My Animated Production | TOY - Chapter 3: BlackPort part II

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MONTHS I have taken to complete it, under the difficulty of my inexperience (in that moment) and to have nothing but my Mouse to draw. I will show you the 3th Chapter of my Animated Project:

The Tales of Yessy-Synopsis.

Years ago an organization in order to protect the CITIZENS of a specific region was created, this organization was given the name ETIA, were selected on a wide list of applicants and within that selection was discovered that some candidates had a high energy level that allowed them to do things out of the ordinary, this energy was given the name "Celsus" and generally when the "user" used celsus be seen as a bright color.

This is the story of how members of E.T.I.A start using the Celsus to defend the people and the problems that caused them to be involved in a life of crime. Hyper, Eder, Portu and Karty be in charge of defending people or ...themselves ?

if you get interest in seeing the first chapter that is in this link.Tales of Yessy -Chapter 1; Tales of Yessy -Chapter 2

Now with the novelty that all instrumental music in the environment of the chapter are made by me, it means is my property. The audio of the intro was silenced by youtube because it violated its policy but I created an instrumental in substitution.Hear the new audio

The PeopleEater has kidnapped Portu by mistake and now fulfills his orders, Hyper try to rescue him from the darkness induced
please active the subtitles

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