Reality Wave - Titan Squad - Chapter 44

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Colonel Tarver escorts me down a corridor before I get into it any further with Mr. Jackson. He looks at his watch, “Lieutenant, this is the Titan barracks, acquaint yourself with your new squad."
“My new squad?”
“Yes, you are the new Squad leader.”

"We have physical training at 0900 hours. You will be updating your squad on new entity enemies at 01100 hours, so please review all entity manifestation data. . You will find a set of uniforms in your squad leader's quarters, use the black one like mine.”
"Yes Colonel."
"I'll come back later to check on how things are coming along."

“Yes sir,” saluting my new command officer. As I watch him leave, I already find myself fantasizing about him. He’s so formal in his military manner. Truly duty bound, a trait I really admire. I wonder if he’s attracted to me. I figure the odds are high, why should he be any different. But I must confess, he is so very different, that’s what is attracting me to him. We already share a common bond, we are both here on a mission to defend the Earth against these demonic entities from another dimension. Well they’re in for a fight.

I can’t stop but look at his cute ass turn that corner before entering the Titan barracks. I move through a small hallway that leads me to my squad leader office. Opening the door, I look about the small office, desk, computer, some shelves, all very basic. Then I open an adjoining door and find my bunk, shower. I set down my back pack, unzip it and pull out the Holy Bible my Dad gave me. I hold it close to my heart, then place it on the desk. Then next to it I place a picture of My Dad in uniform. I know now he had this all planed out, he knew this invasion was going to start and he wanted me to play an important role in stopping it.

I notice the small blue marker placed in the bible, I remember the passage from Isaiah 11:6 Dad read to me from it. I open it to notice something very strange, I don’t believe what I’m reading, a wolf? what happened to The lion shall lay down with the lamb? That’s what it said when Dad read it to me at the restaurant. This is insane. I begin to rub my temples as they start to throb. Okay calm down, I remember that scientist that we found stranded out in that research lab. What he said about things in our reality being changed. Company logos, music, movies, geography and so on. But I distinctly remember now he did say the bible was changing as well.

They had that small particle accelerator and were experimenting with, bringing entities from another reality into ours. Unfortunately for them they succeeded and brought death upon themselves.

I pull out the black uniform from the closet. The patch on the arm is the same as the one I saw on the heavy metal security door, when we came through security. I also realize it is the same pyramid and eye that’s on the back of the one dollar bill. I wonder if Tarver can shed some light on what this patch logo symbolizes.

But for now I better learn something about my squad. I can start by using my computer to access my squad’s military records. I pull up each record and photo, and closely study their service records. Each of their faces and stats become etched in my mind, except for Sergeant Missy Shepherd, there’s no photo of her here. Well she’s the newest member, maybe it hasn’t be updated yet.

The data Colonel Tarver said to study, well after several minutes of reading – I can only say what I learned is jaw dropping. We are truly being invaded by another reality.

Laughter breaks my thoughts and brings me to my office window that overlooks the barracks area. I can observe several of my squad members wearing black fatigues playing poker at a card table.

I quickly recognize Gunnery Sergeant Derrick Armstrong puffing on a large Cuban cigar while shuffling a deck of poker cards. How can I miss this guy, big muscular, tough looking black man, head cleanly shaved, stands at 6 foot 7. A lightning-bolt shaped battle scar is etched down the left side of his face. According to his service records he got that in Afghanistan taking out a machine gun nest that wiped out most of his squad. He was awarded a Silver star.

I can overhear him say in a deep baritone voice, “I just got word from the Colonel that we have a new squad leader in today. A Lieutenant Vickers, and of all things she happens to be the daughter of a General Vickers, our Battalion Commander back in Afghanistan, but now he sits on the Chief of Staff. Scuttle butt is his daughter is straight out of West Point, and was working in daddy’s support team.”

Corporal Chris Taylor is seated next to him. White female, her very short brown hair in a crew cut, which adds to her butch look, lean build, 5 foot 7 inches in height, fair complexion, several piercings on her nose and ears. She has on a tank top exposing full sleeves of dark art skull tattoos that decorate her arms. Judging from her expression she’s not to happy with that bit of news that Armstrong just laid on them.

She pounds on the table in annoyance, “That doesn’t carry any weight with me. She’s new meat - no combat experience. Besides Gunny, I thought you were going to be our squad leader. We’ve been through a lot together, we don’t want anyone else. Especially some military brat who has had everything handed to her. We’re a complete fighting unit, an outsider coming in will only screw things up!”

Sitting next to her, Lance Corporal Antonio Garcia, Hispanic male, medium build, street gang tattoos on his forearms, he sports a Burr Cut, very close-cropped haircut. Stands at 5 foot 10 inches tall. “Orale, homes, that ain’t right, we all fought together as a team, why would they want to bring in a new face to the party?”

A short distance away Sergeant Jia Loo, a beautiful and exotic looking Asian woman, hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing a camouflaged tank top and matching shorts. The way she’s intensely kicking that martial arts training strike bag, this girl knows what she’s doing. Her well defined shapely legs reveal years of hard training. Her service record said she was the Marine hand to hand champ. Along with numerous other achievements in martial arts. Instructor for hand to hand too, very good.

Loo adds her two cents to the conversion, “Personally, I think we need some new blood, we could get stale. Right Boyer?”

Staff Sergeant Cabot Boyer, blond and blue-eyed, Caucasian male with male model looks, athletic build. Not a typical Marine. What are we requiting now, Chippendale dancers? Believe me, this hunk belongs on a stage wearing a thong with me shoving dollar bills in it. He has a cool military crew cut and stands 6 foot 3 inches tall, wearing military overalls. Hopefully with nothing on underneath, now calm down Ava, he’s off limits. Besides, he’s way too busy running a diagnostic test on a very large advanced looking weapon anyway. I wouldn’t mind him wiping me down like that weapon, he seems to be in love with it. I can even hear him whispering sweet nothings to it, “My sweet baby, you’re in absolute tip-top shape, yes you are.”

Sergeant Missy Shepherd, busty blond, Communications expert. That eye makeup is way overboard and she’s obviously a slave to a curling iron. The way she chews her gum is not unlike a cow chewing it’s cud, a real class act.

Shepherd gnawing on her gum offers her opinion, “Nothing against you Armstrong, but I like to have a female squad leader. All you do is holler at us.”

Armstrong deals another hand, “Keep it down Shepherd, nobody cares about what you got to say!”
Oh well, she’s pro Vickers I guess my opinion of Shepherd has just changed, I guess I can overlook that makeup blew up in her face look for now.

Suddenly loud bantering rings my ears. Oh these two are a pair, just what I need two juvenile delinquents, both only 20. Playing some shooter video game.

Private Damian Colby, certainly looks his age, young boyish looking white male, medium build. 5 foot 11 inches tall, dark brown hair with a Marine favorite, High and Tight Cut, shaved short around the head, with an inch length top. Just like his buddy Meyers he enlisted at 17. But they are battle harden young, just like a Spartan.

Colby responds to Taylors remarks, "I don’t really give a shit who’s our squad leader, just as long as they’re 100% Marine!"

His partner in crime, Private First Class Bobby Lee Meyers, white rugged muscular male, standing at 6 foot 2 inches. A very big boy, but this guy looks like thirty five instead of twenty. His medium brown hair in a Marine ultimate favorite, High and Tight Recon, shaved short around the head with an inch in top, looks almost like Mohawk Cut, but wider center." Yo dog, I don’t give a shit either!"

They quickly get back into their video game, hollering, taunting, laughing and cussing at each other.
“I’ll blow your ass away this time!” Colby yells.
“Dog, you couldn’t hit your Mama’s fat ass at 10 meters!” Meyers yells back.
Colby counters, “I’m hitting your Mama’s fat ass every night, bitch!”

Shepherd teases,.“Hey Boyer, I better not catch you sleeping with your weapon again!”
I can tell she has an eye on him, but who can blame her.
Taylor jumps in, “Hell, to think about it, at least he’s got something to sleep with. I haven’t gotten laid since I’ve been here. How about you Garcia, got any ideas?” she hints.

Garcia peeks over his cards. Seductively Taylor licks her upper lip, showing her hunger for him. Garcia cringes as he doesn’t find her attractive at all. I guess the Justin Bieber look ain't cutting it for him.

I think big breasted Missy Shepherd, is more to his liking. Judging by the way he keeps glancing over at her. That tight T-shirt and skimpy shorts with half her ass hanging out on her bunk has got his attention. She looks over her fashion magazine because she got a icky feeling she’s being watched. She does a eyeball lock with Garcia, I can tell his buggy eyes are making her skin crawl.
“Forget it Garcia!” she flips him off.
Garcia tilts his head back cholo style, "Que Onda Chula"?"

Armstrong begins laughing tauntingly, “If the chocolate express can’t score with her, how’s a little chili pepper like you gonna stand a chance!”

Garcia in frustration finally looks over to the only other hot female in the barracks - Sergeant Loo, but with her acute awareness she instantly feels Garcia’s eyes on her. She stops kicking momentarily to stare him down, then delivers a devastating front kick to the bag,“ right about where a male groin would be.
"Don’t even think about it,” she sternly warns.

Garcia winces and reaches down between his legs. “Ouchy-wahwah, my huevos!”
Armstrong confidently shows his cards while puffing on his cigar, the Cuban cigar smoke hangs thickly around him.
Garcia throws down his losing hand in pissed, “Pendejo!”
Armstrong pulls his winnings in. “Don’t cry like a little bitch Garcia."
He scoops in his winnings, "Come to PaPa! Oh yeah, nothing but little pussies here!”

Boyer briefly looks up from his object of love and shouts, “Hey Garcia, what does Pendejo mean anyway?”
“Idiot!” Garcia shouts back .
“No seriously man, what does it mean?” as Boyer lays another sweet kiss on his weapon.
“Idiot, you idiot!” Garcia more aggravated.
Armstrong getting it, “So wait a minute, you been calling me an idiot all this time?!” I thought you said it meant friend or something!"
"That's amigo you Pendejo!"

Laughter erupts from the squad only louder.
Armstrong pounds his fist on the table, knocking over stacked poker chips. “Kiss my ass Garcia!”
Taylor tries to calm down the big man, “Alright everyone, let's get on with this game. Come on Gunny, please calm down, your kicking our asses here. I want a chance to win some of my money back.”
“That's right I'm kicking ass.” He sits back down.
Thank God. Don’t want to see this guy when he really gets mad.


An interesting chapter! especially for men who need physical training!

Yes, because they're going to need it in upcoming chapters.


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