Police Brutality Breaks a Mother's Body & Shatters her Trust (FamilyProtection Series -- Anna's Family Story Part IV)

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May 2018 be the year where the weight of public revelations begins to shatter this most evil of Government-Operated Child Trafficking systems, falsely known as "Child Protection Services."
This is the fifth episode of TRUE EVENTS that my dear friend, Anna, is sharing in our Steemit #FamilyProtection Series.
I watch as Anna writes these memoirs and clearly see how difficult it is for her -- this episode was particularly traumatic for her to relive.
Sometimes she thinks that she can't share any more ..... yet she keeps going. She does it for the readers who may be seeing this truth for the first time, and also for all those who have suffered at the hands of Government Kidnappers but have no voice or are so broken or ashamed that they can't repeat it.
** Anna's story continues below.
** Names have been changed to protect both of our families from the very real risk of vindictive retaliation that faces anybody who reveals the dastardly deeds of these government-funded monster agents.


Anna's Family Story Part IV ...

( ... in her own words ... )

Liam's HomeBirth

Liam is my third child. All my children were born at home. The first two in another province at a time when midwives were unlegislated, and unconstrained by government standards.

By the time I was pregnant with Liam, midwives were no longer allowed to attend births where a hospital was not available, and our town's hospital did not have a good rapport with midwives, so we chose a homebirth anyway. I was confident that way, and Liam was born in our living room, healthy and strong.

We called paramedics to cover what we thought were legal obligations for the health of the mother and child.



Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses file reports to Child Protective Services.


This was actually the first mistake I made. The paramedics did not know what to do so I asked them to wait while I checked the placenta for tears, and cleaned up after myself. I did not plan to go to the hospital; I simply needed them to confirm what we already knew -- that baby and I were fine. They checked our vitals, wrote a report, congratulated us both and left.

The following morning after Liam's birth, there was a knock on the door.

Two female Social Workers were standing there.

Social Worker: -- "Oh, is that your baby?"

Me: -- "Obviously."

SW: -- "Can I hold him?"

Me: -- "Absolutely not!"

SW: -- "Why not?"

Me: "Why are you here?"

SW: "We had a report that a woman gave birth behind a motel with no medical assistance."

The Fact was that we owned our own home, a 3 bedroom mobile with an addition, and it was situated "behind" a motel/R.V. Resort -- and the paramedics WERE medical assistance. I explained all this to the Social Workers.

She laughed, "Oh, I see ... behind a motel!"

Then she gave me a bag of comic books, dirty toys and used baby blankets with staples still in them, and they left.


Two Years Later ...

Two years later, when the Police showed up after dark in swat gear to abduct my Liam,

that was all that Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) had on the file -- nothing correcting that initial report -- the "reason" for apprehension box was empty.

The only thing on the file was ... "Woman gave birth behind a motel with no medical assistance."

They tore him screaming from his brother's arms.
Police handcuffed me in plain sight of my children,
kicked my feet out from under me,
then threw me onto the hood of the Police car by yanking my handcuffed wrists.
Tendons in my shoulder tore from the strain.
My ribs and face were bruised.

They made me watch as my wailing toddler was placed in a van and taken away.

His older brother aged 13 was left crying on the muddy ground where Police and Social Workers shoved him down in the assault.

Why?! What had I done?!
How can this possibly protect children?
I wasn't even charged with anything?




My 9-yr-old daughter had cried on Christmas morning ... refused to open her gifts because she said -- "Daddy's not here to open his presents."

I asked my neighbour to drive me out to meet Chuck in a parking lot to give him his gift -- and only then was Lisa content enough to open her own.

Right after Christmas, we sent Lisa to her Aunt's home because we thought perhaps she would be safer elsewhere; somewhere fun and neutral while this "investigation" took place.

The flirtatious Social Worker who had brought the Police in the first place, had approved the move and on the file it said that SHE had arranged the placement -- not us -- and rules were made for the Aunt and her husband.

Her Aunt and Uncle were to listen in on all our conversations. The family was grilled for information (anything incriminating) and the pressure was too much. When I prayed "The Lord's Prayer" with my daughter over the phone, they thought that I was pushing forgiveness too soon. ("Forgive Us As We Forgive Others ...") and my daughter was removed from their home and put into Foster Care.

My husband was gone.

My daughter was gone.

Now my baby boy was gone.

My older son was still with me, but not for long ...

Social Worker, Richard Hardcock, told my older son, Joe, to watch me closely and to report back to him or else he'd be apprehended too. The stress on him was unbelievable, but since he had nothing to report to Richard, he was no longer useful to him -- so Richard picked him up from school one day and put him into Foster Care too.

I've lost all my trust for Police.

When you see them, in blue, all friendly, it's comforting to think they're there to protect you.

But when they come in black, threatening and beating you in support of child abductors, you lose faith.

My children and I will NEVER trust police.

They're just people. I know. People doing a job ... and credit where credit is due:

The French-Canadian Officer who first interviewed my daughter also delivered the court documents 3 years later, when my daughter had become suicidal and they'd made an application to court to return her to me -- so she wouldn't kill herself in Foster Care --

"I'm so sorry," he said. "This was wrong -- what they did to your family." He had tears in his eyes.

And that worker who brought the police in the first place; the one who hated men -- she finally saw the truth too. One by one she apologized to each of us -- to my husband, to my daughter, and to me.

... But not until the damage was already done ...


to be continued ...

"Write it down! Don't let your story fade away unheard, unknown!"
(Anna's close friend, Hazel)


This account of TRUE events that took place 11 years ago and was written by my friend, Anna.
It is the fifth in a series that she and I will be sharing here on Steemit with the familyprotection tag. Please share this story with others, so that we can wake people up to the atrocities being committed in our so-called civilized societies. The mainstream media will rarely broach the subject. We must expose these stories to the light of day -- and stand up as a society to stop this abuse of families and children.

Read the earlier issues of the FamilyProtection Series Below:

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Governments around the world,
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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

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I am amazed dear..I learnt a lot here..keep it up..please follow and upvote me @willyhills

Wow! Awesome! Awesome post.
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Something terrible ..
A fact when the system is programmed to ensure the interests and service of the citizen if he finds his interest in it.
There will certainly be injustice.
The people must demand justice instead of the welfare of their lives.

It's little comfort to know the police regret their actions after the fact when they are going to act in such an insensitive and brutal manner when carrying out these disgusting government kidnappings.
The trauma the children will suffer from seeing their Mother cuffed and thrown in a squad car isn't something they'll get over any time soon.
The dreadful record keeping and creation of a narrative by the CPS agents is truly horrendous.
No family is safe from such an insipid and and corrosive system.
As ever, I'm appalled.

It is misuse and abuse of power and authority that has many distrusting and even hating the police in the United States. And it is so sad. We live 2 houses down from a police lady that is the most kind and respectful neighbor that you can ask for. They are people too... but being "tricked" into doing the dirty work for corrupt CPS offices continues to give them all a bad name.

I think it IS really beneficial to everyone that Anna is continuing writing this.. As we read it, we engage with the whole issue a bit deeper.

The ecoTrain are going to focus the Question Of The Week on this topic starting on Monday. There are many of us who I'm sure will have something positive and useful to offer. The question that I chose is one that I hope helps us to unearth some of the deeper roots of this issue and may help us to find a way forward.

The question we will be answering next week will be:

Lawful kidnapping by the State (Child Protection, Social Services) is a symptom of a modern day crisis. What are the issues behind the increasing trend of State taking children away from their parents, and what can be done to prevent this abhorrent injustice?

We will tag #familyprotection so you should see them pop up over the week. If you would like to join us answering this question I would be very curious how you would answer it..


That is a great question!
I would put 'Child Protection' in the brackets though beside Social Services, as that is what they call themselves. We created the term 'Family Protection' to be the opposing force to what they claim to be doing by protecting children -- because while they are supposedly protecting children, they are destroying famlies.

I look forward to hearing the responses from your post. Thanks!

Thank you for that tip! i should have realised, i will amend it as you suggest!
I'm really glad you like the question! It took some time for me to think of something that could help us to see this issue from a wide perspective. Its been hard for me to imagine how we can tackle this issue, since the direct approach of resisting the arms of the State is not really an option. So I feel a good understanding of the problems will be a good place to start!

Have a lovey weekend Linda <3

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To answer your question, abolishing the government and replacing it with the natural law The governments of the world have had around 4500 years to prove their worth. Since the natural law is already in effect it makes government irrelevant. The governments, by their nature, are evil and it has always been that way. I don't believe there has ever been an honest government. In this case, it is obvious that the child was kidnapped and the mother beaten. It was the government law officers who committed the felonies. You might want to get some people together and confront the sheriff over this. The problem now is that the evil people know that people will not stand up for themselves.

Apologizing after causing so much pain and suffering is totally worthless.

We urgently need to change how the social services system works, otherwise this will keep happening over and over again.

The problem with the state, is that it’s easy for it to get bigger, the difficult and challenging thing is to make it smaller.

That’s why our efforts should always be oriented to make government smaller.

There are some many type of atrocities around the world but this one is unforgiveable. reading through this breaks my heart. But then questions keep coming to my mind... how long has this been happening? If this government or the agencies of setan has descided to be heartless. Are their no NGO agencies fighting for this? maybe mass movement...Just wish i could kick some ass............thank you @canadia-coconut for speaking out loud and giving others courage to speak out loud too i know someday some how this would change.

During the midst of my tears while reading this I felt a sudden sense of joy when you shared how the officer and the worker apologized and realized you and your family were very wronged. However no amount of apologies will ever give you back what was taken from you in a course of time. It’s a Miracle Anna that you are still standing today and sharing your story to help others. Having all of your loved ones torn from you one by one is unreal and unheard of yet you are a living witness to such tragedy.

The message about how police are trained to NEVER trust you couldn’t be more true. It makes me so sad knowing that the very people who were sworn in to protect us are the ones hurting us the most. God Bless you for writing such a painful chapter in your story and reliving these moments just to help others have a voice and not be afraid to share the TRUTH!

No amount of Appology!!!!!...., none!

I think it is important for us to try and get to know the police in our area so there is a personal connection with the people they protect... and it won't be so easy for them to Abuse us.

I know it is worthwhile to try. We have a neighbor that is an officer and I have befriended her. This human contact can break the harmful training.

I think it’s great if you can build a personal relationship with a police officer. We have a good friend that is one as well. Sadly it seems that these government agencies are running the police force in some way. If they want a job done it seems they get it done with the officers help as you read in the story above. He had no intentions on protecting that families rights but only to assist the investigator. I don’t believe all police officers want to act in this manner but unfortunately when duty calls...it’s a different story.

Oh, you are right.

I think a part of it is that the officers DO see the worst in people on a daily basis. And they believe their "peers" in CPS are trying to help like they are. They trust them. So when they are told... this family is hurting their children, etc. they believe it and close their eyes and ears to what their senses say when they come on scene. And by the time their brains may have processed the truth... they are already off site and on another call.
It isn't always intentional ignorance.
And our friendships can allow us to put the bird in their ear to 'look with more open eyes' next time they are called to "assist".

Very good points! I agree that this could be the situation for most of the officers. Then some already know the power struggle and probably feel trying to speak up won’t change how these people operate. They really need help opening their eyes to the truth because it’s getting worse real fast.

they sworn to serve and protect their master! sad

I read about half of this and could not go on. This is unimaginable, and yet obviously real. I don't understand. Cannot comprehend why would any social agency take a child from it's mother without one hell of a good verified reason. What spirals me into anguish is that we are reading just one story. One brave soul baring her grief. Please tell me there is a happy ending. Thank you for this painful work.

I believe it's a symptom of our social training promoting interference. Social workers, police, every social program empowered by the government to 'do good' will have individuals who will go over and above their mandate. Sometimes it will be because they truly believe they are doing the right thing, and sometimes because there's a quota to be met. After all, how would a progress report look for a social worker who never finds a bad parent? a police officer who never arrests anyone? We live in an upside down society.

and sometimes because there's a quota to be met


Wow. I am catching up on this series and reading each new segment makes me stomach turn, I cannot even imagine how this mother feels. I will be holding my wee ones just a little tighter tonight. We exercise extreme caution when it comes to sharing anything about how we choose to raise our family for this very reason; people have become too trigger happy when it comes to reporting what they deem to be unsafe parenting. I appreciate the 'mistakes' and 'rules' you include with each segment because I find myself asking how I can avoid ending up in this type of scenario. I will take these suggestions to heart to keep my family safe. Thank you for reliving these painful memories to help keep others safe.

Oh the same as me! had to catch up... but felt almost sick to read it all.

If you mean about what you post on Steemit? or Facebook? Then yes, it is wise to limit how much detail you include... on anything that could be questioned later. It just isn't worth the risk. Use Steemit for what it is... but don't get too relaxed with the blogging either.

Anna your whole experience just keeps getting more and more horrific, it was hard reading the ones prior to this, but this one really makes me question how these so call people can live with themselves after what they have put you and your family through. I really cannot even begin to imagine what a living nightmare that was for you and I can only think it has left many many scars.

For any person to be put through that and come through, I can only imagine the strength you and your family had to call on to do just that. I know we hear all the time that time is the greatest healer, but in this case that doesnot count. We really do need to find ways to protect our children from the so called child protection services. Thank you again Anna for sharing your story and Thank you @canadian-coconut for helping her do so.

Moral of the story?

Never involve the State/Doctors ect... unless its a Life or Death situation.

Never, Never get a Birth Certificate for your children!

My heart goes out to Anna .. this has to be one of the most gut-wrenching posts I've ever read. Every letter is filled with pain and torment and I honestly feel as though Anna has left a fragment of her soul in each of these posts. The strength that it must have taken to share her story is incredible and I just wish I could somehow make it better and reunite her family. Alas I can't and so all I can do is continue to offer my support and words in the vain hope that it might make some difference. It won't! how could it? how could my mere words ever capture the gravity of this situation? This is evil in it's purest form and it's a stain upon the whole of humanity! I can only hope that 2018 is the year the collective voices of families destroyed by this agenda become a roar for justice. Thank you @canadiancoconut

Yes! Yes!
It shook me as I saw her weeping, describing even more details than she had time to in this post about the ordeal with the police, and how that was the moment that any faith she had in them being there to "protect" was dashed to pieces.

She also mentioned to me afterwards that one of the officers (not the one who slammed her into the car, etc) had written a report after leaving and examining the toddler, that said that this baby was NOT abused as they had expected him to be -- he had no bruises or marks or evidence of abuse!

So it made me wonder if the female officer who handcuffed Anna, bashed her into the car, kicked out her feet from under her and then yanked her back to her feet by her hands cuffed behind her back (putting her shoulder out) -- I wonder if that Officer had been told by the Social Workers that they were going after a woman who was battering her baby. Maybe she thought that she was dealing with a monster, so instead the officer became a monster herself??? I don't know. It's all a guess.

The Police treated her as guilty even though ZERO evidence had been presented to back that assumption. And that is what we must remember -- that they look at us as guilty right from the start. These cops believe anything that these lying, dastardly Social Workers tell them.

You do have to wonder what could possibly have been said to someone to make them act so violently against another. I remember watching a documentary about the battle of the beanfield and hearing the violence perpetrated by the police that day. I thought surely they must have been told terrible things about these people to even bring themselves to do such things. Pregnant women and women with babes in arms were even beaten with truncheons!

I was wondering if you'd heard of Karl Lentz? He had his down syndrome son taken from him because he refused help from social services and fought for 7 years to get him back. He managed it by using common law and specialises now in helping families get their children back from the state. I don't know if he could possibly be a resource for @familyprotection to reach out to.

It's absolutely disgusting that in the supposed "civilised" world (and I use the term civilised very loosely) that these atrocities are allowed to be carried out! It continues because people refuse to believe that it can happen and therefore they refuse to both acknowledge and look into it! It's an unhoy trinity between the police, the law courts and the social workers .. all feeding off and empowering each other. Can there be any worse pain than having your children torn from your arms? It's not something that I would wish upon my worst enemy!! Thank you again for sharing Anna's story and for having the courage of your convictions, little by little things will change and the unity of movements such as @familyprotection will be a driving force behind said change. Thank you again @canadiancoconut

It truly takes an enormous amount of strength to put your story out for everyone to see, not to mention reliving such a horrible time in order to do it. You are a very brave woman Anna. I hope my belief in balance is an accurate one, because with all you've been through it should mean that you will have many years of happiness and peace to make up for it.

My family also has reason not to trust the police who, for the most part, have been acquitting themselves in the same manner as a gang particular in recent times. I even think they are hiring people in modern day who fit a certain profile-bullies with no sense of honor or empathy. I know that wasn't always true, and it's very sad to see it go this way. I also know there are still some 'law men and women' who go into believing they are going to be helping people, and perhaps try, but the system such as it is makes that a difficult task if not impossible. The "Us vs. Them" is a pervasive idea in the minds of 'officers' and 'civilians' alike. As you said in a previous entry, they have set it up to make us adversaries, of even our own families let alone anyone else.

P.S. I'm glad I checked in on you Linda, it's great to see so many blogs on your page, no matter the author. You are doing an amazing service for this site as well as your friend.

Thank-you @dreemit !
I will make sure that Anna reads this.

Oh my God!!!!!!,

My husband was gone.
My daughter was gone.
Now my baby boy was gone.
My older son was still with me, but not for long ...

For our own children we have become criminals!, no not criminals because we have been treated much worse than criminals, our rights thrown off the window.
Oh wicked men, and a wicked organisation that needs to fall, every time I here these stories from Anna and many other parents and my folks, I am compelled to "close my hears because of the horror", but I keep them opened!!, we must bring this organisation of evil doers down.

I am really sorry for what you have been through Dear Anna and the horror you have had to relive to bring others to know the evil of this people. God keep you near and strong.

thank-you. yes, the horrors are real. but we have to keep listening and sharing.

Hey, @Canadian-coconut have been looking through your post and really like your content. If you see this check out the Cliven Bundy Case in southern Nevada. They are my neighbors and what their family is going through needs to be brought to as many peoples attention as possiable. Started following you, looking forward to more of your post.

It would be great if you could write about that case, especially since it is your own neighbour.
If you do so, please tag your post #familyprotection so that we can easily find it.

Thank-you for helping to spread awareness of these atrocities.

Thanks for the response, I will use the tag. I appreciate it.

This is an incredibly sad (however more common) situation for all parties involved. The complete abuse of power and a undoubtedly broken system in regards to this topic only add fuel to the fire. I was involved with CPS both as a child (grew up in a group home type setting, living in a garage) and also on the professional level for a department in the government of the State of California that dealt with CPS on a daily basis.

I noticed many major flaws with how the department was run, the complete detach from the reality of situations they were dealing with, the abuse and over-reach of governmental power and many of the mothers within the department would have their own children taken away if they held themselves to the standard they held the general public.

I fully support your mission and desire to make issues within these departments public and we can hopefully garner enough support to demand change and accountability.

Thank-you for your comment. If you would like to write about your experiences in Foster Care or other abuses within the CPS system by the government workers that you have seen, please do so and use the tag #familyprotection so that we can easily find your post.

Yes, I was just trying to contact you to see what channels I could use to post and contribute more to this project. I will begin collecting my thoughts and post on that site with that tag. I will also follow that site as well, as I am still very new to this site and how to operate it. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Looking forward to working with you and your cause, let's make a difference.

It is a crime when THEY use force to do the bidding of the state. Think of all the psychological damage that was done when the police handcuffed her. We live in a world of oxymorons...of opposites. Cops are criminals, child protection is child kidnapping and it all is a mind game. Smart phones are stupid to have because of the invasion of privacy. The world is an inverse of what it should be. Evil is an inverse of good. Somehow we allowed evil to control the world. A fish rots at the head and so is our world. The head that run this world is rotten and evil. Why else would we have an world wide CPS causing this crap and police being criminal. Thanks for the continued story. It saddens me.

This made me think of a story my little boy had to read when we tried state homeschooling online. In the story, a boy needs help. He is told to look for an adult with a uniform like an officer, a doctor, nurse, or anyone who works at the school. Not once in the story is he told to go to his parents to help him! The indoctrination that parents are the enemy and government workers/teachers/counselors are the heroes starts young. My husband was an officer at the time and he was extremely offended by that book!
Also, my husband used to go on these CPS calls with the agents. Some children were rescued from horrible conditions and abuse. Roaches crawling from toddler's ears, newborns who were locked in rooms dying with no attention or food, abusive boyfriends who were shaking the babies...etc. Please know that there are good people out there too. These situations affect the officers deeply, as well as their families (he worked a case one time where a large snake was kept in a house and chewed/strangled to death a toddler...dark times at my house for quite a while...) There have to be officers who are willing to stand up for kids. Befriend them. Its the only way you'll win against these bad ones.

Honestly I think in many cases we're dealing with several different groups of people when we're talking about authorities here: in one group are the vindictive, careless, thoughtless people who just automatically see themselves as free to do whatever they want. These people are drunk with power and react based on their gut - do they like someone or not? They like throwing their weight around and as a CPS worker they get a lot of weight to throw around.

There are also people honestly trying to do their job but get so inundated with the sights you describe that they can no longer trust any parent to be good (I knew a social worker like this).

There is a third group who not only helps but can clearly see the difference between abuse and non-abuse and they do not overuse the power they could access.

The trouble is the amount of power that's granted across the board regardless of what type of person the CPS worker is. We have no refuge from the rule of law but have to rely on the personality of the CPS worker and that's where all the trouble is coming in. It's like in a dictatorship - if you have a benevolent dictator, all is well. But if not, you have horror after horror.

So the solution is not to ignore the awful things like newborns locked in rooms dying, but to reform our system of law so it goes back to a system of law and does not just give more or less unrestricted power to people who may or may not use it wisely. Checks and balances. Refuge for the innocent.

Thank you to your husband for enduring these things and doing his best to help. I am so sorry both that these things exist and that he has those awful sights and sounds and events in his memory. Evil exists.

Thank You Anna + Linda for having the Courage & Persistence to continue to get this message out...

LET Your Testimony HEAL the Past AND possible Future tragedies from ever occurring...

...as GOD is Our Witness...

The last paragraphs are so Very Powerful...

They're just people. I know. People doing a job ... and credit where credit is due:

The French-Canadian Officer who first interviewed my daughter also delivered the court documents 3 years later, when my daughter had become suicidal and they'd made an application to court to return her to me -- so she wouldn't kill herself in Foster Care --

"I'm so sorry," he said. "This was wrong -- what they did to your family." He had tears in his eyes.

And that worker who brought the police in the first place; the one who hated men -- she finally saw the truth too. One by one she apologized to each of us -- to my husband, to my daughter, and to me.

... But not until the damage was already done ...

Let the TRUTH of these Tragedies Travel Far & Wide...

Let this Be the Beginning of the elimination of Child "protective" services...Globally !!

Thank You Anna, Linda, Mark + @FamilyProtection Team for Your Strength, Support + Wisdom...

This story literally gives me cold shivers. I have just had my sister visit from New Zealand and I was shocked how much of a "nanny state" it was, though she has had no negative experiences. My point is, government control over every aspect of our lives, and especially our health and personal lives can never be a good thing, as who knows our own situation better than ourselves? I'm pretty glad to be living in Africa. I know this story is a series, but I wait every time for some good news. Please send Anna my love.

When the govtards come to your home, you must do three things: shut up, shut up, and then shut up. Don't say anything as it will be used against you. There is no such thing as a good or honorable government worker. They come in two styles: assholes, and assholes-in-training. These kidnappings are fueled by federal funds thus an agency like CPS cannot be fixed. It must be abolished. The government is far too destructive to be of any value to anyone. Family and friends must step in to help in difficult situations.

Another tactic that can be used is to reply to their questions in this fashion: I don't have enough facts to give you a responsive answer. They will continue to ask questions and you should continue to give them the same answer.

The government is too corrupted to fix itself. You can't have the people causing the trouble attempting to fix the problem. Most people don't understand our government: it is screwed up and that is the intention. They are operating a slave state. Here's an example of what I observed last year. http://verydumbgovernment.blogspot.com/2017/06/free-baby-holm-part-8.html

This is so horrible. Made my stomach turn and brought me to tears reading it. Though my story is nothing as atrocious as this, I would like to share.

Eight years ago my first son was born. My husband and I moved back to our home town to have family support, though my husband dislikes where we grew up and really only agreed because I thought it was best. Two months after moving there, a month after our son was born, my husband had a mental health episode. The police were called and took him in to custody to protect him from himself. The police contacted child services and we were told I wasn't allowed to bring our child home, I had to stay at a parents house and my husband could visit us there. He wasn't allowed to be with his son, to bond with his newborn in this time of need. We played by the rules, went to the meetings with the case worker, stayed under supervision because we didn't want to lose our baby to cps. The strain was too much on our little family and we separated. We got back together months later (in a different province so cps didn't know) and are together to this day, but I'm still sad my husband was treated like a dangerous person when really he just needed support and love. I know my son doesn't remember this time in his life, thank god, but my heart still aches for him too.
Anyway. That's my story.

Sending thoughts of love and healing out to all of those families.

wow! You could write this up in a post and tag it as #familyprotection so that we can find it.
Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

I will try. It's hard for me, I don't think I've talked about it, ever. I'll see if I can get the words to flow. Thank you for your dedication to this cause.


Not so hard once the gates are opened I guess. I hope this helps anyone in any way.

Oh My Gosh this is absolutely terrible. How can this family ever be able to have or learn that the police are suppose to be there to protect. These children will be forever scared. Thank you @canadian-coconut for opening my eyes. It is so hard when you live in small town Canada, we don't truly see all that should be seen.

OMG what the hell are going on, this is not really a government, it is a brutality and cruality of the system for its peaceful citizens. OMG, how the people are experiencing every day, I think there are lots of Anna's families who had been suffering from time immemorial with the hands of such system. I feel very sorry and the mother and the new born. I am also a mother, can realise that pain, I am also with you my friend for your great effort to fight for this unhuman behavior of the so called government agencies. Same on their deeds and behavior.

Hi good day!!

@canadian-coconut - I thought I had seen police brutality in Africa and India during my travels. It pails in comparison with what Anna experienced. Yes - I saw really brutal handling by the police but that was for hardened criminals (in one case attempted cash van robbery!) - what has a mother done to deserve this. I feel disgusted but also helpless. Can we do nothing other than spreading awareness?
For my wildlife campaign, at least I have had the satisfaction of having been able to buy some equipment for support groups with the SBDs from my posts. I feel that only moral support and appeals with authorities, constant raising of voice there on ground will help and half way across the world, I feel helpless.
Thanks for everything you are doing to help this hapless family. Hope they are reunited soon.
Upvoted full and will resteem.



Such cruelty to the point that one can hardly believe this possible in a lawful culture. Thanks for getting the information out to the general public.

Everything is brutal; the story, the media, the medical system... my own brother, when he was hitten really hard in his head, and the doctors gave him a LIFE TIME pill that basiclly destroys the capacity of the brain to grow... Mom took her with everywhere, and they just forbid him some sort of food, and he grew perfectlly fine with an incredible creative capacity...

Im sorry to read this. Everytime i think about this, and hoe people dont listen to evidence, i think a quote that i saw somewhere in a Charles Dickens book:
"It is easier to fool someone, than convinced them that they were fooled".

Keep it up girls!

I have a hard time finding words..so many things that are wrong with this situation..of course those directly harmed but then also consider that those who carried out the harm thought they were doing good. So many layers of people who have the legal power over our lives, people who might be evil, or incompetent, or ignorant. You're right of course, these stories will be buried, never to come out in the open. Social media is the only recourse. Resteemed.

Very touching story and you are right, at the expense of police arbitrariness, take only the case of 15-year-old girl Willow Kinlock. She is from British Columbia, the city of Victoria. A 15-year-old girl, according to police, drunk, was arrested on the street. And put literally in a cage. It can hardly be called a camera. We put handcuffs on her, we tied her ankles. And left to lie for four hours without moving on the floor. Thank you @canadian-coconut

It's saddening, and quite appaling that measures that have been put in place to secure and help us are the ones hurting us. What joy could one possibly derive from a taking a child away from her mother? The world is no longer safe anymore. I pray the good lord guide and keep us all.

I'm amazed that they apologized. They must have seen the damage that they did to the family and realized later their mistake.

"Woman gave birth behind a motel with no medical assistance."

I wonder if someday every home-birth is given some silly reason like this to take extreme action against families. That's ridiculous. @ironshield

In some places in the US it is illegal to have a homebirth. So having a deliberate home birth would be cause for extreme action...

This was brutal to read. Each section more and more of my breath was taken away. It was so AWFUL that they would do this to you. I can't believe the police officers would just follow blind orders like that and despite everything you said they still continue to be terrible and vile.

Their actions are FAR from civil service.

This story is really heart-breaking. It's good to know that people are making a stand. Thank you for raising awareness. my friend!

I almost cant read these posts cuz it makes my blood boil so much, but then i cant not read them either. May God bless, comfort, and encourage Anna

it leaved me numb i mean where the hell we are living in this world is this society is that less of humanity values

I am just so happy to see @familyprotection growing so fast and have this huge influence to help these families like Anna's family. Reading this story is really heartbreaking and unfortunately, Anna's family didn't have this great support or help from @familyprotection 11 years ago, which is sad, but that is why the difference and help you @canadian-coconut, @markwhittam are doing in this world by saving and helping these families is just so beautiful.
Thank you and thank you Anna for helping by spreading this awareness of what is going on, by sharing your story.

This must have been very difficult reliving. Nobody wants to go through traumas like this and actions need to be taken to stop brutality of all forms.

Thank you for sharing.

Winnipeg Manitoba is bad the child and their is a cover up on a few levels i hope to expose this evil.
The family unit is sacred and this is not to be dismissed.
So many people have had their lives ruined their family torn apart and as for the children well in my city they are exposed to meth, prostitution, violence and crime.

I seen kids in care go to main street to the homeless shelters and become homeless just to know their mom.

I seen boys get hooked on drugs by sick fucks and sell themselves at a park in the fancy part of downtown all but 1 was a ward of CFS.

Absolutely disgusting. How can they go around destroying people's lives like this!!!! I'm so devastated for this family and for all the other victims (past, present and yet to come). Someone give them a good shake. You must protest this. Thanks for sharing :(

The tactics used by these hired thugs are gross. Paper pushing monsters can be as destructive as the real thing.

I could barely read through this. Such injustice anger

i cant even read this , every time i read the story it filled me with anger . How someone so cruel , god will never forgive to all the members of CPS and where are so-called highly civilized people ?

You did a good work dear Linda @canadian-coconut, thats to much crazy what is going on there outside. Reesteemed to my European Steemians, thanks for your great post. I hope truly it will get better and better as much people as can become this notice.

This shed me to tears (I am heartbroken!), the police where never meant to protect people.

i could hardly believe totally insane world this is i am feeling feared right now we can't even feel the pain can't even imagine this scenario if i haven't read that

Another heartfelt instalment from Anna's life and I was sinking deeper into my chair as I read what happened to this lady. It reads like a true horror film and and just feel for how helpless she must've felt, it's so, so saddening. Thanks for bringing this to light @canadian-coconut, resteemed and God Bless Anna, or whoever she really is.

This breaks my heart more each time I read a chapter of Anna’s story. I pray that this abuse of power is somehow punished . Just think how many children they might actually have helped instead of tearing Anna’s family apart.Many thanks to Anna for having the courage to tell her story.

I had to catch up on this series... It really hurts me to read so much at once... But I will not ignore it just because it is uncomfortable.

Can I encourage you to keep doing your work and fighting the good fight! Families should be kept together and children are only protected when they are with the ones that truly love them!

Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 <3

The authorities who are meant to protect are becoming the most dangerous ones to trust. Its so sad to hear her story. No words can be enough to comfort her and no one can imagine what pain she has gone through. I can only say that may peace and loving energies be with her now.

As long as they profit from tearing families apart I don't think they'll ever stop .. The family courts, Child Support, CPS and basically anything branching off them profits from these incidents. What has to happen before enough is enough?
Don't our taxes pay these peoples salaries?
I've been screwed over from the family cours for the last almost 3 years.. I just dont know where to start right now..

I find these very hard to read and I see why you're doing them in small parts. I'm not sure I could manage to deal with it all at once. Even just imagining the pain Anna must have experienced having her children taken from her like that is terrifying. The notes on the mistakes made are invaluable to all parents.

This post is the third by Linda @canadia-coconut that will be featured on Jane's CHAOS Show tonight.

Apologies are worthless. This family was torn apart and nothing can undo that. And they realized what they've done when? When the girl became suicidal??? It's a miracle these people are still alive to tell their story.

Agree on this, I am missing my 2 oldest too.. can't see them.. nobody can give back the time and milestones I missed with them. Not the biggest amount of money will make that feeling better :(

Why are governments tearing families apart that is the foundation of a saver society they make us believe they are building, we need to stand against this with one voice.

Again I read it with tears in my eyes, I feel her pain.. a lot.. Can't read more than 1 of these stories at one time because it is too painful for me due to my own grieve.. its good that she shares her story, I am sharing mine now too bit by bit.. still horrible facts to tell.. And my story should not be faded away either.. Thank you for fighting for those families, you are an amazing woman!

It certainly is sad when we need to protect our children from our own government.


Sometimes she thinks that she can't share any more ..... yet she keeps going. She does it for the readers who may be seeing this truth for the first time, and also for all those who have suffered at the hands of Government Kidnappers...

.... I have never thought on this angle that government is involved in such activities to this level. So, law becomes a tool to do such crimes. How shameful, horrific and inhuman!

We lost dinosaurs. Soon, humanity will be rare on this planet.

Excellent story @canadian-coconut. Keep exposing these barbarians. You got my support.

Steem On!

Breaks my heart 💔


we should obey our kids , lol ,, nice post my friend

Law without power and power without the law are two paths to chaos

Ohhh my God!!! This story is so scary. I can't imagine how people can behave in such a way. Thanks Anna for sharing your painful story

This is horrible story . I'm feeling very sad for Anna what was her fault and what was their children . @canadian-coconut you are doing a great job , thanks for spreading awareness about this . This story should not be left untold. Upvoted and resteemed

posting is very useful for readers and writers of course,
is it true that the story you write is true, if this is really sad.
everyone deserves what is desired.
if such a situation is really touched, it is our chance to improve it for the better in the future.
hopefully the future is very useful for readers.
I really like.

follow you for more article , my friend

Good article

his very cruel behavior

@canadian-coconut Thanks for sharing this post #familyprotection, Just now im aware of this issue happening in your place because of the @steemitcommunity. Such a brave courageous heart Anna to share this to let others know about this inhumane act of some persons in authority.
What they did to Anna and to her family was such a cruel act.

Wherever in the world you might be, there is an establishment consensus, led by child rights groups, public policy organisations and government functionaries, that children need to be protected from their families, especially their parents.

To this end, a range of laws, policies and government agencies, going under the rubric of “child protection”, “child development” or “child welfare”, are being pushed onto the general population, giving the State the power to monitor families, and, should it see fit, to take over custody of children. Child protection in its current form must go – root and branch. There has to be a thorough-going re-think of how to deal with crimes against children, and of how we as a society are to assist children in vulnerable situations, whether in the home, or outside.

After reading this I can't imagine more. I'd got terrible goosebumps.

My 9-yr-old daughter had cried on Christmas morning ... refused to open her gifts because she said -- "Daddy's not here to open his presents."
I asked my neighbour to drive me out to meet Chuck in a parking lot to give him his gift -- and only then was Lisa content enough to open her own.
Right after Christmas, we sent Lisa to her Aunt's home because we thought perhaps she would be safer elsewhere; somewhere fun and neutral while this "investigation" took place.
The flirtatious Social Worker who had brought the Police in the first place, had approved the move and on the file it said that SHE had arranged the placement -- not us -- and rules were made for the Aunt and her husband.
Her Aunt and Uncle were to listen in on all our conversations. The family was grilled for information (anything incriminating) and the pressure was too much. When I prayed "The Lord's Prayer" with my daughter over the phone, they thought that I was pushing forgiveness too soon. ("Forgive Us As We Forgive Others ...") and my daughter was removed from their home and put into Foster Care.
My husband was gone.
My daughter was gone.
Now my baby boy was gone.
My older son was still with me, but not for long ...

I'm lucky that I got to read this article. We are lucky to have member like you who teach meaningful definition of simple facts.

good post and thank you for sharing

good story friends, and hopefully be a family that is always happy,

God will keep protecting the children

@canadian-coconut mam...
I think family protection is very important topic for our society...
We always try protect our child...like our eye...
A Family Protection Trust is a Trust that's set up to hold your assets, safeguarding them from future circumstances and legal costs. Protects against Probate, children being disinherited due to remarriage, plus it can even offer protection against care home costs...

Awww thats such a sad story and abuse of power by the police : (

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It's good to know that people are making a stand. Thank you for Share!!

USA is a place which more scary then i thought.. Racist pigs.. The govt supports terrorism in other countries, soldiers rape children and kill in other countries, you think they care about kids in their own country?

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

Are you talking about the police officers and social workers?

Posting a lot of important things, thank you so much that shared these among us

السلامعليكم ورحمة الله وبركا ته @canadian-coconut

@canadian-coconut Stop violence, as it should be in a country must have legal basis. Criminalization, oppression, corruption, and cruelty to minors should be stopped immediately. Because it is not in accordance with pri humans and pri to justice

Thank you for this. @canadian-coconut What a nice treat. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Hii @canadian-coconut,

Your efforts with writting for family protection are awsome. i realt appreciate your work. keeep going on and Stay Blessed.

Let us keep on protesting so this rubbish can stop....thanks for acquainting us...

Its very nice post I learn alot from Your post I follow you and wait for your feature posts

A very horrible story. May his struggle succeed. Thanks for sharing a very interesting story to discuss @canadian-coconut.

To serve and protect who? -

@canadian-coconut for #familyprotect I do appreciate this post and this such a very good move, for us to be aware and guided and also for us to help in anyway we can. People sometimes tend to do such crazy things and injustice for money and for their own good (selfishness).It was so sad and terrifying, leaves me with teary eye upon reading. It really hurts badly. I admire Anna for being sucg a strong woman and I'm praying for their safety and hope to recover from such nightmare.

so glad this story is being told.

the post is very admirable, protection of children is in need, anywhere that the child is the next life and the successor of life. thanks for sharing @canadian-coconut

dare to do, dare to be responsible. Happy New Year friend.
Upvote and resteem

Wow this is so crazy.......i can't believe this... How do they gain from this....

This is both heartbreaking and horrifying. Good that someone is taking a stand.

Keep going i followed you waiting for more don't say this is the last part

Events like this should be a lesson for us. the government should pay more attention so there is no such case. not only in your country in my country there are also many events such worship. hopefully we can take care of both ourselves and from other parties.
thank you for warning us @canadian-coconut.
and suporting @familyprotection.

This is just insane! How far will it go?

Oh my God. !!!

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thank you for telling this story in your post .. like a policeman protecting society to give security to society not doing brutal act so that tarnish name of government which is based on justice