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Matan Even | Kamala Harris dropped out. Some people were sad as Bloomberg buys himself into the 2020 U.S. Presidential Race. Wait a minute, who isn't buying into things? Are we promoting socialism where people don't buy into things because they aint got no money haha, huh? Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop | Weku | Joey Book | My Vimeo | Who are some of the top people under twenty who are changing the world for the better? Well, they include Soph, Info Graphics Captain Silvertooth, Matan Even.

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2019-12-03 - Tuesday

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12:53 AM - Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler - Actor on Actors - Full Conversation

Beard Brand

12:59 AM - Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop

Jesus Each Book

01:31 AM - Weku

Ephesians is an awesome book. Also, the book of James. Love your photos here. Welcome to America. I enjoyed my visit to Vietnam to teach English, but I've not been to the Philippines but have heard great things about it. Hope your boy can get your surname.

December 2019 Plans

01:40 AM - Steemit

I have no specific plans besides everything that I do everyday already as much as I can.

Ozzy Wedding Surprise

Free Speech Debate

01:49 AM - Free Square | Dissenter

Free Speech has exception clauses like Canada?

Joe Biden Twitter Cartoon Video

Joey Book

02:07 AM - Facebook

If I wrote a book would you read it?

Some people say yes.

My blog is like a book.

This is my blog.

This is my pipe.

Not my wife.

And this is my life.

Fear The Walking Dead

2019-12-03 - Tuesday - 03:27 AM - 04:11 AM - FTWD 307
2019-12-03 - Tuesday - 04:12 AM - 05:02 AM - FTWD 308

Indian prophecy

Land to be returned to the first humans?

Which Native Americans?

Neighboring tribes contested land.

So, which tribe gets which land?

Multiple tribes had claims on the same lands.

The same lands.

Indians found Pocahontas.

There aren't any your kind.


What kind?

Brown people.



Brown people?

Who says that?

The Indian said that Madison is a real woman.

Well, she is pretty tough.

The black guy found Abigail, the ship.

Why did you save me?

My horse sensed your spirit?

Oh really?

Yes, my horse is smarter than me.


You did it because you like me.

Stop hiding behind your dumb hat.


Oh my.

Is land own by whoever can hold it?

Yes and no.


I was trying to help somebody with finding blueprints.

Mom was like on it.

She knew what to look for.

T-Frame floor layouts or something like that.

In this dream, I was helping maybe a male figure.

Maybe a father or somebody older than me.

I can't remember if there were others.

Maybe at my first house in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Where I grew up at.

Born in 1985.

Entertainment Tonight

11:06 AM - Black Widow Trailer #1

I forgot she died.

Entertainment Tonight

11:09 AM - Billy Dee Williams Comes Out as Gender Fluid

must be a drink, don't drink the kool-aid

Mark Dice

11:40 AM - Whose Idea Was This? 😂 - Joe Biden - No Marlarkey

Somebody bought Newsweel for one dollar?

And inherited all the debt.

The White House

11:45 AM - President Trump Participates in an Expanded Bilateral Meeting with the President of France

Why do we have sales tax?


5G Created To Track Humans In Live Time With Microchips

Ron Gibson

12:07 PM - ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Tuesday 12/3/19: News, Reports & Analysis • Infowars


Tough when printers mess up.

Are other programs stopping the printing jobs?

Did you restart everything?

Does it need an update?

Have you tried updating everything?

My Vimeo

Mickey Mouse Old Woman

Senator Kamala Harris
01:06 PM - Twitter Trending

Who is not buying into things?

I thought Senator Kamala Harris was a MILF lol.

Kat Timpf

MJ only sees color. That's racist.

MJ Lee Racist Tweet


Trash can



Tree branches




Indiana jones



03:00 PM - Facebook | Twitter

Will you become an iHuman?


03:20 PM - ALEX JONES (2nd HOUR) Tuesday 12/3/19: David Icke, News, Reports & Analysis • Infowars

The educational system is a massive perceptional programming process that starts out at a very early age, from the cradle to the grave.

Different cultures around the world have talked about non-human forces.

Since the dawn of time, civilizations have talked about this.

All around the world, people have talked about it.

They may have different names for it.



Lizard people.


Sons of gods.


Super heroes.

Maybe not ghosts.

And what about artificial intelligence (AI)?

The Matrix.

When Neo Anderson eats Smith or do I have that backwards?


Destroying humanity.

Google was developed originally with the goal of digesting and assimilating human consciousness. Transhumanism is a ploy that is attempting to end humanity under the guise of freeing humanity towards immortality which goes back to the garden where the witch told Eve that you shall not surely die and the same thing with the smart brains.

We can only see less than five percent of anything at any time.

Infowars has been talking about it for over twenty years dating back to the 1990's.

Is dark matter a third dimension or a higher dimension that is holding our reality together?

Next year, you may stick stuff into your brain.

The Force Net

2015-03-22 - Sunday - I made this joey-arnold.1399471 account on Boards.TheForce.Net on Sunday, the 22nd of March of 2015 - Link

Screenshot at 2019-12-03 15:53:58.png






2015-03-22 - Sunday
Sunday, the 22nd of March of 2015

Killer Robots

04:03 PM - Facebook | Twitter | Dissenter

Will you learn how to deactivate terminators, killing robots, evil Wall-E androids, etc?

Favorite Memories

04:10 PM - The Force

Did you say Joey Arnold? Wow. Thanks.

Skype got worse since Microsoft bought it in like the 2010's.

Technology would get better and better.

Now, it has stayed the same and sometimes it gets worse.

Not completely.

But main stream tech has been going down hill.

Matan Even

War Room

06:38 PM - WAR ROOM (2nd HOUR) Tue - 12/3/19 • Matan Even, News, Reports & Analysis • Infowars

Matan Even Getting Even

Matan Even

Star Wars

07:14 PM - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | "Adventure" TV Spot

The Last Last Last Last TV Spot. And my last dollar will be kept in my pocket lol.

Like Mother Like Daughter

2013-08-20 - Tuesday - 11:37 PM - Facebook Photo - 20th of August of 2013 - Daughter Lê My is with Mother Minh Hằng

2013-08-20 Tuesday - 11:37 PM - Le My & Her Mother on Facebook.jpg


2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM - Facebook Comment - 3rd of September of 2014 - I commented: "sexy girls... time to kiss"

Old vs Young

2014-09-11 - Thursday - 11:44 PM - Facebook Comment - The 11th of September of 2014

2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM - Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:26:25.png
2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:38:18.png
2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:33:27.png
2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:34:11.png
2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:34:34.png
2014-09-11 - Thursday - 11:44 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:35:05.png

2014-09-11 - Thursday - 11:44 AM Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:35:48.png

Lê My is with Minh Hằng.

August 20, 2013

Hiếm ai khen con giống mẹ...Nhưng con luôn tự hào con là con của Mẹ!

Comments Section

Here is the dialog:

Tuấn Anh Trần commented

2 chi em

Joey Arnold commented

2014-09-03 - Wednesday - 12:35 AM

sexy girls... time to kiss

Lê My replied

Joey Arnold, that's my mom on the left

Joey Arnold responded

Your mom is NOT ugly

She looks young

Very good... I did not know

I am very sorry for not knowing

You have a smart mom

Your mom has smart eyes

Lê My replied

Joey Arnold, it's okay, she loves to be called "sexy girl" anyway hahaaa

Joey Arnold returned

Haha good

How old are you?

Lê My replied

19 :)

Joey Arnold commented

2014-09-11 - Thursday - 11:44 PM

So young

I am 29

I am very old

I feel very old sometimes

Nguyễn An commented

Ủa, giống mà !!!

Lê My replied

Nguyễn An, Nhìn đôi mắt đi :'(

Sơn Anh commented

<3 <3

Greenie Le

Mia Lê My on Facebook

Greenie Le Screenshot at 2019-12-03 19:57:44.png

Ra Ra Roberto

This was my Facebook until it was like stolen or something.

Securing Salvation

08:00 PM - 11:20 PM

General Shepherd

11:25 PM - Fire Power With Will Johnson Tue 12/03/19 Full Show


11:39 PM - Teacher on a Power Trip says Parents don't Always Know What's Best for Their Own Children

Another Side of Blocked

2014-02-12 - Wednesday - 03:36 AM - Facebook - 12th of February of 2014 | YouTube

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography
what stays in vegas and what is adela?

02:45 PM - K gets mad at M, it appears. That is what M said. Now, the truth of the matter is complex. We were also talking about the limitation actors may have playing people with autism. I made an over generalization to compare it with Monk, with people with depression, OCD, ADHD, ADD, etc. I compared the Indiana Jones I hate snakes with the boy who was in the car screaming slow down. It would take some method acting to get these roles down as opposed to surface level immitation. It is complex. There is variety. I mentioned these things after M said that people were not playing austistic people prior to like 2010 or whatever on television. Specifically, maybe less so. M said she didn't know my dad had substitutions for her, not really until she learned more about Kathryn or Kathy in like 2001 and 2002. I recorded our Thanksgiving at Mike's in 2001. Kathy was there. So, dad was probably more into saying hey hey get divorce in 2002 and then they did in like 2008. Now, you can compare what happened with K. Now, you would need to follow the details to see that and maybe K didn't. I don't know. M says that K gets mad at her. That may be true in some ways. However, it is not entirely personal. Long story. It is complex. M might be trying too hard to simplify it all. Some of it involves the subject matters, the topics, the conversations, that was discussed. For example, if you follow the fake news and don't even know it, then you will get mad if people tell you what you think is inaccurate. Drugs come through Mexico. It is in Mexico and it is going through Mexico. Child trafficking is happening all around the world. Generally speaking, more of it is outside of America. Exceptions apply. When we deal with statistics, we see patterns. More people prefer safety over freedom. America was founded on the idea of freedom over safety. It is the job of individuals to to be safe and to take care of themselves with their own freedom to do so if they wish. The United States of America (USA) was founded to be a republic and not a democracy. Now, K may not get that. I might be wrong about that. Please tell me that I am wrong. But it seems that she hates Trump. That is too bad. She told M to wait her turn to talk. She said that M is always negative. That is too bad. If I had to pick a side, I would side more with M. Not completely as M can be too pessimistic, fatalistic, too practical, too less of a dreamer like me. K might have said or implied that she thought M left my dad. ka. Kylo Ren. K. Marilyn. M. Perhaps, if true, that would mean she doesn't know what happened. She also doesn't know enough about what is happening in the world. Bad people are coming into the USA. Too many. Globalists infiltrate America. We are fighting so many different groups and issues all at the same time. She may have been too busy to follow all of that. So, she believes the deception too often and too much. Same thing with N who said hey let's make America think again. That is too bad. So, M is thinking of not talking to K again. Perhaps, at the table. Whenever they are there. It can be tough. It can be complex. Both are wrong and right concerning like ten different things. I'm ranting right now. I'm trying to give out a brief outline of this rivalry that goes back to the 1950's between sisters. This is a brief outline concerning some of it. Not all of it. Just a small taste of it. But you can relate to it. You can learn from it. That is why I write it down. It is of value. It has value. We should empathize, sympathize, relate, with each other. That is why I write. People are flawed. M said she would continue coming to see can and dance. I love dancing. I can dance. I can sing. I can dance. I can put them together. David in the Bible has like a father or brother named Nathan right? So tall. I like the Bible. Bible names. Make America Pray Again. People are flawed. People make bad choices at times. People don't know everything. People say things without knowing both sides to different issues, stories, debates, etc. Bad people are trying to destroy the world. It is important to talk against that. Talk about these monsters. 5G is for controling human computer chips, the iHumans.

Is this a joke?

vietnam oatmeal joey arnold joeyarnold joeyarnoldvn shelton was usa oregon WA washington america vietnam ojawall morehead rasp pdx fgor97116 fgor163 my blog joseph scott donald marilyn mitchell cool kid
I visited this English Club in 2015 in Vietnam

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Jordan D. Winslow Blocked Me on Facebook

WWJD vs L4OJ - 2011 by Joey Arnold

Wikipedia Oatmeal Joey Arnold

My Vimeo

Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop


EXPOSE Network and the Open Information Partnership – Part 1

THE WAR: China Defends Sovereignty

New CPS Petition in Michigan. Please Sign and Share. The People of Michigan Thank you.

Matan Even

Joey Book

5G Created To Track Humans In Live Time With Microchips

Is Jeffrey Epstein Dead or Alive? Google Vs. DuckDuckGo & Google's Role in Controlling the Establishment Narrative

Is The Whole World Run By Pedophiles- Part II... The Finders

Keeping value out of reach

Vietnam allows the creation of an independent union

Fantasy Competition


5G Baking Oatmeal Joey

12:35 PM - Steemit | Dissenter | Minds | Gab | Facebook | Free Square | Twitter | YouTube

Half Baked Screenshot at 2019-12-04 15:48:39.png

Sam, for the record, in case I didn't say this before, one of my goals is in trying to prove myself before I would even try to get hired by Infowars for example. I can't remember if I told you that before. I kind of want to build a portfolio of what I am able to do in order to show people what my skills might be. I guess it might be problematic as I may still be too rough around the edges. I might be too all over the place as well. For example, you appear to be more focused in the videos you put out. I told you before about how I've been busy with helping out my family at home. Well, I guess I already told you all of this already. So, I guess I'm trying to say that I'm still going to try to focus on developing myself. I try to focus on praying more. So, long story short, a part of me seeks after being independent as a writer, artist, video editor, YouTuber, etc, similar to how I was a freelance English Teacher in Vietnam. So, I know I still have a lot of work to do. I would prefer not to run over to Alex Jones to beg for a job. So, I say that because I think about doing that sometimes. But I think it would be better if I was simply discovered someday and then reached out to. So, I avoid calling into the Alex Jones Show. Basically, to some extent, I'm not there yet. So, even if somebody were to tell Alex about Oatmeal Joey, I feel like I'm still just a seed. I'm not a plant yet. I'm not a tree yet. Because too much of my stuff on the Internet is like half-done. In conclusion, if I have not bored you yet with this, I will end with saying that I was laughing on Monday when Alex and Owen Shroyer talked about cooking a bowl of oatmeal near a 5G tower. I should probably do that on top of many other things. You should continue doing what you do as you are a bit more polished than I might be. I will continue trying to maybe brand myself or whatever. I feel like 2020 is a big opportunity for me for different things. I would consider Infowars as a dream job for me. But I don't want to take too many shortcuts in life. I might be partly undecided on what I want to do, specifically in my life. That is why I mainly just focus on keeping a blog on Steemit with my random commentary on life, videos, articles, pictures, etc. I wanted to write all of this to let you know that all of this is in my brain. But I'm not trying to say that you don't already know this. Well, I guess I might be venting. I told you before that I have some big life decisions that I should make. Some decisions are made gradually in life. But I might be procrastinating on some of the other decisions until maybe the summer of 2020 which is a long time time and a short time in the future. That is only about six months away. I'm trying to step up my game. I don't totally know what that means except maybe one day at a time kind of thing.


06:45 PM - Steemit | Telegram | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds | Gab

@satishluintel, but the problem is that if Google is a platform under like Safe Harbor laws, DMCA, etc, and if they have liability protection because of that, because of money that they may secretly get from governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, central bankers, groups, people, etc, and other things too perhaps, etc, then they should not be, at least in theory, censoring, terminating accounts, shadow banning, editing, deleting, destroying, etc, until they are ordered to by judges, courts, on local, state, and federal levels (and hopefully not on international/global levels) proceeding LEGAL TRIALS. In other words, after trials and NOT BEFORE TRIALS. Currently, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are doing too many things PRE-TRIAL. It should be POST-TRIAL and NOT PRE-TRIAL.