Dragon breath - 5 minute-ish freewrite

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Dragon breath

“Need some help there, fella?” The bartender approached me after I had been flipping the menu around several times, trying to find one cocktail’s ingredients.

“What’s in dragon breath?” The cocktail got my attention because, unlike the others, it didn’t have its ingredients stated underneath its name.

The bartender smiled at me. “Why don’t you try one and see for yourself?”

Seeing as it was listed under shooters and it was cheaper than the usual whiskey I drank, I nodded.

He turned around, grabbed a shot glass from the shelf, spun on his heels, and held it underneath the dragon breath tap until it filled up all the way to its rim.

The drink was bright red and the ultraviolet lights above the bar made it literally glow like fire in a glass.

I brought the glass to my nose to catch a whiff, and it smelled like pure fire indeed–the ethanol alone would sting my lungs with a heavy kick, but the added ingredients made the burn all that more pronounced. Even just by smelling it I had the feeling of being able to spit fire.

I could feel the bartender’s eyes on me. I knew I had to drink it fast or I would be titled a wuss.

I lifted the glass to my lips and emptied its contents into my mouth in one sudden swing, and swallowed it down all in one go.

The feeling of fire I had felt before when only smelling the drink was amplified at least a thousand times and my eyes began to water and turned red. Not only my mouth, but my entire body felt like it was literally on fire–where before I found the place to be rather cold, it then felt like I was inside an oven.

As painful as the sensation was, it was also one of the most pleasant ones I have ever experienced. The taste was great, the slow cooling down of my body felt beyond satisfying, and I could feel the alcohol kick in the very moment I tipped the glass.

“Another!” I yelled to the bartender as soon as I regained my breath.

The prompt was:

"Dragon breath"

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Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Great article. I've been using SteemEngine over Steemfollower recently, it has helped me grow my audience.

So the trick is to create a sense of social pressure that forces someone to drink the shot... then of course, after the first one, it doesn't take any convincing.

Very creative way to go with dragon breath, although, what was it really...? Like a fireball shot? Guess he'll never know.

And then you can easily sneak something into the next one~...

Some homebrewed stuff, surely, since it was on tap - not out of a bottle.

Yepp! Like when you jump into very cold water, then slowly thaw when you get out of it. :3 It just feels like magic.

Thanks for the prompt ^^

Yikes I fully expected the guy to let loose with a belch of flames.
My vp is shopt but wanted to let you know I am lurking about reading stories.

At first I really wanted to write something like that down, but then decided for a somewhat more realistic approach. :3

No problem at all regarding VP ^^ Just happy you stopped by and gave it a read ^^ Thanks again :D

I have been reading a lot of fantasy lately. My mind just automatically goes there.
I love to read the posts. I think I read way more than I write. Hopefully it will make me a better writer.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hehe :D There's something special about fiction that just isn't there with non-fiction, I agree.
Well, reading provides you with the tools to write, so, it should indeed make you a much better writer in the long run :D

For instance, look at @calluna's post if you have some spare time.
That girl's vocabulary and word play is beyond amazing, and guess how she got it. Yepp. By reading. :P

I'm certain reading will leave a very significant mark on you and your writing - in a good way! ^^

  ·  last year Reveal Comment