SteemitBoard supports the SteemFest⁴ Travel Reimbursement Fund.

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It doesn't matter how much you donate, the main thing is that many help other Steemians.
I saw at Steemfest³ that it really helped many people, especially those who came from far away. (Argentina, Malaysia...)
Thanks for the further creation of a badge.
and thx to @roelandp for these great Idea von @t-r-f.
cheers 🤠

Thank you @reiseamateur. Hope to see you at SF4 too.

Will this year's badge go to those donating via beneficiary feature, too?

Like last year @t-r-f will be a beneficiary of all my posts from early September till Steemfest (5% of the rewards). Last year I was a frechly hatched fishy so only something like 1.5 SBD accrued. This year I expect a bit more - I'll post and see ;)

Dear @muscara, reading what you have done for @t-r-f, we have decided to award you with previous year's donator badge.
You should receive a notification about it soon.

Thank you for supporting the Travel Reimbursement Fund.

How would I work if the Hell Steam Company voted down this way?Not only me, but many people will stop working.Screenshot_20190923_103700.jpg

How would I work if the Hell Steemit Company voted down this way?Not only me, but many people will stop working.thanks Screenshot_20190923_104746.jpg

Sorry to say but i dont have 1 steem or sbd to share but if I had it would have done it.

Hello!!! How will I donate to donate, can I still donate?

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