The heist - A story written in five minutes

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The heist

The scanner beeped and the door opened. I did a little victory dance and entered the safe–the bug I had planted in the security program had worked like a charm.

I grabbed the five hard drives I came for and stashed them safely in my backpack.

Like with all my works I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen to leave a message for when they checked their vault–I was robbing the main safe of the FBI for the data they held on their own military bases and the ones of other nations.

You should at least try to keep your stuff safe next time.

I positioned the note in the most visible spot possible and went for the door to leave the safe. I leaned down to the scanner, positioned my iris in the spot to have it read, but that time around the scanner didn’t beep and the door didn’t open.

I tried several more times but the door didn’t budge.

I panicked. The scanner on the inside of the safe had nothing but the iris reader, so hacking my way out of there wasn’t possible.

I looked around the room and it was completely sealed shut–I was trapped.

The FBI did indeed step up their security game.

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Witty, I liked it!

Happy to hear! :D

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Haha, busted.

Exactly haha :D

Oh no! Now he's in quite a pickle!

No need to go to the station, though, when you're already at the headquarters... so I guess there's that :P

I've seen people in line at the airports waiting and waiting for those eye scanners to recognize them.

Wait. What. You have eye-scanners at the airport? Oh god.
Subcutaneous microchips aren't far away~ :|

I saw them in Amsterdam. Those from the EU were able to use them in order to move through the long lines faster. As an American, I had to wait for the regular human check. I have to say it was disconcerting and I was staring at disbelief at what was happening. It seemed some got right through and others had to wait a minute or two for the machine to match them.

W-HAT! o.o
I'm European and about to visit Amsterdam soon. I'm not sure I want to see this in action. ._."

Ha ha, write you way out of that!
Actually, I like it a lot.

Ha ha, write you way
Out of that! Actually,
I like it a lot.

                 - joe.nobel

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Does your inane comment come with a substantial upvote, @haikubot?

I just might turn this one into an actual story someday! We'll see ~ ^^

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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