Dreams for 2018

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Life has been so busy for 2018, it's like as if time is in fast forward. It feels like just yesterday I was starting this day job, and it's become so hard to remember dreams because of my crazy schedule. A regular day for me is up between 7 am and 8 am for work. Sometimes I get to sleep in til 9 or 10 but that's rare, and only recent due to the winter season. By the time I get home it's between 3pm and 5:30 and I'm pretty tired and I might take a nap until 8 PM. After that it's either Steemit write a few steemit posts or stream a game while I wait for the phone to ring for my night business which is open 8pm to 4am (Bars close at 2 am though, so I can usually go to bed at 2 am). The phone will usually definitely ring at 2 am, so even if I do sleep instead of blog/stream then I am certain to get woken up and get the run. For those of you who don't know, I take drunken patrons home from the bar in their vehicle. We show up with two, I drive them home in their car while my driver follows so that I can get back home. On nights that I don't work the next day, I'll typically continue streaming, but if I do work the next day that only leaves me with about 5 hours of sleep. Crazy. So I typically jump with excitement if I can actually remember a dream.

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Dreams for 2018

This post is intended to clean up my "Previous Dreams" section below, so that it doesn't get to overwhelming as I post about dreams for 2019.

I started off with a good consistent dream log but once I got the day job, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. There was even a time I didn't get to post anything this past summer because I was too tired, but I still plan on posting as many dreams as I can remember. Going back through some of these is kind of fun! I just hope that I can remember more...one dreams a month is boring because I love dreams. There's been so many that have gone forgotten because of the get up and go schedule I've had. A goal for 2019 is to have more dreams!


If I had to think about it, I had a lot of teeth related dreams this past year, between glass shards falling out of my mouth, which lead me to a big realization that I should watch my mouth, to my teeth falling out muiltiple times, eating a sandwich without taking it out of the sandwich bag first which made it get stuck in my teeth, to randomly getting plastic bag pieces getting stuck in my teeth and I even recently had one where I had a bunch of paste in my mouth. I kept trying to spit it out but it would just reappear. Would have made it a post but that's all I could remember from it!

I don't want any teeth/mouth related dreams this year, so another goal would be to watch what I say. So far it has been working!

I want to share my dreams exclusively with the Steemit community!

Dream Log








7/12/18 | 7/27/18

May & June

Could not remember any dreams during these months


| 4/10/18 | 4/12/18 | 4/13/18 | 4/15/18 |


| 3/3/18 | 3/15/18 | 3/20/18 | 3/30/18 |


| 2/1/18 | 2/2/18 | 2/4/18 | 2/7/18 |


| 1/3/18 | 1/4/18 | 1/6/18 | 1/10/18 | 1/15/18 | 1/17/18 | 1/19/18 |


| 12/20/17 | 12/28/17 |

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How to Remember Your Dreams

It is good practice to have a dream journal next to your bed if you want to remember them. That's right. Good ol' fashion pen and paper. [Okay, a laptop or your favorite hand-held device can work too] This way, the second you get up, you take 5 minutes to write down as much as you can remember before you start to forget. Spend some time re-reading, even throughout the day, and you might even start to remember small bits and pieces for you to add. If you keep this practice consistent, you will soon begin to start remembering your dreams with more detail, effectively able to write down what you dreamed.

Just remember, all it takes is 10 minutes to forget your dream. You must perform this exercise during your first 10 minutes of waking up.

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