SteemitBoard and the Veterans on Steemit - The First Community Badge.

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Did you know there is a very active Military Veterans Community on Steemit?

@guiltyparties, a well known witness working in the @steemcleaners’ team, is the initiator and manager of the Veterans Project on Steemit and operates it with the help of fellow veterans. You can read more about this project here.

You can check out the #veterans tag or @chairborne’s blog.

The veterans' project already had a signature badge that they could use in their publications and profiles. But @guiltyparties wanted to modernize it and integrate it with SteemitBoard. It follows in the footsteps of the @steemcleanersverification badge.

@guiltyparties contacted us and together we created the first Community Badge.

A new badge in your personal awards bag

Members of the Veterans Community (i.e. accounts followed by @chairborne) will be automatically awarded a brand new badge:

@steemitboard will notify you as soon as it is available on your board.

Do you want to reuse it in your publication? That’s quite easy, insert the following code in your posts or comments:

Do not forget to replace username with you own account name.

Congratulations to all our Veterans and thank you for your service!

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I like the badge, and the concept. Does this project extend to veterans in other jurisdictions other than the USA? I understand that we may have some ANZAC vets here on Steem somewhere.

I advise you to get in touch with @guiltyparties

Thanks for the reply @arcange. I wonder if knows of anyone from "downunder" here who might be eligible for this #steemitboard award? I see that Len posts a lot about NZ & Australian military memorabilia.

I served almost 4 years in the Australian Army Reserve. I've got docs to prove it and think the badge is cool.

Hey man, I just saw this. I'll take care of it.


Best thing to do is to notify him about this post and project.

Best thing to do is
To notify him about
This post and project.

                 - arcange

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I noticed this post on @caitlinjohnstone ..... @beachpersona

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I posted this..

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Exactly the same on another post to......


Blacklisted! Thanks for notifying.
PS: May I ask you to report such issue on any of my scam warning post rather than on @steemitboard's post as it is unrelated.

I will do...I keep forgetting, - just want to get the info to you ASAP.. soz...

Very nice.

I like the steemit badge system.. When I am achieved some badge it make me happy and more target comming up to get new badge

i know their is very big actievement i like your bagde system

very nice job well done

Like the new badge! Thanks, @guiltyparties, and @steemitboard! I will start using it on my page.

Looks cool

I like the steemit badge system.. When I am achieved some badge it make me happy and more target comming up to get new badge. Thanks for your great service


Thanks you for information me sir i also help u ok ....

Beautiful badge :-)

Very nice. Looks great.


Awesome! I like the design. Appreciate the collaboration @guiltyparties and @steemitboard.

완전 멋져용~!
Amazing ! :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

@steemitboard : Good!

Regards of @shaly

excellent support for those important men

wow when I'll get this badge

If you are a member of the veterans community, you should have receive it

thank you for your comment
Most welcome very nice postbutterflies-3524415__340.jpg

Looking for someone

Congratulations and good one

Very good

Now I know!

Agradable saber que no estas solo como veterano. Saludos hermanos.

@steemitboard amazing awar and thanks to upvote me

thanks for this

It’s nice to see this and the recognition that comes with it.

Nice post

Thanks @guiltyparties and @steemitboard! :-)

Very Nice

Una excelente iniciativa!

Excelente @steemitboard
Saludos de @bboyfenix :)

Nice to meet you.

very nice

sounds good

Thanks for recognising my post
It's so nice of you

Thanks steemboard

Thanks, @steemboard

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So nice badge.

Cool! Testing it now. I am not sure I can see the image via Condenser. Maybe will look different when I post. Let's give it a try!

Would be even better if the image can somehow be customized with the username. Need to find an image editor with a script plugin.

I like steembord the steemit badge system

Thanks to steenit

Thanks to steemit


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Very nice concept

나의 글에와서 보팅해줘서 너무 고맙다 ^^
좋은 인연이되었으면 한다 !!!!

It's a good way of appreciation and motivation.

steem badge system is great system.

great idea!

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Great reward. :) The badge is cool.

Nice one steemians
I feel awesome

Looks beautiful enough though...

WoWw carry on 🤣



Nice badge👏🔥👏 Let me test it here👇

It does not work as you're not a member of the Steemit Veterans community

What're the criteria for becoming a member of Steemit Veterans community?

Alright, I'm on it now👆

This is so cool. Thank you for doing this for the worldwide Veteran Community.

Thanks for notify me

I like your badge, i think its cool

Very good luck

i wanna get this badge. who's giving this badge! haha

Very nice my friend😀

wonderful @steemitboard

Nice post.

Many Many Thanks


I LOVE receiving the steem notifications about achievements and badges . thank you for the new badge and congratulations to other receiving it

Congratulations and congratulations!

I advise you to get in touch with @bus

MANY MANY THANKSpexels-photo-357189.jpeg

I love this badge

I like it. Get me smily

Beautiful ! Steemit looks like a military school 😂

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