Reality Wave - Surounded by monsters - Chapter 35

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The machine gun turret on the assault vehicle is firing out into the distance. Bright yellow flames dance from the smoky barrel. Nick climbs up on the vehicle and pokes his head in, “What the Hell are you shooting at?”

“I saw something out there!” Tillman hollers back nervously.
“Where?” Nick quickly slides into the vehicle and moves forward to where Tillman is, I’m right behind him.

“Way out there, I can see figures, all in white – they’re big!” Tillman looks shook up for sure.
Nick and I pop our heads out of the top of the vehicle to get a better view. The sun glares in our eyes as the sun goes down over snow-covered mountains – dusk is upon us.

"Go to night-vision!" Nick orders.

Then they suddenly re-appear over a distant ridge, a couple of green highlighted figures moving around out there, just as Tillman had described.
“Maybe they’re polar bears,” Tillman guessing. Normally I would of went with that guess, but I know what they really are, something far more dangerous, far more frighting.

We both slide back down into our vehicle to continue watching these figures on the front camera monitor. We zoom in to max. What we see is shockingly incredible. Something that resembles the mythical Yeti.

“They’re creatures that attacked the research facility alright,” Nick confirms.
“Huh, what creatures?” Tillman with his mouth open.
"It’s a long story, nothing to concern your infantile mind with, " I slap his shoulder.
“I – I think we can take care of anything out there with the kind of firepower we’re toting,” Tillman reassuring himself.

“They’re in our path, so go right through them!” Nick tells him.
We turn and angle out towards the ridge, Tillman moves us at optimal speed, but when we reach the location we find absolutely nothing. The figures seemed to magically fade away.
“What are they, some kind of phantoms?” Nick mystified.
Then we hear an eerie howl, like something none of us have ever heard in our lives.
“What the Hell was that?” Tillman wide eyed.

“My God, they’re not that far away. Let’s get out of here!” I scream as the thought of these things killing us the way they did the research facility staff. Torn to pieces like a wild animal would its prey.

Tillman speeds our vehicle toward our destination as we keep close watch of our monitors. Then out of nowhere, a large white shaggy-furred figure on two massive legs darts across our path at amazing speed.

“Did you see that?!” spit shoots from Tillman’s mouth.
“How did that huge thing move so fast?” Nick amazed.
“Where in the hell did it go!” I scream frantically!

Nick sets himself in the machine gun turret and begins to swivel around looking for a target. “I’m going to bag one of these things!”
“You might only piss them off!" I yell.
“Right now they’re pissing me off. Tillman get us back on track!” Nick hollers.
Our vehicle climbs over the ridge and back onto flat terrain. Nick continues to keep watch in the machine gun turret for several minutes pass until, “Just spotted maybe three more up ahead. One big one and two smaller ones.”
Nick swivels to the forward position and looks down his sights.“Oh yeah, there they are, just watching us.”

I stay glued to the front camera monitor as we get closer and just as before, they seem to melt into the snowy terrain.
“Can you see anything?!” Nick yells from the turret.
“They’re gone again!” Tillman screams back.

I’m holding my rifle tight against me, I can feel my heart rate increasing. Several more tension-filled minutes pass – until suddenly inhuman blood-curdling screams sound out sending chills up my spine. Then a loud bang on the rear of our vehicle shakes the hull.
“What the hell!” Tillman panicked.

All of a sudden we run into something solid, so freaking solid we’re all violently thrown forward. Nick tries to hold on to me as I slide across the vehicle floor. Tillman is on the floor rubbing his forehead after smacking into the steering wheel.

Our vehicle then begins rocking back and forth with tremendous force. Our front camera view, reveals several huge fury bodies clump together pushing out vehicle side to side tossing us around inside.

Angry growls surround us as enormous strength lifts the vehicle up on its side and eventually flipping it upside down in the frozen solid snow pack. Nick and I tumble to the roof. Tillman just drops straight down on his stupid head with a skull cracking thud. The dumb ass is knocked out cold. Nick tries to revive him with no luck. So I start slapping his face to see if I have any effect.

“Wake up you stupid asshole, wake up!” I hit him harder with each slap, knocking his head back and forth, I mean I’m absolutely slapping the shit out of him!

Nick has to pull me off him because it soon became obvious that I’m taking my frustration out on Tillman for all the shit he’s put me through. But he actually starts to come to anyway.

"What happened? " rubbing the top of his head.
“You were knocked unconscious,” Nick informs him.
He looks about noticing were upside down. Then he starts rubbing his face, “How come my face is stinging?”

I slapped you a few times to bring you out of it."Nick replies.
“You sure you didn’t use a baseball bat?” moving his jaw around.
He glances over at me to see a big smirk on my face.
“What the fuck’s wrong with her?”
“Nothing, she’s just glad you’re okay.”
Tillman sits up, “Yeah right, I fucking believe that one.”
The banging on the hull continues all around our vehicle for what seemed like hours. We just hunker down, biding our time. They seem not to be able to break in, so we’re safe where we are. Nick assures us, “We got plenty of food and water, we can wait them out.”


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