Fighting Government Child Kidnappers in Court (FamilyProtection Series -- Anna's Family Story Part V)

Government-Operated Child Trafficking systems, falsely named "Child Protection Services," are abominable.

This is the sixth episode of TRUE EVENTS that my dear friend, Anna, is sharing in our Steemit #FamilyProtection Series.


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** Anna's story continues below.
** Names have been changed to protect both of our families from the very real risk of vindictive retaliation that faces anybody who reveals the dastardly deeds of these government-funded monster agents.


Anna's Family Story Part V ...

( ... in her own words ... )

Slow-Moving Family Court Keeps Families Apart

{ ... they made me send my husband away right before Christmas .... my 9-yr-old daughter had just been taken into foster care a week after Christmas ... my toddler and teenage son remained ... for a while ... }


The Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) offices were closed for the holidays and I tried and tried but couldn't reach anybody.
Finally Social Worker, Richard Hardcock, returned my phone call and told me that I needed to apply for welfare.
I asked if there was a Court Date for my daughter's apprehension.
Richard insisted that I didn't have to be at court,
refused to tell me when it was, or where,
and averted my question by suddenly asking me,
"Does your daughter ever lay spread-eagle for your husband, displaying her private parts ....?"
Oh my God!?!
{ While grilling our neighbours and friends for anything to use against us, Richard Hardcock's twisted mind must have made this up from what I had shared with a neighbour over a cup of coffee; how my daughter had flopped around during the night and lay exposed, so my husband had quickly covered her up with a blanket and alerted me to the fact that she needed to start wearing pajama bottoms rather than the over-sized t-shirt that she was accustomed to. }

So off I went on the wild goose chase that Richard had sent me on to distract me from my inquiries about when court would be.
The Welfare Office told me that I was not eligible for welfare because we owned our home and I could not show proof of bills in my own name. To be eligible, I would have to abandon my home, my dog, our livestock and go to a battered women's shelter.
At the battered woman's shelter, I was told that I was not eligible to live there, because I owned my home, and because my supposed "abuser" was not living there.
Richard finally agreed to see me in the MCFD office at noon. Little Liam and I waited in the front hall for an hour. Finally at 1:00, the Social Worker ushered us into the visiting room.
"So," he said nonchalantly munching on a piece of fruit. "You refused welfare; refused the shelter ..."
"No, they said that I didn't qualify," I responded.
"How long have you known your husband was a pedophile?" he asked me. "You need to respond appropriately, Anna."
"I'll say whatever you want. Just let me see my daughter!"
The Social Worker then looked a Liam, and winked!
What possible secrets could this man think he shared with my toddler?!?
I quoted the Bible - "He who winks with his eye plots perversity."
This Social Worker had been a prison Chaplain, and my words had a profound effect on him. His face turned red, and he started pulling at his collar like it was too tight.
"You can leave!" he said
I got up gratefully --
"...but not Liam. You can leave without him."
"No way. Not happening ..." I said ... and I fled the office with Liam.
The next day the police showed up after dark and took Liam away.
(see this post for details: Police Brutality Breaks a Mother's Body & Shatters her Trust)

Liam was still nursing for comfort when he was taken from me.
Although the Social Worker had told me that I didn't need to be at Court, I had found out from the Welfare Office that Family Court was every Wednesday morning, so I showed up at Court that Wednesday.


RULE # 4
ALWAYS BE AT THE NEXT FAMILY COURT DATE, After Your Child is Taken into Custody.

You may purposely not be informed that you should attend this hearing.
If you do not attend, the Judge will see you as an unconcerned parent and it will be a mark against you.


As I waited, I heard case after case being called up --

"Director vs. Family Name."
The Ministry Lawyer had a standard phrase
-- "Parents have been contacted and are not present." --
Automatic 3-Month T.C.O. "Temporary Custody Order."

When my name was called, the lawyer said his standard phrase, and I stood up --

"I'm the mother, and I AM PRESENT."

The lawyer turned around in surprise.
"My baby was still nursing ..." I told the judge, and asked to be allowed to speak.
The Judge ordered that MCFD give me visits. Then I learned that it was a long process to go through the court system. A date was set, TO SET A DATE! My children were to stay in "care" in the meantime.
And mid-January my teenage son was picked up from school and put in Foster Care too!
3 months after the first Court Date, in a "Hearing by Affidavit", the reasons for apprehension were revealed ...
The Affidavit revealed that my older son was taken because he was "too much like his mother." That was the actual reason!! The judge ordered my older son be returned.
He then ruled there were no grounds for Liam's apprehension, but granted a "Supervision Order;" and ruled my daughter remain in "care" until a "Protection Hearing" could take place.
A date was set to return to set a date.

So after being been brutally assaulted by Police who seized my baby,
the Judge recognized that there was ZERO reason for his apprehension!!
And I had to wait 3 whole months for the court date to be told that!

On the way out of the courthouse, Richard was furious! We had a 3:00 visit scheduled. I planned to take Liam home from the visit.
"We'll see about that," Richard said. He got on the phone to the Foster Mom, to cancel the visit.

The Social Worker had no intention of obeying the Judge's Order.

But Richard couldn't reach the Foster Parent in time; so when I arrived at the MCFD office, my Liam was already waiting there.

I scooped Liam up and took him home with me.


When Liam was taken, he was not quite two. I wasn't allowed to see him on his birthday. When they took him, he was potty-trained and only wore a diaper at night. He was verbal and articulate for his age -- a happy boy full of smiles and sunshine.
When I got him back 3 months later, he had lost his vocabulary and didn't use the potty anymore. He would wake up in the night screaming. All he could say was ...
"Don't ... Cry ... Anymore ..."
Over and over ... and scream when his diaper was changed.
"*Why baby? Why are you screaming?" I asked through tears.
"Jenny (foster mom) made an owie in my bum," he sobbed.

I tried reporting this to the MCFD Team Leader. But he assured me that he would PROTECT HIS TEAM at ALL costs!!


to be continued ...

"Write it down! Don't let your story fade away unheard, unknown!"
(Anna's close friend, Hazel)


This account of TRUE events that took place 11 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna.
It is the sixth in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.


Follow @familyprotection on Steemit.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.

Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection



The system does not always work and it is not perfect. As a Society it is the job of the people living in the communities to get together and effectively eradicate laws that don't serve the people and create laws that do. We can't wait around for people to take charge and lead the way especially if no one seems to be taking the initiative politically speaking. I really appreciate you bringing light to this topic and I want to take a second to thank you for your post. It takes a lot of courage to talk about these issues and I completely support the cause <3

thank-you! I'm glad to have you onboard.

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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @canadian-coconut for supporting @familyprotection.

yes nice post & we are supporting you for kids protection

So is there a better solution?

Something terrible ..
The people must demand justice ..
The truth will appear .. thanks for participating

Geez Linda,
This is getting harder and harder to read.
If it wasn't you recounting this story it would be difficult for me to believe its authenticity such is the disgusting behaviour of those who are supposed to protect the vulnerable.
But it is real!
What kind of world are we going to be living in if this type of sociapathic behaviour is allowed to continue within government funded departments?
Do they advertise the jobs at the CPS by asking for deranged, petty, vindictive, lying bullies prepared to do anything and everything to steal away people's children based on false testimony?
I doubt it but that's clearly what they have.
I'm hoping for a happy ending to this story however I'm sure that's beyond possible now considering what the family has been through.
I can't imagine what it must feel like for a parent to be falsely accused of such dreadful acts against their own children.
Thank you for continuing to enlighten us to this terrible injustice, Its probably naive of me but I sincerely hope this story can be a catalyst for change.
Something has to change.

Thank you so much for sharing this and driving this initiative. It is a privilege to be a part of this and I am working on a surprise for this group that will hopefully be done by the weekend.

This movement has brought fire and purpose back into my writting, investigative reporting/analysis skills that hasn't been stimulated since my Master's program.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this and being active in supporting us that are contributing as well.

@entrepreneur916 the same for me i liked that post i wanna contribute can you help me for that maybe you are more close for poster then me thank you

Sure! How can i help you @aminepro?

Oh. God. That last...I feel nauseous. These are the things that drive good people to thoughts of violence.
The only comfort I can possibly take in the reading of this story, is that it might save other families from being torn apart, and sweet, innocent children from terrible trauma, as I'm sure is the intention of Anna for telling it.

When my son went to Kindergarten, every single day for the few weeks he attended a public school (of his entire life actually) he came home with a sheet that had sad faces on them, which mirrored his own sad face at the start of every morning before going to the school. I made an appointment to speak to the teacher about this the third week when his sad face turned to tears and begging me not to send him. She told me he frequently got out of his seat and wandered the room, that half of his papers would be covered in doodles instead of him doing the assignment, and finally suggested that he be evaluated for ADHD. I remember staring at this woman and having this huge revelation, that she did not care about my son. That to her he was nothing more than a disruption because he didn't 'follow the rules', and all she wanted was to feed him, what we now know is extremely dangerous, habit forming, medication, just so she wouldn't have to deal with the bother of redirecting him to his seat or asking him if he was having trouble with an assignment, because of course the drugs have a zombifying effect on kids and with them he would be in his seat, possibly drooling. (For those who don't know this, both riddlin and adderall- and I'm sure whatever else they have out at this time- can have some very serious side effects and long term effects. Along with the drooling zombie effect, they tend to have no appetite and lose a lot of weight, and when the medication wears off they are ten times more prone to 'bouncing off the walls.' And kids who take these regularly growing up have a much higher rate of addiction to substances...considering the two drugs I named above are narcotics that adults would be arrested for using without a prescription...hopefully everyone can see something is wrong with that entire thing.

I also learned in that meeting that the children had ten minutes...let that sink in... ten minutes of recess per day. They were five and it was not half day kindergarten anymore, and they let the kids run around for ten minutes of a six and a half hour day. I remember very clearly thinking "Do the rest of the children sit quietly in their seats doing their work for all of those hours?? And if so, what the hell is wrong with them?"

It was the last day he attended. My daughter too, who was in third grade at the time and also not happy to be there.

I later learned that an outrageous number of kids, something like sixty plus percent, were classified as something, many of them on one form of medication or another in that district. And furthermore the schools got paid extra for kids who were classified because they had 'special needs'...and so did the parents. Every parent who consented to this was given a monthly check.

Obviously child services and their detestable kidnapping far outweighs in horror the story I just told, but I told it in order to point out that the abuse of children is not limited to the worst case scenarios. Also, while there certainly are some teachers who genuinely care for their students, they will rarely, if ever, love them the way their own parent does and in many cases such as the one I just outlined they don't care about them at all. And these are the people who are 'raising' our children for large portions of the day for over nine months of the year for eighteen years.

My son, by the way, has no such problem with attention or hyperactivity, never has, his only problem was the unnatural state of being confined to a desk for many hours a day. With only ten minutes to run around. (Yes, I realize that there are many districts that are more conducive to children, longer recesses, more breaks, but lately what I just described is becoming more and more of the norm, invading all areas- of this country at least)

I could go on, and actually I may, in a post.
Thanks again for sharing this with us Anna and Linda.

OMG!!! Kickbacks for classifying your child as having a problem???!!!

Yeah, it's disgusting right? According to a teacher friend of mine, in her school district they target the families on you tell me how being of lesser means financially has anything to do with a child's ability to learn. Then I think, who is more sick, the system pushing this or the parents willing to get paid to label their child as something that could very well make them feel stupid or abnormal.

I remember that when my daughter was in school, she was 5 at the time, we got a form to fill out that would go to the ministry for education. One of the questions was what was the parents education and their jobs. I never filled that out as I didn't see the use of them knowing what I do for a living. I asked the teacher why this was in the form and she told me that if there were a lot of kids with parents from low educational back grounds they would receive more funding! She added: "Let's hope that there are a lot of lower educated parents..."

Wow. It's always a bit mind blowing when you run into people who are that self centered and appear to have absolutely no empathy. Though I don't feel angry with them like I used to because I don't know if they can help it, if they would even be able to see it. The reason I say that is because even as a child I wasn't like that, I always had empathy. If I was swimming in a pool and saw a bug struggling I would fish it out and put it back on dry land, it was just a part of me to care about other living things. But what if some are not born that way? I don't have a concrete set of beliefs, too much is shrouded in mystery in terms of what came before this life and what comes after, but I lean toward reincarnation until you evolve to a level spiritually where you can move on. So perhaps its simply that I have lived more lives, maybe once upon a time I was no different than the woman you mentioned or my son's kindergarten teacher.
It's very difficult not to judge people for shitty actions and behavior, especially to the level of those being talked about in this series. My initial feeling is always a surge of rage, mostly stemming from a desire to protect people, especially children, from horrible things. Sadly it seems to simply be the way of this world- suffering, pleasure, sorrow, joy, love, fear, hate, compassion. I don't know that it's possible to eradicate the things we consider evil or bad. It might just be the way this plane is meant to be, a balance. And the hope is that we will spiritually evolve enough to ascend to the next plane, or my hope at least.

The whole thing is so's one of those things that makes me think the earth deserves to be wiped out by a comet due to the sickness of our society.

Reading these stories takes a lot of energy out of you. I am sure living them is 100 times worse emotionally. It makes me mad as hell why these folks play these games. They are evil. They are paid by commission? Obviously they do not give a damn about the child or the family. A hard copy printed book needs to be distributed to families to teach them how to deal with these assh**.. if you have a moral fiber in your body you do not treat folks like that. It is good she went to the court dates. But when the system retracts potty training and vocabulary it is totally screwed up. GOD HELP US! Thanks for sharing. It is my prayer that something can and will be done for these parents and children. They have suffered long enough. Help them Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

Yes, exactly! These Social Workers that were dealing with Anna do not care one tiny bit about children. It is all a game that they play with people's lives, and destroy precious children in the process.
Thank-you for your comment and I am glad that you are reading the whole series.

This is all very sad, children should be protected!But in life anything can happen...

Took the words right out of my mouth!

I cannot believe these social workers are not jailed, or at the very least fired, when they are discovered to have taken children without just cause. I am glad these stories are spaced apart because my heart aches every time I read the next installment. I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering these families go through day after day during their battles. I will continue to support this cause as long as I can. Bless your heart @canadian-coconut for helping families in need. Your emotional strength definitely outweighs my own. -Aimee

Family court is slower then molasess flowing uphill in January.

The F'ing lie's CPA uses are always the same lie's and bull shit!

Some times like right now I wish I could not feel empathy. My tears of anger and frustration with the system blurrs my vision as I type this comment.

"Don't ... Cry ... Anymore ..." are horrible words to hear from your own child.

I have mourned for my son 4 times in 18 years.

In the second reunitement to my son:
I remember having to pay and be supervised to have access to my son when he was 5, when I walked into the room he was sitting under a table in the library of Promotory Elementary.

After getting onto my injured knees and climbing under the table and just Smiling at him I was so happy and just wanted to hug him but I was told If I touched him the visit would be over.

His first words to me were: Daddy, Are you a drug dealer?
My reply to him was I have missed you there was a pause/puzzled look? then he was hugging and holding me so tight (I can feel it now) and saying I missed you to daddy, I missed you to...

The supervizor "Art Dent" 28yrs as supervisor was shocked at my son's affection??? distorted misinformed as usual by CPS bastards/MONSTERS!

All Because I was helping a marijuana compassion club in Chilliwack, CPS and RCMP destroyed my reputation and my relationship with my son calling me a drug dealer in the News papers.

I am watchful;
"He who winks with his eye plots perversity."

This is so sad! Thank-you so much for sharing a little bit of your experience. You should NEVER have been kept away from your son like that, plus had his head filled with their lies.
These types of lies about a child's parents are normal. In Anna's case, while they stopped allowing her to visit her daughter for a WHOLE year (even though she kept going to court and fighting for her daughter) --
the Foster Parents and Social Workers told her daughter that her mom was not visiting her because her mom did not love her anymore! They are nothing but liars.

CPS workers are all going to burn in HELL!

What an awful story!! But I also have experienced the trauma that only Child Protective Services and their court henchmen can cause. My children were taken from me over a dilemma my ex husband created against me. My children were kept from me for over 14 months as the "wheels of injustice" turned ever slowly. I would go to court dates only to hear "continued" and for nothing to change. The person they awarded my kids to had a criminal history worse than I and yet they never drug tested him once or even did a home visit! Literally the only reason I got my children back was because the person that had them committed a felonious crime of severe magnitude and finally the nightmare was over. But!! Not after having to go in front of a judge and plead pretty much guilty to charges I had never even been convicted of in criminal court and still to this day haven't. Just thinking of CPS makes my heart race and to any family going through their created hell.. I have this to say, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. NEVER GIVE UP.

How awful!
Please, if and when you decide to tell your horror story with CPS here on Steemit,
use the tag #familyprotection so that we can find it.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your story in this comment.

These words continue to move me to tears. What I have read is utterly unbelievable. What is hard to believe that this is all taking place in MY Country Canada. How? Is the only thing I can say. This story needs to be brought forward to the highest level of government in Canada and the province that this unjustice has taken place. Immediately. There is absolutely no reason for this what so ever. Who are the watchdogs for the Foster Parents, the Child Protection system? Justin Trudeau needs to hear how a 3 month wait to get a court hearing is 3 months too long. The entire system needs to be overhauled. My continues to break for this mother. All I can do is offer a prayer and continue to pray till all her children are back home with her.

thank-you! Yes, it is crazy that this is happening right here in our own country. Most people can't believe it -- but I have seen it too with my very own eyes while helping 2 other famlies in my own town, as well as hearing Anna's stories which I absolutely believe are true.

Thank-you for commenting.

Two things. Can we not bring this story and many other's like it to the attention of W5, or CBC and have them do their own due diligence to unveil the atrocities that are happening. They seem to always find stories such as this to cover. Second. Can we not create one document with all this and forward this to Justin T. office for review. Or the provincial member of Parliament? Have it sent registered mail, and wait for a response. Then when it does not prove to be a fruitful means to get the attention, make it go viral, FB can be a wonderful, for things such as this. I layed in bed last night, just thinking of ways to exploit this, in a safe way to not harm the family. Perhaps also forwarding the documented story to some high profile family lawyers, who are just aching for a case such as this to be brought to the forefront, and the exposure they would receive which would be good for their business. There has got to be some way to get this story the attention it needs. If you fee that some of these approaches may prove to be useful. let me know, send me a private message on Discord PAL and I will work some magic. Thanks again for being a valued advocate for the vulnerable.

I think that right now, only the Alternative Media will give a voice to these issues. I have heard several times of families who tried to get the media attention, but they would not report on their case. Either there is a complete disbelief, or else they know where their bread is buttered and won't go against the system.

I have also heard that there was a BC Lawyer who was launching a Class Action Lawsuit against MCFD, and had many parents on board, only to have his Law License (Bar) stripped from him so he could no longer act as a lawyer. (I would like to dig up more details on this and confirm it.)

So for now, I think that we have to get these stories of abuse of the system out there on Steemit and other Social Media platforms, and Alternative News -- until our voice is so loud that they mainstream media and governments can no longer simply ignore us.

I fully support this very hard-to-read story telling and congratulate Anna for continuing to share even more atrocities at the hands of Child Protection. I know this must bring up a lot of painful memories to write, so we should at least all listen so that some of the worst issues of Child Protection services can come to light. This story demonstrates some of the most horrifying results of a centralised and fragmented capitalist system.

How can we continue live as pawns in someone else's game, discarded or sacrificed and written off as a statistic? It is time for us to say NO, because if we don't, who will?!

I have been reading your posts about "Anna" and I have to say they are killing me. As a mother I cannot even comprehend the torture that this woman felt and what the many others in similar situations must be feeling. I want to thank you @canadian-coconut for posting this here and raising awareness for a system that is clearly not working.

My parents were foster carers when I was growing up and they went above and beyond for the children brought into our family, I wish there were more foster families like ours not the disgusting humans referenced here :(

I'm a skeptic by nature and have a very bleak view of the world, but I still find stories like this way worse than what I thought before I read the cases under #familyprotection. Try as I might, I still find it inconceivable that a human being would rip a baby from a mother's arms just because it is in his power to do so. The social worker in this story or others like him, don't they have a family to go to after work? How can you put your child to sleep at night and kiss him on the forehead knowing that some other child out there is crying for his mother because of you and what you did?

Dear Anna, words cannot describe how so very wrong this is, I'm trying so very hard to understand how any human could do what they have done to you and your family. This was a huge act of Terrorism, thats it really the CPS are terrorist's and their's is a war on families.

Thank you for continuing to share your story considering all the pain of having to retell it. Know that you are helping to bring the CPS fortress down.

Jesus, with every part of this, it gets worse and worse. Not to mention difficult to read. I just keep thinking no,no,no, I can't begin to imagine what Anna and her family went through.
I can't help but wonder where all these monsters come from? Why would you harm a child? What reason could you possibly have? How many screwed-up people are out there... We think that these monsters come from twisted families and have horrible backgrounds themselves, but how many twisted families can there be?
Thank you again, Linda, for sharing this. You are an amazing person. And thanks to Anna for sharing her story, so that others can be warned.

Dear God this just gets worse, it's a living nightmare for Anna and my heart goes out for both her and her children for all the suffering they have been caused! A family torn apart and lives destroyed, time they will never get back. It's heartbreaking to read but equally it's so important to get this story out, enable people to see what is happening, to feel just a tiny fraction of the pain felt by Anna.

It makes me wonder if they are using some form of psychological evalution to employ people devoid of empathy and compassion. Or indeed if such people have just become hardened and see it as simply another day at work! Well their work is Anna's life and it's been stolen from her. Heartbreaking but thank you so much for sharing @canadian-coconut

I finally took the time to read the whole series. It's a very heart wrenching story to say the least...

thank-you for reading. Yes, this story seems to be touching a lot of people.
I just hope that some families can be saved from ever going through this, by reading and learning.

It seems that cruelty to families is CPS's mantra. Accountability is needed in the worst way to protect these families. Thanks for continuing to share this information!

When I got him back 3 months later, he had lost his vocabulary and didn't use the potty anymore. He would wake up in the night screaming. All he could say was Don't ... Cry ... Anymore ...

This is extremely disturbing, especially when he mentions his foster mom hurting his bum. Children taken away from their parents and put into this sort of "care", is wrong in so many ways. @ironshield

yes. For all we know, she had tried to insert a rectal thermometer, and that was the trauma. But the fact that the MCFD refused to question her about it says a lot. They will not consider any possible wrong-doing on the part of their Social Workers and Foster Parents, YET they believe that the natural parents are guilty and incapable of being parents, and give them no chance.

I don't know why people just choose to drop spam comments, instead of reading the post and giving a well deserved comment.

Enjoy the vote and reward!

It is a conundrum Sean. I often try to think the best of them by wondering if it's simply that they don't speak the language of the author...but then again there is always google translate, which while imperfect it gives the gist and allows comments to reflect that. My good friend @jlufer has used it from the beginning being a Spanish speaking man without English other than a few words. As you will see if you go to his page, he has fared very well here simply by making a little extra effort.

Good for you for recognizing this right away, I wish you well on your steemit journey!

Thanks man i appreciate a lot, being a newbie here on this platform, i have learnt a lot. This platform has really brought out the more creative side of me.

Well, I'm a girl, but I get your meaning ;) I remember being a newbie, my God, this place had me awestruck for quite some time. It's been more than a year and I still love it. If you'll take a few tips from me- never let the silly dramas and fights that happen here affect your experience. They are nothing new, they are just generally over new things, and they always dissipate. You already get the concept of thoughtful comments about the post, and that is a big part of the battle. Keep being friendly, put yourself out there and become a face and name in people's posts:)

Oh sorry!! I never knew you were a girl. You are indeed a strong woman..more strength to you.

This puts even me to tears.

Will be featured on Jane's CHAOS Show tonight on @msp-waves.

This is horrific. I’m even afraid to read it. 😥

I have respect for the fact that Anna keeps calm, this Richard guy...I would have killed him, a few times now. That is not a human being. He seems more like a psychopath who hates families..and children. The poor boy, having to go through such trauma, it's just horrible. What a terrible and sad story. All these lives destroyed and unsettled just because they play their power games. These judges should be put out of office, just for letting these things drag on for so long. They don't seem to know what kind of damage it does. I can't believe these people have families of their own and can't see what this could do to anyone...I can't help but think: they are raising their own kids to be cold and heartless to others as well. :(

I have respect for the fact that Anna keeps calm, this Richard guy...I would have killed him, a few times now. That is not a human being. He seems more like a psychopath who hates families..and children. The poor boy, having to go through such trauma, it's just horrible. What a terrible and sad story. All these lives destroyed and unsettled just because they play their power games. These judges should be put out of office, just for letting these things drag on for so long. They don't seem to know what kind of damage it does. I can't believe these people have families of their own and can't see what this could do to anyone...I can't help but think: they are raising their own kids to be cold and heartless to others as well. :(

Anna had one Judge that really cared and was seriously frustrated by the games that MCFD played. It seemed that his hands were legally tied though. If the Social Workers and their lawyer(s) knew how to play the system, the Judge would look clearly upset and aggravated ... but could do nothing about it. One time the Social Worker had arrived at the court but discovered that it would be the good Judge -- so he went next door for a coffee and the lawyer told the Judge that the Social Worker could not make it and the date would have to be postponed. (They wanted a different Judge.) The Judge was clearly upset but cancelled the hearing.
There was more than one occasion too when the Social Workers simply refused to obey the Judge's orders.

The whole legal system surrounding CPS/MCFD cases needs to revamped. The legal framework is at fault for allowing these abuses to continue.

I always imagine what kind of life they had before they took on a job like that and then turn it into something so evil. What kind of people are behind this and I sometimes feel for their families, who have to suffer their iron hand as well. How can these people come home to their families and look them in the eye knowing they are ruining lives of families and children when they leave the house. I just don't get it. And the social workers refusing to obey the judge's orders is just showing how much they think to be above the law. Yes, a revamp is needed big time.

Jeezus, that's awful. Especially considering how much trouble a nasty or evil-minded neighbor can bring down upon you with just a simple phone call.

It's like a story from a horror movie, just when you think it cannot get worse, it does. It makes me so sad, I just hope and pray by bringing all this to light that somewhere there may be a light in the tunnel. I will resteem in the hope that if one more person can become aware of this, that it is one step nearer to change.

I can't even fathom the depth of the evil. Why do you think such attacks are taking place? To punish those who are not toeing the government line?

I think that these Social Workers love to see families destroyed. They usually target the poor or vulnerable in some way. They are probably power hungry too and love controlling other people's lives. In this town at least, they have a terrible leader, and he hires terrible people.

The whole team here is dysfunctional themselves. One of the workers that Anna had and another friend of mine had, is clearly addicted to hard drugs. This "Richard Hardcock" as we dubbed him really appears to be a pedophile himself, and so that's what he accuses other people of. (I have noticed this tendency in people before to accuse others of what they are themselves the most guilty of.)

Often dysfunctional people are drawn into this type of work. These people have no idea what a healthy family is even supposed to look like.

It demonstrates the power of groups of people subscribing to the lowest common denominator for the comfort (I presume) of freedom FROM thought. Evil can also be alluring, I think, and easier to succumb to by weaker minds? I have experienced pure evil from a teacher at my sons school, but my story is a mere annoyance compared to the horrific things I am reading in this thread.

Wow this was so sad and scary to read.
Im from india and we don't have child protection services even though the initiative to have a service like that in place was originally designed to help but i find this really fu**ed up.
I think they need to evaluate the situations better. No one can love a child like their loving parents taking them away from them is just wrong.

OMG, after reading I feel very helpless and worried about the miserable family, how could they behave so crualy to the mother, you are doing great job by alerting every one about the importance of unity among people to fight for the misfortune. Yes friend, pen is mighter than the shord, it takes time, but your works and dedication must be bringing good results one day. Please keep your great job up, upvoting and resteem your important mission of humanity. May god give you the power to rescue the victims. Thanks


When an idea becomes to rigid to review then it's usefulness has being abused. The case of child protection service must be review and not review alone it must be done by those who understand the concept of loving a child to a foster home, well meaningful jury and those who have once gone through this ordeal.

In other to protect a child from violation then the child shouldn't be violated by losing the touch of the parental care.

Whatsoever a child goes through at her early stage in life sticks more to his/her brain and goes a long way in shaping the future.


When will government see the harm in child protection right?
Is there hope for parents whose child has being forcefully adopted?

Your story @canadian-coconut has being insightful in exposing some decay in the system though the system is not totally bad..

When i read the story of Anna i feel pain & so helples...s she suffered a lot without any fault. This issue must be raised so that no one can suffered in future like Anna. You are doing a great work please keep doing it.

I keep wondering if these "social workers" don't have a family of their own. Right now I'm so sad and at the same I'm pissed.

It beats my imagination to see that people with a family, with children, would be pachydermatous and hell-bent on destroying other people's happiness (family).

Even after the Judge's ruling that there were no grounds for Liam's apprehension, Richard still ignored the ruling, like he has already made up his mind that he must destroy Anna's happiness.

How can a human be so cruel? So insensitive? So soulless?
How can someone with a family be so stonyhearted? So ruthless?
What the f**k is the meaning of this? Agencies with apocalyptic charade, demolishing and kidnapping peace from people's homes.

I am glad you are exposing the corruption in Child Protective Services.

Child Protective Services is corrupt in US and Canada. People need to wake up!

This experience is terribly traumatizing, no one should be made to go through these heinous experience, I mean despite her predicament her child was taken from her,band even when evidences to nail them weren't there, they started looking for substantial evidences from their neighbours to nail them.

I thought we had passed the time of slavery and human right taken over? This is total abuse of dignity of human person, what a world we live in.
Justice ought to be served

Horrendous that the very people who are supposed to protect our children, are in fact doing the opposite! We cannot keep silent about this as it will not stop, this is happening worldwide. We tend to avoid this issue as it only happens to others, and sweep it under the carpet as if it will disappear.
We in fact encourage this by our very silence!
Here in South Africa the opposite happens, where our Child Welfare's policy is to keep the child with his or her biological parents even if their circumstances are not good. I agree with that, but they take it too far sometimes and we read about cases where abuse has led to a child's death or rather murder. They also have too many 'cases' to deal with, but we as a society should not turn a blind eye when it's clear that a child is being abused.
However, the CPS clearly are abusing the system with their evil deeds, absolutely deplorable!!!
My heart goes out not only to the innocent children but also to parents such as Anna!
Thank you for telling her story.

Can't believe this is happening and we are so powerless about it. Fighting the government in court is like complaining to the system about the system. A loosing battle :(

Every time I read about Anna's story my heart breaks. And it goes more out for the little one whose innocence is shattered up by these atrocious authorities. They take away a healthy childhood from the child :(

I would really like to know which professionals are facing these actions, separating a mother from her breastfeeding child generates many consequences, from reflux to repercussions on self-esteem for not establishing a secure attachment with her mother. Instead of facilitating the processes really hinder them, then we met those guys years later and suffered and still suffer the consequences

In Canada and many other countries, the governments have set up departments that are supposed to protect children from abusive parents. But what happens in many cases is that these government workers decide on their own to take away children from parents without a good reason. They have way too much power, and the courts and governments protect them even when they very badly harm children and families instead of helping them.

If yours, I'm from Venezuela and although you have not done anything in my mother for a long time waiting for decisions by the courts. Maybe at some point I will be encouraged to tell

@canadian-coconut, as a former social worker and officer of the courts, I can absolutely say without doubt this social worker was a bad apple, there are a few like him that uses the law to abuse their position of power. It's those bad apples that leads to families questioning the integrity of the social work profession. From reading your post, it would appear there were no grounds to remove Liam from his mother's care. Unfortunately the system bands together and by doing so protects these bad apples from being investigated for unprofessional conduct.

I know of many social workers that are fighting to keep families together, sometimes at the cost of their jobs and health. It's the way managers are making decisions based on information they've been given by the bad apples in the system. There are a lot of so called 'social workers and team managers' that should not be in the profession, I have to accept their making wrong decisions because their driven by their egos. Reading this post reminded me of the reason why I left am no longer part of the system, but also this post saddened me as I know there are social workers and managers that despite the odds are doing everything they can to keep families together. Peace.

Thank-you for your comment.
This whole MCFD/CPS office where I live are rotten apples! They employ drug addicts, sexual deviants, and the least qualified people ever to know what a healthy family looks like.

Anna went through it here, and I have personally helped two other families with their dealings with them, and seen with my very own eyes where they outright broke the laws and regulations. They are simply evil here in this town.
A practicing lawyer in the neighbouring community told me that this town where I live is the worst that he has ever seen.
So, yes I realize that most people may not experience things quite as horrible as Anna did -- BUT the fact that the courts and laws protect anybody who puts on the label of "Child Protection Worker" even though they are completely abusive of families and children -- well that says a lot.

It also says a lot that a good person such as yourself can not continue to work in this field. That says to me that "bad apples" are pretty common and that the "bad apples" keep the good workers from being able to do their job of actually protecting children and famlies.

Thank you so much for your response, the 'bad apples' can't stay amongst professional workers because their bad practice gets noticed and reported. I agree with you and I can tell you alot of these worker are not qualified professionals, it makes a mockery of the system. I'm in the middle of writing a book about my experiences on the job, it makes for very interesting reading. I also caution child protection officers on their conduct when engaging families, this is important as the 'bad apples' and sometimes newbies don't have a clue about their roles much less their boundaries. They can really mess up and piss family's off with their attitudes. Back in England I'm in touch with a prominent member of parliament, in fact she attempted to revolutionalise the child protection process by addressing practice standards. Unfortunately the 'bad apples' don't like change but I look forward to the day when they'll be forced out.

In my town, the head of the whole department is an evil man, and he hires evil people. And if per chance he accidentally hires someone who is a good person, they have to quit or will be fired.

I look forward to reading your book when it is done!

Yeah, that's how it is, if you're too good at your job, you become a threat to those at the top when you question bad practice. Thank you @canadian-coconut, I'll keep you posted. Peace.

Years ago, I knew a family with 4 children. The father lost his job and of course the parents began yelling at each other, as lost jobs sometimes provoke. They came and took all 4 kids away and it took month to get them back. When they did, the kids were so upset and the family had such a tough time getting back to normal. When the kids did come back, the dad again had a job and things could have been more normal. so if you are reading this and happen to be a nosy neighbor, please don't go calling the authorities unless you really know what is happening in someone else's household.

HI MY FRIEND!!! Look at how amazing the posts are that you are sharing!!! I have been away working my bootie off for the past couple of months but now I am back and just had to visit you and see how things are going .. I missed you Friend!!! You are doing such an amazing job here on Steemit .. I knew that you would .. you are such a wonderful person and you are bringing so much light to all of these topics .. keep doing what you are doing!!!! I love you and super excited to be back to read your posts .. Love ya lots!! SUNSHINE247

Your the BEST!!!!! Cheers Friend to a successful Steemit 2018 :) SUNSHINE247

God have mercy of us, please. This is an incredibly post with a terrifying story. I believe that the sands of our soul begin in our childhood. We need to preserve all child possible for they can do right familys. And also we need to humanize more the system, and avoid all stupid rules that only transmit bureaucracy. Thanks for sharing.

Again, heartbreaking as it brings up the feeling of the 2 kids they took from me in Holland. My psycho ex bf had them in total control after I fled with them for his violence to a shelter. Thinking this was the right thing to do, like everyone advises you.. never should have done that, before I was cleared from code red, he had convinced police/CPS/social workers nothing had happened. My baby boy was there with me .. I feel the need to tell my whole story which will hopefully open the eyes of the Dutch people too.. It is good that people start to tell their stories, but heartbreaking that it has taken place :(

I am so sorry to hear that. Make sure to tag your post about the CPS with #familyprotection when you write it.

I will thanks for the reminder and upvote !

This is a story that makes me really angry and I only wish that this kind of thing did not happen in the United States of America however it does happen all over the USA even with the constitutional protections from government the we are supposed to have. This is good example of what happens in society were the people do not actively excorcise their rights, they end up losing them.

I read these accounts and know they are true...a corrupt system that is profiting by destroying families...real people :( TY for fighting the good fight and shedding light on this tragedy.
Peace be on you <3

thank-you for reading and believing. I wish that more people would do the same, but am so glad that the response from Steemit has been so amazing.

Actually this is a new topic for me. Specially I am not well concerned about such rules before, but i know my country has child protection rules and such things!
can i ask you a question? I feel you are a lawyer, is that correct? Anyway, in Steemit platform I am seeking new knowledge and experiences of others. Probably it might help me to get an idea about this field also!


let us join hand together and fight the crime

Nice post...
Thank for sharing..
Please upvote my post...

Upvote mine, I just Upvote yours

I was very sorry for Anna. I think same as you. I live in Turkey and similar events happen here so much. Some ignorant parents sell their children for money in some cities. This situation exists all over the world.!

Enjoy the vote and reward!

@canadian-cocunut, Just now I followed you now and after read Anna's story really confusing me. I wish you don't happen anyone around the world like this. Firstly we need to change parents attitudes then we can happen child protection in the world. Lets start from home.
Children depend on many adults as they grow up. Parents, relatives, teachers and child care workers all provide children with love, support and guidance.
No one wants to see children grow up with fear, anger or neglect. Sometimes we make mistakes that hurt them.
Whether we are a parent, a teacher, a relative or a caregiver, we can make a difference and help the children you love grow up in a caring, loving environment.

Thank you for giving #familiyprotection post.

This is the connection of yesterday's story that I've been waiting for for a few days, I keep all this story because it always touch my heart when reading it, even tears come flowing when remembering the fate of anna

@canadian-coconut This is one extremely important issue that needs to be addressed. Thank you for putting effort into this.

Excelente Post, muy lindo, inspirador y muy completo, te felicito por tu trabajo realizado, es excelente!. Sigue así te sigo y te doy mi voto. Saludos...

This post is really good...
thanks for sharing this activity....
I alwyes flow you......
just carry on...........

Great post!! Very happy to hear that child protection is runnig by and in steem post!!
Glad to hear that innocent child donot have to cry because of child protection!!very happy to see it as i am also 15 years old!!!@canadian-coconut

It is crazy how much of this goes on around the world for some selfish gain!

Good post like it and upvoted.

Really a nice story ..i felt very happy and exited when i read that story..really wonderfull story this is my first time i hear about this and read this series stories made a man inspierd and teel rhe new lesson about the futire and usefull info yo us to make proved and learn a new things and stories that all will be made the ma greate thats awesome and perfect to make a heart and get a piece of mind and if we inviolable and involve in the stoty with a characters defunatly you feel happy and feel like a hero in the story definately new and good theme stories changes our life lot with a good inspriringg greate..thank you for sharing with us ...@canadian -coconut

Resteemed done 👍👍to reach a more people...have a nice day

perfect post dear @canadian-coconut .ım happy to read this post ...
thank you @ turkishcrew

Very informative story. Thanks for this great awareness you have shared @canadian-coconut. Lets stop legal kidnapping..

It's time to grow up UNICEF

What kind of law is this & what kind of government is this ? This is complete anarchism. When their childrens taken away from them then they realize the pain. Thanks for raising your voice against CPS.

Some times I think the government only care about their selves

i read Anna's story ... so sad

"taking your children away for over 50 years" sounds really cruel.

you are great @ canadian-coconut. i like your post and following

You are writing great stories. I am following you with pleasure, sir.Im now wake up in bed and I m read your story now.Keep going like that! Im follow you and resteem and big vote sir.. @canadian-coconut

Smart and unvommon ideas by @canadian-cocobut mam...
Actualy I think family protection is very useful socoial fact in our society...
Great idea mam...
No more words...
Wel done and execellent job mam...
I respect to U...
All the best......

Wow a very moving story for me and my family, thanks for everything.

Thank you so much @canadian-coconut for written about one of serious issues of today era #familyprotection is basic problem in modern families.
Nice post. I learn something new and challenging from this blog. It will always be exciting to read through articles from other writers and use something from their ideas.
This was an incredibly wonderful story. Thank you for supplying this information.

@canadian-coconut mam..
Another wonderful and useful artcle with great ideas about family protection...
I'm always respect and appreciate for your this valuble ideas...
Wel done and execellent work mam..
Good luck..

Such an amazing post, love to see more like this

It was cool to read it. You have always awesome information to share and entertain us. Keep continue thanks.

very interesting, what makes this team congratulations God bless you

this is very interesting picture,
children's drawings and parents bring peace in life.
brother thanks for sharing. i really like.

very interesting, thanks for the information

a very interesting post, hopefully the future of children's education is growing and progressing in your country

Wow man. Legal kidnapping. That's new to me.

Thanks for sharing!

Here in Singapore, kidnapping hands you the death sentence.

Your story is absolutely fascinating to readers.
From today I will read you every day

Good oh good

A truly unforgivable crime. Hope this will never happen.

nice post very educating

This post really help a lot to us. This gives full awareness to all parents out there to take good care of thier children who possible to become one of the victim in this illegal doings.

this is similar to the suffering of children in my country.
my country also there is no clear law.
Hopefully,, women and children will get good protection around the world.
I love children very much.


So, thats good article, appreciable,

i love this post.. :)
i am very interested in this post, very inspiring ,, cool broe.. :)

Hi @canadian-coconut, Child rapists and murderers must get the exemplary punishments. A child rape and murder case happened recently here in Kasur, Pakistan and this news has ruined my peace of mind since are the details:

Seems as if we are moving back to dark ages. :(

Oh my god, this is such an important story to share. This is so depressing because the U.S. system is just as bad.

Good evening, everybody... Hehe this time here is on 11.58 p.m. Actually I'm in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. My name is Zopan. Nice to be your friend. :)

Thankfully i have never felt helpless. But what i just read, oh boy, i am really sad and understand the feeling of being completely helpless. Sorry...

Thanks for sharing this story .
i'm not fond of reading books or article .
but this story touched me a lot .
i'm going to read all of it's parts now .
and waiting for next part ..
Support for you from bottom of my heart brother <3

Hi first of all thank you for your doing such wonderful job God bless you. I am following to u and your articles.I am new to steemit plz help me and support my posts

Your post are so educating and well understood. Thanks so much @canadian-coconut

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