Reality Wave - Biker Bar Brawl - Chapter 8

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Suddenly some big jackass bumps into Phillips spilling beer on the table, and me!
“Hey, watch it!” Phillips hollers.
“Fuck you!” The other guy hollers back over his shoulder with a cigarette dangling from his lip. He’s a big ass biker, wearing a vest with some emblem on the back of it. What does it say? Corpse Grinders, it has an atrocious logo of what looks like a woman going down a meat grinder! How messed up is that?"

Phillips quickly stands up and pushes his chair away. The crowd stops in its tracks, and this time the music actually does shut down, everything goes silent, like some scene in a western movie before a gun battle. The biker turns and faces Phillips with bone cracking intent. This guy was about 3 inches taller maybe 35 pounds heavier. He has a frizzly beard and a bandanna around his head, and backed up by two beefy tattooed covered arms, a tough looking customer to say the least.

“You got a problem mother fucker!” they guy screams, fist clenched.
“As a matter of fact, I do.” Phillips stands his ground like a mighty Japanese guardian statue. I like how cool the way he said that with his deep commanding voice.
Phillips points over to me, “You spilled some beer on the beautiful lady over here. I like an apology.”

“I don’t see no lady, I see a cheap filthy hole!”
Okay, I’m about to jump all over this guy’s face myself!
Phillips continues to stand his ground, “Your mama raised you with no manners mister. Now I want you to apologize to the lady.”

“I ain’t apologizing to no whore!” The biker tenses up and pushes his chest out.
My feet are twitching, I just want to plant one good kick – just one-right on the kisser!
Phillips takes a step forward pointing to the floor, “Now I want you to get on your knees and apologize.”

Wow, he’s upping the stakes! I like his style!
“You want me to get on my knees? You’re fucking out of your mind mother fucker!”
Then this guy flicks his cigarette at Phillips, now I have to say what happens next really blows my mind. Phillips dose something I’ve only seen in one of those Chinese’s made martial arts movies. The way the cigarette spins at him in slow motion then abruptly speeds up when he catches it between his two fingers.

Even the biker’s eyes widen in disbelief. The crowd draws a breath too, the only way this could of been any better were if it was a dagger, yes, that really would of been cool. But I have no doubt Phillips could probably catch a dagger like that too.

Phillips tosses the cigarette to the side with a hard cold stare, “On your knees mister!”
I can tell this guy is starting to get unnerved – sweat is running down the side of his face – his rate of breathing is increasing. Time is slowing down for him. He doesn’t sense an ounce of fear in Phillips, I can bet he’s not use to that. This guy is so intimidating he could scare the lice out of his own beard.

The crowd starts shouting, pushing for a fight. Phillips is standing in an attack posture seemly like he has some training in fighting, I can tell Phillips is studying the guy’s eyes, his stance and hand position. He knows when you corner a wild animal they do only one thing – they attack!

The guy tries to rush forward with his fist cocked back looking to throw a sucker punch. But Phillips shoots out a side kick to the knee, the sound of a bone cracking is heard across the bar. I mean it was loud.

The biker folds over to the bar floor wailing in pain. Well at least he’s on his knees now. This all happened so fast the guy never knew what the hell happened. He’s only got time to scream in agony, I think his knee is busted, after that cracking sound it has to be, and the way he’s hanging on to it, I say the fight is all over before it started.

“Now apologize!” Phillips demands again.
“You fucked up my leg! I think it’s broken!” The biker rocks back and fourth holding his knee in pure agony.
Phillips performs a perfect spin kick that just grazes the top of the dude’s head knocking his bandanna off. The biker stiffens up realizing he could of had his head taken off along with it.
Phillips eyes pierce through the biker, “I can stop with that, or I could put you in a full body cast for the next six months mister, you’ll be sucking all your meals through a tube.”

“Okay- okay, I had enough!”
“Then let’s hear it.”
“Alright, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”
“It doesn’t sound like you mean it,” Phillips plants his foot on the biker’s knee. The biker screams in torment as Phillips grinds his boot into a torn ligament.
“I swear, I mean it! I am truly sorry for spilling the beer on her!”
Phillips presses a little on the knee again, “And…..”
He continues to scream in excruciating pain, " I sorry for calling her a whore!"
“And for calling her a cheap filthy hole!”
He presses again and the biker screams so hard he starts to gurgle, Phillips leans over him and point over to me, “Tell her, don’t tell me!”

“Miss- miss, I am deeply sorry for calling you a whore, and a cheap filthy hole, I truly mean it!”
“Your learning some manners now, don’t you feel better now?” Phillips takes his foot off the guy’s knee.
Before the biker can respond two bouncers show up and they grab the guy by the arms and drag him away. That’s when I notice the bone sticking out from his pants leg. He moans in agonizing pain as he slides across the bar floor and straight out the door. This Phillips is a precise and methodical wrecking machine. He’s someone I could really use.

He turns to the crowd as they actually applaud, “Thanks guys! I'm sorry about the interruption,” the music starts blaring again and everyone goes back to drinking, raping and pillaging, and anything else they were doing. Phillips seats himself like he just came back from taking a tinkle the little boy’s room."

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