Reality Wave - Shower up - Chapter 48

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In only a matter of seconds, I’ve left them all crumpled on the mat. Armstrong is rubbing his head as he gets up, “Damn, what the hell just happened?” Meyers struggles to get off the mat, “We just had our asses handed to us Gunny.” Colby on his hands and knees, "Our asses were kicked by a female tornado, damn!"

Hopefully, I've gained some respect from my squad by kicking their asses and leaving them totally helpless on the mat. But I’m not done yet, across the mat is my toughest opponent. Loo, who centers herself in front of me ready for a showdown. She’s the current Marine Martial Arts Champ.

We bow to each other and get into a combat stance, then carefully we circle one another respecting each other's abilities. Studying her eyes, I hope they betray her and tell me her attack plan. Then suddenly Loo leaps into the air with a spinning kick, barely missing me. She's very fast, almost got me.

I reset myself and counter with my own front kick followed by a withering combination of punches, a left hook sneaks past Loo's defenses and connects sending her back several steps.

Loo wipes at the dribble of blood coming off her lip. She keeps her cool like any champ would and moves back in with a jumping front kick. I block and follow up with another combination of super fast punches; knocking Loo off-balance. She now realizes I’m a master of counters.

This time she waits to set me up with her own counter and she moves to her left, away from my left hook. A wicked side kick is unleashed by me, but Loo blocks it and counters with spinning back kick knocking me into a backward tumble! I’m able to land back on my feet quickly. Aggressively I rain numerous combos of punches on Loo, then drop with a low sweeping kick – successfully knocking Loo off her feet.

Before she can regain her footing I tumble forward and land with a knee on top of her chest. One hand clenched on her throat the other cocked back ready to land the finishing death strike.

Colonel Tarver claps his hands. “Outstanding Lieutenant!”
“Thank you, Colonel!” as I pull my beaten opponent up.
“You've earned my deep respect,” her eyes sternly on me.
We bow to each other, “Thank you, Corporal Loo, I have to admit you are one of the most skilled opponents I’ve ever faced.”

“You’re all dismissed!” shouts Tarver.
“Hit the showers people!” orders Armstrong.

Private Colby shouts, "Oh boy showers, hey Shepherd, I hear a little lather up takes the pain out any specific body parts if you get my meaning! Still holding his groin after the devastating kick he received from Corporal Loo during training. He begins unbuckling his pants as heads to the showers.

“Pig!” shouts back Sergeant Shepherd, the shapely little blond bombshell.
“Oink Oink! Forgive me if I start without you!” Colby shouts while running with his bare ass showing.

Oh God, I think it’s time to exit the gym, glancing back at my sexy ass Colonel, our eyes lock for a third time today. I think he’s attracted to me, but his military demeanor masks it very well. I wouldn't mind joining him for a shower – Oh Ava, just stop with the fantasies.

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