Reality Wave - Eyes Wide Open - Chapter 50

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I know this next hologram will totally confuse them, a large menacing Grey alien seems to walk through the wall behind me. “A synthetic life form, known as the tall Grey. We have no data on who created them, but they are very interested in our DNA. A variety of species exist. These particular large species have a 10-foot stature, large wrap around eyes. Conventional weapons are useless against them because this is a combat model with a high-density skeletal armor.”

Colby picks at his nails, “Sir, that’s an alien, I know because I’ve seen them in movies, except that one is really big."

I’m very hesitant about going beyond the scope of info I was instructed to give, but I’ll try to be careful with this. “I can just say they are not from outer space, but more than likely another dimension. An inter-dimensional invader, your job is their destruction.”
“Okay, that’s cool sir,” Colby nodding his head looking at the others satisfied with the answer.

Taylor jumps in, “Colby is a fucking retard, he doesn't understand the concept of what a dimension is, in fact most of us barely got a grasp of that kind of stuff.”

Meyers adds, “It’s above my pay grade, sir.”

Garcia throws his two bits in, “I think it’s like something you can’t see, like invisible, like a ghost, right sir?” waving his hands around. This guy looks totally confused.

I swore to myself not to treat them as grunts. They deserve better than that, I shut off the projector, “All of you, follow me.”

Armstrong barks, “You heard the Lieutenant, move your asses people!”

I lead my squad to the Bio Lab. Since I have my high clearance, might as well use it. I show my palm scan and easily gain access to several security doors. Finally, we enter the big shiny metal doors to the Bio lab. The squad members file in behind me. The lab is dark as the lab technicians are gone for this work cycle.

The lab is only illuminated by liquid-filled containers of various sizes and shapes and filled with eerie figures floating within. I’ll never get over the look on their faces as they are shocked into the baffling reality of the existence of fantastic life forms from various dimensions.

They follow me through the first roll of transparent cylinders, "Remember, as I said, these are all inter-dimensional entities, the alien outer space thing taught to us is all bull shit, and ironically the stuff of fairy tales seems to be the actual reality. Centaurs, unicorns, ghost, giants, they are all here. With special technology, they can enter our frame of reality from their own.

Armstrong not sure he heard something right, "Sir, what did you mean about the outer space thing being all bull shit?

Okay, I accidentally opened the door on the big one. What do I do now? I want my squad to trust me, if I seem to be hiding the elephant in the room, I may destroy their trust in my leadership ability with them.

Well here goes, “Although this information does not directly relate to your mission, I feel you need some understanding of the big picture. Contrary to what you have been taught, we do not have any access to space as depicted by our space agency. We are living within an enclosed protective dome or barrier. The Earth has a flat immovable surface rather than a round sphere shape.”

The look on Sergeant Armstrong’s face is priceless, “Sir did I hear you right, are you saying the Earth is flat? Is that what your saying, is that correct?”

“Yes Sergeant.”

The creases on his forehead bunch up as I know he wanted to yell WTF! And of course I waited for that stupid question from Colby.

“Sir how come we don’t fall off the edge?”
“I like to say for the same reason you don't fall off the globe because of gravity which is bogus too.”
Armstrong scratching his head, “No gravity either?”

No Gravity, no globe Earth, no outer space or planets. When you hit individuals with all of this stuff at once the mind just wants to shut down. That’s what a confused mind will do. Usually, they go into a defensive mode of denial, or get hostile and call you a nut or idiot. But the squad goes into a soul-searching silence that doesn’t last long.

“Hey, I’m cool with that,” Colby nodding his head looking at the others like before. I guess with a simplistic mind it’s far easier to accept.
Taylor cups her hand by her ear, “What was that Colby? I can’t hear you with your head up your ass!”

The squad breaks up laughing.
Okay, they’re not the most introspective individuals you will ever meet, but they’re not grunts.
We move to the first tube, “You all recognize this guy, a large Bigfoot.”

Just like a mother entering the grocery store with her child. Armstrong puts a bead on Colby before he can open his mouth, these two are something else. Colby reacts like he’s going to receive a slap on the top of the head.

I continue, “We have a creature that is known by many names, such as Big Foot, Sas Squatch, Yeti, and many more. Could be all the same species for all we know. They stand between 7 to 15 feet tall, an over-muscled development, tremendous strength, been seen to uproot full grown trees with their bare hands. You will know when they’re around because you can smell them coming. The warriors wear metal harnesses and carry wicked mêlée weapons.

Taylor nudges Colby “Couldn’t smell any worse than you shit packer.”
Colby shoves his hand under her nose. “Smell that!”
She wrinkles her nose, “What the Hell, your hand stinks.”
“I know, I was scratching my ass.”

“You’re fucking disgusting,” she flips him off and turns away.
“I know ain’t it wonderful,” with a proud smile on his face

Meyers bumps fist with Colby, “Go dog, you’re crazy.”
“Hey, now smell your fist," Colby says.

Approaching the Mantis warrior encased in its tube. Seeing something that looks like an insect this large is a little unnerving, this thing looks like it’s still alive with its large glossy eyes.

“This is a Mantis warrior, closely allied to the Reptilians. They range in size from 4 to 10 feet in height. Over-sized wrap around football-shaped eyes, with those peepers, they have a full 360-degree view. Their bodies have a very tough exoskeleton to protect the soft body tissue underneath. Four segmented legs, and two arms, with sharp talons on the forearms to slash and rip flesh, very fast-moving, reported having the ability to jump 30 feet or more.”

Meyers nudges Garcia, “Hey dog, is it almost as big as the roaches you got in your barrio?”
“Suck my Chorizo Meyers.”
“Is that like a dick Garcia?”Meyers replies.
“What, you only suck dick now Meyers?”Garcia pokes back.
The others laugh.

I can see these guys are tight, they can talk crap to each other so freely. Colby is checking out a small 2 foot by 1-foot glass tube next to him. It contains what looks like a glob of hair.
Colby taps on the glass, “Hey look, it's Donald Trump's hair going for a rinse cycle!” The squad bust out laughing.
Armstrong eyeballs Colby before he restrains him verbally. “Private, knock it off!”
“Sorry sir!”

I’ve noticed, like a child, Colby seems to crave attention from the others, and especially from Sergeant Armstrong, perhaps he views him as a father figure. He never knew his real father. I won't be surprised if I become his mother figure soon.

I continue with information on that glob of hair, “This is a Trolike, very small, some less than a foot to three feet tall. Despite their primitive hairy beast-like appearance, they’re very advanced creatures. Very strong for their size and can leap up to 20 feet in distance, so watch your back. Now for something on the opposite side of the scale.”


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