensure the public become more aware of these crimes.
The worst part though is there are children who desperately need help who will fall through the cracks because people won't report genuine neglect/abuse if they think the system is corrupt.
Thank you for bringing this information to us babe, even though it's harrowing it's incredibly important.

I have been wondering how she is doing.

Oh my God!! That is just-- I can't even come up with the appropriate words for how insanely horrible that is. It makes me so furious.

My stepson had CPS called on him last year, it was an anonymous call but we all knew that it came from a neighbor they didn't get along with and was done out of spite. At any rate he's been taught well by his dad to never ever let those vultures into his house. He told them to get off his property, they threatened to bring the police, he said 'Go right ahead, just make sure they have a search warrant or they're not coming in either." Guess what? No one came back. I can't stress enough how important it is for people to "Just Say No".

In fact, and this is a lesser thing I know, but we recently had the dog warden called on us. Apparently someone on a neighboring road reported a dog barking incessantly and thought it was ours. They were mistaken since one of our dogs doesn't bark unless there is something seriously out of the ordinary, and our other one will bark if we let her out without going with her (we have a fenced in yard) so if she goes out alone we bring her in within ten minutes.
Anyway the warden, who was insisting on seeing our dog licenses was politely told to fuck off and she also threatened to bring the cops. And was told the same thing as the cps woman, and again no cops came.

So I will repeat. Just Say No.

I hope that everyone who reads this is full of the same rage that you are.
We NEED to be enraged that government agents are doing these types of things all over the place, in many different countries. This is not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination.
Thank-you for supporting this cause!

It has been some time since something someone said inspired me to say 'Amen' in return, but that's the word that came to mind as I read your first two sentences.
No, it is completely unacceptable. Deplorable.
I will always support a cause that truly is about protecting children.

I couldn't even read this in one go. It's like someone pulls your heart out, and in this case, it is true. What an absolute horror story. And that woman (if that's the word), that one would go on my to do list...'As long as I don't tell my boss that I don't do anything because the house is clean?' WTF?? So what was she telling them? That she was working her butt off all day? There's a special place for people like that...I can't even begin to say I'm sorry that this happened, because it should have never happened. And you are right: those 'helpers' are not there to help. The one they assigned to me (she's not a housekeeper, but a family care worker) was compulsory too. I had no say in it. The woman is not a complete monster luckily, and keeps saying that she really doesn't know why she has to come here. Part of me wants to believe it (because I know it's true) and a larger part feels that this is their tactic to try and win you over so you trust them with things. She comes here (and I have to say she always calls me ahead of time, sometimes only half an hour, but at least she has the courtesy to do so, unlike the CPS worker...)has a chat with me for about 10 minutes...about nothing really (she does inform me of plans of the CPS worker to drop in) then asks the kids how things are going with their 'school work' and then ALWAYS goes to the toilet before she leaves. I know for a fact that it's her way of checking if my toilet is clean. The thing is, the house can be in chaos with toys and books flying around, but there are three rooms in the house that are always sparkly clean: my kitchen, bathroom and the toilet...So her attempt to catch me with a dirty toilet is always in vain. Today, I got a phone call from the CPS worker, I am seeing her tomorrow (the first time she tells me ahead of time) and she has a X-mas present for us...what it is, I can't even begin to put into words. But it's sickening and it really got me thinking...they are not letting lose, not one bit. They have nothing better to do than bother families who want nothing but the best for their children so in order to keep themselves in a job, they keep doing what they do best....

This is the insane treatment families get from this people!. They "purposely" planted a widely known drug-mongering Krystal in Tammy's home to get a base to torment the family. This is so horrible. If the Issue of "Wade" had never happened they would have sought for another alternative of ripping sweet "twyla" from that home. This is unacceptable, who gave them the right to come in and mess with our lives as though they own it. Unacceptable!.

Twyla, Mum and Dad loves you than anyone in this world. You will find your way back home Lovely sweet Child.

"Twyla, Mum and Dad loves you than anyone in this world. You will find your way back home Lovely sweet Child." This is the line on your comments really true. I believe it 100%Thanks

thanks for upvoting

Yes, absolutely! They wanted that child no matter what.

NEVER EVER accept their help!
It is NOT help.

Another friend of mine had a similar incident with fortunately a happier ending.
The housekeeper that they provided allowed the Social Worker into the home (while my friend was out) so that they could search up and down throughout the house to find any type of possible evidence they could use against her to apprehend the child. Fortunately they found nothing.

These housekeepers are spies and agents, used to help further the destruction of families.

i am agree with you @kryptocoin

This is such a heart wrenching story. I can't image how devastating and frustrating this must be to live through this.

Let's fight for more decentralization to try to prevent such situation from repeating.

@canadian-coconut This sickens me to my core! It's occurring in synchronicity all over the world and as such it's agenda, an agenda that will slowly begin to cast a wider and wider net. The slow but steady erosion of parental rights leading to an age where the state becomes the parent and the parent the custodian. Of course the right of custodianship will only be granted to those deemed worthy. If that sounds far fetched to anyone reading this, I urge you to feel the momentum.

I hope the love of children will be the one thing that galvanises humanity to rise above this bullshit for if we allow this to happen we are truly lost. Thank you for the family protection project (together we are strong), thank you caring and thank you for offering a beacon of light to lives that have become shrouded in darkness. Much love and respect from me.

This is a gut-wrenching story. I was hoping it was fiction - but I know it's real. Things like this happen all the time even if we don't always hear about it.

My wife and I read this together. She's in tears, i'm just angry. The injustice is beyond outrageous. Any government that has a Ministry of Children and Family Development, has far overstepped their bounds. Get your grubby fingers out of the personal lives of families. Tasering and stealing a child from a mother is criminal. Absolutely criminal.

That is just horrible!!

Our middle son had suction problems, but a small chiropractic roof-of-the-mouth adjustment and he was fine. Our youngest son was born big and then lost weight because mom had stress or something holding back her letdown. He was eating, just not enough to keep his chubby weight. Unfortunately we were on WIC(in america..Women, Infants and children) a food assistance program. On one visit they checked him(we had already spoken with mom's midwife and had an action plan)... They freaked out about his weight loss..... You have to take him to the emergency room. "WHAT!?" He was our third. We weren't so easily shocked. We waved it off, but they were saying we HAD to go. I said we are fine.... But they called the police and brought a CPS person.

Fortunately there was no Stealing. But we were nervous as everything for 6 weeks or so. We got off WIC 3 weeks after that(would have sooner...but didnt want to cause further cause for alarm), AND HAVE NEVER BEEN ON ANOTHER GOVERNMENT PROGRAM AGAIN. Not even Obama care. No thanks!!!

Don't give them the opportunity to get their foot in the door.

Sux that THERE even a home birth is their sufficient excuse. Ugh.

We were on WIC back then as well for our first two babies. I never thought about how a program like that would open doors for them to come in and try to regulate. Thank goodness we never had any issues back then but just knowing they had all of those reports about our babies and their health and growth is eye opening. We know now not to get involved with any government programs. They make it hard for people to resist. They offer you all of this free food for your baby and services but the catch is them in your business and able to accuse you of something because they have records on your family. It’s a shame...yea you can keep your help we’ll get by just fine.

I am so glad that your family stayed safe. They are waiting to see who they can easily prey on next. We as parents must all be vigilante not to help them gain any grounds against us.

Thank you Linda I am glad we stayed safe too. We could have been targets being apart of that service for nearly four years. I’m so glad we decided to stop signing up for it, it’s probably way worse even now.

Thank you for this post. I do not have the words.

I thought there's such a problem only in Russia...

Juvenille justice is becoming crueler from year to year, there're new and new norms ans standards which allow to take a baby away from the family.. I'm just shiverring when I hear new stories.. I can't put in in my mind - how can it be in general?? Parents are alive, they're loving and caring but somebody else decides whether they are worth to be parents!

we have some loud cases that appeared to be great scandals, the society is nervous about it but their activity is not stopped yet.
They come home, they can check how you take care of a kid, YOUR kid... strangers decide it...shock

I know a case when a baby fell accidently and mom took him to a hospital to check if he was ok. He was fine but the hospital tol the police about it and the next day they came to write an official paper with explanations. The mother was really afraid they would punish her somehow because they could think she beated a baby.

Too much wrong in their actions.. It's better to give necessary conditions of life to kids but not to take them away from moms!

Sadly this seems to be happening all over the world in all of the developed countries.
Thank-you for sharing about how Russia has the same problems.
I hope that somehow we can together put a stop to our over-reaching government workers who take it upon themselves to destroy families and children wherever they please.
Thank-you for reading!

people must protect and struggle for their interests

thank you for attention too!!

No!, not another one. This organisation need to be closed. No more. They protect no one, infact from my own view they serve no purpose at all than to create and maintain chaos. God help us

This story gave me a very uneasy feeling knowing the measures they will take to get their way. It didn’t even seem real as I was reading, it felt more like a horror film. My heart sank when I read the official reason for removal for baby Twyla. This is outrageous and ridiculously insane! Our kids aren’t safe in these peoples hands and families will never be the same. What kind of hearts do these monsters have for taking a child away from a loving mother? Do they even have hearts at all? Everyone has a conscience and one day everyone involved in these illegal acts will have to face what they were apart of. I pray for conviction of these workers and that they will just stop and realize these are REAL people and they don’t deserve to be tortured like this and live the rest of their lives without their babies. Screw a job, these people are working for cruel and corrupted companies. It’s unacceptable getting a paycheck to ruin families. THIS MADNESS HAS GOT TO STOP!

That anger is a righteous anger! These people sure do behave like monsters. They have destroyed life after life after life with no remorse.
Thank-you for reading and responding.

Yes this story really made me angry. I was hoping at the end you would say stay tuned for the conclusion of Part 2 and we would read a happier ending. But unfortunately I realize that a lot of these stories won’t end that way. Thank you for bringing these horrors to the surface to inform us. Many blessings to your friend Anna.

Stories like this just make me cry. Folks like Tammy are forced into unwanted situations. Twylias are tipped from their family and their roots. But also that we have so much evil in this world. Yes these things bring flowing tears to me. I know this is a spiritual war. Good and Evil God and Satan and these heartbreaking stories are only the symptom to the greater concern. That is the heart of men an women. As long as people choose evil these horrific acts continue in one form or another. But we must change the heart. A gun does not kill people - the hearts of people kill people. So too with these horrific acts. It is the desire to o bad evil acts that break up families and bring tears to the world. Change the hearts otherwise it is only a good bandaid. Wonderfully done story.

Those tears are healthy and normal.
I don't know how a caring person could not be upset after reading this account.

Thank-you for your support of this cause!

Resteemed and shared. The world needs to know this is happening.

Thank-you Mary.
This morning this post is #13 in Trending !
That should help more eyes on this true story.

Help is available to free yourself from this madness!

A terrifying story Linda but one that is all too familiar. The most vulnerable in our society make easy targets and the stigma attached to addictions is one that is easily used against otherwise good mothers and fathers to legally kidnap their children without allowing them the opportunity and support to improve their positions in life.

Great job in relaying the emotion involved in such a sad story Anna.

As a mother this post is definitely the most horrifying thing that could happen, having to say those words out loud ' they took my baby', even having to write them now makes me instinctively look for my 8 month old daughter and take her in my arms.
How has this come to be this way, that we live in a world where we cannot protect our young. Other animals protect with their lives and their are always others there to fend off danger, but for humans these mothers are left to continue on and try and make sense of this crazy world.
Thank you @canadian-coconut for sharing this story, that was so heartbreaking to read but to have to live that reality I cannot even begin to comprehend. resteemed

I have no words...I feel so sad and angry reading this. Thank you for publishing this true story so that others can protect themselves. I don't know if anyone could ever truly recover from such a tragedy. I'm so sorry...please hug your friend for me. I pray for them to be reunited with their child!

Dear @canadian-coconut, this Is very bad. A hell for every mother. I am sure resteem this to me European Steemians and friends to let more people hear from this problems. The more, the better know about this. If it is ok, I will translate that to German and post it and put the link as well to your post. Because many Germany don't know English ... I have a 1,6 years old girl, so I can imagine the feelings what happened very well

Yes! Feel free to translate it and repost it.

This is just heart wrenching to read ;-( Only in a police state could this happen. What could be worse then being totally powerless to stop complete strangers kidnap your child against your will for doing nothing wrong.

I don't know what can be done to change this, other than leaving the country like Mark W. did.. but I give you what support i can, an up-vote and a re-steem!

I think ecoTrain could do a question of the week on this also.. as it is just one of the biggest violations of basic humans rights that I can think of..

This type of situation gives me the chills, because I don't think we have much in the way to protect ourselves from this type of malicious abuse. Anonymous reports with no ability to face our accusers make this a situation prone to abuse. We have taken to solitude in raising our children. I have had to learn to control my temper 100%. Just yes sir and no ma'am when anyone is inquisitive about anything. I can't share, because I can't perceive visually who is likely to be the rat. We live in the country and mind our own business. We are happy and fulfilled... but we don't mix with "normal" people. I have befriended many police officers, and my children have as well, in hopes that they would be supportive if some false accusation ever comes up. We know that we do nothing wrong, we are not freaks.... but we've learned through the experiences of others that you don't have to do anything wrong for this weapon to be turned against you. Such a tragic story. Thanks for sharing it. We all need to keep on our toes.

This is seriously frightening. I think I prefer living in a semi third world country, with less "care" and less regulation. I know people who I've longed for their children to be removed from their care, as their situation was so bad it couldn't be worse, but no matter what happened the authorities did basically nothing.

No matter where in the world, the children are always the victims. They are used as pawns in trivial games between adults. Thank you for bringing these stories to light.

This is the most disturbing and disgusting thing I have read in a very very long time. I don't even have words... Not nice ones. Ones that will get me booted from steemit for sure.

I am outraged. How can these people, this organization, be stopped???

OH my! I don't even know what to say about this. I have heard so many horrendous stories about the stealing of children...this one also makes me feel sick. It's so important that we share and build a community that can come together to help each other to keep families together---for the sake of everyone!!

Thank you @canadian-coconut for all that you share and for helping to raise the awareness that will lead to great support and change. I greatly appreciate your efforts. Resteemed!

Thank-you! I appreciate the resteem and support.
I hope that the whole world wakes up to these atrocities against loving parents and their children.

As a new mother (my daughter is 6 months old) this absolutely makes my skin crawl and makes me SICK... this has GOT to end. you have my full support. Upvoted and followed! Will also share on other forms of social media for you... I would say more, but I don't even have the words at the moment I'm still SHOCKED :(


I cannot imagine. My worst fear. It seems so commonplace for parents to lose custody of their children for being unfit and then have all their rights taken away. The foster parents have no idea what the real story is, but they are told something...whatever it takes! This is so sad. I wouldn't be able to put myself back together either.

Indeed a sad story. Such cruel people snatching away new born babies should be severely punished for such cowardly acts. Have resteemed this post to make everyone aware of this. Following the family protection tag as well dear.
Regards Nainaz

thank-you for resteeming this.
I hope that it gets a lot of views, and even goes viral.

I would urge each and every steemitian to resteem this post for more visibility. Am sure it would and should go viral.

One thing mothers and fathers should realize is that government workers only come in two styles: assholes and assholes-in-training. If they come around your home you should do three things: shut up, shut up, and shut up. Do not speak to these demons as their underlying purpose is to destroy everything that is good and wholesome in life. They are not your friends nor are they there to help you. They make money ruining people's lives. Their laws are complete nonsense and most of them they pull out of their asses to fit a particular situation. I have no respect for these government creeps. They do the work of the Devil. You have to shift the burden of proof back to them. They have no authority to kidnap the kids. I've tried helping people with problems like this but they don't follow through and they don't listen. If you have to speak to them, then ask the following question: What facts do you have that your "laws" apply to me or my family? They won't be able to answer the question.

Oh my god, heartbreaking and tears rolling over my cheeks. I have a horrible story to tell about child protective services too . I posted just a bit today. I have to miss my 2 oldest kids and it is heartbreaking to know this is happening to loving moms and kids every single day. If you are curious you can read a really small part here https://steemit.com/homeless/@anouk.nox/how-to-get-back-your-inner-strength-part-2-of-my-story I am following you and will resteem this ..

Enjoy the vote and reward!

@eatsrewards thank you very much!

My Wife Really want kids and we are trying from last 2 years, everything is fine medically. I guess its not just right time for us and GOD want us to wait a little more ... :)
Thank you for sharing and a big thumbs up for @canadian-coconut ...

May you be blessed with a child of your own.
Thank-you for reading this post and considering where any adopted child may truly be coming from.

@canadian-coconut - It is sad to see such distortion of fact by biased official. It lead to separation of mother and her baby. Nothing could be crueler!!
I often see systems meant to be helpful to the people being scammed by officials to turn them in to some monstrous money making schemes at the cost of the poor people. Most of the developing nations I have been to, from countries in SE Asia to Africa have such things going on. However, the tale you have told is just heart wrenching. Kudos to you for spreading awareness.
It will be great if we could do something to help the mother in this case.



for the so called government agencies cps, actually the people have no heart. How could they do that, it's a kind of cruelties and hatred toward the citizens of your country. You have every right to hold your kids and support them, are you a citizen of free country?. You are doing great job by creating awareness among people about the inhuman activities of the system. My one friend @markwhittam was also a sufferer in the hands of the same. I know it very well that he is also doing the great job with you. I want offer great thanks for your bravery and honest work. We are with you friends please go ahead with your great effort, god help those who help themselves, so victory must be achieved one. Wish you good friend.

CPS is very lucky... or very smart, to only take children from good homes. Imagine if they took the child from the home of some PTSD suffering soldier who had an extreme over protective streak.

There wouldn't be any CPS left.
Especially, low down, cheating CPS.

Thank you for the story, may it get spread far and wide.
May the CPS get a worse name then the tax collector.

This is a very sad story and a story about abuse of authority to bring children from their parents, I can not imagine this happening to me, thank you for sharing Linda. Hopefully with the @familyprotection more families who experience this problem can be helped and more daring to write his stories by using the tag @familyprotection

Iv heard a dirty rumor that in some really corrupt areas in the nation, they actually take the babies away for trafficking.. I do not know if that is true. But it would not surprise me anymore.

The baby in this true story WAS trafficked.
There is really no other word for it.
They stole a child that the family loved, and sold it to another family.

This is so horrifying.

My dear friend, this is so true. I am aware of numerously huge numbers of this treatment and corruption that I can no longer stand on the sidelines of this issue. They are more than traffickers, they are sadistic criminals whose sole goal is to tear down families into shreds and destroy community sense of values.

If you aren’t already following... a lot of trafficing busts have been occurring, it appears Trump may actually be draining some portions of the swamp. But the swamp is massive. And it extends everywhere on this planet. I do not sit idle anymore either, but unfortunately I can only spread the word. I pray for the safety of those with more influence and publicity who attempt to expose the nasty secret of our “leaders”.

Yes, I have heard! I hope so badly that those arrests continue and extend to Child Protection Services soon. And then I hope that the rest of the world takes notice and drains those same swamps in their own countries.

You made me cry.. I have a little daughter and I can't imagine something like that.. I just hope it's a story.. Great effort my friend. Good job. Voted.

Sadly this story is completely true.
And it makes me cry too.

a very amazing story, I am so inspired with the struggle of a mother to her child, and it is so amazing, I want to hear this story again.
but I wanted to ask if it was a real event,
if it's real very dancing once, I really like your post.
hopefully the future of many posts like this again.

Yes, it is a real story that happened 13 years ago.
Anna is a friend of mine, and she wrote the story out for me today.

a very amazing story in my opinion,
I want you to make a story like this again in the future munggkin will be many lessons that we will get in this story.
very interesting in my opinion.
if i was told the value i will give 1000 values to this story :)

I have resteem your post

Omg! this is crazily horrible! I can't believe that such things exists.

This and after reading the comments reminds me that my neighbours are always complaining about our dog's barks ( which happens now and then, not so often ) and they called the police on us! without even telling

  • My family dog was stolen because it barks alot. 20 years ago. They keep telling us the story :( so sad. and i still cant believe people can do such things

Next time you hear yourself say, 'Someone ought to do something', remember, they are the someone, and this is the something.

It's so bad to have woman like Krystal around.
As they say , woman can only can be women's worst enemies.
But it's so good that they found Twyla in the end.
Must have been an overwhelming moment for them.
I loved this story 😍😍😍

Twyla did get adopted and they were never allowed to be her parents again.
But yes, that was a precious moment to find the little girl later and be able to tell her that her mother and father loved her, and counter the lies that the poor little girl had been told about them.
She would be 13 years old today. I hope that she is doing well.

I know, The moment where they found Twyla must have really precious.
So far I just assumed it's just a story you've written, I just learnt from the other comments that these are real life event.
Feel really sorry for Tammy and Wade , I hope she atleast gets to visit Twyla.
The MCFD should be banned!!
How can a mom throw her own baby out?

What an overwhelming article you have posted. I am so glad that peoples perception with time has changed so beautiful. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things with us. Always a huge fan of your writings and especially about the children you stand for WOW!

this is such a heart breaking story... I even feel perplexed that i have to"vote" for it to show my appreciation... there are so many vulnerable families around that we become so blind to see... some of my daughter's kid at school live in extreme cold and "are taken care" by an always drunk and stoned mother... not calling the social services is so hard when you see the kids always dirty and peed on themselves...

I read this story reminded of the story of kidnapping children in my area (Indonesia), in 2017 is a lot of kidnappings of children in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, they kidnap children to be sold the children's organs, they treat children with very cruel, some cut off his hands, some have his legs cut, this is done so that the child can seek donations for them, and there are also children who take the organ like heart, eyes, lungs, kidney, and heart to be sold abroad with the price is so expensive. I see the news can only bring tears. thanks @canadian-coconut has shared the story.

What a heart wrenching story... Someone needs to turn in the meth lab. I'm just beyond words!

Thats heart breaking :( I am really sad reading that as it remins me of an atrocity that happened where I live - the Yemenite Children Affair.
in short - new Yemenite immigrates in Israel was told their newborn babies just "died" - no tomb, no nothing. the theory is that they were "sold" to wealthy families without children. you can read about it some more here:

this is so soul stirring and heart wrenching. I completely agree with you, @canadian-coconut . More often than not, the government agencies are nothing but bullies and insensitive group of hooligans trampling upon the right to freedom , choice and life, in the name of protection and organisation. This is akin to dictatorship and communism. Democracy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is communist dictatorship in the disguise of protection and democratic administration.... followed

This is horrible!
Stories like this filled my eyes with tears. resteem and share because world wants to know what is happening

WOW. Just wow. Like a knife to the heart.

Unbelievable that this is happening to loving families. I can't even start to imagine what your friend must have gone through (and still is) and I can't believe these things can happen without much investigation. Another example of why we need to get rid of governments and embrace self-governing communities.

Holy hell, these people are truly evil...

that's sad and traumatic for both the mom and the kid!
why on earth would they do that just to get a kid get adopted when there's so many kids in the 3rd world who are parentless all waiting to be adopted

it doesn't make any sense how someone could stomach stealing any woman's child without taking the bond between the kid and the mom which is established the very moment she starts conceiving!

ruthless~ and ever wicked! how could one do that to a child!

Oh my god this is heart wrenching as a mother and so scary that this thing happens all the time to people that don't deserve it. I am balling :'(

Your story is very interesting and disturbing. But here in Venezuela we have the opposite, here there are children who are really mistreated and the government when they take them away from their parents, these children go to shelters where they are practically forgotten. Here we do not have that of "temporary homes". On the other hand, the humanitarian crisis that we are currently experiencing, there are many abandoned children in the streets and the government does not take care of them, this last being a violation of the government.
I think that a government that snatches children from their parents without first analyzing the case is as harmful as that government that does nothing for children who are in a street situation.
hugs from Venezuela, I follow you.

People can really piss me off.......keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong......this should never have happened.....

The reign of these terrorists is coming to an abrupt end- wouldn't want to be them : )

I am shocked and can only cry ... I would have said the same (not shouting) and steal the girl

That's terrible.... it's a more severe punishment than going to prison – to have your children taken away, to be told you no longer have any say in these children’s lives. You can’t even see these children unless the adoptive parents decide to let you.I don't think anybody's really prepared to deal with those types of situations .. :(

great post my dear

This is a very nice piece i must say, totally got my attention. in my country these things don't happen. No matter the financial status or educational level of the parents, the child belongs to them. Although this is not really good, its way better then having your kids taken away from you because the government feels you can't handle them. Keep creating awareness about #family-protection dear. I really love this piece.

in these days i m seeing in mostly place the character of CPS in childs protection matter and now i think this matter is in highlights but i dont understand why there are no action on this big matter from goverments is this only the reponsibility of parents other wise not anyone @cndian-coconut

the happiness of a mother is the most important thing in life

the story is very good I really like it,
it might be great if a movie would be great, and a lot of people would be inspired by your story and would learn valuable lessons from your story.
a very good post,
I really like,
keep on working

Need family protection. More care to children. Really excellent post

Wow. Very splendid post @canadian-coconut i just upvoted and followed you. I also resteemed it cause I feel people should get to know about this post. Hope am permitted? Great work ur doing really 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍👍. This post has been resteemed by @ibemorah

We need more people to be BRAVE like you and speak out.

Great post. I work in EMS and see this all the time. Yes we need change

This story gave me a very uneasy feeling knowing the measures they will take to get their way. I feel bad when i read it..

hlw dear friend thanx you so much @canadian-coconut this organisation need to be cloesd.

very touched to read .. how much love mother to her child ... thanks for the information, i love mother ..@canadian-coconut

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Government sponsored kidnapping

is this for real. I am blown away. I cannot understand how stuff like this happens. made for a long thought about how to fix things

Yes, everything in this story is true.
The story is extremely sad, and similar thing have happened to countless other parents.

A very good story about the need to protect children from violence. I want everyone to read this story. Because it contains many benefits. Thanks for sharing @canadian-coconut.

The story of this post really touched me.thanks for the post .

Oh.....great touching article.

In fact, kidnapped children do exist and especially in my home Africa. I pray that God may protect these innocent sauls.
Our governments should also work hand in hand with other human rights organisations to fight and eradicate this problem.

It has also been my wish to open an orphanage school and I believe that one day I will make it.

Marry Christmas to all kidnapped children and pray so that God can protect you.much love

The amassed evidence tells a heartrending tale of children kidnapped from Indian slums, sold to orphanages, and funneled into the global adoption stream. .... “The law says that we cannot ask too much about the history of a woman who wants to give up her child to adoption, so we have to accept children on faith,” Thanks for sharing. Nice post. You have my vote