Last Night I Dreamt About Steemit — 10 Suggestions To Make the Platform Grow

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I have been writing down ideas in regards to how to make Steemit more efficient and adoptable. They had accumulated up to seven-ish. I have just dreamt three of them last night and woke up inspired to write (and design) this post. I am not well versed with blockchain technical issues. My suggestions are based on the average user's understanding of the platform and my experience as a user-experience professional.

[- 1 -] How-to-Steemit

Steemit is a new concept and most people have an extremely hard time engaging with the platform. There should be a dedicated section, next to the main navigation, guiding new users through with step by step material. The section will be connected directly with a tag "How-to-Steemit". Content will be generated by users.


[- 2 -] Scroll-Lock (dreamt)

(2.1). An article cannot be upvoted without opening it first. Upon opening, the user will get scrolled automatically through the end. Only then the vote option will become available. The scroll effect will be a fixed value determined on how fast the average person can read text. That’s about 300-400 words per minute. After the first initial read the scroll lock will be de-activated. During the first read, the user can scroll upwards but not downwards in case they missed something.

(2.2). The upvote button can become available only after the first scroll-lock phase has ended. If the article is upvoted then a comment has to follow. Otherwise the user receives only 40% of the potential reward.

The purpose of this function is to lock the user into an intellectual investment. Having invested time in reading, the user will then have an additional incentive to contribute even more to the platform. It also provides an additional edge compared to other social media platforms


[- 3 -] Comment Engagement (dreamt)

(3.1). The length of a comment is relative to the document’s length. If for example the post is 1000 words, the comment has to be no less than 50 words. No comment can be less than 10 words.

(3.2). Depending on the amount of upvotes a comment receives (relative to other comments), rewards will increase from the 40% baseline. For example receiving 100% of the post reward will require two upvotes with a comment that also provides engagement. Comments with less than two upvotes receive only 70% of the post curation reward. Filler comments can be flagged so bot activity will be discouraged. @steemcleaners can incorporate this to their routine.

(3.3). The current upvote slider can also be incorporated in the comment reward function. If one feels an article is good enough and they can also provide a good comment, the percentage stake of the vote can increase.

The purpose of this function is to engage users more with the content and with each other while avoiding incidents of plagiarism and comment-filler posting.


[- 4 -] Cash Out Safe Guard

There is a lot of plagiarised content and scam accounts on Steemit already that drain the platform both financialy and reputation wise. The phenomenon will only increase as the platform grows, making Steemit extremely unreliable. One way to battle this phenomenon and encourage new users to engage long term, is to automatically safeguard the system from itself. Any new user with an initial post payout of 500 or more has to have a payment lock of 4 weeks. Cash out can also be initiated after a user reachers at least level 40 of reputation. This way, scam or abusive accounts can be flagged with the finances locked in the system.


[- 5 -] Pool Allocation of Rewards

Initial post payments are made in 48 hours instead of 24. At the end of the 24 hour cycle the rewards get locked. Then a second cycle begins for another 24 hours. After 48 hours have passed the rewards of the first day are divided algorithmically to everybody as of current curation structure. The amount depends on the total pool accumulated on the first 24 hours. The second cycle rewards are distributed after another 24 hour window has passed.

The purpose of this function is to encourage new users to keep writing based on more balanced incentives. It also offers a solution for Steem’s inflation. (The function for the second payout can remain as is.)


[- 6 -] Promotional Sponsorship from Whales

Being a whale or reaching a whale status will have reward obligations. 10% of the whale’s profits should go through a fund used for the advertisement of Steemit. This will incentivize engagement for new members since the leaders will be giving back to the community.


[- 7 -] Direct Conversion to USD

One of the toughest early adaptation curves for the average social media user is to go through the crypto-sphere in order to get the money out of Steemit. It is highly underestimated how clueless (and fearful) most people are when it comes to Blockchain technologies and/or crypto-currencies.

It is also massively underestimated how easy is to access current social media platforms in comparison to Steemit. There is a distinct learning curve and it is quite steep. For a platform that has a slogan along the lines of 'blogging for financial rewards' the user has to have an easy access to those rewards otherwise it looks like an elaborate scheme (even if it is not). One has to go through a lot of trouble to change Steem Dollars back to FIAT currency or even get into the basic workings of the platform. Getting a merchant license for direct cash exchange might be expensive but it will be the best investment in the project.

As an additional incentive for crypto-currency engagement, a 10% fee can be applied when cashing out in FIAT currencies. This percentage can supply the loan for getting an exchange license.


[- 8 -] Cash Out Fee (dreamt)

The more a person cashes out the highest the fee should be. This can also help the long term investment in the platform. Fees will then be spread out among all active daily users (at least 4 posts a week) above the level of 50 and below the level of 60. This will increase the power of the users in the middle ranks, thus employing a more efficient direct referral incentive.


[- 9 -] Milestone Goals

The higher reputation one reaches, the more one has to engage in the platform. The more one earns, the more they should spread their curation reward power. For example a minnow can vote freely with the current algorithm while a whale is obliged to vote many times with only 5% power (still more powerful than ~85% of the users in the platform). Any remaining non-curated funds will be allocated into the 50-60 reputation pool.

This will allow more people to get distributed rewards and whales retain their title without losing money. More distributed rewards also translates into more incentives and user referrals.


[- 10 -] Navigation Improvements

The transfer process from another social media platform has to be smooth (pun intended). Therefore comment notifications, upvotes, search and friend lists should be treated much like the architecture of facebook—the most popular platform. As of current architecture, it is extremely difficult to follow a post discussion in Steemit without clicking back and forth, opening multiple tabs in the process.

Remember folks. It doesn’t matter how much we love the blockchain, the decentralised ecosystem, free markets and voluntary associations. In nature the one who survives is neither the strongest, nor the smartest, but the one who is more efficient and adaptable to change. The internet world works much the same way.

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Hi kyriacos

As I can see that you are user-experience professional. Some of your points are very reasonable, but I think that you missing something fundamentally.

You see the product - steemit , I see the company - steemit
steem is a share of the company. we have limited amount of this shares. As you may see our shares are falling down like hell and our company is losing valuation.

This is the best site created on the base of steemit so far. do you know why? Because this site shows drain side of the steemit. It could be even better to see all cash outs from all account. So first of all we need to start calculate steemup . To show us all transaction realized on the exchange transfers.

If steemup and steemdown are not balanced, project has no perspective to grow. This is most important thing. Doesn't make sense to keep focus on the product site of steemit ONLY if money are drained out .

It might seems complicated . But it is not. the financial markets are out there to help companies as a steemit grow. In the cryptocurrency world is even easier but founders have to make some changes I thing. I am ready to explore solutions when somebody is interested. And I am also ready to invest thousands of dollars. But not for cashing out to others.



Steem shares falling down is actually good. It needs to be done so people can jumb in. Also the initial whales need to ensure return of investement. This is why it is falling. it will jumb up at about 0.40cents or so.

Some of my suggestions actually ensure investment growth rather than cashing out.


Thank you for your comment. I do not agree that falling is good. it is not. and I will tell you why.

Every asset has a fair value. Steem as well. We are not able calculate fair value yet because we have no exact data ( my post above). You are saying that falling price is good for future investors. With all respect , I think you are wrong . Why ? The smart investors with lot of money thing different. they don't care what the price of the asset is. They care only about difference between price and value (delta).
So If the price is lower than value they will BUY no matter if the price of the steem is 0.8 or 100 $USD. If the price is Higher than Value (current market situation I guess) , they will not enter to market.

I am sure that all of you guys knows Warren Buffet. He was a pioneer of Price - Value model investing on the pink sheet market many years ago. Steem as a stock is nothing more and nothing less than pink sheet stock. Only chance to survive on the market full of **** ehm pink sheets is proper evaluation. we need to find way how to increase a value of the stock. I have some ideas how to do it. So lets talk about it if you are interested.



I am all ears.


it's gonna be long post . I would like to write it as a blog post. I will let you know then.


Really good point. You touched the subject which we all kind of avoiding to discus openly, but right now is big problem for future of steemit and I'm concerned a bit.


My reply was ment for reply from airmike ,but I was to late and it doesn't fit in properly.


thank you


Aha, this is the second time today I've seen on a comment a link to SteemDown. As its author, this is really cool to know it's quite popular!


It is popular. good job. big respect :)

  • new follower :)

Good post. a New Idea is always a good idea .. once the new idea is taken up by others with more input then it develops into something major and the rest is history ...

Great to see some positive thoughts here. I am going to start typing you a reply AS I read as each section may or may not warrant some attention.

The SCROLL LOCK idea. I like this other than a couple of things. Steemit is just one window into the blockchain. Bots and such simply use command line calls or direct API links to vote. This will increase the advantage they already have. This might help force the whales that actually use as their method to vote have to read what they vote for. This could also have the side effect of making it so people start mostly voting for simple and shallow articles that the scroll lock disables quickly on. So while I see this as a good and interesting idea I believe the cons out weight the pros for this one.

Steemit help.... I've made articles tagged tutorial steemithelp help faq and howto several times. I know some other people have used some of these tags.

Comment engagement - this will give me an unfair advantage, I am very long winded. Some people cannot write as well as others, yet they are still part of the community. Some people do more videos than text for this reason, some do not. I like having an advantage, but I don't think this would be particularly good for the platform as a whole. It would be good for people like you and I though. :p

Cash Out lock - something like that might be useful. It is one of those things it is beta... test it out... if it does not work then remove it. I like the idea of it keeping those initial winners locked into the system.

Pool Allocation rewards - I prefer the 2nd payout at 30 days. It gives people a chance to see articles from weeks before, and say GEE I like this. This has happened to a number of my posts. Mostly small amounts, but I do believe being at 48 hours is way too fast for the 2nd payout. If you wanted to try 2 or 3 weeks instead of a 30 days that'd be worth trying but I actually am fine with the 30 days. (keep people locked for 2nd cash out :) )

Promotional Sponsorship of Whales - while I'd like it, this essentially becomes a tax on them. I am not a fan of involuntary schemes applied to people. I doubt this one will go anywhere both Dan and Ned are Austrian economists, and I know Dan is an Anarcho-Capitalist, so I seriously doubt any idea that is essentially redistributionist in nature will happen here.

Direct Conversion of USD or YUAN or other currencies would be nice and I could see having a fee for that. I've written a guide to help people get to and use their money for whatever they want, but it does have steps that need to be learned. 10% fee to avoid such steps might be something a lot of people were fine with. This would require partnership with one or more exchanges willing to do this.

Cash Out Fee - Not needed I think since powering down already takes 104 months. This is another fee designed more in the what's subjectively deemed fair/not fair so I seriously doubt Ned and Dan would implement something like this.

Milestone Goals - redistribution again. Not likely to happen. Also the arbitrary 50-60 value for reputation to receive the rewards. It is not difficult to hit that range, and if you keep posting even if you don't receive much for your posts you will eventually be above that range. So why use the reputation system to fuel this? Why the arbitrary range... (I realize you just could have been picking a range purely as an example)

Navigation - improvements - I agree completely. Also try checking out the site on a 4K monitor 66% of the screen is white space. It could be redesigned to take advantage of screen real estate.



Thank you for your detailed response. I appreciate it. I actually watched some of your videos. They helped me a lot.

I had no idea about the scroll function. Like I said, I am not a technical person. Maybe something else can be employed. Engagement is a serious issue in Steemit.

The tags could fall under the howtosteemit. All I am saying is for the section to be visible there. You can't imagine how much different it is for a noob to actually click and search about something. People want their food chewed in their mouth. It is silly but my experience tells me it applies.

Comments can be videos as well. I believe everyone can compose a line or two of text. I mean we are in a blog forum. If one cannot do this, then I don't know what else to say.

I am an an-cap myself. I just see this movement as an initial investement. Like I said. "Make Steem Grow". I don't think it should apply in the future. The power should be redistributed somehow.

As for cash out I meant Steem Dollars. It will be an incentive to actually power up instead of cashing out.

Regarding the milestone goals. If people get on the 50 or 60 range means they are engaging and posting here and there. This is good. The money not used from the curation rewards of whales could go to them. This is another incentive for whales to vote more. Again. They are the controllers of the game. Obviously they have to see whether it benefits them on the longrun. These suggestions are just initial steps for Steemit to grow. Not final solutions.


I also mentioned your 50-60 as I am actually at 62 but I don't make a lot. I have started doing better in the last week. I do think I am going to do better. I did have one post make over $300 in July. I've had a few recently make $100 or more.... The vast majority of my posts have been less than $0.20 or maybe even $0.00 going back far enough. I don't think I need wealth redistributed to me I think steem power already does that. Which is one of the reasons I like steem power and sometimes intentionally power up. That is investing and increasing my part of the profit sharing that does exist.

The reputation system though I don't believe that should be in anyway tied to the payout structure. It'd be too easy to game in good and bad ways.

Oh... also you've read my articles. I only ever made one video on here. :) It turns out my articles are my strong suit. I doubt I'll make many videos but I won't say never as I bet occasionally I find a reason to make one.

Also just in case you didn't realize it. I was not commenting to attack you. I appreciate what you are trying to do and am mostly playing devil's advocate for your ideas. :)

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The first proposition is indeed a priority, with more a less 800 new accounts created every day, it will appear to be very useful and contribute maybe to improve retention.

The upvote button can become available only after the first scroll-lock phase has ended. If the article is upvoted then a comment has to follow. Otherwise the user receives only 40% of the potential reward.

That is an interesting idea to explore as it tends to foster discussions.



I don't see any other way how the platform will develop into a healthy place for composition and idea sharing rather than circle-jerk clicking.


"circle-jerk clicking" You coin the term. Right now Steemit economy is mainly based on that unfornately even if Dan & Ned has improved the comment experience weeks after week. I would suggest that you write a post only on this proposition. It is a very interesting one, it would shift for the better the experience as it can create a more genuine interaction between users.



I never get any upvoted from whales on Steemit related posts. I don't think they like my ideas. I wrote this because I felt I had to. For the community and for the time I invest into it. Even if users seem to care about it, the actual players don't

I'm not so sure about the "must-comment" (sometimes you don't have anything to say) and I don't agree with the auto-scroll at all.

Every user can decide how to read a post and how fast do so. That's their choice, you can't force them to read at a decided speed. It's okay to force to OPEN the article, but it's not ok if you try to force them to read it entirely at a precise speed. Nonsense.

The fees could also be arguable. Is it really necessary? I think we can find other way other than "typical" way.

For the rest, I agree pretty much on everything, even if I have some little arguments on some of the proposals. Anyway, keep posting! I love seeing new ideas!

Great ideas, thanks for sharing

  1. It is really almost there already using the tags list isnt it? I know that some users may be so ignorant as to not understand anything even after spending some time on it, but the dynamics of Steemic seems to lend it self to usermade guides and not made by the site managers

  2. I see you point. The voting from the short list does not take the value of the contgent too much into consideration, but rather the reputation, fish size, speed of voting and current value. I am nor sure if this proposal will make the voting proces too slow, on the other hand minnovs are better of posting and commenting, than voting, so you may be onto something

  3. I like this proposal. There are too little quality comments, and more comments to cash in (i feel), but then smaller comments of thanks or the like, from the original poster, may be needed. But that is matter of habits i suppose. Voting a comment can functiuon that way.

  4. Sounds good to me. Anything that can raise the standard generally, and inhibit low quality, i like

  5. I am not sure if i understand your proposal, but the purpose is fine.
    Btw.There is a incentive to focus on the last 24 hours, and older posts not revceiving much if any. That may change if Steemit goes mainstream and the sheer amount of users makes older quality posts profitable. But at the moment there is not much incentive for voting or commenting older posts and i think that is not the best

  6. I am not sure that will work. There should not be more expenses to becoming better at Steemit (nor the other way round). Is it not a sort of welfarementality?

  1. I would be surprised if something of that sort is not already on the drawing board.

  2. Again, this feels like "tax the rich" kind of thinking. There are incentives to make money on Steemit, so taxation of being rich works the opposite of that incentive

  3. The incentive should always be to seek out quality posts and reward that. The whales are going to have to spread their curation out more as more users come in and then i think rewards will be more levelled and fair. But there are many parameters to consider and tweaking a bit here may have an unwanted consequence somewhere else. The old statism problem

  4. There are certainly room for improvements everywhere on the steemit platform. It will evolve steadily over time, but the uniqueness of Steemit makes it something that should evolve as a new kind of platform, not an emulation of what is already there, like facebook


Point 2: People don't have the time or will to read all the B.S. that's being posted.
Point 3: People don't have the time or will to respond with a lot of B.S.



They would have to make time if they want to get the reward. Right now there is not much work that needs to be done in order to get there. We are talking about a social media blog form. reading is rather obligatory. otherwise it becomes a click parade.

I already mentioned about the minimum word number in order to avoid bullshit commenting.


Just goes to prove that time is money. M(oney) = E/c^2.



  1. Indeed. It would be best though if there was a dedicated category in the navigation section
  2. People should be reading the content. This is actually the most logical part. If it becomes a click war then steemit will not last. schemes will quickly arise.
  3. I already mentioned that there would be minimum cap of 10 words or more depending on the word count of the post
  4. my proposal is to have the total rewards of the day distributed based on power voting and engagement rather than purely whale power.
  5. Not sure either about this one. Not wellfare at all. More like investing to bring more people in. more people=more profits.
  6. It's not taxing at all. I am too, allergic with the notion of tax. Again it functions as an invstement much like the steem power cap of 2 years.
  7. The whales will have to spread their curation but where is up to them. They would have to do it manually. Not statists at all. it is more like being responsible for your investement
  8. i never said it should be like facebook but rather borrow some things from facebook that work. It is never bad to borrow things that work and discard the ones that don't.

These are some good ideas. IMO, it's too controlling though. There doesn't need to be a system of taking from those who are most productive, nor limiting them. We can use other words, but it's either a tax or a fee.
Steemit doesn't need the dough, so it's not for the platform. Distribution is really based on what people choose to do. Rather than attempting to control users, which necessitates some form of arbitrary and subjective rules, how much better to continue to educate people? Better to have folks acting responsibly than set boundaries so they have no choice.



I just see as an initial investement. The whales of today will retire in a year or two. New whales will pick up. The option then can be turned off.

I am a proponent of spontaneous order myself but we need to cook the brew a lit bit more before we let it roam free.

In addition to scroll lock, a timer should prevent immediate upvoting or bot voting. It could be based on number of word as to how long the timer is. We're here to read, write and comment. Not just curate or have a bot do it for us.



Indeed some kind of time-watch has to exist.

You seem to be one active innovative dreamer! =)



I guess the ego-is-me =)


the scroll-lock function may indeed increase the quality of curation.
on the other hand, it may also decrease the curation the amount of curated pieces every day.



It will, but only the posts with value will survive. That is the point at the end of the day. People will join Steemit for quality in order to gain value. If everybody clicks left and right with no point other than reading titles and pictures then the project will fail. No human can surpass a bot in this matter. As more members join the bots will become even more efficient while humans will struggle.


I agree

Some great ideas there mate:) Isn't it great when we have such a passion for something it enters our dream state...ever wake your​self up when you're having a dream and an idea is spawned?..that is something special.


Indeed @cryptoiskey

the subconsious can always surprise us.

There are some good ideas in your post but also some bad ones imho.. I will mention the bad ones only:

"The upvote button can become available only after the first scroll-lock phase has ended. If the article is upvoted then a comment has to follow. Otherwise the user receives only 40% of the potential reward."

Most people will write just words like "cool","thanks" etc which already bots can do. Can you imagine popular posts with 500 "thanks" below? No one is going to scroll down 500 "thank you" just to read a proper comment.

The other is "cash out safeguard". First of all I don't understand why people are against plagiarism in steem? Actually plagiarism should sometimes be rewarded. I don't want to spend my time going to zerohedge, ft,economist,coindesk and read the news. I prefer to just open steem and be able to read all those news from these sites easily because someone else bothered to upload the link or copy them. Once these people get rewards, the original authors of those articles may consider posting their articles on steem directly.Don't you guys see how huge steem may then become? Also applying delays in withdrawals especially with the criteria of the reputation is a really bad idea I think. Whales can dump huge amounts on the market and good authors can't withdraw?? Bad idea I think.

Just my opinions anyway...



  1. i already mention in the article that the comment size will be determined by the word count of the post. Thus this will force people to stop and comment on something and actually distribute power to their vote more appropriately.

  2. If people start copying from each other then Steemist will fail. Don't get me wrong, iI adhere to an-cap ideas but in roder to Steemit to grow (as i mention in the title) we need to smooth the path for the people that have no idea how this thing works. After a while, once it get the ball rolling, we can let it run wild by itself. These are only suggestions to make it grow. Not to change it forever.

Whales have at least reputation. new people like @msgivings can come out of nowhere, get 2-3K a post from plagiarism and then vanish in thin air.

Great post! I like most of the ideas!

Followed! :)

Nice follow pic btw!


This is a very good post. Point 3: Comment Engagement, though a fantastic idea and fair, may increase the complexity of use for a new user. A pop-up would have to appear explaining the rules. In fact, pop-ups telling a person what they are doing wrong, when there is a problem with your post, or comment would help.

Point 7: was a MAJOR obstacle for me. I had never dealt in cryptocurrencies before. I didn't even know there were other currencies apart from Bitcoin, and here I was at an advantage. Most of my peers have not even heard of Bitcoin! I had the added complication of converting my SBD into ZAR (South African Rand).

I am determined, and love challenges, but it took me a month to face that fear. I am pleased to report that I did succeed, with help from other users and a LOT of googling. Some answers that I received to my questions made me feel worse though, as those users, as helpful as they are are operating at a higher level than me, so a help section is essential, and if there can be sub-sections dealing with users issues specific to the country they are posting from, that would help immensley.

(PS: I think me comment is long enough ;) )



point 3. This is why i mention point 1. there has to be a section so people can start learning how this thing works. it really needs a tutorial.

point7. as for most people. hopefully it will change.

Dreams are good things. There are a bunch of great ideas here that I am sure will build into some massive improvements to build a great platform that fosters and grows original content and keeps real people engaged.

Context first. I have been on Steemit for 4 weeks. My first post was based on some "how to" research and checking out successful posts and it generated over $1,000 in 24 hours and a reputation score over 50. I am totally comfortable with crypto currencies but have chosen not to move funds out of Steemit.

In that short time I have been amazed at how much material is available to help new Steemit people. Any question you may have will be found with a Steemit or Google search. Before long someone will craft a great How To section and a tab can be made. For example, @marketingmonk has created a series of videos helping newbies.
Initiatives like this deserve support as they become key to getting people in and going.

Finding the right mix of ideas to grow engagement and curation and to protect from plagiarism is going to take time. Lengthening time to make withdrawals makes sense to give the community time to validate a post is real is an idea. To make that idea work, there needs to be a workable process that roots out plagiarism or forces proper credit is given. Unfortunately it is hard to keep vindictive behaviour out of this sort of process. And many a great idea is built by taking 3 or 4 other ideas from different places and bringing them together in a unique way.

Items 2 and 3 need to be worked together with two objectives in mind. 1. How to build solid engagement on the content. 2. How to get more balance to human action vs bot action. A bot can scroll any number of paragraphs the rules require - a bot can write any number of words that the rules require. But only a human can add value to a post with a meaningful number of words. And we do need to make sure that the changes do not kill the value that good curation adds to good posts.

A thought on direct transfer to USD. Be sure that someone will develop tools to do this automatically. I know someone who can attach a debit card to any crypto currency and to any bank account. All they need is agreement from Steemit to open the gateways and it can happen. And I am sure there are other tools to do direct transfers through some of the exchanges. That said, I would suggest that users get well versed in crypto matters as that is where the true value of this network will come in time. The currency will begin to perform as an investment in its own right if the platform does what it promises.

Great beginnings yield great results.



The how-to section will have all the previous posts made from Steemians. I should have clarified that more . It's just going to be there as something people can get their feet wet with

Items 2 and 3 are indeed together. The scrolling has to be done from the human. It will also add a notification that the article has been see. Another thing I should add.

Indeed great times lie ahead of us

I just to make thinks clear. I really appreciate your ideas and effort. I just want to tell you that UX stuff are very important after we know that project has a future and the economy is well established. Thank you.

Wow @kyriacos you have definitely put a lot of thought into your posts...and perhaps too much time on the platform if you're dreaming about it? LOL
I love all of your recommendations, but I'm totally impressed with the scroll lock idea. What a great way to prompt interaction! Kudos to you. Hope someone's taking notes.


A scroll lock would drive me insane and push me off the site, i read very quickly (less time for words and sentances to move about on me) i'd be stuck in a dyslexic hell if i was forced to slow down.

you have some pretty good ideas here that i agree with others concern me, one of the aims of this site is to go mainstreem I think a couple of these ideas could seriously hinder that.
scroll lock: The adverage user does not want to be told at what speed they should be reading, anyone who reads at above adverage speed would get frustrated and probably not return to the site.
As I stated on merej99's comment this would push me off the site. one of my coping techniques for my dyslexia is to speed read articles it gives my mind less time to rearrange words, letters and sentances forcing me to slow down would make things a lot worse. in fact when i've been forced to slow down in the past it has effected me so badly it impared my speech. No site no matter how much they pay is worth going through that.

comment engagement..dictating how long a comment should be based on the length of the article will again annoy the adverage user who might just want to write a short statement saying they liked your 800 word fiction piece without stopping to analize the charecters motives.

I'm all for ideas that encurage certain types of behaviour on the site, but we shouldn't force users into anything



Thank you for your input!

In My humble opinion:


  • The 'How to Steemit" is great and needed
  • Navigation Improvements

Others not so much:

  • Scroll lock , not so much (but i like the principal)

  • Comment Engagement (seems ripe for abuse)

Great post. totally agree with you. Liked the follow image of yours. Keep up the good work @kyriacos



I tried to be as honest as I could with the follow image. Never liked the word "follow" myself so I thought to add a picture to it. I wanted a more sincere meaning as to how I perceive knowledge and following someone else so i guess a blind man following another is the most humble image I pass along.


About Scroll-Lock

The proposal limits the freedom.
Steemit increasingly drives people into the framework of the selection, navigation, upvoting ...
I'm against it.
a social network for people or people for social network?


this is not a social network so far but rather an information bank.

85% of the money and power is controlled by a handful of people. Freedom has long left the window pal. I understand all the "blockchain" "decentralised" hype but really..the beta version is way too restricting and many people, mainly inestors are scamming everyone else.


I agree

people should be destroyed
long live the robots! :)