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Who is Pastor Sam? | How Do You Watch Infowars? | Alex Jones Wishes He Never Met Trump | MOVIE CLIP | 2019 | The Amazing Lucas - Revolt Summit Breakdown | Meme World | Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy | How do you download Infowars Videos? | Gift of Love | Alternatives | My letter to Griff and Meme Art | Brooke Skylar Richardson's full sentencing hearing | Here's The Truth Jimmy! | Dishes. Pots. Bowls. Lids. Oh my. Shower. No ice-cream. Lesson prepared. Hellenism. Soup. Painting. | Alex Jones, Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo: FULL INTERVIEW (2010) | Agustus

How Do You Watch Infowars?

07:02 PM - Have you seen Banned.Video? YouTube told me that you cannot watch these Banned Videos. So, please stop reading. Don't let people know about Infowars. Just go back to drinking your cancer water.

How Do You Watch Infowars?

I've included two lists (below), the first list is a list of websites that may have Infowars videos and podcasts on them and the second list is a list of names of channels and people who may be distributing and sharing Infowars videos, etc. They're mirroring, AKA uploading and reuploading, Infowars content.


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2019-09-21 - Saturday

Published - 2019-09-21 - Saturday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019


12:47 AM - IWA

Hesitant Adoption

@PatriotPolly, I agree, but Infowars and others can be and might be too hesitant to embracing any kind of technology that may appear to be too close to Bitcoin.

Not The Same

I'm not saying Bit Torrent and Bitcoin are the same.


But Alex Jones has talked about Bitcoin.

Other Alternatives

I promote alternatives, like you do. Some of these things may include things relating to torrent, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, peer to peer (P2P), Ubuntu, open source, decentralization, etc, etc.

The Challenge

So, long story short, it might be challenging to promote some of these things because they might associate some of these things with Bitcoin, Soros, Rothschild, etc.

The Association

See, Rothschild and Soros may have invested into some Bitcoin. So, that is the challenge. It's all complex.

Gift of Love

01:18 AM - Steemit

There is so much mystery in history and that is your name, a gift of love and a gift of life in that exploration and I love natural remedies.

Reaching New People

11:16 AM - I totally agree. That is why I go onto a Star Wars forum, Facebook, etc.

Infowars Final Season

11:18 AM - Legal fees can be up to the many millions. Not just thousands.

Public Square

11:21 AM - @Pippydop, generally, a public square is the private property of the government and not actually owned by everybody via communism, socialism, Obama Care, redistribution logic, etc.

Will Johnson

11:27 AM - Bingozee may be right concerning Will not knowing everything. Technically, Alex Jones may not choose show hosts exclusively on how much they know about everything but rather on their passion, commitment, faithfulness, ability, in the Infowars fight, perhaps, to some extent.

Joey Bot City

11:34 AM - I apologize for pretending to be Griff on the Infocomms. I sincerely apologize for creating @FreeThinkingPatriot, @PatriotPolly, @Zor, @DarkAlley01x, @well_well_well, @Leviticus, @therecfem, @Rob_Roy, @AtypicalRift, @Vitt, other Mischief With Critical Griff accounts, Leviticus accounts, the Leviticus Mother account, and other bot accounts, puppets, etc, which were all mine, and not other people's, because I am actually a big bad original oatmeal green mean fighting machine.

Joey Bot Accounts

11:56 AM - IWA | A Typical Rift | Joey | FreeThinkingPatriot

A Typical Rift

Eh @Bingozee @joey


Please don't say that again. I don't anybody to know that I'm actually Bingozee. This will be our little secret. I hope nobody reads this thread. I wonder if that @TheIsz profile picture avatar that I was using was in fact copyrighted or what, and that reminds me of that article that I wrote about copyright, etc, which I wrote after writing this other article which reminds me that I should write another article about those things, because, you know, it is possibly, potentially, loosely, related, connected, etc, to things like Agenda 2030, etc, etc.


It was still deceiving.


When you used a frog as your avatar, that was so deceiving as I thought you were in fact a prince in the form of a racist frog.

Stuck to my Face

@AtypicalRift, I actually stuck the @TheIsz avatar picture to my actual face, walked around town, went to the funeral of my newly adopted parents who died of shock at how I was acting a bit too oatmeal and a bit too nutty to be related to them.

Stolen Inheritance

After speaking at the funeral, I found out that they were giving me their inheritance upon their deaths, according to their will which I didn't forge with a black market which I bought at evil Walmart.

The Criminal is At Large

So, I took the money and went on my way. Thanks again to Identity Theft.

Identity Theft

Another victim of identity theft.

Nigerian Prince

I didn't even have to pretend to be a Nigerian Prince.

How-To Rob a Bank

All I had to do was print out an avatar pic onto some printing paper, thanks to my loyal printer. Thank you printer. After that, I used some duct-tape to tape that to my actual face. I had to poke some eye-holes out in order to walk around without running into things.

I'm Not Antifa

Some people actually mistaken me as antifa. I told them, don't worry, I'm just a Thelsz. No need to panic.

I wonder if The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde is based on a real person.

Bingozee might be overlooking possible overlap between the Infowars and the value of eternal principles.

They banned my IP address, @FreeThinkingPatriot. I got a message just like that.

Your Videos

11:51 AM - IWA

@FreeThinkingPatriot, your videos should be more specific. You hint at certain connections, rumors, problems. However, they're not direct enough. What are you waiting for?

Drip Drip: Holding Back

Are you holding back and hoping for people to look more into what you already know about the allegations, the issues, relating to Sam, Owen Shroyer, Leviticus, Zach, the people they may be connected to, etc? Also, people can change.

Depravity of Mankind

People can do bad. Later on, they can make better choices. Owen may have been in jail. I've been in jail. Zach may have said Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.

Character Development

However, Zach may realize those are two different people now. So, long story short, you could be more specific in your videos, articles, pictures, memes, GIFs, messages, posts, etc, unless if you are confident enough in bread crumbs similar to how the Wikileaks and even Project Veritas may not release everything all at once but instead in installments, step by step.

Security Issues

@Memeart, but it does seem that Infowars has had problems with their websites, etc, and it does appear as if blockchain technology, decentralized servers, Ubuntu, Linux, open source, Bit Torrent, P2P, IPFS, etc, etc, etc, some hardware, some software, some people, some things, etc, etc, could possibly help the Infowars a bit more, assuming that Infowars and Alex Jones and others are not or have not been trying to work on making things better for their websites, computers, systems, their store, etc.


12:33 PM - AREA 51 LIVESTREAM | Alien enthusiasts gather near Area 51 [2019] | IWA

In this video, at one point, a vegan says that smart aliens not killing us could be compared to us not eating animals. So, basically, that is a promotion of dehumanization. Globalists and others use the vegan movement and the alien movement to demonize and suppress the uniqueness and the gift that humans have.

Defund Anything Anti-Americana

12:46 PM - IWA

Anything that could be too aggressively anti-Americana should be at least not funded by federal government, which, historically, includes anything too obviously connected to Jihadism, to Sharia Law, to religious and political mechanisms which Islam has utilized and implemented in the past in taking over countries, nations, etc.

Free Market vs Government Assisted

Technically, federal government should not be financially assisting colleges, universities, schools, certain programs, training courses, etc, at all. Well, this could at least be a step in the right direction. So, we are making some progress. But let's not stop here.

How do you download Infowars videos?

12:58 PM - IWA

Infowars Download Buttons

Does Infowars have a button for downloading videos?

Other Options

I went Infowars.com to watch Fire Power. I tried to find a download button. I was not able to find one.

  1. Yes, I could use a Firefox add-on app that could probably catch and download videos on Infowars. That is a way to do it.
  2. Also, OBS could screen capture (record). That is another way. So, there are different ways to do it.
  3. Other programs could probably screen capture anything on the screen.
  4. What are other ways to do it?

Does Infowars have a download button?

Yes. It might not be on every video. Here is an example of where and how you can find the video download button. Here is how you can download an Infowars video:

  1. Go to Infowars.com.
  2. Click on VIDEOS.
  3. Click on a specific video.
  4. Click on Download below the video title which is under the video thumbnail where you watch the video. The Download button is on the right side of the Copy Link and the Download button is also above the date, the view count, the description of the video, and the social network icons.
  5. You will be taken to a web page that is mostly black.
  6. The video should begin playing in a box on that black page.
  7. CTRL+S
  8. When you click on CTRL + S, then a box should appear asking you where to save the file on your computer, phone, etc.

How do you red-pill new people?

01:01 PM - IWA | FreeThinkingPatriot


A good way to red pill people now days. Trigger a liberal into complete madness and have people watch the meltdown

Joey Arnold

Just don't throw acid oatmeal on them as they melt.

Infocomms Confessionals

02:09 PM - IWA

Public Theft vs Private Theft

@therecfem, could there be differences between theft done in the public and theft done in private?

Racist Mom

My mother was telling me that she was a little bit racist towards black people as a kid.

Is that code account the resurrection of the Duck Duck Go account?

Publisher Facebook

02:30 PM - IWA

Yes, Facebook is a publisher, reported Laura Loomer, etc, according to some of the ongoing legal cases, according to what Facebook was admitting. They talked about this on The Alex Jones Show this week.


02:33 PM - Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy

WCPO.com | 9 On Your Side

02:48 PM - WATCH: Brooke Skylar Richardson's full sentencing hearing | IWA | This was a trial hearing for the abuse of a corpse. So, in other words, this trial hearing was in regards to allegation of murdering Annebelle Richardson of Brooke Skylar Richardson. So, what happened to the murder trial? Is that in the supreme court right now or was it ruled on yet?

Bingozee Book

03:09 PM - IWA

Bingozee wrote:

They don’t, he has been suspended, KICKED and has had many of his previous accounts banned from INFOCOMMS on a number of occasions already, but like all parasites, can prove difficult to eradicate.

It’s the fact alone that he returns with multiple accounts that speaks volumes, thus any one willing to give @joey aka @AtypicalRift aka @FreeThinkingPatriot our verified Community Troll, leftist retard attention is either completely ignorant or mentally challenged…

So far, @joey has created more then 10 accounts on INFOCOMMS alone, that he continues to like, argue and debate his own threads, posts and comments with, imagine how many the retard as created on other platforms, frankly he is sickening…

Lol, just an example of how retarded the fucking moron is… an whole thread, that is now one of many that his multiple personalities are conversing…

Observe… His dumb fuckery

Truly mental illness and instability, @joey is a legit sociopath, by the fruit of his labor and deed, a sick and demented individual to say the least.

NOTE: I have only muted the accounts verified as @joey

Pastor Sam Debate

03:24 PM - IWA

For the record, Pastor Sam is not Joshua.

For the record, I met Pastor Sam in person.

Sinners & Jesus

Didn't Jesus hang out with sinners?

Hello Joshua

If anybody knows Joshua, please ask him to post a picture of himself, at least.


Pastor Sam and Joshua sound like different people. Rob Dew may or may not know that. It's possible they're the same person. However, it seems to be unlikely. Sam bought me McDonald's coffee and I also got a special gift as well.

Jealous Griff

I had a three-way with Pastor Sam. Actually, a six-way.

Goat Yoga

03:27 PM - IWA

What in the world is Goat Yoga?

Correction vs Prevention

04:03 PM - IWA

Two issues. Correction and prevention. Focus and emphasis should be first and primarily on prevention.

  1. Correction. We should continue going after our enemies, including, specifically, the people who were sending embedded email attachments to Alex Jones, to Infowars, etc.
  2. Prevention. What can Infowars do to prevent technical difficulties? How can they keep their websites from getting DDoS attacked, etc? We should emphasize more on prevention over correction.

The Infowars IT Show

Alex Jones should try to put together a nerd show where we talk about how we can build websites, YouTube channels, video editing, web design, how to start a RSS feed, how to send newsletters via email, how to download videos, how to make videos, how to improve internet security, how to install different operating systems, how to build computers, how to download and install software, how to try Duck Duck Go over Google, how to sign up for Proton Mail, how to host a website, how to blockchain, how to peer to peer internet over and instead of only through an ISP, how to stop viruses, how to Faraday Cage, how to stop 5G, how to 5G alternatives, how to setup a printer. how to use a printer, how to blog, how to film, how to setup blog templates, how to create web browser folders and links, how to nerd geek stuff, etc, etc, etc.

Censored Movie

04:35 PM - Alex Jones Wishes He Never Met Trump | MOVIE CLIP | 2019 | IWA | Alex Jones interviewed people concerning Sandy Hook. Different people said different things. Many people were questioning. It was an ongoing investigation.

How Do You Watch Infowars?

07:02 PM - Have you seen Banned.Video? YouTube told me that you cannot watch these Banned Videos. So, please stop reading. Don't let people know about Infowars. Just go back to drinking your cancer water.

How Do You Watch Infowars?

I've included two lists (below), the first list is a list of websites that may have Infowars videos and podcasts on them and the second list is a list of names of channels and people who may be distributing and sharing Infowars videos, etc. They're mirroring, AKA uploading and reuploading, Infowars content.

Pots. Bowls. Lids. Oh my. Shower. No ice-cream. Lesson prepared. Hellenism. Soup. Painting.

Education Infiltration

09:26 PM - Steemit

You're right. Lenin understood how that works. Planned Parenthood has been destroying families. Oxford was giving Americans scholarships in the early 1900's especially which resulted in those Americans returning to infiltrate schools in America.

The Amazing Lucas

09:34 PM - Revolt Summit Breakdown | IWA | Candace Owens talked about Making America Great Again (MAGA). | Instead, you could emphasize on how we can make things better. | She talked about how fathers are not at home with the kids enough. Now, some people believe that is because of racism. Perhaps, they feel like they are victims, that they were targeted. They may feel that people stole the fathers from the homes. Lucas is making some good insights about the pursuit of meeting people where they are. It's about sales, marketing, like dating. It's culture, language, target audience. Lucas talks about the gap between the intellectual, that is Candace Owens, and African Americans and how they are thinking. You have to marry the two, that is bridge the gap. Try to be socially aware.


Candace Owens talked about how some things got worse. However, the other people countered with an emotional response. Why be the boring teacher when you can be Robin Williams in the Dead Poet Society. All McDonald's are bad.

Blocked Websites

10:44 PM - IWA

@firstfire508, what is your operating system and web browser and internet service provider?

Robot War

10:46 PM - IWA

We have to buy a bunch of robot body guards in order to protect from other robots, the same as what you do when other people have guns, cars, knives, ropes, fire, tools, computers, etc. You fight fire with fire.

The Sour War Head

11:01 PM - Alex Jones, Joe Rogan & Eddie Bravo: FULL INTERVIEW (2010) | IWA


11:08 PM - IWA

@DarkAlley01x, according to that definition, to some extent, I'm anti-Semitic. According to Wikipedia, antisemitism is racism, discrimination, etc, towards or against Jews, which I'm not. But Rothschild may have been Jewish or whatever. Some Jewish people may have a lot of money and own stuff. @Pippydop, as an English Teacher, I'm offended by excessive contempt for not at least trying to spell ironically on top of false accusations concerning who may or may not be pastors like Sam who is a pastor.

Private Property Rights

11:16 PM - IWA

@Pippydop, do you hate private property rights? I think you do. Because you seem to promote values that contradict and violate private property rights. It is dangerous because what you said promotes communism, socialism, centralization, etc.


11:33 PM - IWA | Agustus | Mui Mui | Website | Twitter | YouTube | Only Fans

Those are places I want to visit. I've been to Vietnam but not to place as magical as this. Oh, walruses are adorable. You should talk about your tattoos. Is that a strawberry? Oh, I mean, is that a ladybug tattoo?

Who is Pastor Sam?

11:59 PM - IWA

Is Pastor Sam really a pastor and is he also Joshua? What does it mean to be a pastor? I'm investigating Pastor Sam and other people as well. This is an ongoing investigation. This is my introduction to my own Bingozee Book. I have a lot to say. So, get out your popcorn. Could Joshua be a pen name alias of Pastor Sam? Specifically, have you ever heard of ghost writers? Have you ever heard of privacy, the fourth amendment? Does it matter either way, that is whether or not Pastor Sam is or is not Joshua, etc? These are critical questions, pun intended. What other questions should I be asking? What else do you want to add concerning this topic? Did Pastor Sam hang out with sinners? Didn't Jesus hang out with sinners? What is a pastor? Who is Jesus? What is that rainbow thing that they might be connected with? Is Sam hurting people? Is Sam helping people?

#howto #practical #tutorial #wizard

What does the amused moose say? That's amoosing. Amusing.

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