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I was watching a Lionel Nation show from 2012. Now, I found it refreshing in some ways. I was not really watching him until I saw him on Alex Jones in like 2016. I was living in Vietnam that year. So, I've been following Lionel ever since. So, I ran into his blog today while writing my review on my life in 2012. Lionel talked about Ron Paul. He talked about the war on the Internet. Lionel talked about the value in learning one new word each day in contrast to the dumbing down of society. Educationalists are involved in boiling the frogs. When I say frogs, I mean people. It's called a metaphor. Take Over Plan | Pistol Shrimps - The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau | Avatar Wall-E Future? | Fair Girls | In my photo album project, I was pasting some photos from 1988 into an album. Ann had her 85th birthday party at a park in Seattle on Sunday, the 31st of July of 1988. Later on in August, we had a church picnic at a lake park campground thingy outside of like Forest Grove, Oregon. That was my first time riding on a horse. So, there is a photo of me riding a horse alongside Mr. Elkind. Is that how you spell his last name? Also, a photo of me and a dog. Also, an image of me playing pretend drums in mom's bathroom. Also, a group photo of the birthday party that summer. So, anywho, Alex Jones said some really big things today. He mentioned some like classified things. See the video below for more info.

Frozen II

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2019-12-04 - Wednesday

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IBM CompCap Ergonomic Computer System Helmet Device - Pre-Brain Phone From the 1990's


12:05 AM - Steemit

I love competition. It is not a fantasy. Are you not competing right now? I know you are going to say no. That is a lie. You are competing. People always are competing for many things all the time. You compete for resources, time, money, priorities, people, choices, thoughts, etc.


12:40 AM - Steemit

Hello model girl, I love that sign. We always have to try to free the Internet from tech cartels. That is why I love Steemit and other decentralization systems. Do a lot of people celebrate Christmas in Panama?


Star Wars Theory

12:49 AM - Reacting to Tommy Wiseau in Star Wars by PistolShrimps

Pistol Shrimps

12:56 AM - The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - The full story

Better than Rise of Skywalker

Buffy Over Dany

01:12 AM - Steemit

I'm a big Buffy fan. You must be the snow princess. Your style is more fascinating than the queen of dragons from the Game of Thrones. I was a fan of hers. But I would prefer Buffy over her.

I did not have sex with Monica Epstein.

13 Reasons Why

if i identify as a gay girl.....


02:02 AM - Twitter | Discord

I joined this like lesbian Discord Server several minutes ago.

There was a total of four members including me.

Three other girls.

They said they were drunk.

They were born around 1996.

One from America.

One from Australia.

The other probably form the USA.

I made a joke about identifying as a gay woman.

I said that in a sub-channel that was for gay girls only.

So, I thought I would make a joke about it.

But I was respectful and went back to the general chat.

But then was banned from their server.

It is silly.

On Twitter, they were trying to get people to join.

And then I joined.

But I guess they are not tolerant of men.

That is pretty sexist.

Pretty racist.

Pretty many things.

I guess my dick was too long.


I am not a woman?


I am not.

Some people struggle to answers questions like that.

But it is easy to answer.

Frozen Two

2019-12-04 - Wednesday - 02:16 AM - 03:55 AM - Frozen II

Two girls






Turned against them

The mist

A woman saved her?



Mother daughter moment is valuable.

She sung them to sleep.

Family first.

Snow man worries about melting.

I was bored 9 minutes in.

We are getting older song is the second song.


She is dating the snowman.

Some things never change like the value in family first.

In eternal principles.

In Stefan Molyneux philosophy.

The prince sings.

But is a beta.

Singing moose.

So, the snowman is the BFF of the girl and the moose the BFF of the man. Like wing men.

Lesbianism or sisterhood as the two sisters come together.

The future can be unknown.

And I'm holding on tight to you.

While some things stay the same.

Well, actually, the future can be known.

The future is known.

What is happening is known.

What globalists try to do is known.

What has been happening is known.


Acting out without talking game.

The boy is so shy around the red head.

Grow up, man.

If you want to tell her you love her, then take her out on a date.

Tell her you need to talk to her.

Be strong.

Soap opera cartoon.

Ariel red head girl sings the frozen girl to sleep.

Oh, they both sing.

She keeps on hearing voices.

Is she going crazy?

So, she sings about it.

I can hear you.

She is haunted by her mother's voice.


It is just a memory.

Everybody gets songs stuck in their heads.

It is normal.

She sings Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone.

Well, it is almost like an MJ song.

Into the unknown.

Is she time traveling?

This is like Star Wars Rebels where they go into the dark world between worlds.

Big disaster.

Town is panicking.

They have to run away.

Something is calling Elsa out into like the Enchanted Forest which was probably similar to the forest in Once Upon a Time, that ABC television series show.

Troll creature.

Why doesn't Elsa get a man?

Water has memory says the snowman.


He talks.

It is good info.

Did you know this.

Did you know that.

But then they insult him.

Are you crazy?


The red girl talks about being crazy.

So, both sisters talk about being crazy.

She sees the mist.

It is the magic entrance into the enchanted forest.

I wonder if there are places like this in real life.

A water dam is in the enchanted forest. The guy talks about how it is good that the dam is there. But there is a magical wall that keeps things from coming in and out of it, including water, meaning the magic wall is the dam and the dam dam is not valuable.

The man tries to propose to the redhead.

In case we die.

What, you think we are going to die?

When I get older song by Snowman.

This movie seems to be even more targeted at kids.

He sings about everything makes sense when you are older.

That is and is not true at the same time.

Wizard of Oz tornado takes Elsa.

So, the time travel thing did not happen earlier.

Frozen people.

Father and mother?

Grabs a frozen sword.

Ah, I find clothes restrictive.

No, you're a talking snowman, ahhh.

He tells them of the first film like C3PO did but in a comedic and childish way.

Propaganda about native Americans.

Indian woman says they only trust nature.

That's silly.

Technically, God is nature or the creator of nature.

You should trust God.

Fire lizard creature.


Lick a toad.

Get high.

Hearing voices again.

The Indians sing and they are wearing clothes.

The people of the sun Indians.

The prince sings pretty well.

He says bye to the moose.

Or he is singing about the redhead.

Lost in the woods.

Normal rules do not apply?

But eternal principles do.

Frozen water horse

Mario Star World


The movie is focused on teaching little girls how to become witches.

The witch tempted Adam & Eve in the garden.

It was a witch serpent.

Not a snake.

Grandpa stole the land from the Indians?


Or maybe not.

But it is not that simple.

This is designed to trick people into dethroning America.

The left screams no borders and no walls, no USA at all.

So, movies are always promoting a one world government.

He pisses off rock monsters and steers them to a place.

The redhead saves Elsa again.

She talks to spirits.

That is demonic.

The fifth element.

She is the fifth element.

Bruce Willis is like wow.

Water horse.

Do you want to build a snowman?

He gets the balls to ask the redhead.

They get married.

They also resurrected the snowman.

Elsa should marry.

The things we do for love.

Quote from Game of Thrones by a man involved in like sodomy or whatever you call having sex with your sister.

Elsa becomes an Indian.

Well, you might as well become a nude femnist while you are at it.

Pocahontas music.


The lizard gets snow for Christmas.

To cool off with,

Cuz he on fire.

Snowman tells his water has memory story to snow monsters and the big one laughs that he lives like Johnny Five in Short Circuit.

The best part might be at 01:17:00 minutes in where the redhead is singing about taking it one step at a time which is good advice. Focus on one task at a time and take it a day at a time in your life. Do the next right thing.

Elsa stops a tidal wave.

I guess she leveled up in her super powers.

Elsa comes back as Gandalf The White from Lord of the Rings.

That explains her increase in Frozen Powers.

She became like Superman.

Able to stop planes.

Or just tidal waves.


The Rubin Report

10:56 AM - Announcement: Solving Creators Big Tech Problems With Locals.com | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report




10:59 AM - DAVID KNIGHT (Full Show) Wednesday - 12/4/19

Republic vs Democracy

Conservatism vs Rhino Republicanism

Walmart & China

Brain Force at Info Wars Store.com

Silver Bullet

DNA Force

Climate Change Talk

What did they have before the Q Qanon movement?

Was it the White Knights?

Did that go back to the 1990's?

The problem is when people pretend to save us?

It can get worse.

In the future, we may see men having sex with kids on television.

Well, we should always try to stop that from happening.

Some people talk about what the Bible might say about the future, about prophecy, revelations, the rapture, the tribulation, etc, and the problem is when alleged Christians and even genuine Christians get lost in just waiting for Christ to return. We should be in the world and not of the world, Romans 12. The angels asked the disciples why they were the pirates that don't do anything from the Vegitales. They were staring at the sky waiting for Jesus to come back around 2,000 years ago around 33 A.D. So, that is a problem. We can do better than that. God may do certain things in the future. We can debate on which things and when. But what really matters is being part of that. Whatever that is, it is what it is. You can be part of history, His Story. Why wait? Why not engage?

Does the Angel of Death work for Satan or for God?

Probably God.

Satan is jealous.

YouTube violates Fair Use. That is a crime.

Defending Alex Jones

11:53 AM - YouTube | Dissenter

@Nope No way, Alex said Sandy Hook happened. It is a long story. He interviewed people that questioned it because bad people sometimes stage things. The truth is as clear as mud. Many events in history can be partly fake and partly real because it is a combination of different things. Same thing with the pizza place. Sometimes, Alex can be inaccurate about something, about 2% of the time during the past 25+ years. So, then Alex tells everybody. We are all humans and we are flawed. We are not perfect. But the fake news keep on spreading lies about Alex. Many different lies. I just mentioned two of them. There are hundreds of lies that are spread by people in videos and articles. It's been happening for years. They want you to believe them and to ignore Alex. They want you to think Alex is crazy. So, if you think Alex is crazy, then they own your soul and they won.

5G Baking Oatmeal Joey

12:35 PM - Steemit | Dissenter | Minds | Gab | Facebook | Free Square | Twitter | YouTube

Half Baked Screenshot at 2019-12-04 15:48:39.png

Sam, for the record, in case I didn't say this before, one of my goals is in trying to prove myself before I would even try to get hired by Infowars for example. I can't remember if I told you that before. I kind of want to build a portfolio of what I am able to do in order to show people what my skills might be. I guess it might be problematic as I may still be too rough around the edges. I might be too all over the place as well. For example, you appear to be more focused in the videos you put out. I told you before about how I've been busy with helping out my family at home. Well, I guess I already told you all of this already. So, I guess I'm trying to say that I'm still going to try to focus on developing myself. I try to focus on praying more. So, long story short, a part of me seeks after being independent as a writer, artist, video editor, YouTuber, etc, similar to how I was a freelance English Teacher in Vietnam. So, I know I still have a lot of work to do. I would prefer not to run over to Alex Jones to beg for a job. So, I say that because I think about doing that sometimes. But I think it would be better if I was simply discovered someday and then reached out to. So, I avoid calling into the Alex Jones Show. Basically, to some extent, I'm not there yet. So, even if somebody were to tell Alex about Oatmeal Joey, I feel like I'm still just a seed. I'm not a plant yet. I'm not a tree yet. Because too much of my stuff on the Internet is like half-done. In conclusion, if I have not bored you yet with this, I will end with saying that I was laughing on Monday when Alex and Owen Shroyer talked about cooking a bowl of oatmeal near a 5G tower. I should probably do that on top of many other things. You should continue doing what you do as you are a bit more polished than I might be. I will continue trying to maybe brand myself or whatever. I feel like 2020 is a big opportunity for me for different things. I would consider Infowars as a dream job for me. But I don't want to take too many shortcuts in life. I might be partly undecided on what I want to do, specifically in my life. That is why I mainly just focus on keeping a blog on Steemit with my random commentary on life, videos, articles, pictures, etc. I wanted to write all of this to let you know that all of this is in my brain. But I'm not trying to say that you don't already know this. Well, I guess I might be venting. I told you before that I have some big life decisions that I should make. Some decisions are made gradually in life. But I might be procrastinating on some of the other decisions until maybe the summer of 2020 which is a long time time and a short time in the future. That is only about six months away. I'm trying to step up my game. I don't totally know what that means except maybe one day at a time kind of thing.

Dishes. Boxes. Big garage. Book shed. Packing peanuts. Books. Baby clothes and boots. Silverware like yesterday. Organizing things. Shower.

Potatoes. Soup. Coffee.

YouTube vs Fair Use

04:10 PM - Steemit

Ashley, love your hair and exciting attitude on life and fashion. I love Christmas too. Yellow is a fun color. So, legally speaking, how do you feel about YouTube violating the Fair Use Act?

Alex Jones. Trash. Recycling. Outside trash. Run for a second.

Introduction Club

Subtle Scopes

04:35 PM - Steemit

Have you checked out the Information War community on Steemit? I love what you are saying here. #InformationWar


04:42 PM - Steemit

Mommy-fied Sarah, your goldilocks are classic, epic. Love it.


04:30 PM - The Alex Jones Show Wed 12/04/19 Full Show

Pentagon Program

In the 1990's, Alex Jones broke into a cable box and found a microphone.

The Pentagon sent soldier to threaten Alex Jones.

They would shut down his broadcasting, as much as they could, on radio, television, etc.

This began happening in the 1990's, around a quarter century ago.

AI is absorbing us.

If we don't continue trying to stop it, we die.

Is that what you want?

Wall-E Plan.

You will see people slowly get sicker and sicker.

You will press the buttons.

You will have the apps.

You will do exactly as they wish.

In order to deposit digital tokens to your kids.

People will upload their consciousness to robot systems.

To computers.

To clouds.

But they are dead.

They die.

If we fail, that is what happens.

There will be like 50 million people left at that time.

Not 8 billion people.

In 2019, currently, this year, we have almost 8 billion people.

But their goal is to reduce world population to less than 500 million people before 2021 or 2030.

So, they are doing many things to trick humans.

The good news is that we can show people this.

The tricky part is finding ways to show people this.

So many things happening.

So complex.

And so simple.

We can always choose to fight back each day.

Or choose to let it kill us.

When we choose to tell people, remember that there are many ways to do that.

Be smart.

Be cleaver.

Avatar Wall-E Future?


06:45 PM - Steemit | Telegram | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds | Gab

@satishluintel, but the problem is that if Google is a platform under like Safe Harbor laws, DMCA, etc, and if they have liability protection because of that, because of money that they may secretly get from governments, corporations, non-profit organizations, central bankers, groups, people, etc, and other things too perhaps, etc, then they should not be, at least in theory, censoring, terminating accounts, shadow banning, editing, deleting, destroying, etc, until they are ordered to by judges, courts, on local, state, and federal levels (and hopefully not on international/global levels) proceeding LEGAL TRIALS. In other words, after trials and NOT BEFORE TRIALS. Currently, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are doing too many things PRE-TRIAL. It should be POST-TRIAL and NOT PRE-TRIAL.

In Europe, Muslims protest the gay people.

Gay people molest children in school.

In drag queen story hour events.

So, who wins in that fight?

Will it be the gay people or the Muslims?

Lady Gaga Wants Babies?

07:15 PM - Steemit

Will she let me help her with that?

Google is the NSA globalist takedown system.

Nap for two hours.

Star Wars Theory

09:41 PM - Reacting to Rise of Skywalker "Dagger" TV Spot

How much corn could a popcorn pop, if a popcorn could pop corn? Oh, wait, maybe I have that backwards. How much pop could a popcorn pop, if a popcorn could pop pop?

Lionel Nation

10:07 PM - Mrs. L Interviews: Erin Andrews of FAIR Girls (Ending Human Trafficking One Life at a Time)

Fair Girls

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


2019-12-03 - Tuesday
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My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography

New Friends

Kristenz Galasinao

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I visited this English Club in 2015 in Vietnam


YouTube Rewind 2019

02:10 PM - YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind | Facebook | Twitter | Minds | YouTube Comment | Gab | Free Square | Dissenter

YouTube, why did you terminate over three of my YouTube channels which had my home videos of when I was a ten year old boy in Oregon? Are you racist against children, against kids?

I have made at least 35 channels on YouTube. A total of like thousands of videos going back to 2006. I wrote a Steemit article about it. So, I counted 3 channels that I have seen terminated, Ojawall, JoeyArnoldVN, and JoeyArnoldTV. Well, number four would be JSADogDog in the sense that I lost the videos on that one. There may be others that I have forgotten about or perhaps more will be terminated next week thanks to COPPA or COPA or whatever it is. Things like this happens to millions of people during the 2010's online especially. That is why we build networks like Gab, Minds, Steemit, Bitchute, etc, to counter and compete with tech cartels, etc. @BrianBoro