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Hello Steemers! ... Thanks to all I have achieved my goals and I have surpassed 500 Followers! Thank you very much for all this support and all those who believe in my projects: D

For those who do not know me, I am Hykert !, I am an Animator / Illustrator who has many projects in illustrations, comics and animations, however my true passion is to animate, only that the latter takes much longer to show results. Due to this has come to light my illustrated works and comics / other, which usually take less time invested, without leaving aside my animated projects.

Steemit Guy by Hykert

Grateful for all of you, I bring you a Post Index which encloses all my Post ordered by categories.

Tales of Yessy:

Good Guys | Bad Guys | TEAM | TEAM Vol.2 | TEAM Vol.3 | Sketches-Chapter 1 | Sketches-Chapter 2| Sketches-Chapter 3 | Sketches-Chapter 4 | Sketches-Chapter 4 p2 | Sketches-Chapter 4 p3 | Sketches-Chapter 4 p4 | Sketches-Chapter 4 p5 | Sketches-Chapter 4 p6| Char:Hyper| Digital-Char: Hyper | Char:Hyper Vol.2 | Char:Hyper Vol.3| Char:Hyper Vol.4 | Char:Eder| Char:Karty | Char:Karty Vol.2| Char:Crasus | Char:Portu | Char:Portu Vol.2 | Char:Portu Vol.3| Char:PeopleEater| Char: Peopleeater Vol.2 | Char:Peopleater Vol.3| Char:PortuJr | Char:PortuJr Vol.2 | Char:PortuJr Vol.3 | Char:Kanan | Char:Tash | Char:Tash Vol.2 | Char:Tash Vol.3 | Char:Tashed
Digital-TEAM | | Char:Hyper Char:Hyper Vol.2 | Char:Hyper Vol.3| Character: Karty | Advertisment-Chapter 2 | Advertisment-Chapter 3| Advertisment-Chapter 4| Advertisment-Chapter 4
Opening | To Production Animated | Ending | OST-Persistent | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4


Ilustration: Advertisment-POU | Characters | Sketches POU | Sketches POU Vol.2
Animation: POU Chapter 1


Sketches: Vol.1 | Vol.2 | Street | Street 2 | Vol.3 | Vol.4 | Vol.5 |
Digital: Random Vol.1| Random Vol.2 | We Stand in the Struggle for Our Future | Commision Vol.1| Commisions Vol.2 | Background Vol.1 | Background Vol.2
Animations: Animated Music Video: A Long Travel | Animated Music Video: Venezuela


The Beginning | Vol.2 | Vol.3 | Vol.4 | Vol.5 | Vol.6


Sketches: Metal Slug | Rival Schools | Rival Schools 2 | Bakuretsu Tenshi+Bonus | FullMetalPanic+SchoolRumble+Naruto | Rival Schools Char:Ran | Rival Schools Char:Akira
Rival Schools 2


Chp 1 | Chp 2


Things that Influence Users to Read Your Post | Are you an influential person in Steemit? | Tips for Creating Popular Post | Busy by important decision > I will emigrate | So I met Steemit and I arrived at my destination | Evaluating Steemit with my goal to Emigrate | CWith Steemit, I gathered funds to migrate from my country | At the Airport to My Destination, Thank you Steemit!

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Cheers! You have one more follower :)

yeah ...thank you!

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