Reality Wave - Snuggle Hole - Chapter 19

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My God, this sexy man is asking me to share a snuggle hole with him and I have to think about it? Girl, are you out of your freaking mind!? You’ve been aching to jump his bones, he’s waiting for me. Phillips now sounding angry, “Well I suggest you get in now, time is running short, let’s move it!”

Well here goes, I quickly crawl into his foxhole as Phillips finishes spiking down the tarp over us. It becomes almost pitch dark in here. The tremendous wind whips the tarp up and down over us. I can really feel the difference getting out of that incredible chilly wind.
“You are going to have to get closer to me than that,” he says.
I hesitantly huddle up next to him, still trying not to touch.
“No, turn your back to me, I'll keep you warm,” he says.

Now wait a minute, where have I heard that one before. An excuse to get behind me, is he going for a doggy style or something? Then he gently puts his arms around me. “Do you mind?” he softly asks. Okay, the way he said that, that puts me a bit at ease, thank God he’s a gentleman, my barrier just came down quickly after that. I feel he has great respect for me.

“Of course not, please keep me warm.” I nuzzled closer to him. Yes, this just feels so right, I don’t have any bad feelings about any of this. Why am I acting so different? I’ve certainly been around the block many, many times. Could this be another effect of the Reality Wave? Could existing in a time where I was only in my early twenties be affecting my personality, my hard ass older self? I seem to have the attitude of a much younger me.

The howling winds get louder and louder. I can feel the comforting warmth of his well-muscled body behind me. Then these strange thoughts began to invade my mind. I try to beat them back, don’t let them in! But one slips in anyway, Gee I wonder what I would do if he tried something, like most any red-blooded man probably would, especially if there was a chance of not making out of here alive. Maybe he might bring up that point up to convince me to have sex with him. Our last moments of pleasure before we die, gee sounds romantic in a dark twisted way.

Then suddenly out of my own mouth, “Could you hold me tighter?” I can’t believe I just said that, like where did that come from? “Uh, sure, how’s that?” Phillips sounding a little surprised. Oh my God, that feels so damn good. Oh no, I’m heating up like a torch. I can only bite down on my sleeve to keep from reaching back and grabbing him.

His breathing seems to be getting deeper, but what could I expect, he’s a man! I can only imaging what he must be going through. There is no doubt he’s aroused like me. But he's holding back too. No telling how long we would have to stay hunkered down like this. I can feel his breath on my earlobe, I think I’m melting, damn it, I want a passionate kiss from him!

If I slowly look over my shoulder, our lips are going to meet. His hot breath warms my cheek, my lips open, waiting for that wet passionate kiss, he's getting closer and closer - suddenly the wind starts to die down quickly. “I-I think the worst is over,” he says in my ear. A sinking feeling of disappointment hits me. Somehow he manages to loosen his embrace. I wished he would never let go!

He pokes his head up from under the tarp, “Looks clear, we made it!” Regaining my composure, I poke my head up from underneath him, I notice a pile of snow where Tillman had been, “I wonder if that inbred made it?”

The mound of snow start to move, a large gloved hand shoves it’s way out, Tillman pops up from under his snow-covered tarp, he looks directly at me, “I’m still alive and kicking you crazy bitch!” I shoot back, “That layer of blubber wrapped around you saved your ass!”

Phillips pulls me to my feet, “Calm down you two, we’re damn lucky we made it, we could of ended up like those poor souls.” nodding over to the bodies that have been almost completely recovered by snow again. Phillips, brushes away the last bit of snow off his shoulders. I begin to shake the snow off myself, he helps me a little, I like that part of him, just being a gentleman.

We’re soon back on their trail, Tillman is 20 meters ahead of us. Uneasy, Phillips clears his throat, "I’m sorry about what happened back there-" “That’s okay, I think we both got a little caught up in the moment,” I reply.
“I just don’t want you to think I was trying to take advantage of the situation.” “I didn’t think for a minute you were trying to take advantage of me.” I smile at him “Not that I would have minded it.”
He stops in his tracks, “Really?”

“Come on Phillips, you’re a very attractive man, whether you know it or not. If that wind didn’t die down when it did – well I’ll leave it to your imagination.”
“You’re not kidding are you?”
Shaking my head no.
“Damn wind had to die down!” he throws his cap to the ground. We both begin laughing.


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