THE WAR: China Defends Sovereignty

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It is not the question if there will be a war between U.S. and China, because the war already started. The latest events in Hong Kong show that a distinction between hybrid and hot war can be quite blurry…

Since the WWII United States are growing their military infrastructure around China, preparing the platform for a possible confrontation. China had to live with that fact until May 7th 1999. Near the end of that day, NATO planes hit a Chinese Embassy in Belgrade with five high precision bombs, killing three people inside. That was no mistake. It was a declaration of war. And China started to prepare. Since 1999, its military budget grow at least 20% every year, and now is the second after U.S. Unprecedented economic and technological growth of China, has also led to military growth, and developing of containment weapons to curb the U.S. “Empire”. Losing the advantage in conventional warfare, U.S. turns to the one that still has advantage in — a hybrid war…

Hong Kong, since return from the British colonial administration to China, was not only a symbol of restored national pride, but also has been a significant revenue source for the government in Beijing. That made it a perfect point of U.S. hybrid war attack. And all started under the pretext of retracting the extradition law, which would allow criminals to be extradited to mainland China. And it escalate into a mass protests where “freedom fighters” are asking sanctions against their own country, and wave U.S. and British flags asking for democracy, and forgetting that under British colonial rule they had no democracy at all! Western corporate media under the control of the “Empire“ in unison have supported “peaceful protesters”, despite the fact that Hong Kong police has removed a disturbingly vast arsenal of urban warfare weapons from the Polytechnic University, one of the centers of rebellion. They have found 3,800 petrol bombs, 921 gas canisters and 588 chemicals, including acid and other corrosive liquids, and the “peaceful protesters” also attacked police with bows and arrows, slings, knifes, while attacking and even burning live people that didn’t agree with them!

Duration: 5:10 (Warning: Disturbing images!)

How’s that for a hot war? Of course, nothing of that you could see in U.S. corporate media:

Duration: 3:18

For them, it is black&white “good democracy fighters” vs. “evil communist government” story. Enter Trump…

President of the United States Donald Trump, signed two bills targeting China over its response to anti-government protests and riots in Hong Kong. The first one, under title ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ was intended to “help” Hong Kong’s ‘pro-democracy’ protest movement, while the other sanctioned export of crowd-control munitions to Hong Kong police. And Trump did it in his overtly hypocritical style:

“I signed these bills out of respect for President Xi, China, and the people of Hong Kong”

And so, China responded by sanctioning Western NGOs, such as Human Rights Watch (HRW), Freedom House, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), considering them guilty for inciting protesters to commit “violent crimes” and promoting separatism in Hong Kong. Also, from Monday on, China will no longer review requests by the American warships to dock in Hong Kong. Basically, a naval blockade of Hong Kong. Everything, of course, in respect to President Trump and the people of United States. How’s that for a hot war?

If you want to get non-biased view to Hong Kong, you always have to listen to the other side. Very old Roman rule: “Audiatur et altera pars”. Through corporate media you can see only Imperial point of view. If it’s to hard to follow Chinese language news, I will suggest their viewpoint in English:

Duration: 28:54

…or you can see an opposite point in a documentary from the Michelle Greenstein, RT reporter and witness of Hong Kong events:

Duration: 27:31

One thing have to be clear: China will defend its sovereignty by all means available. And today is perfectly clear that China is not the same country as it was 172 years ago, when British Empire took over Hong Kong through the Opium Wars. Using force against modern China is by far the worst possible strategy. Unfortunately for the U.S, nothing else left to prevent an imminent fall of the “Empire”. So the “Empire” will fight against China to the last brainwashed Hong Kong citizen, or to the last Taiwan citizen, before its time come. But the more they use force, the faster it will get to the end of the “Empire”.

United States, with or without Trump, will have a hard time learning not to interfere into the business of other countries. Not only China…

* * *

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The first boots on the North Pole were American.
The first (and so far only) boots on the moon were American.
And if China doesn't get it through their titanium craniums that their neighboring nations do not oh any fealty to the self-proclaimed "Son of Heaven," if they do not get it into what passes for their brains that drawing a line nobody acknowledges and calling it "ancient and inalienable sovereign territory" doesn't make it yours, if they don't wake up and figure out that they are a chihuahua growling at the pups of a Gray Wolf, then the boot they get in their collective asses... is going to be American.

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what is the second flag you wear? and why do wear the epstein flag?

The second flag I wear is the flag of the Philippines, a nation your pathetic homeland is trying (and failing) to subjugate, a nation my in-laws have valiantly defended against PLA predations for decades. I'm curious what in the blazes you are talking about when you say "Epstein Flag." I wear the flag of the nation that has saved China's undeserving ass even while China spat in our faces.
As for "Gray Wolf don't rape their children," I'm not sure who "Gray Wolf" is but the Shina Minzoku are infamous for rape of children. Brothels with sex slaves as young as 14 are such a common theme throughout all of Coastal China that they are not even news, though China's trafficking of sex-slaves from other nations is becoming a topic of conversation all over the civilized world.


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