"RESTEEMIT" Internal Sharing - Part 2 - Proposed Implementation..

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The ability for anyone to share other peoples Steemit posts, on their own, or as part of a compiled, aggregated list, could potentially bury much of the recent controversy about the subject.

I made my case for such a feature in a recent post, here. The ideal is for an implementation that's easy to use and understand, and one that's reasonably equitable to both authors and promoters.

There were some great responses including this from @dantheman

It's not yet clear whether dan was talking about a feature where we could "reblog" our own content, or someone elses, so until I see it, I continue my endeavor to propose this feature.

Having this feature in place could open a lot of doors for lesser known authors, and bring viral potential to any post.

My assumption is that any implementation of this kind of feature would give a very high percentage of the rewards to the original authors.

This would mean authors would be most likely thrilled to have their content shared, ("resteemed?") and would also allow promoters ("aggregators") to post as many "hidden gems" or other lists as they wish, without fear of the authors demanding a bigger cut, or criticism about disproportionately profiting off other peoples work. Also, any break from this "reasonable convention" would most likely be criticised, so there would be a more level playing field all round.

In the previous post, @patrice made the following suggestion:

Maybe hide these resteemit articles from the main feeds? They'd only show on a user's blog? Then the user can resteemit anything they find interesting and it would show in their followers feeds​?

I think it's an excellent suggestion, though some of the popular content aggregators who are making a lot of cash right now might not be too keen on it. Then again, they already have a captive audience in their high following count.

Here's how the feature might look when featured within a post, as a compiled list.

Top X blah blahs

I love blah blah so I put some blah blah in your blaah so you can blah with these top, undiscovered, blahs.

Blah blah blah, dantheman, blah blah, check it out here...

Also, blah blah, freedom.
I love this one a lot because blaaaah blah...


I suggest that readers could open or Upvote these listed posts, from within the article, just like from any regular listings page.

As well as this, any featured posts would automatically get a (very generous) cut of the rewards on the "parent post". The other benefit of this type of listing, with just a small thumbnail, is the ability to promote photographic posts without the photographer getting pissed.

You'll also notice a new icon, which represents "resteemits"

Think of the viral potential!

Facebook has "share". Twitter has "retweet". Let us RESTEEM ... in a way that rewards original authors most generously.

Main image from pixabay.

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It's the missing link. I agree with all of your proposals and would like to seem them implemented in exactly the manner you suggest. I really love the idea of being able to upvote or access a shared post from within the current article - like a preview pop-over even, so I could see the gist of the post, decide if it's worth and upvote and then continue reading right where I left off. Brilliant!

I thought it was a good idea when you suggested it and it is still a good idea.

I used to use Tumblr a lot back in the day and one of my favourite features was the reblogging button on there for sharing content.

missed dan's comment but i'm sure waiting for that.
It's pretty cool to see how steemit evolved before our eyes, no matter the direction :)


Absolutely! Cannot wait for these types of features, to use them, but also to put to bed all the bitching and controversy about internal sharing.

Could create problems with the 24 hour active period. But I would love to see it.


Yes. The more I thought about this feature, the more I ended up down the rabbit hole of potential issues. Thankfully, that would be for the devs to solve. Good point though.


Might be an incentive to have even small returns for people upvoting older posts. That would allow quality content to be discovered and rewarded which will make for happier users. I think we all know there is some quality content buried in the site right now that never saw much return.

Sounds very workable. Nice article!


Thanks. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Yep this is definitely a feature I've been waiting for. Hopefully it works out !


Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the possibilities are mind-blowing. Hopefully the result would be better content getting more recognition. I think that's something most people on here want.

How much easier, to resteem something rather than synopsize and link to it!

The sooner this happens the better. I think placing it into the feed would be the best option.

For payments for resteeming, why not have it count as a vote on the original post? Perhaps an option for vote and another for vote+resteem. Not sure if it is necessary to weight the votes differently. Since the link in the feed points back to the original article it would just be like featuring it on another list.

I think it is good idea. Such button would also potentially bring a lot of new people from out there to Steemit to sign in :-) @dantheman