The Steemit Wish List - A Comprehensive List of Enhancement Requests from the Steemit Community - v1.2

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This is an updated list of the great ideas from everyone in the community on how to improve the Steemit website and user experience! Thanks to everyone that has contributed!!

I will continue searching through the posts for good ideas, and incorporate them into the list. If you have any ideas that you think should be added, please reply in the comments or message me in Steemit chat!

New Look and Feel

  1. Sexy dashboard for the homepage (see example from @etherdesign)
  2. Allow users to use avatars in their comments
  3. Allow the user to customize what is shown on their dashboard
    -Trending Posts by Category (see post from @cloh76)
    -Trending Categories (see post from @stealthtrader)
    -Featured posts
    -Follower's feed
  4. Allow the user to customize the look of their account page into a personalized profile (see post from @acidyo)
  5. Create a slick new menu with well a organized hierarchy
    -Currency Exchange
    -Second tier menu for viewing content in different ways
  6. Allow users to customize the "skin" (color scheme) of the website

More Ways to Discover Content

  1. Advanced Search (number of votes, posted time, author reputation, etc.)
  2. Show the posts that users upvote in their profile
  3. Be able to follow categories (see post from @neurosploit)
  4. Be able to hide posts with unwanted topics (see post from @mctiller)
  5. Show suggested posts based on what you are currently reading (see post from @avarice, and another from @luminousvisions)
  6. Add the ability to mark trending posts as ‘read’ so they get hidden, allowing lower paying trending posts to be shown higher in the user's trending list
  7. Be able to view content by rankings such as Momentum and Liftoff (see post from @furion)
  8. Give users the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds (currently offered via - see post from @xeroc)
  9. Add a tab where users can view posts sorted by reputation (see post from @profitgenerator)
  10. Give users tools to find undervalued content (see post from @alexgr)

Notification System

  1. Add similar notifications to what is there on (developed by @jesta)
  2. Include notifications when your articles are linked to (see post from @ontofractal)
  3. Setting to configure sound alerts for each type of notification
  4. Collect notifications that occur while the user is offline, and provide a summary of new notifications when they log in
  5. Include the ability to acknowledge notifications
  6. Be able to configure which notifications are on/off

Note: Comments from @dantheman and others indicate that notifications is a high priority feature, and something along these lines is currently being worked on.

More Ways to Interact

  1. Integrate Steemit.Chat into the main website
  2. Secure Private Messaging (see post from @ibnu), or Bitmessage for PMs (see post from @l0k1)
  3. Add a tip button to comments and posts
  4. Be able to see who your new followers are
  5. Add more sharing features (Example: RESTEEMIT from @condra)
  6. Give users the ability to completely "disconnect" a user that is harassing them, preventing them from being able to see the user's content, comment on their posts, or interact with them in any way (see post from @dana-edwards) This is a high priority feature for several users.
  7. A more visible follow button, with the same style as the promote button, making it easier to follow user's instead of having to click the drop down menu from their name. (see comment from @dahaz159)
  8. The upvote button should be placed on a scrolling bar that follows the reader down the page, anchored to the bottom, so that upvotes can be made without having to scroll all the way to the bottom. (see comment from @dahaz159)
  9. Built in Steemit email (see post from @l0k1)


  1. Vote Mode {Use Default, Use Slider}
  2. Default Post Vote Weight (see comment from @owdy)
  3. Default Comment Vote Weight (see comment from @owdy)
  4. Auto Upvote Post
  5. Default Homepage

Enhance the Posting Interface

  1. Add buttons to the editor interface for all supported markdown options (headers, etc.)
  2. Add the ability to upload an image, rather than having to link
    -Possible integration with
  3. Add the ability to upload a video, rather than having to link
  4. Be able to upload a word document with content, and have it auto-format
    -An alternative would be to more directly integrate with a markdown editing site like
  5. Be able to save content and come back later (see post from @cryptobarry)
  6. Be able to schedule a time for a post to be submitted (see post from @sauravrungta)
  7. Add the ability to do surveys/polls within a post (see post from @sauravrungta)
  8. Be able to select emojis via the editor (list of emojis from @blueorgy)

Official Wiki / FAQ

  1. Many users including @ned are currently working on this here.
  2. We do need to pull everything together and have one 'official' wiki though. Having 10 different users each creating their own independent unofficial versions would not be good. (see post from @samupaha)

Statistics Displays

  1. View users based on followings
  2. View users based on earnings
  3. View users based on reputation
  4. See the highest paid posts
  5. etc.
  6. Possible integration with (developed by @heimindanger)

Referral / Affiliate Program

  1. Having an incentive for users to recruit others to the site and make them successful is good for growth
  2. Getting friends to sign up and be successful on the site takes time and mentoring
  3. Recruiters should be rewarded based on how successful their recruits are
  4. As a possible solution to reward long-term (30+ day) content: If a new user lands on a content page and joins, the author who's post they landed on will get 50-100% of the user's affiliate revenue.
    -100% if the new user discovered the site/post on their own
    -50% if the new user was referred to the post by someone's affiliate link
  5. The affiliate reward does not need to be much. A very small lifetime earning percentage would provide a huge incentive.

Make Buying Steem / Steem Power More User Friendly

  1. In the “Buy Steem” page, move the “Deposit using Bitcoin” section above the “Estimate using Bitcoin” section.
  2. In the “Buy Steem” page, make the instructions clearer. As a non-crypto user, it is not very clear that I need to send Bitcoins to the wallet address shown in order to buy Steem/SP.
  3. In the “Wallet” change the “Buy or Sell” options in the dropdowns to be “Exchange Steem for SBD” and “Exchange SBD for Steem”. As a non-crypto user, when I see “Buy/Sell” I think this is where I would go to use my fiat currency.

Paradigm Shifts

  1. Update curation rewards to encourage more 'minnows' content to be voted on
  2. Redesign the way downvotes / flags work
    -Allow the user to downvote without affecting a person's reputation score
    -Allow the user to select a reason when flagging (see post from @bendjmiller222)
  3. Allow multiple authors to create a post together (see post from @disillusioned)
  4. Allow users to convert SBD directly into SP (see post from @kyriacos)
  5. Allow Whales to Delegate Curation Power to Dolphins and Minnows (see post from @timcliff)
  6. Integrate a fiat to Steem gateway where users can exchange Fiat for Steem. The gateway could charge higher than market prices, and lock the Steem until the payment has cleared. It would purely be a convenience for non-cryto users. (see post from @dahaz159)

New Features

  1. Give users a virtual goods / feature rich STEEM store to buy things from (like avatars, extra features, etc) and the automated shopkeeper burns the profits, which takes steem out of circulation and helps raise the price. (see post from @intelliguy)
  2. Create a system where users can earn badges based on participation (see post from @clevecross)
  3. Create a developer API, so that users can interface with sites like through Steemit without having to supply their private keys to a third-party site
  4. Website Perks for Steem Power (see post from @demotruk)
  5. Ability to create posts with no payout (see post from @r0achtheunsavory)
  6. Sticky Posts for mods/admins
  7. Allow users to sign up if they don't have a Facebook or Reddit account
    -Possible integration with ANONSTEEM from @someguy123
  8. Verification System to confirm identity via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. (see post from @mynameisbrian)

Multi-Language Support

  1. Allow users to specify languages when creating posts
  2. Have a default language selected in the user's settings
  3. Allow users to be able to exclude posts that are not in their language

NSFW Support

  1. Allow the user to hide NSFW content in their settings (see post from @thovre)
  2. Require a user to acknowledge that they are 18+ when opening a NSFW post, before displaying content (see post from @wisehammer)


  1. Users have reported that when viewing Steemit on their cell phone, it uses up a lot of data. (see post from @dennygalindo)
  2. Alexia reports is slow to load (see comment from @smooth)

Glitch Fixes

  1. There are a few UI glitches when users are browsing the site via their phone reported in the comments of this post by @anduweb.

Other Miscellaneous UI/UX Updates

  1. Be able to filter for 'new activity' only in the account page tabs (Blog, Comments, etc.)
  2. Ability to toggle to a ‘simple view’ to show title only with no picture or preview text
  3. Bookmarks / Favorites (see post from @theprophet0, and post from @royaltiffany)
  4. Ability to scroll back further than 20 posts in your account history
  5. Rename “Submit a Story” to “Create a Post”
  6. When you click on a link in a post, have it open it as a pop-up instead of redirecting to that page.
  7. Increase the comment nesting limit beyond 6 (see post from @neoxian)
  8. Report an issue button

Single Site Integration

  1. Users are going to expect a single site (like Facebook) that has everything they need.
  2. Users are not going to want to go to (or trust) 15 different websites that all do different things.
  3. Eventually the useful tools from will need to get integrated into the site.
  4. There may be off-shoots that use Steem for completely different purposes than Steemit (like by @picokernel for example), which is something that will need to be considered as things evolve.

I will continue posting new editions as the site evolves and users continue to suggest more great ideas. GitHub Issue 195 is also open to communicate the list to the Steemit development team.

There are a lot of developers working on stand-alone projects for Steemit. It would be great if more developers would work on changes to the actual Steemit website (at least the ones that don't require a hard-fork). Steemit is an open source project that allows pull requests. This means that anyone who is a developer can download the Steemit source code (here) and work on changes to the Steemit website themselves! There are people in the Steemit.Chat dev channel that can help you out with this if you are interested.

Again, if you have more ideas that you want to be added - please reply in the comments or send me a message on Steemit chat.

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Wow, upvoted you from two accounts! This must have taken an amazing amount of time and work. I wish you'd earned $1,000. For time's sake I won't comment on all that I wish to here, but

  1. Yes I've been wanting some sort of "residual affiliate program based on long term success" to be implemented. I've "Signed up" 6 ppl in real life. It takes a bit of work to convince them, and then you have to teach them! However, they recently announced a "bounty" if you can sign up 500 celebrities. So I suppose that's progress :P
  2. Yes, the Buy & Sell is ridiculously complicated, and scary to touch for that matter. I don't think improving what we see is the answer, as far mainstreaming Steem and Steemit. It has to be as simple as PayPal for instance to go huge. And if anyone can make it so, it will be the Steem community. There's laws, and banks, and probably the U.N. to deal with for all I know, but what I want and what I think most want is instantaneous "direct" withdrawals and deposits from a real bank account - USD to Steem and vice-versa. The fact that I've seen html for payments gives me hopes that this community will overcome all of the obstacles to this eventually. Your points on that are totally correct, but I hope are ultimately short term solutions.
    Okay maybe I should go write my own article on this now ;)

Thanks for the comments!
If you create an posts related to new Steemit ideas, send me the link and I'll review it for the next edition of the wish list :)


Absolutely Tim, thanks for the invite. I was just "drafting it" in the shower, bit have a long day ahead. Did you see Sir Winchester's new post? At a Steemit meetup in Berlin, they paid for their cake and coffee with Steem - with pics. a screenshot, and an animated gif serving as proof. Huge news, eh?
I absolutely intend to accept Steem for a conference I am organizing in Roswell for July.


Cool stuff :)

thats awesome content thank you for sharing :) i followed you ..perhaps u look at my blog and u find some graffiti that u like! <3 kalipo

Absolutely agree 100% with every one of these suggestions. These proposed mods would be a welcome addition to an already incredible platform.

For my project, I want the ability to display the project posts chronologically separate from my other posts. What can we content creators do to hep move this forward, if anything. I love the platform but it can be very frustrating not having a way to gain clear knowledge about best practices and your suggestions would assuage a great deal of my concerns.


There is actually an easy way to do this. If you choose a unique tag to use in your posts, you can link to everything that uses that tag in chronological order.

Here is an example from one of the people that I follow, who did this for a book they wrote:

Since steemit already released the promotion feature, I recommend changing this:

Give users more things (like 'promoting') that they can spend their Steem/SDB on via the UI (see post from @intelliguy)

To this:

Give users a virtual goods / feature rich STEEM store to buy things from (like avatars, extra features, etc) and the automated shopkeeper burns the profits, which takes steem out of circulation and helps raise the market value of steem.


Update made. Thanks! :)

Great work compiling all the suggestions into one post. I appreciate that you have listed some of my ideas. For anyone who would like to see some more of my Steem economy focussed ideas that didn't make the cut, such as an on chain referal system, and power-up incentives, I discuss them in my article here.

great work really @timcliff ! I also think the new look proposed by @etherart for Steemit ground floor lobby is perfectt !! Simple and effective with a real nice vibe and impact visually !! upvoted 100 per cent !! Keep Calm and Steem On ! ; - )


Thanks! 😀


Wow this is so disappointing to see this great and important post not rewarded by some big fish that i would have hoped like us would have rejoiced to see this great piece of work !! Sad really to see it passed over with little or no response.....unbelievable !! (


It's OK. I actually post a new edition of this every week or so. @ned and @dantheman (and one of the lead developers from Steemit) have upvoted previous ones. I'm not expecting huge payouts every time I make updates. The main thing is that the 'higher ups' are actually paying attention to it. I'm also glad more people are finding it and adding new ideas :)

Hi @timcliff! I actually had an Idea that would possibly make it easier for content writers. It would be to add another editor bar at the bottom of the post. I did a post at which @gomeravibz gave me your tag name. So please check it out! Thanks for your time!


Good idea. I'll add it to the next edition.


Wow! Fantastic...I think It would help out a lot of people! Thank you:)

The LAST Thing I would hope this becomes is ANYTHING like farcebook.....


While you may have issues with the way the site is run, there are still a lot of user interface type things that would make the Steemit experience better. Not everything about Facebook is bad 😀

@timcliff this is great! Q for u, does notifications include mentions? (mentions/ "replied" on new comments, etc.) thanks


No. That's a good one. I'll add it to the next edition :)

Lots of stuff on this list I'd like to see. Integrating them all would be a challenge to not make it all too complicated. There could be options to select which features we want. I'm using Steamification for notifications.


Yeah, that is the difficult part :) Ultimately I think that is what people are going to want though. "Normal" social media users (the type that uses Facebook, etc.) are going to expect everything all on one site. People aren't going to want to go to several different sites just to use different tools.