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Joining is as easy as 1-2-3

Hello everyone! Here are some in-depth instructions on how to sign-up if you haven't already.

1. Sign up to SteemEngine at

2. Link your Steem account through the website.

a. Grab your posting key

Steemit -> Wallet -> Permissions -> Show Private key (Posting)

b. Enter in Steem username, paste in your posting key and click Link account

3. Click on Vote or Follow - and begin earning points!

The more users you follow the more followers you will get in return.
The more articles you vote for the more SBD you will earn through votes.
Make sure to report posts that are spam.

Questions or comments?

Please leave your feedback here or join our discord!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Wonder the same!!! A bit weird :))))

Good advice. Posting key is pretty safe but never give away private or active keys.

thanx man you saved me


So it's the same idea as steemfollower?

similar, but you can actually earn followers as well as votes! Ironic how steemfollower disabled their follower system

This Good or No ?

Interesting concept. I was wondering how do you go about hiding your wallet history. It is blank...

That is a glitch of Steemit!

Hello @steemengineteam when I want to vote a post it says "Error - Already upvoted or voting too fast?" , I wait some time and I want to try again , but the same thing... Could you fix this bug?

take some time and refresh your page

It's the same


Your steem account is jhonny1 but on the SteemEngine you put it as jhonny. When you link your account the name and posting WIF must match what's on

Please remove and re-link your account

Unable to join. Tried posting user name as @goel.tarun and goel.tarun but nothing works.


There was an issue with linking accounts that had "." in their name. It has been fixed. Please try again. Let us know if you still have issues.


Yes done

I do not understand what this is

cảm ơn chia sẻ tuyệt vời. hãy kế bạn với tôi nhé

gracias por brindar apoyo en la comunidad steemit @steemengineteam

@brandonfrye can you check this post is this legit ?

I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

great post!

ha ha ha ha ha


Hi @steemengineteam. I just voted on your post 16%.

NO WAY Am I giving away my PRIVATE Posting Key. It is Private for a reason. Thanks BUT NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

is not save?

no it is private for a reason. You have a public key and a private key. Public anyone can see. The private key you are told to NEVER give it out and even keep it stored OFF LINE. With this key you are giving them access to your whole account even YOUR wallet. NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you verymuch for your information.. I'm new in steemit

sorry my english poor

terimakasih informasi dan ajakannya

Thanks for your comment and info @steemengineteam

А может кто нибудь рассказать что это за проэкт, и для чего это, для русскоязычных пользователей?

Ok I think I'll give it a bash hey..

since this looks fishy, why wasn't it flagged?

a very useful post about bitcoin @steemengineteam

Please clarify the reason for asking us to give our private key. We are cautious about revealing sensitive information.

I am new to steemit and probably looking for tricks to grow followers and votes. I bump to this article and read thru the comments, funny thing is, the author replied to some of the comments but never replied to questions regarding why it needed to provide or gave the Private key in order to join the system. Hope he could address this as to why? LOL

buen post amigo me gusto este post

buen post amigo
soy nuevo en esta hermosa comunidad te invito para que vea mi blog

Thank you for your info.

Nice app @steemengineteam

Thanks for your information

I am not so quick thinking whether to join. I’ll take some time to think over. Thanks

GOOD INFORMATION!! A question, so I can´t vote for myself?

This good idea

Sangat membantu

Following you, does this really work and will this become against steemit rules I’m the future ?


So it's the same idea as steemfollower?

I wish to be resteemed!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

I have always thought that if they publish articles that benefit the users of steemit, the work will always be positive, that's why I see this new program as a new opportunity ,,, thanks for the support @steemengineteam

pls return my steems its nt fair

great initiative !

You did a great job. Thank you :D

i am going to try it

Done and DONE!

The Account/WIF did not pass the checksum test. Please remove and re-enter credentials.
What you need to do?

Thats interesting thats helps every steemians.

thanks for your artikel... this help me

I think this is Good. Thanks

give our password away? fishy af

Muchas Gracias por el apoyo.

I entered up to the posting key.
Then this display↓

Currently, it is limited to one Steem account. You can unlink your steemit account at any time, but you will no longer be seen by other users on the website.

I do not know after this

Steem Engine thank you Guys for this Idea.
Do we can count on safety of our private posting key?

is it safe to use ?

Can you provide any testamonials to this platforms working success?

excellent !

This Good or Not ?

Terimakasih atas gabungannya.

Now why i think it looks fishy... posting private key seems fishy to me.. Dn't mind actually i am new here so i don't know much about these things

Same here bro. Looks fishy af. I'd rather not.

Yeah they maybe wanna grab you acount. Inpossibke to reset passwords once lost so og they change passwords on you acount you are assfucked

It's not fishy, I've been using it for a few days and many others. I agree it looks fishy though and it is better to steer on the side of cybersafety, however it's actually a safe and legit website for new users on Steemit trying to gain followers and upvotes


영어 어렵군요

sir what is adwantage of join steamit engine sign up

i understanded thanks sir . sir its interesting concep

Thanks for information @steemengineteam

very good content of yours. i like it.

good work..i think so little and brought blogger can find interest more

Is it still safe? or scam? It looks strange for me , giving private key could be disastrous

Yes, exactly.
We can share the public key with anyone but not private keys.

Wow I like thats good idea sound good

are the genuine account

I will joining steamengine shortly but why are you asking my private key..

How do you synch the Steemit account without using twitter?

let's try this also !!!


Very great and good @steemengineteam

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Nice one.
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this is really great I am getiing more upvotes and followers everyday in a very very short span....

THanks.! Mate.


Careful they will steal your account !!


liệu có scam không? khi mình chao pass cho các bạn

Hey steemengineteam, how many SBD is obtained on how many points?

tương tác nhé. bạn rất thú vị