Pep talk - A story written in five minutes

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Pep Talk

“They’ve come here to conquer our land. They’ve come here to conquer our women. They’ve come here to slay our children!” I pulled out my sword and held it high. “I say we will not have it!” I shouted. “Many of us will die today, brothers, there is no denying that. Perhaps even all of us. There’s ten times more of them than there are of us, but we will not give up without a fight! This battle will go down in history and we will be praised as heroes of our time! Pull out your weapons soldiers! Today we fight! Today we kill! Today we die! For King Ormarok!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and charged forth.

“Timmy! Come inside! Dinner’s ready!” My mom shouted through the open window. “And wash that mud off your face. You look ridiculous!”

“It’s war paint, mom,” I muttered to myself on my way inside.

The battle would have to wait until the next day.

The prompt was:


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Enjoy your day and stay creative!! <3

I like little boys filled with mud. They are so huggable.

Stopping by from the free writers community.

@metzli! :D hiii! :D
And yeah :D so cute when they are playing their little games... Even if its plotting a war

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Thank you so very much! :D
Now I need to pep talk myself into writing some more, eh? :P

lol, nice freewrite, put a smile on my face.

Very happy to hear that!
I believe we were all like that when we were children... Imaginary friends and all :P

Such a cute image.
Anyway, time for a new prompt and here you go:

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Thanks! :D
Will try and find the time for it - but then again, it's only five minutes. >:P