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RE: Can of Worms, Camel's Nose, Mind Your Business, Presidential Woes.

I think you might agree that education agendas are pushed from the top down. It's no accident that LGBTQ, Transgender, and identity politics in general, are the widespread Cause célèbre in society today. It is because whoever is controlling the education agenda is attempting to achieve something in particular.

I'm guessing it has something to do with destabilizing and or destroying the traditional nuclear family. Children are raised in a society where being a straight, white, male is a faux pas, and the only way to get out of that embarrassing predicament is to choose an "alternative lifestyle."

This has the potential to shape the minds of children at a young age. These children might be compelled to pursue a lifestyle choice that doesn't result in creating a family. The family unit is where morals and family values are passed down from generation to generation.

Nowadays, we see young male boys inducted into transgender cults, where they are trained to act like strippers for money and dance and prance around like whores. Just imagine if there were a female equivalent to that, where strippers would induce young girls to and train them to dance and stripper poles and twerk, it would cause an instant outrage and backlash.

Gender confusion, bisexuality, and the gay lifestyle have been around forever. I don't judge any of this stuff, but what I do judge is pushing these lifestyle choices on children. Right now, they're trying to get toddlers to abandon their manhood and submit to gender reassignment before they even reach puberty.

Topics of this nature are not appropriate for grade school, or middle school, perhaps high school. But it shouldn't be done in culty ways that laud one way of living over another. I think it's going to screw a lot of people up in the head, to be honest.

I realize that was a long preface to address a single seemingly simple question:

Question: "How could it ever happen? You expect people to change someday when they had not for thousands of years?"

Answer: All of the above, was accomplished via a radical alteration in the schooling of one generation of kids. It was at a slow boil in the background for a long time, and that helped to pave the way. However, what happened to the last generation of children departed radically from the incremental approach.

They turned the heat up dramatically, and cause society to reach a boiling point. That said, just imagine if children were taught the philosophy of liberty, voluntaryism, and logical fallacies starting from a very young age. A voluntarist or a libertarian type of society is realistic to implement on a national level if good actors can wrestle back control of the education that children are receiving.

"Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man." ― Aristotle

"Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world." ― Vladimir Lenin

As you can see from the quotes above controlling what education children receive can be a very powerful tool, and it can be used for good or ill.


You're right. Lenin understood how that works. Planned Parenthood has been destroying families. Oxford was giving Americans scholarships in the early 1900's especially which resulted in those Americans returning to infiltrate schools in America.