Animated Production - Tales of Yessy Cap.1

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Hi Steemers I'm Hykert, an illustrator and animator. Many years ago I wrote a story that in recent years I've taken care of giving life. Gradually I am working in illustrated and animated content.

This time, show the First Chapter of my serie although it is the first chapter I decided to animate TOY. >

The Tales of Yessy.


Years ago an organization in order to protect the CITIZENS of a specific region was created, this organization was given the name TEAM, were selected on a wide list of applicants and within that selection was discovered that some candidates had a high energy level that allowed them to do things out of the ordinary, this energy was given the name "Celsus" and generally when the "user" used celsus be seen as a bright color.

This is the story of how members of T.E.A.M start using the Celsus to defend the people and the problems that caused them to be involved in a life of crime. Hyper, Eder, Portu and Karty be in charge of defending people or ...themselves ?

The animation was does with a Mouse, consider my effort.

I speak native Spanish so I will gradually translating the chapters(Subtitle on).



If you are interesting in seeing> FollowMe,i will update each animation.

Few animators around here?, I would like to give me your opinion of my work, I would also like to see the works of others ... The animation was done in Flash CS3

My firts animation > Stick Fighters!

Stick Fighters 2 - practice moves!

My project Animated Serie-Opening Song!

Animated Project: TOY-Ending Theme (Flash)!

To Production Animated (Flash) - Made to Mouse :S!