Reality Wave - Sexbot Alley - Chapter 3

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Since depopulation, there are far fewer women in ratio to men. Something like 3 to 1 now. So my gender is becoming extinct. But that was the plan, it's the main reason the female sexbot market exploded. And it certainly beats the old blow-up dolls of the past.

What now? Damn, one of those cars is slowly cruising up to me. Well speaking of losers, look at this guy with his stupid head poking out. He’s got one of those retro orange punk spiked hairstyles from the 80's. Looks barely out of his teens.
Wow, he’s waving actual cash at me. I wonder where he got it? Since we went cashless a few years back. The driver is some muscular older bald guy, tattoos on the side of his head, dark ultra moon glasses. Looks like he just got out of the re-education camp.

“Hey meat hole, how much!” The young shit head screams.
Gee, Romeo certainly knows how to woo a women alright. No wonder he has to screw life-size dolls. Well, obviously he knows I’m flesh and blood women. I’m surprised he was able to tell the difference so easily. After all, these new fan dangled sexbots look extremely lifelike and amazingly beautiful.

You know what particularly pisses me off, the fact these bastards think I’m a prostitute – just because I’m wearing a black halter top, black leather skirt and boots. Come on, this is a cute retro outfit, what is this, I can’t express myself? This outfit would absolutely fit in at any retro dance club. Well okay, I’m not in a retro dance club and maybe I went a little overboard with the fishnet stockings, but the outfit looked incomplete without them. And no way the knee-high black leather stiletto heel boots could be left out.

Yes, I’m highly aware their not your standard walking apparel like a standard issue combat boot. Alright, so my little toe is beginning to bother me. What’s the big deal anyway?

Are you getting all of this? My consciousness assistant plugin, are you active?. Never been big on plugging all this technology into my mind. That’s my Dad in me. He was always suspicious about everything, especially technology, but that’s what made him a great General. I see you already have a dozen questions for me already cued. Looking to build a database of my personality are you?

You want to know what possessed me to wear such an outfit in a slimy burned out retail district? It's called looking red hot. Even though I’m on a mission, there’s a possibility of meeting an incredible sexy man tonight, a real flesh and blood man, gotta give the vibrator a rest. I wanted to bring out my full artillery, anything wrong with that?
The guy from the car yells again, “Come on sexy, how much? I ain’t had a real woman in a while!

This guy must really want to get laid. What a winner, he’s really starting to get on my nerves, “Tired of banging dolls are we?” I said sternly without looking his way. Normally I wouldn’t give lowlifes like these the time of day, but for some reason, I’m feeling a bit aggressive. What, no smart ass remark? Let’s see, I think I’m going to toy with them a bit. Do I have the time? No, but that’s the way I roll. Besides, that broken down obsolete Beyoncé bot is doing business back there, I can’t let her show me up.

Hold on – I’ve just seen it all – Beyoncé just swiped a credit card between her legs! I don't know if that’s nifty or just plain sick. Oh hell no – now she’s pulling a receipt out. Okay, I need to regain some sanity back. I return to my hurried pace. The stalking car speeds up to keep up with me.

“Come on sexy, I’m ready for something hot and juicy,” he says while chewing his gum.
This idiot is trying to recapture my attention. Keeping my cool, I finally bother to glance over at him. You guessed it, he’s flicking his tongue between his two fingers, a class act. Damn, is he foaming at the mouth like some ravenous starving dog.?
Already halfway out the window, "I just want to know how much baby?
“I’m not for sale,” I said flatly.
“Come on, what’s your price? I got 500 bucks here!”
“I told you I’m not for sale,” you’re probably thinking 500 bucks ain’t bad. But remember, this is 2039. After the skyrocketing inflation fiasco of 2025, that only equals to around 5 bucks in today’s economy. This joker thinks I’m only worth 5 bucks? What the fuck?

“Please – please, how about just a blowjob? That's one thing those sexbots can't do right. Not like a real woman! It's like sticking your pecker in a vacuum hose! It sucked all my pubic hair off!”

I suddenly stop in my tracks, I wanted to laugh, but held it in, “You’re not going to leave me alone are you?”
“Just a good BJ, that’s all I want, I promise – please – please.”
He leaps from the car and on to his knees, begging, giving me that sad eyed puppy dog look, “I was an abused child, I didn’t get no love. Please baby, is that to much to ask for?”

“What are you a comedian?”Shaking my head in disbelief.
“Ill 'be anything you want, Please – please -please!”
I look over my shoulder towards an alleyway, “Let’s make this quick.”
He eagerly follows me over to the alley. The second we get to a dark corner, this bonehead quickly drops his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He suddenly hands me his ID.
“What do you expect me to do with this, swipe it between my legs?”

He laughs, “I’m sorry, force of habit. All these bots are programmed that way now.”
Glancing at his ID, I just busted up, “Percy Jiggles? Is that a real name? Come on seriously.”
“It’s what my mama gave me.”
“Well according to this, your 21 years old, legal meat.” I toss his ID back to him.
“Start out slow, and hang on to my balls!” He jabbers.

“What is this, you want to give directions too?” I reply standing like Wonder Women with my fist on my hips. That’s right, a very dominate posture. Got to psychologically put him in his place immediately.
“I sorry, please hang on to my balls!”
“That’s better, now be a good boy. I’m going to take care of everything. I didn’t bring my whip, but we can play it by ear.”
“I have a belt with spikes on it,” pointing to his belt down around his feet.
"No, to messy, with all the blood and everything. "
Do me real good, maybe I'll buy you dinner!"
There must be a McDonalds drive through near by. I’ve got a real big spender here.

I going to give you my Jack Pot Special," I said very sarcastically.
“Yeah baby that sounds good! I will never forget this!”
“Oh you’re never going to forget this alright, I promise you.”
“How’s that honey, does that feel good?”
He’s got a smile spread ear to ear, “Yeah – yeah keep going!” his upper lip goes up, oh my God! If he crosses his eyes I’m going to break up laughing, I’m sorry. I’m going to turn this up notch.

I squeeze the base while bending the very short shaft back on the bitty noodle. His eyes bulge, they look like they’re about to pop out of the sockets. His mouth is wide open like he can’t catch his breath. I forcefully pull him down to his knees, using his midget member like a slot machine handle. That’s right, its the Jack Pot! “Listen jackass, I told you I'm not for sale, you got that!”

With tears running down his face, he nods his head with a lame yes. When I let go, he slumps over with a whimper. I peek out from the alley at his partner bobbing his head to music in the car.
“Hey handsome, your buddy wants me to give you one too!”
Wiggling my tongue at him.
He sits up with interest, “He's paying right?”

“Oh, he’s paying for it alright,” seductively licking my upper lip. He practically leaps from the car with excitement, but like a coiled cobra I’m ready to strike. I was trained by the best. I was taught that you must stay on top of your game, keep your mind clear. Don’t ever show fear and let them think they have the upper hand. My training in the military has heighten my senses to the environment around me. Always be ready for the unexpected, something Dad also drilled into me for most of my life.

Well, he’s certainly a big guy, wearing a dark shiny glitter trench coat like some kind of entertainer or something – kind of like Liberace, if you have local data running that far back to ancient times.
This guy’s coat is strangely long at that – just his feet show at the bottom. He suddenly whips it open – oh no, that’s right, you guessed it – he’s completely naked under it. Most of his body is tattooed up, very artsy. But he’s got on white socks and some messed up shabby shoes, what the Hell!
Oh gee, usually a flasher will only flash you and run off - but not this guy. Then I notice a painted sign on the side of his car, “The Great Hose-dini,”
Okay, very amusing play on words, obviously a male stripper aiming to put on a show first. Most likely probably working in a fantasy of his. This isn’t doing anything for me of course.
“Listen, back off and holster it asshole, or Ill have to hurt you!”
He looks startled, not expecting me to be aggressive. He grabs my arm, his grip is tight – strong as a ox, he’s pulling me with ease towards him. Veins are popping up on his bald head as he gets agressive.
I swiftly grab his fingers and twist them as I spin away from him. The bastard screams in pain as I bend his fingers upward and drop him to his knees. His sun glasses drop to the pavement, one of the lenses pops out.
“I paid $200 dollars for those!”
Oh I believe him, but again, a few years ago a pair like those could easily have been picked up for a measly $2 bucks. No tears shedding here jerk.
Anyhow, in this position I have him completely helpless, I could easily break his arm and shove it up his ass if I wanted to – his eyes turn up towards me a bit worried.

“That’s right, you know I own your ass! I’ll let you go, but if you try anything, I'll mess you up! Do you understand me?!”
He grits his teeth in agonizing pain, then looks down at the pavement without a reply. What is this, his last bit of defiance? I twist his arm a bit more and he wails in pain.
“Ye-yes, I understand!! Please let me go, I'll leave you alone!” He pleads.
I reluctantly let go, but he doesn’t run away as I had hoped. Instead he angrily pulls out a small switch blade from his coat pocket, like where else would he be carrying it – right?

He’s coming at me with this depraved expression, savoring the idea of carving me up like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. Obviously a very sick individual and needs to be neutralized immediately.
Waving his knife around screaming, “You bitch, I'll teach you!”

Well he’ll need a whole lot more than that toothpick. Dose he really think he can intimidate me into submission with that! I blast a spin kick – knocking the knife from his hand – he looks stunned, he surely wasn’t expecting that one.
While he’s standing there frozen trying to figure out what to do next, I unleash a hard front kick to you know where – that’s right between his legs! Sometimes I wonder what a design flaw in men this has to be, I mean your valuables right up front like that. Maybe good for sex, but not so much for combat.

He grunts – stiffens up momentarily, then drops down into a fetal position, – wiggling around like some helpless fish out of water. Oh yes, listen to that groaning, he’s in complete agony alright, but he was warned!
I kick the knife into a nearby gutter opening. After getting 20 yards between us, I glance back to find he hasn’t moved from were I dropped him. My stiletto heel may of shish kabobed him, well the idiot wasn’t wearing pants. I've never trained in stiletto heels before, so that was an experience in itself. This whole incident almost seems comedic in some sort of twisted way. I better check my heel just in case – nope, no nut sack hanging there. Yes, I have a very disturbed sense of humor, so get use to it!

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